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perceives, perceived, perceiving

Synonym: detect, distinguish, experience, feel, make out, observe, recognize, sense,


Having or showing emotional sensitivity
susceptive acute cognizant conscious delicate easily affected emotionable emotional feeling fine high-strung hung up hypersensitive impressible impressionable irritable keen knowing nervous oversensitive perceptive precarious precise psychic reactive receptive responsive seeing sensatory sensible sensile sensorial sensory sentient supersensitive susceptible tense ticklish touchy touchy feely tricky tuned in turned on to umbrageous understanding unstable wired sympathetic tender empathetic thoughtful sensitive considerate compassionate warm tender-hearted caring intuitive tactful comforting tenderhearted sympathizing empathic commiserating commiserative supportive consoling condoling attentive careful aware concerned diplomatic kind patient discerning warm-hearted gentle sensitized unselfish sensitised insightful kindly sympathising finely tuned soft soft-hearted fiery vulnerable fragile passionate demonstrative humane benevolent affectionate beneficent good-hearted kind-hearted generous benignant kindhearted good-natured loving charitable mild gracious softhearted pitying indulgent benign merciful tolerant goodhearted warmhearted altruistic helpful selfless solicitous big-hearted maternal motherly fatherly great-hearted large-hearted all heart lenient giving humanitarian magnanimous fatherlike bleeding-heart doting genial encouraging philanthropical philanthropic clement forbearing neighborly neighbourly open-hearted well meaning cordial amicable pleasant affable amiable friendly good sweet hospitable cheerful mellow liberal fond nice munificent greathearted sparing pleasing angelic benefic decent obliging ruthful having heart in right place easygoing bleeding heart well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered forgiving interested hearty human appreciating comprehending vicarious easy-going permissive piteous bighearted moved open-minded well disposed well-disposed do-good loving and giving old softie well-intentioned open pardoning pitiful condoning touched touchy-feely sorry courteous wholesome eleemosynary lovable agreeable unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm congenial propitious likeable unoffensive likable open-handed sociable dutiful lavish princely delightful big bounteous public-spirited good-tempered regardful bountiful good-humoured respectful sweet-tempered gallant accommodating openhanded good-humored openhearted noble engaging freehanded deferential stirred reassuring impressed melted stimulated affected influenced uplifting inspiring nurturing affirmative inspiriting deeply moved enthusiastic appreciative protective soothing approving cheering positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming boosting gratifying stimulating fulfilling welcome


Comprehending what someone is saying
getting understanding comprehending grasping seeing taking in fathoming following puzzling out working out apprehending getting to the bottom of unraveling unravelling deciphering getting the drift of catching on to latching on to making head or tail of figuring out getting the picture getting the message appreciating registering twigging sussing out assimilating sussing being cognizant of cognizing conceiving of cottoning on to decoding deducing digesting discerning envisaging getting one's head round getting the drift intuiting latching onto making sense of picking up recognising recognizing savvying being aware of noticing knowing conceiving making out sensing tumbling to catching digging realizing beholding compassing grokking seizing realising cottoning to distinguishing making ascertaining observing learning identifying determining detecting noting reading divining gathering imagining judging absorbing discovering thinking envisioning visualizing visualising accepting estimating getting a fix on picking up on fancying spotting considering becoming aware of reckoning deeming catching on fathoming out getting the hang of regarding taking on board espying interpreting figuring concluding viewing finding out acknowledging hearing remarking having an aha moment believing supposing surmising coming to know taking notice of thinking of guessing feeling speculating penetrating esteeming projecting taking picking out assuming soaking up presuming seeing the light picturing deciding finding heeding predicting mastering conjecturing acquiring suspecting postulating theorizing presupposing descrying imbibing imaging telling evaluating visioning differentiating becoming conscious of sizing up theorising paying attention to getting wise to expecting granting establishing hypothesizing uncovering anticipating unearthing foreseeing fantasizing holding foreknowing marking calling daring say ideating diagnosing keeping up with adjudging having getting the point of familiarizing oneself with watching hazarding a guess drinking in piecing together becoming cognizant of getting to know cottoning on taking heed of fantasising getting on to doping out paying heed to hypothesising taking note of getting it receiving admitting forecasting attaining prophesying gaining foretelling foreboding conceiting conceptualizing discriminating prognosticating secerning differencing revealing calculating trusting dreaming inferring gleaning processing minding auguring vaticinating positing previsioning presaging cracking prevising forefeeling premising venturing auspicating construing gauging fantasying integrating gaging clocking looking upon spaeing assessing featuring tasting conceptualising apperceiving soaking in dreaming up getting the idea having a hunch seeing in one's mind taking for granted appraising forming a picture of thinking likely forming a mental picture of psyching out getting into seeing in your mind's eye absorbing mentally respecting conceding adjudicating allowing remembering proclaiming confessing analyzing declaring verifying rating going through separating reasoning counting reviewing confirming disclosing owning treating depicting checking soothsaying exposing untangling disentangling settling pondering contrasting placing forewarning hazarding contemplating obtaining achieving daresaying enrolling predicating ferreting out glimpsing having experience of hearkening attending opining getting clued up about eyeing exploring dare-saying unlocking entertaining weening rumbling poring over getting down pat adumbrating suggesting saying tracking making certain of thinking through taking up becoming aware getting one's head around latching on getting a load of making up building castles in air getting the picture about having knowledge of conjuring up an image of getting the idea of seeing through listening to hitting on conjuring up getting wind of seeing in the cards paying attention daydreaming contriving taking notice getting wind of the fact getting to the bottom making of telling apart catching sight of looking up seeing something coming lighting upon getting wise to the fact seeing daylight wising up to cooking up dreaming about attending to looking on seeing it coming pinning down thinking up hearkening to reckoning on getting the message about thinking about analysing fantasizing about sniffing out celebrating incorporating seeing the point of getting your head round taking as read sorting out solving ingesting tumbling taking account ranking calling the turn crystal balling it resolving croaking foreshowing adding up coming upon philosophizing philosophising weighing up summing up catching the drift getting the gist translating knowing for certain clinching breaking catching on to the fact stumbling on embracing getting wise affecting scenting seeing future searching out adverting getting the point understanding the situation becoming conscious becoming aware of the fact that getting through one's head becoming conscious of the fact that forming an impression of reconstructing building up a picture of clicking with having a handle on sympathizing with having information digging up copying flashing pinning evoking smelling decrying feeling in one's bones getting vibrations measuring piercing catching the drift of pinpointing becoming clear to digging out rooting out having knowledge having down pat feeling certain nosing out locating taking to heart paying heed maintaining taking into consideration giving thought to giving a thought to bearing in mind dreaming of calling to mind bringing to mind conjuring up a picture of conjuring up a mental picture of creating in your mind tracking down scouting up running down hunting up turning up hunting down routing out scaring up hitting upon dredging up having an idea that having a feeling setting at variance making a distinction diagnosticating demarcating determinating pegging fixing telling the difference between making a distinction between telling between deciding between checking out checking up on double-checking getting down cold making certain telling which is which accounting pronouncing flashing on setting down concocting portending examining probing scrutinizing planning framing coming to the conclusion having sneaking suspicion waiting for counting upon counting on allowing for looking for figuring on planning on taking it as given regarding as likely calling it thinking it likely bargaining on banking on preparing for drawing the inference watching for hoping for having a hunch of counting chickens foretasting foreshadowing pre-empting bargaining for contemplating the possibility of taking it undergoing surveying inspecting investigating eyeballing questioning hallucinating depicturing ruling pursuing creating scheming dissecting anatomizing assaying facing meditating ruminating assigning refereeing umpiring arbitrating decreeing swotting going over chewing over scrutinising looking at delving into picking at breaking down deconstructing digging into looking over cutting going into encountering working at apprenticing becoming skilled at having lessons in becoming expert in conning reading up on knowing backwards knowing inside out becoming proficient in cramming getting across mugging up applying oneself to acquiring a knowledge of perusing acquiring skill in hitting the books familiarizing yourself with gaining an understanding of becoming competent in preparing grinding suffering living through apportioning awarding announcing sentencing charging eliciting debunking taking course cracking the books specializing in majoring in wading through becoming versed getting the knack of minoring in burning midnight oil brushing up on becoming able training in improving mind separating the sheep from the goats recognizing a distinction extricating telling the difference categorising separating the wheat from the chaff splitting hairs severalizing classifying severing specifying contradistinguishing knowing what's what collating categorizing drawing a distinction comparing segregating sifting discerning a difference overhearing agreeing affirming professing yielding larnin coming up against enduring participating in coming across witnessing meeting becoming familiar with running into confronting partaking coming into contact with acquiescing acceding ruling on seeing as believing to be viewing as regarding as harking harkening listening letting on concurring with cooperating with bowing to deferring to subscribing to attesting to acceding to fessing up owning up certifying taking an oath coming out of closet acquiescing in copping a plea owning up to avowing opening up going along with approving of agreeing to coming clean approximating trying sustaining living experiencing coming into contact bearing coming to grips with sampling running the gauntlet passing tolerating withstanding implying listening in to giving attention giving ears eavesdropping harking to auscultating giving ear to giving an audience to giving attention to getting an earful eavesdroping on forming an opinion of making a guess at guesstimating making an estimate of picking taking a stab taking a stab at taking a shot at going out on a limb having a sneaking suspicion of taking a shot jumping to a conclusion


Present participle for to see or catch sight of with one's eyes
seeing noticing observing discerning spotting noting viewing regarding beholding eyeing espying sighting distinguishing spying descrying remarking witnessing catching glimpsing looking at catching sight of slanging clocking getting a load of eyeballing detecting making out watching marking clapping eyes on picking out surveying setting eyes on laying eyes on gazing at recognizing inspecting staring at recognising checking out scanning scrutinizing taking in examining taking a dekko at checking contemplating catching a glimpse of discovering scrutinising heeding getting a glimpse of rubbernecking identifying following taking a gander at taking a shufti at having sight of studying paying attention to peering at looking on picking up on gawping at having a gander at glancing at having a squint at having a dekko at keeping a weather eye on watching like a hawk taking note of minding focusing on getting an eyeful of recceing feasting your eyes on monitoring gazing upon sizing up surveilling spying on finding keeping an eye on keeping watch on keeping under observation keeping tabs on keeping under surveillance twigging having a shufti at keeping a tab on keeping under scrutiny giving something a once-over giving the once-over keeping a beady eye on flashing casing digging reading piping gaping at taking note taking notice of scoping out knowing by sight considering locating attending taking notice placing pinpointing becoming aware of giving attention to getting a view of poring over paying heed to earmarking reconnoitring encountering tracing reconnoitering spying out tracking ogling gawking at picking up glaring at peeping at peeking at looking over exploring keeping track of keeping one's eye on feasting one's eyes looking on at flashing on ogling at bewaring seeing over leering at concentrating on spectating rubbernecking at reviewing giving the once over taking a butcher's at having a look-see taking stock of making eyes at auditing overseeing gazing checking something out believing assessing canvassing pondering overlooking staring scoping beaming having a butcher's at pointing out meeting with turning up ferreting out having a look-see at checking over gaping perusing leering taking a look giving the eye having taking a glance at having a look keeping eagle eye on investigating browsing looking taking a gander casting an eye over peering peeking peeping glancing searching skimming running through conning probing looking through testing researching vetting analyzing enquiring inquiring taking a dekko running over looking into working over going through giving something a look-see giving something a going-over going over with a fine-tooth comb looking something over analysing sweeping reading through scouring focussing focusing glinting raking keeking flipping through flicking through leafing through dipping glassing glancing over surfing establishing squinting rumbling riffing riffling having a quick look looking briefly having a shufti sneaking a look taking a quick look looking quickly appraising supervising confirming ascertaining certifying superintending verifying dissecting dipping into skimming through going over catechizing interrogating questioning scouting fixing one's gaze glaring gawking parsing telling taking a look at running your eye over subjecting to an examination subjecting to an inspection having a squint testing out inquiring into candling keeping account proving finding out frisking ensuring enquiring about trying out enquiring into taking stock scouting out making sure of quizzing looking see counting comparing correcting going into looking fixedly kicking the tires taking a butcher's goggling taking a shufti gawping looking up and down


Present participle for to have an interpretation of


rumination meditation ponderings reflection thought thoughts anticipation attention cerebration cogitation cognition consideration contemplation deduction deliberation deriving excogitation heed hope ideation inducing introspection intuition judging knowing logic musing rationalisation rationalization reasoning regard scrutiny seeing speculation study theorization thinking understanding apprehending brainwork concluding considering deducing discerning inferring rationalising rationalizing realising realizing pondering brooding concentration examination debate advisement account reverie analysis mulling idea forethought mulling over brown study judgment judgement agonizing impression serious thought view premeditation agonising opinion pensiveness thought process planning review abstraction notion picture image concept notice conception inference daydreaming calculation circumspection discussion imagination perusal absorption woolgathering weighing up assessment application ratiocination reason belief inspection thoughtfulness trance observation prayer ruminating carefulness care caution self-examination investigation intellection mentation deep thought quiet time consultation worrying puzzling premise perception vision philosophy revery conferring a brown study conceptualization theory dreaming mind's eye rap wariness prudence ventilation negotiation purpose vagary caprice fantasy dream preconception interest time muse conclusions conclusion think prospect conceptualisation daydream preoccupation ideas position mind awareness recollection period of deliberation period of reflection period of contemplation viewpoint beliefs views opinions viewpoints outlook hesitation object navel-gazing spell of contemplation spell of deliberation spell of reflection evaluation conjecture assumption point of view points of view accepted wisdom line of thought presumption supposition navel gazing day-dreaming wool-gathering determination eduction thesis verdict induction consequence sequitur finding suspicion hypothesis findings results conviction corollary interpretation result answer illation derivation exploration estimation weighing once-over concern audit engrossment probe survey check studying enquiry scan going-over checkup inquiry postulation lucubration grind Zen careful considering evaluating measuring deciding balancing action heedfulness profound thought thinking over careful consideration diligence industry mindfulness observance assiduity absent-mindedness knowledge eye intentness ascertainment advertence attentiveness advertency ear note dreaminess retrospect look-see reappraisal reconsideration reexamination report retrospection appraisal absence obliviousness inattention guess research breakdown dissection anatomization spotlight guesswork surmise vagueness distraction objective intention inclination thing visualization worry aspiration motivation expectation inkling fancy plan contrivance visualisation idée fixe sentiment inspiration intent interrogation diagnosis fresh look second look reevaluation recapitulation file second thought drill theorizing inattentiveness heedlessness remoteness talk hypothesizing guesstimate cross-examination inquisition raptness bemusedness distractedness forecast prediction entrancement reflecting aloofness absence of mind shot in the dark hearsay stab gossip stab in the dark shot hunch sneaking suspicion hypothesising rumor theorising rumour look inventory look-over

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