Synonym of permissive

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Antonym: compelling,


Kind or lenient, often to excess
soft lenient tolerant forgiving indulgent compassionate overindulgent clement liberal lax charitable benign benignant condoning easy easygoing gentle kind merciful light mild mollycoddling obliging pampering softhearted pardoning spoiling sympathetic tender generous forbearing gracious undemanding allowing complaisant compliant excusing permitting yielding easy-going tender-hearted weak boneless soft-hearted spineless humane understanding patient kindly magnanimous benevolent broad-minded pitying accommodating sparing unprejudiced unbigoted open-minded unbiased kind-hearted progressive beneficent humanitarian moderate accepting big humoring temperate loving receptive kindhearted considerate humouring broad going easy on open favoring good-natured assuasive letting amiable soft-shell emollient assuaging tenderhearted feeling ruthful pitiful liberal-minded favouring all heart bleeding heart live with being big heart in right place fond acquiescent cooperative flexible pliant doting cosseting friendly accommodative favourable gratifying caring long-suffering agreeable docile catholic favorable giving soft-shelled nonjudgmental overpermissive deceivable dupable fair gullible biddable submissive susceptible deludable amenable trusting fleeceable naive tractable unoppressive unburdensome unsuspicious going along with stoic stoical uncomplaining able to live with easy-oasy latitudinarian advanced sophisticated radical wide free and easy easy with easy on warm thoughtful warmhearted good-hearted altruistic warm-hearted good helpful philanthropic unselfish sensitive big-hearted responsive genial goodhearted large-hearted affectionate selfless great-hearted amicable philanthropical fatherly empathetic motherly munificent bighearted bleeding-heart greathearted neighborly mellow neighbourly maternal nice decent affable concerned noble sentimental chivalrous gallant empathic cordial sweet unstinting pleasant hospitable approachable good-humored good-humoured congenial well meaning do-good eleemosynary self-sacrificing bountiful free commiserative bounteous openhanded calm comforting solicitous well-disposed commiserating fatherlike human princely supportive angelic pleasing sociable polite well-mannered moralistic openhearted freehanded piteous encouraging consoling civilized placid heroic pacific meek valiant peaceable propitious high-minded unassuming courteous open-handed civilised attentive modest cool bonhomous peaceful touchy-feely sympathizing condoling honourable honorable open-hearted elevated high lordly lofty great righteous sympathising benefic upright knightly mild-mannered deferential good-tempered well disposed likeable unoffensive bland public-spirited moral loving and giving well intentioned respectful sweet-tempered lovable brotherly cheerful likable full of pity moved idealistic placable mushy emotional accessible nonmalignant generous to a fault consolatory sorry soft touch dutiful regardful wholesome tactful lavish delightful engaging non-malignant nonthreatening willing to forgive perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring immaculate honest just virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding conscientious goodish resigned self-controlled self-restrained restrained longanimous hearty unflappable handsome courageous social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected approving unsparing inoffensive spotless unerring quiet matey companionable comradely palsy chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy ungrudging courtly living with humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like harmless paternal pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic going easy with brave sublime natural loose worthy soft-touch serene fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful beneficial auspicious advantageous Santa Claus has heart in right place noble-minded valorous lucky fortunate conciliatory tranquil providential opportune urbane civil forthcoming unctuous stately suave equable chilled right conducive salutary tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant dexter smiling bright having heart in right place old softie well-intentioned


Left to personal choice
optional voluntary discretionary volitional elective discretional unforced nonobligatory facultative uncompelled noncompulsory unrestricted arbitrary open possible extra non-compulsory non-mandatory not required up to the individual no strings attached at one's discretion open to choice nonmandatory flexible at one's call intentional intended deliberate wilful purposive witting knowing willful unenforced purposeful planned set studied unconstrained willed conscious calculated purposed gratuitous wished autonomous spontaneous unasked chosen elected unbidden opted independent unprescribed free-willed controlled designful freely at your discretion with intent done on purpose premeditated willing unprompted considered designed aforethought preconceived wanton prepense pre-planned predetermined free unsolicited thought out in advance prearranged advised volunteered off your own bat undemanded meant contemplated measured thoughtful weighed reasoned thought-out self-conscious express schemed on purpose thought out with forethought impulsive natural uncontrived unrequested uninvited predestined freewilled gratis contracted anticipated cognizant strategic reasoning rational reflective responsible accidentally on purpose mindful wary predesigned determined predeterminate meditative aware cut-and-dried cold-blooded meditated voluntarily preconcerted proposed without prompting of your own accord electoral voting constituent selective careful of one's own accord mannered not compulsory studious feigned strained contrived well-considered forced affected laboured guarded artificial chosen by election filled by election passed by vote investigated thought-through thought-about examined overworked prepared reviewed plotted overdone labored gone into


Relaxed and tolerant in attitude or manner
easy-going liberal relaxed indulgent laid-back mild serene tolerant calm carefree easy flexible happy-go-lucky lenient placid casual equable even-tempered insouciant mellow nonchalant amenable blithe imperturbable unconcerned unruffled untroubled unworried amiable broad-minded chilled considerate easy-peasy forbearing patient undemanding unexcitable unhurried agreeable cordial generous good-humored good-humoured good-natured open-minded pleasant understanding free and easy together unfazed unflappable easygoing informal breezy composed uninhibited unceremonious collected free low-pressure tranquil laid back affable devil-may-care complacent hang-loose moderate poised self-possessed complaisant lazy indolent uncritical offhand outgiving lax comfortable loose halcyon unforced natural unrestricted slack compromising liberated unrestrained free-spirited simple spontaneous uncommitted careless free-wheeling indifferent transparent unstructured off the hook unconstrained fancy-free conciliatory forgiving leisurely undisturbed untaxing hassle-free stress-free unrestrictive freewheeling laissez-faire non-restrictive cool unperturbed level-headed equanimous quiet steady unflustered cool, calm and collected at ease peaceful nonplussed phlegmatic sedate lackadaisical impassive stoical cool-headed unbothered unagitated apathetic self-controlled uninterested detached pococurante disinterested airy accommodating low-key slap-happy understated sober stable unmoved stoic heedless languid temperate unemotional restrained cheerful well balanced unaffected downbeat irresponsible as cool as a cucumber uncaring incurious muted subdued open resigned unostentatious inconspicuous subtle discreet light-hearted long-suffering pacific gay reposeful assured dispassionate coolheaded uncomplaining still gentle restful smooth hushed stilly played down unpretentious toned down unshakable stolid unshaken philosophical self-composed lukewarm unfussy accepting insensible uncurious unserious passive unanxious unexcited philosophic thick-skinned disimpassioned cool as a cucumber cursory flippant cavalier blasé haphazard hit-or-miss civil balmy confident levelheaded idyllic familiar unreserved congenial mild-mannered self-assured friendly secure enduring chilled out live-and-let-live well-disposed benign clubby good-tempered unofficial persistent kind persevering not formal versatile submissive untiring inexcitable mild-tempered longanimous artless effortless superficial light unstudied regardless fortitudinous self-restrained nerveless with the patience of Job even peaceable unimpressed uninfluenced rational logical limpid equal bovine recollected level possessed lown fatalistic realistic undismayed docile irenic smug self-satisfied untouched immovable practical sombre somber sunny soothing calming relaxing enlightened wise profound deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical lacking concern jaunty perfunctory buoyant frivolous limp sleepy languorous listless upbeat roll with punches hard as nails cool as cucumber stiff upper lip downhome arcadian tranquillizing lethargic spiritless idle enervated thoughtless callous cold fish hard-hearted hard-boiled nonaffected unresponsive aloof inert free from care free from worry soporific retired inactive motionless contented conservative low-profile softened soft-sell unglamorous unspectacular low-keyed modest minimalist unobtrusive unflashy circumspect toned-down unassuming self-effacing modulated played-down muffled repressed abstracted half-hearted stabile unfluctuating orderly systematic methodical tranquilizing dreamy reckless improvident lighthearted slaphappy lightsome debonair passionless torpid bloodless aimless sluggish free from interference free from disturbance unenthusiastic shiftless languishing feeble feckless optimistic content free-minded free from interruption inattentive sentimental slothful romantic faineant slapdash halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming energyless moony fainéant dull easy going spring fever blithely unconcerned without care carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley


Allowing to happen


Not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful
lax slack careless neglectful negligent remiss casual lenient slapdash slipshod soft easy-going overindulgent sloppy unmindful heedless inattentive offhand broad complaisant derelict disregardful general inaccurate indefinite indulgent lazy liberal loose neglecting non-restrictive vague easy-peasy flabby flaccid imprecise inexact irresponsible nonspecific over-tolerant shapeless yielding accepting behindhand delinquent devil-may-care floppy forgetful indifferent laid-back limp nonjudgmental oblivious regardless tolerant any way asleep on job paying no mind freewheeling uninvolved unrestrictive relaxed noninterventionist laissez-faire easygoing unrestricted hands-off libertarian non-interventional non-interventionist non-interfering live-and-let-live self-indulgent carefree flexible lackadaisical inefficient procrastinative incompetent slap-happy inactive disorganized idle tardy disorderly otiose pococurante fainéant laissez faire free and easy dilatory disorganised unprofessional slovenly laggard quiescent indolent slothful inert faineant passive lethargic dormant leisurely workshy easy asleep at the wheel unrestrained do-nothing asleep on the job thoughtless apathetic unconcerned nonchalant perfunctory disinterested unheeding uncaring insouciant cursory reckless haphazard unsystematic listless uninterested improvident sluggish torpid incautious blithe sagging slow hit-or-miss enervated languid messy drooping droopy shoddy dull cool unthinking hasty oscitant hurried hanging good-for-nothing unorganized unmethodical all over the place shambolic untidy all over the shop undependable untrustworthy unreliable incurious unobservant unorganised inconsiderate unthorough thrown together insensible unfirm saggy pendulous languorous shiftless lifeless weak inadvertent feckless sleepy flimsy pliant shabby detached impassive quiet uncircumspect unaccountable blasé disregarding unmeticulous complacent loosened slackened blithely unconcerned without care baggy toneless last-minute insecure lank erratic random irresilient unenergetic spiritless chaotic clumsy daydreaming loafing muddled stagnant undisciplined lukewarm woolgathering insensitive wilting unsecured somnolent dreamy flexuous aimless tired quaggy unthoughtful jumbled out of tone slow-moving rash imperfect faulty botched threadbare junky languishing sedentary dozy cavalier moony breezy uncurious asleep at switch flippant work-shy unresponsive lymphatic informal not taut laid back bone idle inattentive to oblivious to not tight overfamiliar nonsecured irregular barratrous confused disordered failing blameworthy culpable defaultant inconsistent reprehensible unfastidious lumpish plodding flapping ignoring free-and-easy slighting overlooking omitting procrastinating poor slow-going drony resting spineless in disarray couldn't-care-less airy vegetating careless of one's duty abstracted half-hearted dispassionate unfeeling nonobservant unstudied artless pell-mell acquiescent submissive servile effete docile at fault effortless superficial light disimpassioned unheedful draggy down blah simple failing to show proper care and attention passionless bloodless nerveless happy-go-lucky pliable all over the lot all over the map any which way any old way unenthusiastic feeble failing to take proper care deaf mindless blind coarse supine peaceful unoccupied motionless sapped emasculated inelastic enfeebled weakened debilitated sentimental romantic Laodicean halfhearted energyless unconsidered scrappy lousy improficient flat easy going amateurish wild thrown-together crude rude fly-by-night static plastic ductile wilted limber supple bending bendy incorrect sketchy wrong erroneous cowboy unprepared desultory stray scattered catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter arbitrary spring fever scatterbrained fatigued depressed weary lacking firmness dead heavy yawny drowsy badly organized logy absent-minded oversized error-ridden unwary couldn't care less imprudent precipitate foolhardy neurasthenic asthenic slouchy unwatchful absent mooning preoccupied wandering scatty negligent about nirvanic bemused unfocused amnemonic airheaded unwitting distracted roomy bagging voluminous heedless of indifferent to remiss about remiss in lax about formless unrestricting ample paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of disregardful of unconscious of careless of deaf to not paying attention out of it pipe dreaming looking out window inclined to forget apt to forget having a memory like a sieve out to lunch not on the job like an absent-minded professor loose-fitting not fitting boyfriend generously cut easy-fitting

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