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Terminating in a mucro (an abruptly tapering point or a sharp spine) such as at the end of a leaf
mucronate sharp pointy acute acuminate acicular edged peaked barbed cuspated cuspidated aciculate cuspidate fine spiked aciculated acuminous cornered cuspate keen pronged sharp-cornered pointed spired tapered tapering needle-like spiky sagittate arrowlike sagittal tipped subulate lanceolate conical conoid cusped aculeate jagged spear-like spear-shaped sharp-edged conic wedge-shaped cone-shaped V-shaped spearlike sharpened whetted honed knifelike needle-shaped razor-like razor-sharp acute-angled thin thinning narrowing diminished dwindling spiny prickly thorny briery serrated unblunted bristly acuate knife-edged brambly keen-edged briary horned needlelike scratchy spinous stinging spinose splintery tined needle-pointed pyramidal stropped cutting trenchant edgy apical piercing razor-edged spined ticklish tricky knife-like bristled thistly difficult knotty lancinating shooting stabbing gnawing salient problematic delicate sensitive tough sticky dodgy tricksy hairy problematical touchy catchy nasty ground fine hobnailed attenuated elongated shaped hooked funnel-shaped ground fine-edged toothed notched razor sawtooth sawtoothed snaggy strobilate coned infundibular strobiloid turbinate conoidal trying complicated bristling intricate troublesome awkward involved perplexing bothersome hard baffling spicular spiculate spiniferous complex irksome worrying vexatious taxing concerning bristling with thorns jaggy muricate barbellate setaceous convoluted annoying stimulating echinated nettlesome

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