Synonym of personable

Alternative for personable

'pɜrsnəbl /'pɜː-


(of persons) pleasant in appearance and personality


Friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to
good-looking affable agreeable amiable attractive charming nice pleasant pleasing presentable congenial engaging genial good-natured handsome likeable appealing bonny canny couthy likable nice-looking pretty winning aces comely easygoing friendly gregarious okay sociable sweetheart taking white-hat all heart all right good egg cordial gracious amicable kindly good-humoured warm obliging good-humored companionable mellow kind convivial unreserved good-tempered social cheerful clubby hospitable well-disposed warm-hearted gentle benevolent sympathetic clubbable approachable sweet lovable neighbourly delightful outgoing jovial warmhearted winsome extroverted neighborly extraverted considerate lovely talkative decent soft tolerant helpful mild mild-mannered conversable complaisant civil benign easy to get along with clubable amenable courteous urbane caring affectionate easy-going comradely compassionate polite kind-hearted understanding unassuming chummy tender easy matey prepossessing unpresumptuous simpatico tenderhearted tender-hearted good-hearted sweet-natured big-hearted softhearted goodhearted soft-hearted large-hearted bighearted accommodating even-tempered kindhearted buddy-buddy sweet-tempered harmless swell easy to get on with boon demonstrative good cheery sensible wonderful facile peaceful chirpy bonhomous compatible cozy copacetic breezy humble modest well meaning well intentioned ingratiating respectful self-effacing lenient regular cosy calm temperate perky civilized kindred like-minded downright neighborly palsy-walsy well disposed lively thoughtful civilised bombastic boisterous vivacious fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable harmonious enchanting captivating well-suited sympathique well suited favourable witty mushy reasonable as nice as pie unselfish sensitive loving patient generous cooperative congruous happy favorable amical consistent consonant spirited waggish sprightly fun blithe fabulous gassy regular fellow right neighborly barley-sugar accessible open welcoming informal communicative natural pally relaxed uninhibited indulgent hail-fellow-well-met hearty charitable extrovert palsy intimate magnanimous merciful beneficent collegial liberal humane benignant altruistic forbearing hail-fellow familiar responsive close peaceable company-loving brotherly chivalrous casual placid conciliatory compliant happy-go-lucky supportive moderate deferential carefree fond bland receptive well-mannered forgiving fraternal pacific gallant tight attentive solicitous clement free and easy smooth willing communal suave acquiescent meek docile enthusiastic nonchalant eager mannerly diplomatic unctuous chilled buoyant noble forthcoming tactful expansive earnest debonair backslapping jolly submissive giving well mannered concerned empathetic fatherly humanitarian maternal serene motherly lavish non-hostile empathic pitying equable accommodative loyal faithful jocose jocular courtly tractable effusive ardent ladylike gentlemanly laid-back unflappable decorous permissive undemanding unconstrained merry heartfelt biddable sunny insouciant wholehearted sincere free smiling passionate pliant yielding personal untroubled dear exuberant confidential deep down-to-earth genteel thick obedient humoring eager to please honourable honorable animated feeling subdued well-bred available broad-minded spiritless upbeat comforting honest pliable joyous jocund inseparable eager to help open-minded great-hearted paternal dutiful conformable chipper glad subservient stately gay unrestrained moral tame obeisant humouring unstuffy munificent selfless reverent righteous lamblike regardful bounteous bountiful obsequious buddy buddy unstinting sentimental bleeding-heart big philanthropic angelic good company unoffensive human public-spirited open-handed bubbly unemotional approving confident assent amusing confiding hilarious attached entertaining vibrant funny comical on good terms unceremonious oily heroic courageous charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable cliquey flexible valiant colonial expressive assenting clannish familial brother's sibling genealogical socializing people-oriented glad-handering vulnerable measured quiet glowing brave affectious adaptable imperturbable unconcerned unruffled unworried commiserative conflict-free unaffected loquacious garrulous bluff near nonmalignant door's always open unhurried easy-peasy unexcitable devoted laid back fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless concordant agreeing accordant red-carpet bosom sparing nonthreatening wholesome handy accepting long-suffering socialising couth understandable cheering high enlivening upper up softie marshmallow noble-minded valorous adoring doting square shooting right nice chatty voluble conversational shy non-confrontational demure dove-like ungrudging together unfazed fresh officious snug eleemosynary soft touch propitious openhearted benefic greathearted princely philanthropical fatherlike heart in right place openhanded freehanded user friendly on tap on deck dovelike retiring cool free-and-easy nurturing discursive talky at ease cultivated sunny side up free-handed knightly well-meaning soft-spoken sisterly non-malignant genuine amatory tranquil thick as thieves willing to help well behaved well-behaved discreet inviting effervescent gushy fervent reverential in accord in favor in agreement in favour ethical respectable upright favourably disposed amorous well spoken poised good-mannered well bred well brought up politic punctilious well brought-up well-spoken condescending polished virtuous trustworthy easy-oasy worthy incorrupt dependable willing to please pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax pardoning favoring spoiling excusing light condoning letting allowing expressing adoration bound up close-knit jejune vapid dull flat forbearant just principled upstanding mirthful favouring gladsome right straight true airy jaunty light-hearted going easy on live with being big blithesome joyful beatific blissful euphoric ecstatic elated stand-up intense gleeful laughing bright eupeptic lightsome festive canty malleable clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded avid zealous frisky manageable ebullient unassertive without a care in the world unthinking in high spirits non-resisting passive impassioned duteous energetic ductile dynamic timid devout loud emphatic resigned profound deepest servile slavish vigorous self-abasing frank abiding profuse full gushing spineless grovelling supine back-slapping bootlicking deep-rooted good natured deep-felt under someone's thumb resistless domesticated obeying kowtowing nonresistant disciplinable comformable governable abject surrendering giving-in lowly groveling fawning complying handleable trainable unresisting bowing down uncomplaining subordinate nonresisting law-abiding controllable menial teachable placable under one's thumb longanimous


(of a man) Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at
handsome attractive gorgeous fine stunning comely dishy knockout striking cute fanciable good-looking hot sightly aesthetic beauteous beautiful fetching fit hunky likely ravishing suave dapper elegant fair lovely lovesome pretty seemly spunky taking virile athletic bonnie bonny clean-cut drop-dead esthetic fashionable impressive noble pulchritudinous robust sharp smart smooth spruce strong stylish tasty drop-dead gorgeous good looking nice-looking well-formed well-favored well-dressed well-proportioned charming pleasing appealing graceful engaging alluring adorable desirable captivating bewitching winsome prepossessing seductive glamorous smashing sweet enchanting winning pleasant good agreeable delightful beguiling delicate goodly magnetic glamourous enticing irresistible tempting tantalizing eye-catching tantalising easy on the eye exquisite dainty adorbs nice nubile inviting sexy foxy charismatic sultry entrancing lovable mesmeric fascinating statuesque beckoning enthralling provocative likable luring sensual likeable as pretty as a picture well-favoured admirable compelling congenial genial intriguing affable teasing imposing stately dignified angelic sublime physically attractive grand resplendent splendid divine wonderful aesthetically pleasing fine-looking aesthetically appealing shapely dazzling radiant classy symmetrical dollish refined voluptuous photogenic beddable curvaceous ideal superb telegenic willowy sheen presentable prettyish showstopping camera-friendly debonair darling arousing luscious bootylicious arresting interesting sensuous dear well favoured trim dreamboat eyeful bijou picture-perfect magnificent heavenly majestic luxurious opulent sumptuous tasteful glorious spectacular chic out of this world splendiferous plush brilliant bodacious lush lavish picturesque august proud swanky artistic ritzy fabulous sensational sexually attractive erotic excellent delectable distinguished marvelous dreamy breathtaking regal great swank awe-inspiring palatial marvellous monumental princely grandiose sophisticated on fleek remarkable rich gratifying elevated magical exalted posh bright heroic mesmerizing babelicious easy on the eyes ostentatious magnific splendorous showy endearing buxom cultivated becoming fancy dramatic imperial elfin dashing royal cultured sexual mesmerising epic massive baronial heroical awesome high-class come-to-bed notable idyllic perfect polished Homeric amazing commanding terrific spellbinding extravagant transcendent enjoyable pleasurable urbane modish splendacious magnolious outstanding deluxe ornate creative fairy-tale decorative eminent romantic flamboyant savory kingly come-hither swish toothsome venerable spiffy snazzy ornamental uptown discerning precious upscale tremendous courtly extraordinary scrumptious towering wholesome blooming moving beaut savoury famous celebrated illustrious exciting renowned gallant famed scenic hypnotic fab luxuriant noted triumphant enhancing immortal shining trendy disarming very beautiful effulgent flashy plushy splendrous incredible nifty preeminent memorable esteemed well-known honored time-honored splashy sleek pompous happy neat blissful snappy flowing fortunate voguish staggering a la mode dressy panoramic jazzy now slick chichi elaborate expressive harmonious satisfying in vogue dressed to kill wondrous honoured drawing welcome delicious imaginative felicitous delightsome dulcet glittering studly jolly poised pure grateful enchanted costly blessed blest innocent curvy expensive Junoesque intoxicating sensitive dreamlike superior classic riveting supreme lofty schmick rare cuddly beautifying comfortable loveable glitzy ornamented fairylike fantastic cutesy natty mind-blowing siren luxury colorful cool favorable profound rakish in good taste luxe astonishing phenomenal fly kicky tony kicking sassy palatian favourable colourful chocolate-box lordly groovy a ten prominent first-rate big special de luxe utopian pretty as a picture first-class rapturous startling pretentious too good to be true well favored with it mod lavishly appointed stirring palatine queenly stupendous celestial considerable inspiring prodigious formidable in fashion ominous colossal solemn amiable scintillating coruscating intense vivid fetcjomg visual storybook traditional palatable goodlooking gripping engrossing young youthful eligible yummy extremely attractive devastating attracting top quaint streamlined flattering jaw-dropping a sight for sore eyes kissable young-looking artful inventive aesthetical sovereign aerodynamic with good taste beseeching high-born hypnotizing sirenic well-off gracious provoking tormenting frustrating glam brave discriminating orphic emotional well dressed balletic lithe fastidious camera-ready virtuous saintly tall and dignified righteous prestigious upmarket well-chosen magnifico baroque Orphean hypnotising gaudy spivvy dandy spiffing subtle persuading restrained indulgent solid gold exemplary ambrosial cherubical cherubic fitting acclaimed portly powerful musical pictorial rhythmical stimulating twee kawaii beatific Lucullian palace silken Lucullan Babylonian immoderate flowy heady far-out fantastical out of sight unmitigated arrestive surpassing electrifying confounding high looking like a million lux fit for a queen well-appointed fit for a king up-market well appointed upper-crust upper-class ultra prodigal profuse upholstered entranced charmed bewitched super mouthwatering quiet unobtrusive chaste unaffected classical precise subdued unforgettable stellar figurative symbolic flowery pretty-pretty fiendish conjuring adored trendsetting hip dynamite transcendental the most holy sacred spiritual uplifting too much outrageous inspirational abstract entertaining in contemporary modern designer clean-limbed bling funky amusing happening fresh swell supercool exclusive flash fancy-pants noticeable conspicuous curvacious rounded full-figured pneumatic full-bosomed well-turned perceptive deep poetic insightful jaunty new latest steezy modernistic dap suitable immaculate orderly decent tidy prim spotless hospitable welcoming clean astounding surprising propitious auspicious as pure as the driven snow swinging gainly balanced proportioned sylphlike well shaped well-rounded regular well formed built opportune up-to-date au courant all the rage dressed to the teeth up to the minute ultra-modern well turned-out à la mode in the mainstream up to date bang up to date pizazzy pizzazzy kenspeckle distinctive noisy grabby unusual pronounced bold catchy noteworthy marked emphatic full of feeling optimistic unique advantageous valuable hopeful trig swagger gay loud obvious uncommon manifest attention-grabbing halcyon idealized embellishing encouraging rosy heartening providential peaceful pastoral rustic roseate upbeat promising profitable as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox cosmetic adorning well turned can't miss it out of the ordinary nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread one-off full of promise best golden rose-colored florid garnishing decking furbishing patterned festooned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show rural arcadian paradisal Elysian Utopian unspoiled bucolic Arcadian sylvan unspoilt restful relaxing calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil select decorous choice genteel affected overdone recherche aristocratic stylized well-designed well-bred

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