Synonym of pillorying

Alternative for pillorying

pillories, pilloried, pillorying

Synonym: crucify, gibbet, savage,


Present participle for to attack or ridicule publicly
branding denouncing stigmatising stigmatizing attacking censuring condemning criticising criticizing denigrating lambasting bashing flaying knocking panning savaging slamming crucifying hammering lashing ridiculing roasting rubbishing slating bagging excoriating finding fault with heaping pummelling pummeling skewering slashing laying into slagging off taking apart giving a bad press to showing someone up taking to pieces exposing to ridicule casting a slur on holding up to shame blasting vilifying disparaging castigating maligning pulling apart bad-mouthing dissing reviling trashing having a go at berating chastising railing against cutting up flaming running down tearing into rating pulling to pieces deprecating abusing reprehending objurgating putting down slurring reprimanding inveighing against reproving pouring scorn on throwing brickbats at casting aspersions on picking holes in derogating rebuking aspersing fulminating against reproaching besmirching dressing down jumping on lacing to mauling carping at scathing bawling out reprobating arraigning chewing out hitting out at nitpicking about cavilling at carpeting belaboring reaming out disapproving of belabouring vituperating impugning taking to task animadverting on vituperating against upbraiding tearing to pieces scolding hauling over the coals chiding caning shooting down giving flak to sledging assailing defaming discrediting giving some stick to admonishing doing a hatchet job on haranguing blaming rollicking picking to pieces remonstrating with potshotting criticizing severely slagging giving someone hell giving someone a roasting decrying giving someone a bad press pitching into tearing off a strip tearing a strip off lecturing ranting at faulting blistering railing at ripping rapping rapping over the knuckles belittling giving someone a rocket giving someone a rollicking nagging at bagging on traducing calumniating calling down cutting down coming down on finding fault tearing to shreds giving something a battering vilipending tearing apart bollocking contemning dumping on ragging disgracing keelhauling basting sailing into scoring jawing scorching insulting slighting judging tongue-lashing passing strictures upon giving someone a bollocking slandering doing down speaking evil of nit-picking taking down libeling libelling picking at going for the jugular speaking ill of labelling labeling spreading lies about bringing into disrepute throwing mud at sullying the reputation of blackening the reputation of blackening the name of characterizing conducting a smear campaign against giving someone bondi marking giving a bad name dragging through the mud classing classifying criticizing harshly execrating carping fustigating dispraising characterising denunciating animadverting marking out clobbering reading the riot act zapping slugging hitting nitpicking throwing shade telling off skinning alive doing a number on nitpicking over scoffing at getting at finding lacking letting fly getting angry with rounding on animadverting upon speaking badly of lashing out refuting badmouthing giving a rocket smearing giving a tongue-lashing assaulting verbally arguing with harshing destroying disagreeing with debasing blackening piling in lampooning jumping down someone's throat starting on starting in exprobating ostracising scorning incriminating remonstrating backbiting rebuffing ostracizing disciplining cavilling caviling disapproving mistreating voodooing demonizing jinxing cussing digging cursing raving at lighting to taking on weighing into giving something a bad press getting after picking apart reading out looking askance demonising jumping on one's case biting someone's head off snapping someone's head off jumping down one's throat ragging on tearing down ripping up passing judgment depreciating giving a black eye putting a whammy on detracting deploring diminishing trash-talking anathematizing discounting minimizing dismissing exposing categorizing devaluing undervaluing kissing off talking down complaining underestimating lowering playing down railing underrating sniping at downgrading minimising fluffing skinning trimming slogging holding forth against crying down identifying describing taking away marking down complaining about calling categorising tainting naming throwing stones at taking swipe at cutting to bits giving bad press tagging stamping designating labelling negatively accusing of being casting a slur upon scourging lashing into deriding degrading dishonouring dishonoring slinging mud at sullying injuring tarnishing scandalizing blotting staining detracting from dragging through the mire scandalising soiling defiling besmearing smirching spoiling damaging disrespecting spotting sneering at ripping up and down breathing on bringing discredit to flinging mud at blotching shaming befouling mocking muckraking pooh-poohing running smear campaign tarring and feathering bringing shame upon reducing reflecting badly on spreading scandal about bringing shame on trivializing treating lightly making light of misprizing holding cheap trivialising marginalizing deflating minifying marginalising look down one's nose at offending blackening the character of laughing off laughing at embarrassing slanging undermining proscribing poisoning cutting to the quick punishing giving someone a dressing-down objecting to taunting despising slapping humiliating grousing about moaning about quibbling about carping about grouching about whining about prejudicing blemishing beefing about whingeing about bellyaching about griping about perverting disdaining demeaning miscalling putting away sounding off about ticking off calling over the coals taking a swipe at cutting down to size taking down a peg taking exception to calling names selling short cheapening downplaying jeering at calling someone names ripping into raking over the coals lashing out at abhorring taking reaming talking something down detesting putting hooks in sneering misrepresenting criticizing unfairly laying down the law giving a talking-to affronting lessening compromising devaluating bringing down knocking off writing down ruining dragging someone's name through the mud blackguarding dragging through mud slinging mud annoying giving black eye provoking arguing against taking issue with outraging giving comeuppance knocking off high horse poormouthing reviewing unfavorably bringing under fire criticizing strongly accusing hurting spurning clamoring against humbling discountenancing looking down on growling riling aggravating nagging barking at tying into yelling at beating up on gossiping about wounding rejecting running something down declaiming against declaiming indicting charging with showing up impeaching prosecuting holding someone responsible holding someone to blame holding accountable complaining to questioning calling to account finding unacceptable upsetting mortifying oppressing persecuting rapping someone's knuckles striking cudgeling shellacking cudgelling smothering having your knife in looking askance at frowning on blowing off cussing out swearing at zinging shouting at riding hosing lying about casting slur on telling lies about villainizing putting zingers on belying running a smear campaign against teasing protesting against taking a dim view of dooming sentencing disobliging irritating darning banishing convicting casting out dratting thundering against complaining of imprecating penalising banning expelling swearing blaspheming confounding inveigling against penalizing abasing blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at laying at one's door framing sending up the river adjudging pinning it on letting have it sending up pronouncing scoffing girding jeering treating disrespectfully cutting dead hurting someone's feelings stepping on one's toes causing offence to giving offence to speaking of with disfavour having a pop at squashing understating squelching shooting full of holes


Present participle for to subject to humiliation, scorn, ridicule or abuse
deriding ridiculing scorning mocking chaffing jeering at joshing kidding ragging ribbing showing up sneering at taunting teasing twitting chiacking laughing at razzing scoffing at flouting heaping scorn on holding up to shame jibing at making fun of making jokes about poking fun at quizzing treating with contempt goofing on holding up to ridicule humiliating ragging on winding up flouting at poking mullock at slinging off at making a monkey of pouring scorn on taking the mickey out of tearing to pieces taking the piss out of satirizing satirising lampooning insulting jeering dissing needling skewering parodying burlesquing making sport of sending up treating contemptuously sneering gibing roasting bantering panning scoffing scouting japing rallying jibing pooh-poohing shooting down putting down travestying caricaturing disparaging mimicking jiving riding hazing contemning cartooning slighting jollying pulling one's leg making a fool of making a monkey out of rotting criticizing joking censuring taking off squibbing spoofing pasquinading knocking jabbing criticising disdaining denigrating dismissing detracting buffooning hooting winding someone up tormenting vilifying offending affronting showing contempt for showing contempt slamming detracting from louting outraging wounding thumbing nose at disrespecting dumping on slapping belittling doing a number on slurring discounting despising cutting down fleering deflating unmasking exposing making a laughing-stock exposing to ridicule making someone a laughing stock laughing out of court railing at making a game of running down jesting heckling guying funning quipping baiting imitating booing putting on goading reviling doing shouting down annoying provoking fooling girding harassing abusing smoking bothering spurning decrying picking on slanging rejecting wisecracking gagging having on aggravating aping shucking pulling somebody's leg sledging leading on giving a hard time calling names snubbing yukking yucking laughing sniffing at badgering distorting pestering hassling looking down on irritating trash-talking exaggerating harrying catcalling hissing howling down drowning out fooling around gibing at derogating hating repudiating hoaxing trashing playing down blowing raspberries poking borak at messing around pulling someone's leg bad-mouthing hectoring plaguing nudging disturbing dogging deprecating torturing persecuting bedevilling bedeviling hurting depreciating disregarding perverting rebuffing diminishing digging minimizing tantalizing barracking discrediting abasing tantalising dishonoring abhorring misrepresenting mortifying shouting disapproval scouting at making light of blowing raspberries at slagging off shunning vilipending undervaluing whistling dishonouring condemning holding in contempt misprizing swipeing at minimising renouncing sneezing at feeling contempt for fooling about pulling someone's chain playing a prank raspberrying playing a practical joke hurling insults at looking down upon talking down look down one's nose at taking the mickey setting up turning up your nose at crying down making fun leading down the garden path frazzling kidding around getting at railing making a joke of upbraiding twittering reproaching pastiching hounding shamming disbelieving pranking flipping entertaining diverting walking over fleering at crushing brushing aside sniggering at snickering at digging at galling irking narking punning sallying commenting negatively shaming copying thumbing one's nose at smiling at amusing having a joke with playing on poking borack getting susurrating kissing off angering nagging miming twisting impersonating undermining waving aside wiping making little of shrieking howling hollering whispering murmuring seething staying pulling your leg boning ridging sniggering interrupting doing an impression of doing a takeoff of hacking you off loathing making a mockery of getting on the nerves of detesting leering swiping cracking dumping underrating grinning shouting at deluding duping deceiving hoodwinking beguiling tricking expressing contempt uttering catcalls messing getting in the hair of hooting at sniping catcalling at booing at hissing at whistling at shouting disapproval at abominating execrating holding up to scorn cozening bamboozling gulling conning ranking out quipping at frolicking gamboling gambolling poking fun turning up your nose saying contemptuously making cutting remarks about giving Bronx cheer being above treating with disdain making a crack pissing over confuting pissing on spitting on refuting refusing defying avoiding curling one's lip at turning up one's nose deploring disliking oppressing violating victimizing manipulating spiting maltreating exploiting upsetting flimflamming yanking somebody's chain misleading taking in turning your nose up at shucking someone playing tricks messing about putting someone on playing the fool playing a trick messing someone around making a monkey out of someone messing someone about having someone on rotting someone playing a joke shrinking from maligning turning down considering beneath you slandering mistreating antagonizing ill-treating regarding with contempt finding intolerable disrelishing curling your lip at considering beneath one spitting in the eye of turning back on spitting in the face of giving the Bronx cheer to libeling libelling neglecting eschewing defaming turning nose up at misusing wronging impugning stultifying disobliging calumniating having no use for having a down on wiping out looking down nose at feeling contempt aspersing harrowing molesting miscalling injuring degrading debasing blistering cursing giving offence to martyrizing martyring taking advantage of victimising doing an injustice to ill-using antagonising imposing on making absurd making ridiculous causing offence to worrying treating disrespectfully cutting dead hurting someone's feelings throwing shade stepping on one's toes cutting to the quick casting aspersions on calling someone names stepping on the toes of vexing importuning devilling beleaguering gnawing deviling going for jugular hitting where one lives laying a bad trip on giving no quarter snapping sounding flirting with leading somebody on


Present participle for to set in, or punish with, the pillory


Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory detracting dismissive disparaging slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting lampooning laughable ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous risible sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh gally irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds decrying derogatory pejorative depreciative demeaning uncomplimentary derogative belittling depreciatory detractive degrading denigrative deprecatory foolish crazy stupid asinine nonsensical outrageous daft senseless idiotic zany inane bizarre hare-brained fatuous insane wacky irrational droll funny pointless unreasonable derisible imbecilic grotesque witless mad brainless fantastic comic hurtful spiteful hilarious unwise incredible illogical outlandish unbelievable shocking diverting unthinkable nutty monstrous crackpot cuckoo harebrained whacky astonishing loony looney featherheaded kooky kookie gelastic half-witted half-baked off the wall mean unkind foolhardy humorous contemptible odd mindless amusing strange incongruous scatterbrained moronic freaky entertaining simpleminded fantastical facetious fanciful barmy cockeyed lunatic daffy sappy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded balmy weak-minded joshing camp campy unusual yelling raucous disrespectful provocative provoking ironical ironic quizzical vacuous puerile burlesque weird satiric surreal nasty freakish peculiar queer curious foolheaded uncivil extreme impossible rum wacko excessive extravagant deprecating inept jerky fool exorbitant tomfool feather-brained gay blithesome jocund merry mirthful sunny jolly jocular jocose gleeful jovial festive blithe futile thoughtless irresponsible rash imprudent inappropriate reckless unintelligent shrewish vituperative malicious disapproving far-out thick useless vain ineffectual ignorant inadvisable biting insinuating too much out of the question taking the cake injudicious misguided dumb snarky ill-natured mordacious embarrassing in vain incompetent obtuse to no avail naive dopey doltish unpleasant cutting hateful for grins idiotical improvident dim-witted ill-considered chucklesome inadequate scream har-har riot laughing eccentric rich jokey witty riotous uproarious hysterical insufficient minimal pitiful trifling tiny small cock-eyed killing slapstick negligible miserable nominal miserly token paltry comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic side-splitting rib-tickling hysteric stingy lousy measly priceless ludicrous. laughable piddling mingy piffling poxy nickel-and-dime worthy of scorn cheery cheerful happy good-humoured good-humored hearty implausible meaningless goofy unreal wild screwy inconsistent batty

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