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pər'nɪkətɪ /pə-


characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details


Excessively fussy about details
fussy exacting particular fastidious finicky picky dainty finical punctilious choosy demanding persnickety careful carping difficult faddish nice over-fastidious over-particular painstaking choosey critical delicate faddy finicking fussbudgety hair-splitting nitpicking nit-picking old-maidish overcritical pass-remarkable tricky detailed fiddly fine hairsplitting nit-picky overnice overprecise difficult to please meticulous scrupulous discriminating hard to please selective pedantic overparticular squeamish precise perfectionist discerning exact prissy conscientious refined thorough stickling assiduous prudish rigorous strait-laced prim cautious accurate correct attentive diligent strict methodical inflexible proper heedful religious hypercritical overdelicate select eclectic choicy sedulous studious mathematical judicious fussbudget captious conscionable punctual perceptive acute ultra-careful exhaustive obsessive fretful fuddy-duddy impossible to please laborious observant complex complicated awkward discriminatory fault-finding niggling mincing astute excessively orderly timid sticklerish tough rough tasteful close sensitive pinpoint hairline niggly timorous sharp keen pure stuffy puritanical anal overfastidious picky-picky trivial old maidish right old womanish spot-on queasy overcautious niminy-piminy schoolmarmish principled Victorian very careful easily disgusted honourable upstanding high-minded upright honorable old-womanish moral righteous ethical right-minded deliberate orderly industrious provident thoughtful circumspect faithful intensive dedicated full elaborate solid regardful thoroughgoing concerned searching stilted stiff formal stiff-necked decorous starchy ceremonious loving by the numbers selfdisciplined chary by the book going to great lengths discreet strenuous in-depth overconscientious overscrupulous polite formalistic civil seemly courteous conventional right on good eye minute systematic complete regular efficient comprehensive unerring ordered persevering structured scientific hard-working organized businesslike all-out all-inclusive logical planned methodic all-embracing neat extensive well organized organised systematized earnest sweeping intent persistent coherent rigid unflagging zealous fixed methodized out-and-out constant systematised severe discriminative literal profound well ordered skilful skillful busy concentrated unmistakable defined tidy explicit active blow-by-blow full-dress disciplined well-ordered veridical tireless stringent true engaged employed bustling well-regulated faultless reliable serious working matter-of-fact total well thought out plugging encyclopedic deep particularized definite routine on the button all-encompassing far-reaching on the nose compendious itemized practical controlled clean clocklike universal embracive inclusive cyclopedic circumstantial intense panoramic omnibus arranged specific whole-hog from A to Z encyclopaedic systematical together authentic veracious cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged indefatigable truthful factual well planned well regulated uncompromising untiring just genuine swotty tied-up hopping occupied particularised itemised deft concrete distinct perfect definitive ultraprecise full-scale hard subtle clear-cut steady determined nuanced widespread considered purposeful standardized dependable heavy hellacious inch-perfect global eager beaver standard consistent exquisite slick well-organized finespun radical opinionated analytical coordinated spot on on the mark bang on standardised expeditious joined-up effective soup to nuts all the way royal plenty absolute slam-bang wary on the money watchful focused important stickler concentrating listening unwearied alert unremitting grinding whiz considerable professional thoroughpaced calculated measured focussed microscopic nonrandom workaday meaningful substantial significant duteous umbrella competent thoroughly extensively sure wall-to-wall priggish full-blown catholic practised precision no stone unturned the word cultivated crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's ultra-fine fine-drawn dead on incorrupted winning superior nifty pragmatic unwavering hanging in hanging tough playing safe concerted lethal deadly on target well aimed shrewd insightful perspicacious walking on eggs practiced accomplished enterprising hardworking direct vigorous all-absorbing errorless cultured discriminational differential minding p's and q's heart and soul into unambiguous flawless certain prompt timely artistic aesthetic specialized specialised infallible explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome ghastly high-pressure fierce terrible resolute frightful dreadful blistering furious ferocious almighty fearful wise with good taste individualising prudent individualizing esthetic error-free accelerated fast insistent speeded-up dogged driven tenacious lifelike fair convincing realistic committed steadfast pertinacious immediate seasonable on time early speedy unrelenting eager veristic verisimilar recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready true to life slogging operose persisting plodding telling it like it is on the nail fact-based on the beam testing challenging to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed arduous gruelling taxing spot on time under the wire bang on time onerous toilsome word-perfect grueling burdensome leaving no stone unturned as it really happened murderous killer back-breaking tall uphill pick-and-shovel tiring moiling backbreaking killing Augean sweaty punishing formidable effortful rugged herculean exigent Herculean trying weighty grievous oppressive trim well-kept shipshape in order regulated framed set-up alike uniform spick-and-span rangé all together in apple-pie order to rights in shape neat as button neat as pin in good shape


Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging disapproving scathing criticising criticizing fault-finding judgemental negative unfavourable unsympathetic hypercritical overcritical pedantic pettifogging cavilling carping quibbling niggling nitpicking picky belittling calumniatory cavillous censuring cutting cynical griping hairsplitting unfavorable bellyaching captious caviling faultfinding judgmental rejective whingeing derogatory reprobatory reprobative nit-picking nit-picky pass-remarkable ultra-critical hair-splitting finicky fussy overnice punctilious overscrupulous over-exacting nagging perfectionist meticulous fastidious demanding hard to please nice precise over-rigorous over-strict precisionist exact scrupulous exceptive sarcastic exacting severe persnickety over-censorious over-particular dogmatic literalistic finical literalist formalist purist scholastic particular casuistical casuistic sophistical sophistic fine subtle overrefined overexact overprecise deprecating difficult to please on someone's back overexacting impossible to please irritable crabby touchy cantankerous peevish nitpicky trivial testy perverse petty thorny acrimonious unfair contrary petulant unjust cross tricky very critical overparticular scolding critic humbling diagnostic demeaning judgy harsh reproachful trenchant sharp discerning penetrating biting contemptuous choleric withering discriminating analytical satirical lowering stern pejorative uncomplimentary slighting denigratory abusive depreciative vituperative scornful insulting derogative depreciatory detractive disdainful accusing offensive derisory degrading denigrative accusatory defamatory hostile contumelious damning damaging scurrilous decrying slanderous libellous opprobrious libelous unflattering derisive injurious discouraging antagonistic vilifying unfriendly adverse rude hurtful nasty complaining deprecative denouncing poor maligning bad invective vitriolic spiteful upbraiding inimical calumnious catty low detracting admonitory sneering scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile traducing incriminatory malicious sharp-tongued accusatorial full of reproof damnatory denigrating grumbling disrespectful accusive mean adversarial dissatisfied sardonic slating knocking adversary personal disavowing opposing minimizing vicious dismissive detractory discrediting minimising antipathetic jaundiced inhospitable prejudicial dishonouring scandalous mud-slinging naysaying counter defaming dishonoring despiteful malevolent humiliating ill-disposed malign reproaching insolent debasing reviling brusque cruel blameful disappointed pharisaic self-righteous proscriptive admonishing shrewish cursing grousing grouchy moaning whining grouching querulous familiar intrusive impertinent cheeky ambiguous equivocal evasive bleating frowning unforgiving accusative scoffing boot-faced disapprobatory kvetching jesuitical reprehensive berating culpatory reprehending chiding severely critical unpleasant mithering chuntering displeased maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting contemptible arrogant mocking condescending imputative recriminatory diminishing deflating discontented maledictive slurring virulent discreditable venomous hateful irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading ironical obloquious castigating calumniating ranting aspersive blunt aspersing untoward libeling injuring excoriating despicable hurting offending abasing libelling vile shaming malignant disgracing vulgar unhelpful honest candid attacking undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive stark straightforward realistic outspoken vexatious unappealing corrosive caustic abrasive destructive troublesome straight from the shoulder uncharitable warts and all snide epithetical

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