Synonym of philosophical

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Synonym: calm, reasonable, wise,


Having or showing a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties
calm composed cool stoical collected serene patient tranquil impassive resigned unruffled detached dispassionate imperturbable placid self-possessed sober unemotional accommodating equable forbearing logical long-suffering phlegmatic rational restrained tolerant unperturbed easy-going even-tempered fatalistic indulgent realistic unexcitable nonplussed practical sedate unflappable accepting deep deep-thinking enlightened ethical learned moral philosophic profound stoic temperate uncomplaining wise cool, calm and collected equanimous self-controlled stolid quiet controlled poised longanimous level-headed cool-headed with the patience of Job indifferent understanding self-confident self-assured considerate undisturbed enduring forgiving together untroubled relaxed persistent easygoing mild kind lenient persevering unagitated unflustered gentle submissive untiring inexcitable mild-tempered passive unbothered unmoved coolheaded unworried recollected self-composed level possessed laid-back unfazed limpid peaceful smooth equal unshaken easy good-natured fortitudinous chilled self-restrained casual unexcited nonchalant levelheaded as cool as a cucumber assured deliberate at ease steady at peace stable confident insouciant sensible unconcerned still well balanced undismayed balanced dignified staid cool as cucumber sane carefree businesslike grounded sound moderate blithe even reasonable mellow cool as a cucumber secure halcyon commonsensical serious somber fearless pragmatic sombre devil-may-care in control proper mature stilly dependable hushed judicious lown seemly reliable decorous stiff formal solemn clearheaded stately happy-go-lucky sure of oneself unflinching assertive urbane full of common sense circumspect nerveless unshakable reserved down-to-earth prudent complacent unstirred gutsy pacific sanguine constant disimpassioned resolute grave unanxious no-nonsense shrewd astute well-balanced sure of yourself hard-boiled hard-headed positive free and easy regular unafraid all there informal brave suave courageous undaunted elegant unvexed low-key uninterrupted unflurried breezy unbroken intrepid discreet certain unaffected understated blasé restful calmed sure audacious bold self-reliant self-asserting settled dauntless upbeat unhesitating trouble-free peaceable unfluctuating untouched without a care in the world tough gung ho filled with aplomb sharp-witted sharp downbeat fair unsentimental hard-bitten keeping your cool content good-tempered serious-minded matter-of-fact well adjusted well-adjusted laid back with both feet on the ground daring plucky unperturbable graceful even-keeled unstressed debonair measured unchanging unvarying deliberative farsighted firm unalarmed agreeable fine straight uniform lackadaisical unwavering bovine clubby benign consistent invariable stabile orderly systematic methodical irenic docile constrained in check tamed restricted disciplined guarded limited contained complaisant soothed repressed suppressed quieted not dismayed centered muted subdued undistracted unaltering unalterable unserious happy pellucid satisfied reconciled centred resting quiescent comfortable thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear leisured fixed not moved overconfident careless subtle unostentatious inconspicuous inhibited unrushed earnest euthymic rosy high common-sense in one's right mind well-disposed with one's feet on the ground keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together responsible unshrinking emotionless unfaltering blissful demure hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches lax merciful calm and collected affable unswerving good having both feet on the ground calculable puffed up pumped up not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on conciliatory friendly clement under control leisurely undemanding unhurried easeful at rest anxiety-free reposeful in repose prim stuffy stick-in-the-mud boring starchy unblinking played down unpretentious downhome toned down humane soft-shell thoughtful humanitarian charitable low-pressure cold sober easy-peasy living with going easy on going easy with being big live-and-let-live chilled out canny clear-sighted savvy clear-eyed knowing smart heady clear-thinking self-sufficient hard-nosed can-do surefooted sure-footed normal clear-headed hardheaded stand pat intractable locked in tough nut hang tough believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting right right-minded compos mentis in your right mind lucid got head together reasoned in possession of one's faculties in right mind able to think clearly of sound mind with all one's marbles


Relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence
theoretical rational abstract analytical erudite learned logical metaphysical scholarly wise esoteric reasoned sagacious thoughtful intelligent deep profound discerning knowledgeable clever sage insightful perceptive intellectual percipient penetrating astute sapient shrewd perspicacious enlightened sharp prudent sensible canny informed judicious smart reflective knowing with great knowledge showing great knowledge serious full of insight studious weighty politic acute savvy keen cerebral recondite intuitive genius skilled foresighted abstruse experienced educated sound brilliant bright meaty pithy gifted precocious sensitive sharp-witted quick-witted cunning understanding contemplative careful aware gnostic apt streetwise clear-sighted witty astucious cool heady hip cagey foxy discriminating smooth sophic farsighted lettered cultured academic bookish literary highbrow cultivated civilized literate well educated pedantic well-read expert sophisticated well versed well informed widely read donnish well read brainy versed illuminated well-informed solid well-grounded conversant grounded posted philosophic well-rounded omniscient accomplished well-educated polymath solemn in the know scientific grave studied pansophic professorial civilised subtle arcane hermetic hermetical acroamatic occult secret orphic reasonable practical circumspect quick commonsensical calculating argute ingenious levelheaded pragmatic clear-eyed heads-up long-headed sane expedient incisive discreet alert observant on the ball realistic good pawky well-advised provident cautious vigilant suss whip-smart tactical piercing artful crafty desirable balanced advisable wily commonsense sober far-seeing level-headed worldly-wise razor-sharp well advised well-founded justified sly strategic hardheaded down-to-earth coherent commonsensible fly analytic well judged considerate well-reasoned just mature valid responsible critical reliable objective considered cogent visionary lucid seemly wary hard-boiled firm slick matter-of-fact well reasoned well thought out common-sense together quick on the uptake appropriate diplomatic prescient deliberate recommended media-savvy nimble forethoughtful thorough adroit all-seeing heedful thinking advantageous fitting fast accurate cagy supersmart slippery forehanded cute skilful resourceful dexterous beneficial judgmatical judgmatic hard skillful ultrasmart watchful dextrous well fit gainful worthwhile attentive exceptional rapier-like healthy well-thought-out safe hyperintelligent quick off the mark all-knowing tactful sharp-sighted scheming all there tricky fine meticulous guileful sentient dependable designing normal profitable scrupulous open-eyed downy devious guarded refined punctilious sharpened frugal inventive responsive chary underhand ratiocinative beguiling foreseeing suitable dodgy deductive deft disingenuous intriguing farseeing whiz cognitive proven no-nonsense suggested proper best penetrative leery forward razor-like able proactive hard-headed conservative sharp as a tack right efficacious useful effective helpful ready clear imaginative awake gingerly well balanced well grounded worldly well-judged joined-up capable softly-softly competent moderate forward-looking self-aware keen-witted tasteful enterprising selective exquisite prudential handy satisfying dinkum insighted satisfactory congruent einstein decent estimable fastidious businesslike adult obscure not born yesterday schooled genuine complex exacting detailed finicky methodical sussed prophetic hard-nosed deliberated trenchant razor-edged knife-like razor sharp scholastic into tutored playing one's cards close to one's chest nimble-witted hep genial egghead consequent serious-minded wise up pragmatical cluey clairvoyant thinking twice playing safe well-taught in one's best interests street-smart with it street smart with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground cogitative full of common sense conscious appreciative deceptive talented urbane qualified unprovincial seasoned hedging one's bets preferable grown-up polished agile as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork deceitful arch enquiring questioning inquiring well thought-out thrifty forearmed all-wise instructed alive comprehending creative original au courant cognizant crooked recommendable having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on very smart a good idea in right mind equipped economical shifty having all one's marbles steady-going seasonable judicial having been around clued-up with-it tuned-in valuable knows what's what tuned in ear to the ground Machiavellian correct preferred well-prepared double-dealing dishonest slim cheating Janus-faced unidealistic reserved close-lipped commendable counselable straight acceptable favorable insidious carny greasy sneaky underhanded vulpine close-mouthed infinite preeminent pansophical almighty parsimonious unwasteful saving prepared tight penny-pinching mean effectual compelling applicable definitive convenient favourable productive necessary best suited timely opportune presentable kid-glove delicate fair crazy like a fox civil controlled temperate noncommittal precautious plausible justifiable veridical faultless synthetic credible infallible trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain veracious with both one's feet on the ground trustworthy like a clam on lookout having foresight not rash errorless sure corroborated colorable rigorous substantiated truthful sincere impeccable secure inerrant confirmed validated verified supportable tenable sustainable certified defensible empirical maintainable open definite defendable calculable explicit exact precise stringent empiric stable probing shark calculated inside recognized faithful legit canonical true kosher reputable sanctioned significant recognised orthodox clear-headed clearheaded wised up on the inside dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on clear-cut on top of up on legal tried-and-true compos mentis in your right mind able to reason clearly playing with full deck mentally sound both oars in water oriented able to think clearly in possession of all your faculties fair-minded in one's right mind playing with a full deck steady of sound mind self-possessed having all marbles abled well-balanced right in the head right-minded most correct


Absorbed in thought
meditative musing pensive reflective thinking thoughtful brooding broody cogitative contemplative introspective prayerful ruminative serious solemn studious dreaming dreamy ruminant discerning philosophic rational deliberative calculating reflecting pondering museful analytical scholarly wise enlightened erudite learned retrospective absorbed wistful rapt speculative engrossed logical deep-thinking preoccupied lost in thought in a brown study cerebral intellectual grave earnest reasoning ruminating deep intent attentive immersed in thought deep in thought excogitative measured considered keen knowing careful prudent studied brainy intelligent astute deliberate abstracted reasonable deliberating cultured sensible judicious meditating wary cautious observative observant daydreaming distracted inattentive woolgathering distant faraway vague bemused absent-minded miles away absent distrait nostalgic oblivious unaware heedless unmindful in a world of your own moony wool-gathering lost forgetful intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic chimerical phantasmagoric phantasmagorical longing otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical marvelous imaginary whimsical nightmarish immaterial introvertive far away out of this world wandering imagining negligent yearning melancholy woebegone marvellous withdrawn remote immersed fantasizing fantasising absentminded unthinking unheeding scatterbrained mooning airheaded removed inconscient wrapped up scatty in a reverie with one's head in the clouds out to lunch with a mind like a sieve gentle visionary fanciful lulling soothing utopian quixotic impractical calming relaxing idealistic mulling things over thinking about cogitating somewhere else not there contemplating probing not with us conservative backward-looking recollective retrograde traditional sober quiet profound in brown study out in space lovesick tender careless neglectful pining soulful ditzy inward-looking sad unobservant spacey surroundings unconscious idle introverted apt to forget mournful forlorn lovelorn melancholic self-observing self-analysing pipe dreaming space cadet goofing off disconsolate unsystematic disorganized vacant unreliable undependable head in the clouds with a memory like a sieve unaware of events self-examining introvert subjective inner-directed self-contained giddy feather-headed empty-headed erratic dizzy birdbrained feather-brained dippy dappy indrawn soul-searching self-absorbed navel-gazing solipsistic rueful doleful plaintive regretful languishing not with it mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled baffled bewildered hopeless desirous wishful worried wrapped-up spellbound taken up fascinated caught up anxious asleep engaged bugged elsewhere hung up dreamlike beautiful superb illusory with your head in the clouds


Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence
abstract theoretical conceptual academic intellectual notional speculative hypothetical conjectural metaphysical ideational theoretic unrealistic conjectured putative recondite suppositional impractical nonconcrete suppositious suppositive unpractical immaterial intangible transcendent transcendental unreal ideal tentative unproved unsubstantiated assumed presumed vague general logical formularized analytical idealized ideological in theory idealised fundamental basic supernatural pure imaginary unproven ontological untested academical quixotic pedantic formalistic problematical imaginative unearthly on paper codified as a premise postulated instanced contingent in the abstract paradigmatic non-practical unfounded groundless non-technical blue-sky postulatory experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive imagined higher based on guesswork nominal unpragmatic irrelevant indefinite useless ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish hypothetic abstruse essential deep esoteric profound high-flown universal spiritual oversubtle unsubstantial impalpable incorporeal jesuitic discarnate unfleshly nonphysical supramundane eternal philosophic unphysical supermundane insubstantial superhuman bodiless suprahuman nonmaterial difficult numinous supranatural mystical superior unconfirmed questionable supposed unsupported unverified baseless spurious unjustified uncorroborated foundationless ill-founded unreliable unsound without basis without foundation unwarranted presupposed unattested presumptive not backed up by evidence unreasonable suspect doubtful uncertain invalid nonvalid false misguided misinformed ungrounded trumped-up supposititious unjustifiable fabricated idle disputable debatable flimsy tenuous untrue specious fallacious vain erroneous dubious gratuitous bottomless trumped up illogical fanciful fancied illusory visionary imagal divinatory mendacious misleading uncalled-for untruthful off-base deceptive unauthenticated not practical empty inaccurate inferred surmised suspected alleged apparent postulational guesstimated figured reputed guessing unresolved surmising purported reasonless untenable equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed indeterminate casual contestable assumptive stochastic proposed pretending problematic likely inferential asserted made up on a hunch without substantiation without merit on a long shot unestablished untrustworthy not validated dodgy iffy weak nebulous undependable suspicious dubitable open to question fishy controversial arguable hard to believe open to doubt


Of or pertaining to an ideology


Accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character
venerable revered respected venerated august esteemed hallowed reverenced honoured worshipped acclaimed celebrated distinguished famed glorious illustrious legendary lionised lionized renowned respectable decent elevated eminent great notable noted pre-eminent prominent reputable reverend sacred sage exemplary honourable wise worthy admirable admired dignified estimable experienced grand grave honorable honored imposing matriarchal noble patriarchal sedate serious stately worshiped worshipful famous exalted prestigious important well-known preeminent outstanding of repute well thought of of high standing recognized proud remarkable influential noteworthy well known leading recognised highly regarded highly rated name memorable splendid magnificent of note lauded brilliant star lofty acknowledged bright vaunted reputed foremost superior significant well received resplendent much touted sublime popular regal of distinction majestic signal excellent notorious considerable superb conspicuous heroic big-name impressive well-regarded major gallant major league immortal valued applauded visible redoubtable powerful shining big-time much vaunted marvelous highly esteemed upright highly thought of aristocratic imperial paramount extolled big heroical luminous monumental dominant good infamous fine unforgettable marvellous astral high-ranking triumphant beautiful time-honored gorgeous gratifying high-powered decorous well-thought-of praised exceptional big name kingly solemn chief proper refined gracious portly royal top magnific epic massive grandiose baronial Homeric storied peerless feted established large dazzling superstar celeb effulgent radiant redoubted wonderful heavenly pleasurable uplifting big-league extraordinary much-publicized number one big league talked about staid lordly high predominant key courtly central highfalutin' main splendorous highbrow composed principal genteel supreme couth awe-inspiring laureate capital valiant highest virtuous appreciated pompous high-minded first professional prized self-respecting pivotal essential high-profile arresting momentous consequential striking numero uno divine widely known meritorious major-league top-drawer up there VIP splendiferous meaningful material of good repute far-famed much publicized in limelight big time having made a name for oneself highly praised much-admired splendrous delightful enjoyable glittering remembered decorated beloved authoritative reliable holy golden heavy of good standing prizewinning commended hailed cheered flaunted familiar widely knowbn leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner big-gun principled seminal adored intellectual formal known in spotlight touted common senior instrumental valuable with a good reputation well respected mannerly marked everyday reserved ceremonious public paraded energetic puissant dynamic heavyweight singular self-important overblown immodest top-ranking exaggerated highest-ranking excessive classy magnanimous landmark fateful in the limelight in the public eye on the map great-hearted especial special promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped deserving palmary praisable meritable sterling meretorious appreciable eventful historic nonpareil salient imperious publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off cheering groundbreaking satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing far-reaching fulfilling sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty well-bred well mannered well-mannered cultivated moral beneficent generous talked of exulted in crowed about prated about independent self-sufficient scrupulous made a display of just so ostentatious spectacular commanding dramatic staggering master chivalrous large-hearted dynamite weighty super-duper super something unreal mondo fab fat doozie prime lead solid gold to the max something else sensational stunning opulent swanky stirring awesome palatine sumptuous exquisite queenly statuesque extravagant elegant stupendous celestial palatial prodigious eye-catching fabulous towering amazing formidable lavish princely ominous terrific colossal tremendous sightly wondrous luxurious greathearted primary premier patrician premium greatest moving ennobled apex transcendent arch cardinal head elite focal honest glorified posh primal biggest sovereign core largest overbearing highborn upmarket overmastering highbred gentle huge sovran overriding wellborn number-one trustworthy clean-living seemly correct polite befitting nice presentable blue-blooded upper-class neat above board tidy smart spruce accepted widely praised well born silk-stocking upper-crust high-born world-class appropriate comely conforming suitable ordinary creditable well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur modest done worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out comme il faut big-shot rich breathtaking vast ritzy splendacious magnolious plush handsome smashing mega first-class first-rate deluxe conventional mind-blowing haughty ambitious immense fantastic cosmic bumper classic stellar mighty costly Olympian stylish sophisticated inflated official pretentious graceful enormous urbane portentous tasteful titanic gigantic polished ideal giant mammoth cool stuffy traditional suave overwhelming fancy monstrous mountainous elephantine gargantuan debonair cultured humongous monster ornate oversized fit for a king whopping jumbo astronomical substantial ceremonial astronomic whacking hulking leviathan superlative oceanic gigantesque walloping humungous vasty supersize supersized pharaonic cosmical cyclopean bulky planetary herculean king-sized king-size out of this world Brobdingnagian galactic splashy studied brave choice perfect lovely king size Himalayan schmick unsurpassed matchless high-class stylized mythological classical godlike rarefied large-scale number stiff fit for a prince showy ample fit for a queen fit for a princess higher reverential tall in the saddle high-status expensive very good penetrating absorbing grandiloquent maestoso elaborate resounding sonorous jumbo-sized thumping ginormous eloquent high-flown swish plushy swank high up blissful rapturous palatian long thumping great whopping great intense irresistible whacking great expansive extensive flash flashy higher up extended effective magnifico flamboyant baroque fabled iconic arduous Herculean forcible purple egotistic high-falutin' unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic high-flying transcendental too good to be true inspiring too much outrageous inspirational the most spiritual abstract marathon prevailing learned resonant alpha trusted all-important triumphal idealistic fashionable artistic exciting larger-than-life very long very large very great discerning high profile high-level ritual modish unparalleled well-connected first rate of the first rank gifted incomparable prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled potent arch- delicate ritualistic aesthetic charming dashing dictatorial bossy one for the book civil chic select state liturgical something to write home about ornamented affected dainty rare well-dressed overdone a la mode recherche esthetic well-designed domineering arrogant autocratic set prescribed affable gentlemanly courteous ladylike obliging civilized sacramental celebratory confident high-handed peremptory overweening self-confident prim flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred mannered patronizing supercilious overconfident civilised largish voluminous goodly sizable outsized sizeable biggish boxcar husky oversize outsize hefty topping dogmatic judicial patronising highhanded unrivalled unrivaled bodacious chillin' quality rad inspired ace fantabulous radical groovy dandy hype slick keen gangbuster dope mean hot gangbusters wizard frontline righteous optimal gone peachy swell prize amazeballs optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss banner phat down brill sik primo bonnie boffo beaut cracking supernal solid belting bosting pearler exo brag bully barrie of the first water topflight the very best tip-top state-of-the-art top-notch par excellence the best on fleek supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gilt-edge out-of-sight jim-dandy blue-chip peachy keen bang-up of the first order a standout top-shelf first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged

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