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Awaiting decision or settlement
pending undecided unsettled undetermined unresolved open uncertain unconcluded incomplete ongoing outstanding undone awaiting action awaiting decision hanging fire in limbo left remaining still open unfinished awaiting awaiting attention continuing dependent hanging in abeyance indeterminate in reserve in the air not done ominous on ice pensile unattended to in the balance to be done in line on board on line around the corner in the works on the back burner up in the air unanswered moot disputed arguable unconfirmed debatable equivocal indefinite inconclusive problematic vexed unsolved vague iffy unsure ambiguous confused unfixed unclear borderline dubitable clouded waffling in doubt to be decided open-ended open to debate in a state of uncertainty not decided up for grabs in a state of limbo betwixt and between doubtful dubious open to question questionable unknown disputable unpredictable undefined dodgy controversial inexact indecisive imprecise obscure chancy problematical doubtable yet to be decided contentious speculative indistinct open to doubt unspecified in dispute unestablished enigmatic hazy dicey suspect contestable unreliable irresolute incalculable controvertible unascertained cryptic in question negotiable undependable ill-defined tentative touch and go mysterious hairy unforeseeable puzzling hesitant inexplicit issuable nebulous indistinguishable vacillating mootable up for discussion opaque open to discussion contested ambivalent at issue precarious arcane unsound wavering abstruse shadowy untrustworthy perplexing confusing murky suspicious fishy the jury's out bone of contention shaky between sixes and sevens flimsy between rock and hard place insecure unlimited in no man's land unexplained woolly marginal unspecific proving nothing hidden undisclosed general concealed exceptionable unfounded tricky unproven dark hot-button wooly not yet established shady queer unlikely intangible risky weak blear contended apocryphal fuzzy contingent equivocating blurred double-edged enigmatical occult not definite touch-and-go on thin ice anybody's guess uncompleted unpaid in hand unclassifiable non-specific hinky peripheral frontier bordering inscrutable wide-open uncommitted at risk suspended riddling subject to debate challenging hand-to-mouth ignored neglected deferred debated open for discussion not yet settled deep elliptical mystic unsupported wide open conjectural sketchy open to argument of two minds yet to be settled unchallenged unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted secret Delphic elliptic tenuous a controversial subject a live issue a moot point postponed unrevealed unverified unprovable fuliginous contradictory conflicting ungrounded unsubstantiated unsubstantial a matter of opinion unfinalized approximate argumentative disputatious polemical polemic uncounted unstipulated to be won or lost spurious untold in contention thorny ticklish delicate sticky knotty taxing conditional quarrelsome scrappy hanging by a thread settling nothing paradoxical loose hypothetical undivulged limitless hesitating abeyant unfamiliar unidentified faltering undiscovered not reliable not dependable put off anyone's guess unclassified uncategorized indeterminant unstated borderless unconvincing unproved put to one side in suspension in cold storage in a state of suspension erratic capricious whimsical fluctuant not obvious infinite immeasurable endless evasive troublesome difficult awkward fractious provocative critical unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing unfateful uneventful inadequate lacking groundless deficient unrecognized unapprehended under advisement under examination dim faint muzzy misty blurry bleary gauzy pale foggy unnoted unperceived unrecognised noteless unheard of much debated oracular leaving matters open measureless unfathomable illimitable bottomless horizonless unrestricted immensurable boundless unbounded fathomless two-edged inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide noncommittal broad being discussed under discussion under consideration in lap of gods in the lap of the gods sitting on the fence left hanging flexible still open to question still open to doubt improbable for debate at stake under debate fanciful implausible unrealistic discussable unthinkable fantastic incredible preposterous ridiculous absurd unbelievable movable exchangeable transactional convertible assignable variable difficult to believe hard to swallow long shot unapt far-fetched fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility scarcely credible subject to discussion on the agenda to be discussed open to modification muffled indiscernible elusive

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