Synonym of pining

Alternative for pining

pines, pined, pining

Synonym: ache, languish, pine tree, true pine, yearn, yen,


The act of one who pines
desire longing yearning craving hunger urge hankering thirst lust appetite yen passion itch drive appetency thirstiness letch jones need wish ache fancy eagerness inclination burning want hope appetence aspiration hungering liking penchant impulse appetition zeal dream greed enthusiasm propensity ambition weakness fervour ardour ardor fervor compulsion avidity love relish proclivity demand impatience keenness covetousness avidness desirousness goal obsession will greediness instinct cacoethes taste munchies prurience partiality infatuation zest druthers addiction lustfulness aphrodisia motive voracity excitement requirement willingness aim stomach fire in belly urgency impetus motivation requisite necessity big eyes fire in the belly yearn predilection soft spot fondness leaning bent coveting mind hurting strong desire strong want aridity thirsting fascination craze nostalgia determination the munchies fixation preoccupation aching hang-up objective intent impulsion gusto disposition purpose esurience gluttony vacancy deprivation void mania predisposition pursuit essential endeavor preference whim endeavour restlessness eyes for sweet tooth food shortage bottomless pit a stomach for salaciousness concupiscence desideratum dearth focus needfulness scarcity cry out imperative deficit strong interest call scarceness use exigence scantiness market exigency support occasion absence expectation necessitude drought lechery horniness libido licentiousness carnality lewdness eroticism lasciviousness sexuality hots sensuality lecherousness wantonness salacity libidinousness randiness sexual desire eros lustihood lech raunchiness sexual appetite nympholepsy sex drive sexual passion sexual longing pruriency biological urge envy sensualism animalism the hots affection debauchery amativeness attraction erotism devotion profligacy immorality depravity sexiness adoration amorousness promiscuity looseness crush cupidity rapture ravenousness rapaciousness unchastity rakishness libertinism admiration hedonism fleshliness dissipation perversion doting seductiveness pervertedness lubricity fetish decadence arousal frenzy solicitude dissoluteness promiscuousness titillation besottedness degeneracy lustiness orgy perversity intimacy fornication sultriness sensuousness kinkiness steaminess suggestiveness kink enchantment seduction incontinence decadency animality libertinage adulation sexual deviation pleasures of the flesh voluptuousness sleeping around lack of sexual discrimination captivation stimulation impurity intention iniquity corruption indecency sentiment sin care notion sexual urge iniquitousness deep affection dissolution vice sexual love debasement resolve feeling bawdiness horn lovingness lascivity worldliness sybaritism bestiality panting moe carnal passion sex romance enamoredness corporeality sensualness endearment idolization puppy love erotic love emotion mad for veneration fire prayer sex instinct erotic desire warmth libidinosity tenderness glow heat chord warmness turning on virility desirability reverence intensity sentimentality physicality plan caprice sexual instincts sexual urges object design holy grail target devices turn tendency affinity habitude bias bone genius aptitude regard abandon daydream bodily appetites emotions intemperance evil wickedness deviancy deviance immodesty resolution grail mission feelings venality wrong raison d'être object of desire Holy Grail desired result extemporisation whimsy extemporization hunch actuation thought flash appeal excitant lash impellent vagary influence badness wrongdoing forwardness immoderation presumptuousness boldness effrontery prodigality audacity arrogance refractoriness sauciness irresponsibility slackness laxity relaxation unruliness excess anarchy temerity self-indulgence wildness complacency impropriety disorder unrestraint lawlessness relaxedness leching womanizing womanising corruptness evil-doing villainy end pretension thing idea bourne ungodliness sinfulness unrighteousness godlessness turpitude misconduct profanity unholiness sordidity transgression crime degradation trespass offence peccancy peccability evildoing malignance offense rot decay act of wickedness maleficence evil act immoral act squalor fall from grace ill


A superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction
fancy whim inclination attraction desire fantasy fondness partiality preference whimsy wish dream impulse like liking predilection relish taste urge vision want bent caprice craving hankering ideation longing love penchant thirst yearning ache appetite daydream hunger illusion need shine thought vagary chimaera chimera contrivance delusion eccentricity envisagement idea imagination itch kink phantasm phantasy predisposition quirk conceit envisioning fantasm figment hallucination humor humour imaginativeness inventiveness peculiarity picture reverie thing whimsey yen druthers fabrication mirage romancing eyes for love affair pipe dream sweet tooth pie in the sky castle in the air fool's paradise passion notion propensity proclivity lust weakness affection unreality leaning disposition nonentity megrim favor favour freak aspiration affinity bee crank drive bias vagrancy appetency tendency maggot soft spot eagerness ambition flight of fancy letch use appreciation devotion hope mind will proneness enthusiasm castle in Spain thirstiness craze jones ardor invention head trip stomach turn keenness cup of tea ardour image enjoyment avidity attachment mania infatuation figment of the imagination visualization fascination covetousness aptitude fervor habitude genius bone aim devices crotchet bubble motive fervour zeal concupiscence burning greed eroticism daydreaming visualisation intention admiration creativity lustfulness intent amativeness prurience fad rapture pleasure originality foible trip fiction castle in the sky wishful thinking compulsion palate dreaming libido nightmare zest lechery impression lasciviousness bee in one's bonnet purpose interest preoccupation castles in the air rainbow libidinousness gusto conception obsession fetish susceptibility salacity erotism voracity trance pruriency hang-up addiction cupidity ravenousness inclining rapaciousness appetition feeling idiosyncrasy favoritism mood prejudice favouritism doting self-deception choice musing make-believe speculation demand imagining wool-gathering option fixation regard estimation goal mental picture abstraction engrossment apparition falsehood objective frenzy solicitude fallacy avidness desirousness pretence hungering motivation hots prepossession excitement contemplation mental image twist goodwill plan instinct velleity fire in the belly appetence mind trip pretense approval kindness blessing commendation esteem friendliness oddity air castle singularity ignis fatuus spectre false impression respect grace inattention specter absent-mindedness pick benevolence approbation imprimatur account inattentiveness wraith selection horniness woolgathering self-absorption obliviousness absorption salaciousness design romance misconception false hope willingness flash dwam muse way misapprehension lustihood brown study semblance self-delusion impetus pursuit requirement airy hope groove type misbelief deception conceiving diversion conceptualization cacoethes golden dream unreal hope perception resolve bag lech mindset kind regard prospect requisite necessity phantom unrealistic hope myth impatience falsity error conceptualisation flight of imagination eggs in moonshine sham untruth fanciful notion discretion lack of application lack of concentration munchies amorousness understanding good opinion fond hope tooth pretension idée fixe castles in Spain sentiment crush imaginative faculty fire in belly mistaken impression expectation smoke and mirrors incubus hobby fit sport eye tilt phantasma tic individualism quiddity trick quip erraticism mannerism curiosity prayer study unrealizable dream sudden notion whim-wham dish imagery production nostalgia favorite sympathy orientation coveting nonsense creation detachment pensiveness meditation castle-building dreaminess hurting extemporisation extemporization hunch actuation impulsion appeal excitant lash impellent influence openness strong desire fantastic notion liking for fable lovingness phantasmagoria utopia thirsting aridity weakness for thing for sudden idea delirium readiness snare trait strong want the munchies concoction besottedness passing thought list big eyes cognition imaginative power bogy monstrosity monster will-o'-the-wisp object holy grail target command eros improvisation power of invention favourite capability aptness temperament movement drift trend capacity persuasion favorite activity aberration misinterpretation sex enamoredness cloud cuckoo land product of someone's imagination adoration captivation creative thought stimulant sexual fixation luck apprehension mind's eye creation of the brain lie misunderstanding pink elephants appearance empty wish fitfulness fickleness changeableness inconstancy essential yearn endeavor misconstruction turn of mind adulation resolution grail determination mission clutch mental vision mental visualization restlessness endeavour unreasonable expectation foolish expectation irrational expectation unrealistic expectation mistake vein temper jerk inconsistency rib contrariety caper gag perversity aphrodisia virtual reality fata morgana golden calf fantasizing daydreams raison d'être object of desire Holy Grail desired result oversight lapse the hots out-of-body experience sequence of images folly crochet illusions mistaken idea end bourne castle in the skies fond illusion unrealistic goal dreamscape jam tomorrow enchantment aching care answer contingency fallback put on fool notion sweven optical illusion mistaken belief simulacrum misperception imitation delight avoidance distraction relaxation entertainment escape concept satisfaction solution alternative sexual love escapism fantasising pipe dreams plans hopes having as one's type election happiness contentment delectation gratification contentedness brooding ideal imago ideality go-to false appearance deceptive appearance artifice flights of fancy glee volition play-acting charade pretending needfulness scarcity occasion focus imperative deficit scantiness desideratum dearth cry out strong interest call support absence urgency necessitude drought scarceness exigence market exigency misimpression confusion misjudgement misjudgment consideration conviction rationalization rationalisation inkling thinking postulation hypothesis concern deliberation worry reflection conclusion reasoning opinion supposition inspiration fancying stargazing sense seeming mockery sensation liberty content exhilaration spice titillation gladness trace possible course of action absence of mind staring into space blonde moment piquancy zing smack false belief first choice free choice enjoying loving heart elation bliss flair masquerade in a zone figment of imagination disguise pretentiousness pageant dissimulation story role-playing playacting game fakery fairy tale liability talent gift knack direction ability skill faculty facility tenor nature spirit character competence likelihood proficiency habit head brain flavour know-how flavor prowess expertise partisanship tone one-sidedness run tide current forte alacrity mind-set finesse expertness potential mastery touch adeptness attitude atmosphere custom tendentiousness feel slant natural ability quality wind endowment nonobjectivity dexterity artistry fitness outlook style swing parti pris stamp course intelligence head-set gameness unfairness make-up tinge ply complexion bearing flow cleverness mark personality vocation calling adroitness efficiency push skilfulness nepotism craft discrimination preferential treatment what it takes manner unfair preference consent intuition set note progression propension intolerance compliance warmth tack shift bigotry tenderness miasm vulnerability devotedness development power spin standpoint thrust potentiality illiberality chauvinism art property emotion giftedness aspect deftness nose preconception narrowmindedness competency constitution characteristic suitability ardency savvy susceptibleness grain path inequity agility fluency dexterousness essence capableness speciality specialty strength individuality accomplishment scheme area stream stuff caliber calibre undercurrent skillfulness emotions destination bourn cast poise slickness stimulus cast of mind frame of mind jobs for the boys appropriateness sudden inclination loyalty faithfulness likeliness climate device hungriness bond indulgence ambience milieu preparedness clout temptation positivism nominee end goal catalyst viewpoint ingrained tendency innate tendency natural tendency ease emphasis vibe positiveness candidate appointee amenability inherent tendency snap decision want-to cause heading gravitation turning intrinsic tendency zeitgeist ingenuity intuitiveness ripeness agreement agreeableness obligingness confidence choosing bet preferentialism mastership driving force perceptivity innate knowledge sixth sense curve cooperation brains experience qualification function pistol narrow-mindedness judgement fire stature might adequacy feelings mettle ageism injustice classism meaning mode right stuff knowing way around verve sentimentality up to it strong point the goods soul theme moral fibre make moral fiber judgment decision occupation avocation pastime position turn-on what floats one's boat illiberalism presumption presupposition key deep affection tendencies mould positivity substance purport attribute trajectory hatred intolerantness fashion feature burden fervency fanaticism freedom of choice ego inner nature mold kind intellect mentality structure makeup distinctiveness strong suit small-mindedness wrong assumption preconceived idea import gist thread earnestness committedness militancy zealousness soft-heartedness softness message significance quickness prejudgment prejudgement wave tang energy vigour vigor projection angle track smarts strain friendship intimacy component hallmark tender-heartedness undertone predetermination region range facet earmark element trademark distinction dimension evolution body pith meat course of thought core fierceness intentness perseverance stick-to-itiveness dazzle enterprise diligence what-it-takes dispatch initiative intensity hustle sincerity vehemence bustle department domain metier realm field sphere racket discipline province arena métier profession amity involvement idolatry amour suggestion hint diagnostic particularity criterion specific differentia marker point fingerprint attribution symptom gut feeling preconceived notion allegiance flame case worship piety cherishing fidelity streak virtue murmur overtone aura point of compass fixed idea lineament stripe thumbprint frame badge connotation nuance intimation ambitiousness essential quality vibrations implication vibes suspicion typical feature whisper echo wuv go-getting subcurrent colouring luv hidden feeling indication coloring eddy insinuation crosscurrent riptide pull


The faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action
will determination drive commitment resolution resolve backbone self-control self-discipline self-restraint self-mastery single-mindedness spine tenacity aim dedication doggedness purpose purposefulness resoluteness willpower continence intention motivation passion restraint self-command self-containment self-government self-possession spirit tenaciousness fixity of purpose perseveration power Sitzfleisch stickability stick-to-it-iveness strength of character temperament urge will power ambition appetite attitude character conviction craving decisiveness design discipline fancy feeling liking longing velleity willfulness yearning guts hankering staying power firmness of purpose heart's desire firmness grit persistence perseverance decidedness fortitude stubbornness obstinacy iron will pluck earnestness purposiveness seriousness volition obstinance strength of will determinedness decision granite stick-to-itiveness steadfastness strength of mind force toughness strong-mindedness inflexibility confidence devotion pertinacity constancy pertinaciousness control staunchness strength sticktoitiveness inner strength surety certitude fixity self-will forcefulness moral fiber moral fibre sense of purpose motive intentness courage boldness manfulness indefatigability obedience orderliness braveness spiritedness bravery objective courageousness undertaking spunk obdurateness pluckiness obduracy intension project conclusion controlled behaviour bulldog spirit stout-heartedness fixed purpose push enthusiasm enterprise mettle thrust initiative good behaviour eagerness gusto fervency fervour ardour zest pertinence avidity incentive fire verve ambitiousness zeal faith keenness animating force animus get-up-and-go fervor ardor


Intense sorrow, especially caused by someone's death
grief anguish sorrow agony distress misery pain sadness woe affliction heartache heartbreak regret suffering bereavement dejection mourning remorse desolation despondency mournfulness torment angst broken-heartedness despair lamentation mortification dole dolefulness dolor lament sorriness trial trouble blues dolour grievance hardship tribulation bemoaning bewailing care deploring depression discomfort disquiet gloom heaviness of heart infelicity lamenting malaise melancholy purgatory repining rue torture unhappiness worry wretchedness mental suffering grieving sorrowing keening weeping wailing woefulness shiva moaning languishing crying darkness blackness aching misfortune trauma adversity hurt gloominess anxiety difficulty disconsolateness vexation burden glumness travail disappointment sorrowfulness heartsickness low spirits problem ordeal downheartedness dispiritedness hassle tragedy cheerlessness mopes upset straits oppression blow shock forlornness despondence disaster joylessness miserableness doldrums calamity desperation dumps misadventure despond mishap discouragement stress dreariness strain excruciation melancholia pang catastrophe bitterness headache bad luck bummer rack blue devils pessimism disconsolation hopelessness bother inconvenience reverse injury defeatism irritation cross harm ruin heavy heart curse agitation ruination concern ache albatross ill fortune mischance bane broken heart bad news annoyance setback funk dismay accident travails drag moroseness throe passion hard time heavy-heartedness disquietude failure deprivation cross to bear discontent moodiness hurting stroke of bad luck damage uneasiness dismalness destruction cataclysm disheartenment devastation down chagrin downer unpleasantness visitation letdown pensiveness ill misgiving vicissitude dismals rigor loss blahs rigour dissatisfaction listlessness privation nuisance upheaval worriment blue funk the hump poverty perturbation turmoil struggle crucible demoralization nightmare nervousness persecution dire straits destitution defeat dysphoria bale hot water anhedonia horror hard times fear reversal collapse megrim demoralisation debacle scourge hazard rotten luck painfulness issue undoing unease disturbance the blues casualty ill luck poignancy abjection emotional suffering pressure cynicism strife dilemma hell embarrassment hindrance pangs martyrdom perplexity death danger dejectedness wrench bleakness doom downfall pest load sweat twinge calvary want affront detriment apprehensiveness need austerity plague gauntlet penury traumatization derangement fiasco whammy shame labour beggary negativity gantlet fire hell on earth lack confusion exigency complication holocaust alarm weariness catatonia foreboding saturninity scrape Weltschmerz hitch labor knock rainy day hard luck dullness heaviness morbidity apocalypse harassment blight mopery resignedness severe test trying time end contretemps mishanter perdition emergency tough luck tough break hard knocks stroke reverse of fortune wreck abyss slip crash the worst bad experience subversion discord unrest tumult awfulness dispossession throes bind deep trouble mess predicament qualm scruple disagreeableness nastiness wronging ruth wrong mischief stew unconsolability disadvantage harsh conditions evil distraction test jolt resignation rain millstone repentance bad break double whammy hard knock malice mirthlessness lugubriousness comedown drama disease dark night of the soul tearfulness cruelty disorder dud cumber tedium boredom dolefuls ennui wistfulness dashed hopes big trouble reversal of fortune slough of despond problems heartbrokenness grievousness sarcasm sickness insult sad event sullenness Gehenna murder cost thorn in one's flesh ills down trip slight offence somberness desperateness buffet outburst discontentment displeasure downcastness lowness disability tension neediness mope dourness sulks infirmity condition weakness crux plight stitch squalor extreme upset impecuniousness impecuniosity moan shit show farce heavy blow fell stroke rough situation act of God flood stroke of ill luck fall abasement abjectness discomposure issues mulligrubs mubblefubbles trials asperity hardness plaint toil peril drudgery heavyheartedness anvil chorus fatigue low-spiritedness meltdown task tenseness sobbing financial distress uphill battle trials and tribulations Herculean task fluster anger fright row pitfall indigence being bummed blue Johnnies the mopes the dismals crisis shake-up disruption surprise disarray ululation wail howl a low effort work puzzle difficulties the dumps offense wound reversion dislocation commotion queasiness hang-up impoverishment complaint sob groan howling dirge keen third degree going-over grilling restlessness ferment dread trepidation exertion pains check pickle jam crunch pinch tizzy turn-up lapse cry responsibility alluvion havoc culmination finale car crash upshot curtains waterloo termination infliction fatality denouement nervous tension overextension distention heat intensity mistrust flutter urgency fearfulness nervosity anxiousness apprehension concernment agita thought sense of loss expectancy impatience fuss burdens fatalism doubt distrust hold-up one in the eye body blow kick in the teeth holy mess unholy mess ticklish spot expenditure dyspepsia nihilism negative thinking suspicion ill-luck ill-fortune can of worms irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve frustration rub aggravation botheration exasperation aggro ruffle bad time ado attention overthrow doom and gloom expecting the worst while flurry bustle snag hair shirt looking on the black side gloomy outlook dim view dark side expectation of worst lack of hope elbow grease unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling overturn elimination debasement annihilation disgrace humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction trip destroyer miscalculation omission last straw loss of power stumble misstep bad omen flaw smash faux pas fumble final straw error blunder fault


Having an intense or passionate interest
crazy obsessed impatient desirous solicitous anxious enthused hungry antsy athirst craving hot pumped thirsty geeked greedy hankering raring stoked agog enamored enamoured gung ho juiced longing restless voracious appetent hepped up hopped-up very keen psyched psyched up eager yearning avid keen ardent enthusiastic excited wild desiring wishful aching itching intent covetous dying zealous great willing nuts gagging ambitious restive ready fervent champing at the bit hot to trot thirsting interested amenable disposed inclined fervid vehement ready and willing rarin' to go dying to desirous of raring to go hoping bursting languishing wistful heated engaged glad happy itchy earnest hung up hopeful breathless self-starting wishing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed wholehearted passionate ravenous game keen as mustard waiting with bated breath hankering after hungering edgy chafing straining acquisitive warmblooded feverish ripe in a hurry straining at the leash intent on set on bent on on pins and needles on tenterhooks on the edge of one's seat devoted active diligent committed assiduous habitual dedicated warm fanatical unreluctant diehard hearty wanting burning insatiable predatious gluttonous edacious hoggish rapacious ravening piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish esurient unfilled insatiate prepared with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen in need of in want of up set fain minded as keen as mustard up for in the mood on for of a mind mad keen favourably inclined pysched up joyful delighted thrilled elated buoyant joyous jovial rhapsodic encouraged excitable enlivened euphoric enraptured ecstatic exhilarated motivated overjoyed inspired electrified exuberant jolly roused exultant giddy piqued peppy elevated tickled tickled pink awakened animated sparky on cloud nine intoxicated full of beans blissful jubilant moved tumultuous alive aflame beside oneself cock-a-hoop chomping at the bit spirited lively grasping keyed up energetic determined ebullient vivacious intense stirred aroused avaricious stimulated piggy devouring fired up gormandizing driven titillated wolfish gutsy zestful high-spirited gannet-like close grabby gulping guzzling close-fisted grudging carnivorous gobbling impassioned unquenchable worked up on fire unappeasable prodigious sprightly pleased perfervid industrious animate mad uncontrollable gross desperate conscientious nutty potty selfish omnivorous daft fiery expectant charged high dynamic itching for dying for afire prehensile gone on self-indulgent juiced up cranked up pumped up geared up needing vicious predatory approving striving coveting mercenary moneygrubbing touched atingle lusting curious impetuous restored refreshed revitalized vigorous enthralled gotta have fierce rabid revitalised cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless lacking crude rude longing for hoping for gourmand gourmandizing dotty nutso infatuated with devoted to enamoured of hot for smitten with quenchless fascinated passional inspirited galvanized energized consumed with desire urgently requiring keen on full of enthusiasm wacky forceful concerned tantalized unqualified influenced activated uplifted all agog all a-gog boorish tantalised bugged zesty gaga anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for partial to crazy for wild for in love with enamored of very keen on hooked on turnt red-hot in suspense frantic frenzied hysterical raving uproarious delirious chafing at the bit galvanised energised have eyes bigger than one's stomach aggressive proactive bullish banzai ready for willing for avid for unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained crying out in great need of stirred up parsimonious stingy miserly penurious pennypinching tight tight-fisted dry as dust importunate clamorous urgent demanding insistent crying pressing unsatisfiable exigent limitless lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards amorous aspiring keen for very excited jumping up and down in a frenzy dirty filthy mean take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic self-driven up for it never satisfied greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for uncontrolled sordid unclean squalid brutish turned on aspiring to in urgent need compulsive unable to be satisfied insatiat empty gorging starving starved dog-hungry sating very hungry starved to death


Overcome with deep or intense sorrow
grief-stricken devastated heartbroken crushed desolate despairing sorrowful broken-hearted inconsolable pained sorrowing suffering tormented woeful wretched agonised agonized angst-ridden broken despondent dismal doleful overwhelmed upset afflicted anguished bereaved brokenhearted dejected distressed grieving heartsick heavy with grief lamenting miserable mortified mournful mourning overcome with sorrow regretful remorseful sad woebegone cheerless depressed distraught dolorous down gutted heavyhearted hurting melancholy morose overcome tearful traumatised traumatized troubled unhappy weeping cut up disconsolate forlorn downcast gloomy sorry blue crestfallen downhearted glum joyless low-spirited down in the mouth melancholic saddened heartsore down in the dumps low lugubrious cast down droopy hangdog rueful dispirited heavy-hearted bad lamentable sombre somber disheartened bitter discouraged plangent wailing dolesome plaintive bewailing bemoaning disappointed aching sullen in pain solemn funeral deploring painful tortured demoralized piteous demoralised distressing comfortless grieved dreary chap-fallen bleak teary tragic weepy funereal abject hopeless long-faced heartrending hurt sick at heart pitiful grievous elegiac choked wounded wistful pessimistic emotional depressive black dolent in the dumps in tears anxious heavy depressing dire morbid lonesome lonely aggrieved drear lachrymose gray grey elegiacal calamitous saturnine tristful troubling plagued spiritless haunted persecuted down-hearted in low spirits ruthful out of sorts fed up in the pits bowed down in doldrums in grief all torn up pathetic heart-rending desperate dark harrowed grim harrowing godforsaken bereft murky darkening racked deplorable tenebrific tenebrous chill dreich sunless Cimmerian cold sepulchral plutonian cloudy perturbed bothered crabby pensive resigned racked with pain racked with suffering mirthless defeatist in despair oppressed weary long-suffering sunk shot down concerned unconsolable in mourning in sorrow discombobulated uptight full of sorrow shook antsy bugged hapless bummed out destroyed helpless negative shook up feel-bad shattered very sad prostrated chapfallen displeased bleeding sorry for oneself heart-sick lovesick bummed-out worried down-in-the-mouth pitiable in distress lorn dirgeful companionless regrettable afflictive dolorific poor worthless prostrate with grief forbidding austere acheronian unwelcoming tear-jerking affecting in anguish disturbed sick as a parrot unable to be consoled unable to be comforted singing the blues strained ailing on a downer discontented luckless dull in a blue funk burned sore contused beside oneself with grief torn-up brassed off unsatisfied cheesed off discontent in the doldrums ripped powerless bummed down-and-out heartbreaking downtrodden sour crying down in dumps moody down in mouth shaken disconcerted vexed ruffled disquieted unnerved agitated discomposed as sick as a parrot bearish up the creek downbeat discouraging unmitigable doomed without hope unfortunate harassed flustered irked aflutter wrecked discountenanced suicidal sinister oppressive sobbing languished dysphoric languorous triste listless languid sulky jumpy in a tizzy spooked unglued strung out in a stew grousing cranky grumpy bellyaching beefing saddening cantankerous nostalgic whimpering snivelling horrible dispiriting foreboding ominous close to tears blubbering maudlin frantic afflicting larmoyant atrocious threnodic dirge-like sniveling on the verge of tears no-win strabilious cynical in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes can't win weighed down in the soup not a prayer at the end of your tether at end of one's rope dour grave disheartening dragged drab moving poignant touching serious humourless contrite down and out upsetting shamefaced repentant humorless penitent apologetic conscience-stricken distressful sheepish ashamed dingy sober dejecting terrible crummy mopey guilty compunctious attritional self-reproachful uninviting dreadful guilt-ridden severe uncomfortable gut-wrenching agonizing cast-down awful stern agonising sedate surly paltry mean stirring dismayed staid chastened Eeyorish base earnest penitential dim weighty disturbing subdued unsmiling inhospitable shocking appalling frightful disappointing horrifying no-nonsense unpleasant dirgelike intense drearisome scurvy contemptible daunted vile despicable stark bare lousy horrid traumatic bland unfavorable unfavourable sunk in gloom clinical bawling impersonal draggy crabbed inauspicious disastrous torn up troublesome wintry wintery institutional jarring to be pitied broody mopish moping taken down very bad God-awful sickening dry beggarly cheap inadequate defeated glowering churlish sapped gruesome abashed compassionate arousing shabby commiserative solitary ghastly straight boring tedious enervated demoralizing flat supplicating sneaking unamusing adust unacceptable lame abysmal commiserable uncomic tender demoralising diabolical afraid unpropitious sourpuss muted horrific lurid rotten monstrous adverse damp disgraceful disagreeable worrying mortifying loathsome difficult harsh scandalous nasty ugly repugnant stony-faced poker-faced low-down let down nightmarish discomposing in sackcloth and ashes self-condemnatory objectionable undesirable cruddy in the toilet revolting intolerable offensive shadowy meagre meager dishonourable dishonorable howling chilling low in spirits hard blue funk full of regret serious-minded heart-wrenching heavy-going derisible unbearable opprobrious atoning penitentiary unamused regretting merciful scowling threnodial blubbing unpromising daunting deathly Stygian hollow obscure grouchy overcast undermined withdrawn apathetic insignificant cowed cringing browbeaten huffy ill-humoured funebrial exequial deathlike without energy guilty-looking furtive ill-humored disadvantageous crushing excruciating disenchanting lost emo depressant intimidated embarrassed forsaken forgotten homeless abandoned brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging repining frowning taciturn disillusioned taken aback deflated portentous disquieting bowed lowered vexatious beseeching ruined imploring entreating friendless uncared-for destitute griefstricken blubbery moist tear-filled wet watery off sluggish uneasy cowering humiliated have the blahs melting sorry for yourself dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless small let-down not happy having blue devils having the blahs hurtful with a long face peed off ticked off teed off browned off gloom-ridden impactful impressive longing in a funk fatalistic dreamy reflective yearning useless petty puny tragical unlucky contemplative musing dreaming meditative sentimental agitating perturbing passionate expressive catastrophic cruel feeble thoughtful hostile full of gloom feeling down looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny inexcusable tough daydreaming propitiatory alarmist distrustful doubting suspicious shameful reprehensible unforgivable chilly unenthusiastic unsatisfactory unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed unwelcome harmful doubtful exacting treacherous injurious pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened discommodious perilous dangerous full of hardship threatening ill-omened direful ill-boding parlous messy egregious outrageous inglorious preposterous senseless desirous wishful self-incriminating scabby substandard grubby scummy dirty inferior ratty ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable indefensible unspeakable detestable sinful foolish abhorrent abominable grisly hideous execrable ignominious ignoble immoral discreditable heinous disreputable iniquitous insupportable disgusting wicked odious chronic frightening unearthly self-accusing on one's knees unjustifiable blameworthy downer bummer faulty godawful stinking overwhelming insufferable criminal beyond contempt horrendous eerie ghostly terrifying gory grotesque in a reverie fearsome terrific pitiless grewsome repulsive nightmare weird shady spooky macabre spookish scary unhealthy sick death-obsessed


Lacking energy, spirit, liveliness or vitality
languorous enervated lackadaisical languid languishing limp listless spiritless apathetic blah blahs comatose dopey dreamy easy energyless faint feeble flagging heavy impassive inactive indifferent inert infirm laid-back lazy leaden leisurely lethargic lymphatic moony nebbish phlegmatic relaxed sickly sleepy sleepyhead slow sluggish snoozy still supine tired torpid unconcerned unenthusiastic unhurried uninterested weak weary wimpy unenergetic slow-moving indolent slothful idle Laodicean otiose pococurante laid back drowsy lacking in energy droopy somnolent dull lifeless passive slack careless tardy lax shiftless laggard uninspiring inattentive flat lacklustre dilatory heedless negligent dormant lackluster disinterested draggy uninspired stagnant dry remiss boring slapdash plodding lagging insipid irresponsible unheeding insouciant characterless fatigued uncaring nonchalant incautious improvident quiescent disregardful neglectful procrastinating ponderous casual fainéant sloppy slumberous derelict reckless perfunctory slow-going slap-happy slipshod dawdling measured creeping drab colourless monotonous carefree prosaic crawling tame static wooden blithe tedious vapid deliberate unexciting unresponsive snaillike uninteresting delaying loafing moderate loitering dead good-for-nothing tortoiselike postponing faineant hebetudinous colorless unmindful muted bland unimaginative humdrum vigourless effete unanimated motionless dreary wearisome half-hearted easygoing cold feckless lacking energy blithely unconcerned uncircumspect delinquent devil-may-care nothing without care undependable unobservant untrustworthy gradual unaccountable free and easy slow-footed slow-paced cool shirking unreliable debilitated lukewarm abstracted having spring fever work-shy mundane dim vacant spineless do-nothing stiff submissive exhausted commonplace sluggardly stupefied unmoved vigorless passionless bloodless sleeping dallying unimpassioned narcotic vanilla quiet neurasthenic dozy asthenic yawny lumpish workshy spent expressionless lacking vitality out of it logy stupid stuporous down drippy depressed without energy insensible stolid inanimate ho-hum run-of-the-mill undistinguished bone idle neb yielding insensitive acquiescent servile pliant docile toneless slacking evading pretending numb soporous soporose drony resting peaceful unoccupied sedentary unmodulated undemonstrative unvarying benumbed paralyzed sodden latent paralysed hibernating drugged old hat stale ordinary uncreative unambitious everyday heavy-eyed vegged out inconscious dead to the world out to lunch out out cold lustreless ineffectual ineffective sombre somber bovine half asleep offhand drained devoid of feeling devoid of emotion blasé aimless sullen off sluggard sleepyheaded mooney shot unmotivated fruitless futile worthless stretchy unmoving sapped shattered pooped tired out wearied worn out weakened beat kaput sentimental romantic daydreaming incurious laissez-faire halfhearted hollow lumbering dead tired easy going spring fever mechanical inexpressive insentient insensate defunct pointless emotionless extinct sedate gentle steady flaccid inorganic mineral two-dimensional unrushed laboured tortoise-like comfortable undemanding dragging leaden-footed snail-paced snail-like dillydallying pokey poking poky pabulum non-organic soulless lusterless zero prosy exanimate laggy lollygagging late behindhand abiotic mopish labored imperceptible nonvegetable without life nonanimal not alive deceased inoperative nonliving azoic absent neutral bored cursory meek irresolute melancholic dejected melancholy dispirited despondent mopy desiccated low anaemic loose unthorough unthoughtful untidy unsystematic haphazard thoughtless slovenly unmeticulous shoddy blue cowardly disconsolate gutless indecisive pathetic broken subdued downhearted sad downcast down in the mouth wishy-washy down in the dumps anemic flat tire cast down lacking in vitality


Present participle for to suffer a mental and physical decline
fading declining weakening withering wilting sinking drooping dwindling flagging decaying sickening languishing wasting peaking wasting away going into a decline losing strength pining away failing deteriorating diminishing ebbing sagging lagging emaciating longing going yearning fainting going downhill praying abating waning slumping lessening decreasing receding eroding tapering off petering out dying away dying succumbing dying down wearying dying out melting away dying off palling falling off hoping against hope rotting mouldering tuckering hungering hankering ailing brooding desponding teetering moldering growing weak withering away fagging out going soft going to pieces fading away conking out dying on vine knocking out fizzling out degenerating crumbling atrophying dropping worsening retrograding regressing collapsing devolving faltering disimproving slipping tiring falling going down the toilet depreciating disintegrating breaking down going to pot shrivelling shriveling hanging shrinking perishing spoiling degrading retrogressing sliding debasing debilitating disappearing lowering descending lapsing getting worse becoming worse wearing away going to rack and ruin going to the dogs hitting the skids lolling swagging becoming dilapidated subsiding vitiating evaporating falling into decay stagnating depressing going to seed shriveling up contracting wizening impairing falling apart becoming limp drying up going backwards growing worse going bad breaking up losing quality going down the tubes running to seed becoming emaciated ebbing away nosediving thinning slackening backsliding melting growing tired mummifying becoming fatigued losing energy growing weary growing less becoming moribund having one foot in the grave drying losing courage undermining breaking adulterating marring alloying injuring going to the pack losing it corroding skidding giving out caving in turning depraving debauching demoralising perverting warping staining demoralizing bending dangling desiccating bowing flopping deflating blighting aging folding blasting constricting ageing stooping hanging down becoming marcescent becoming stale draping slouching settling lopping slinging suspending leaning falling down trailing off letting up easing up becoming flaccid losing growing faint giving way growing dim relapsing limping impoverishing trembling crippling tottering halting minimizing tailing off relaxing minimising wearing out letting down tiring out wearing off thinning out losing spirit slowing down growing weaker putrefying dilapidating becoming debilitated going into decline falling to pieces falling apart at the seams


Present participle for to anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure
looking forward to coveting yearning craving desiring fancying hankering hungering wanting envying thirsting anticipating awaiting expecting hankering after hankering for pining after pining for yearning for hoping for itching for longing for setting one's heart on waiting for wishing for wishing to counting the days until hungering for lusting after really wanting thirsting for yenning for actively awaiting ardently awaiting awaiting with anticipation awaiting with enthusiasm awaiting with gusto awaiting with pleasure breathlessly awaiting eagerly awaiting earnestly awaiting energetically awaiting enthusiastically awaiting expectantly awaiting fervently awaiting hungrily awaiting impatiently awaiting intently awaiting longingly awaiting repining for setting your heart on spiritedly awaiting thirstily awaiting vigorously awaiting zealously awaiting actively anticipating anticipating with enthusiasm anticipating with gusto ardently anticipating breathlessly anticipating eagerly anticipating earnestly anticipating energetically anticipating enthusiastically anticipating expectantly anticipating fervently anticipating having your eye on hungrily anticipating impatiently anticipating intently anticipating longingly anticipating spiritedly anticipating thirstily anticipating vigorously anticipating zealously anticipating anticipating with pleasure having an eye on having a yen for aching for licking your lips over aspiring to burning for salivating for sighing for panting for lusting for licking one's chops

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