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Easily molded, bent or shaped
flexible limber malleable pliant supple ductile bendable bendy plastic elastic lithe springy stretchable tensile whippy workable easily bent flexile lissom lissome lithesome willowy soft moldable yielding resilient tractable agile tractile rubbery stretchy loose-limbed bouncy adaptable rubberlike graceful mouldable stretch loose-jointed spongy shapable nimble flexuous fictile deft squashy shapeable waxy transformable bending extensible elegant tensible wiry spry formable extensile fit acrobatic light gracile slinky rebounding sinuous impressible adroit unresisting quaggy squidgy moulded molded athletic mushy pulpy pappy squishy coordinated rubber svelte double-jointed mobile elasticated cushiony strong durable dainty flowing putty in hands recoiling irrepressible extendible buoyant expandable tempered dexterous compromising snapping back hard-wearing forgiving lively dextrous sprightly light on your feet formative bendsome puttylike like putty going every which way light-foot light-footed feline lightsome featly loose slight active nippy fleet quick fleet-footed quick-moving twinkle-toed nimble-footed swift brisk zippy smooth skilful skillful gymnastic energetic skilled rapid adept delicate balletic prompt mercurial winged light on one's feet sporty sporting proficient handy wide-awake vigilant sleek sensual vigorous easy nifty beautiful exquisite lovely effortless able fluid fast speedy sylphlike natural fluent tripping sportive bright stirring quick-thinking frisky vivacious easy-moving bustling spirited ready spright clear-headed responsive precise in good condition fine gracious flowy twinkle toes artistic practised practiced lightning splitting dizzy snappy breakneck hot smart galloping fast-moving rattling blistering breathless hasty rapid-fire whirlwind flying swift-footed quick on the draw quick on the trigger barreling expeditious meteoric screaming expeditive speedball light of foot fleet of foot on the double in nothing flat like greased lightning


Easily influenced
impressionable compliant susceptible malleable pliant receptive responsive yielding docile manageable tractable amenable biddable accommodating governable influenceable manipulable persuadable suggestible susceptive controllable persuasible suasible agreeable easy lithy meek moldable obedient putty soft spongy submissive easily led easily swayed easily influenced like putty in one's hands adaptable complaisant acquiescent cooperative flexible conformable ductile obliging adjustable open willing law-abiding supple dutiful plastic passive unresisting tame elastic variable modifiable alterable mouldable easily handled gullible changeable deferential versatile fluid bendable go-with-the-flow transformable bendy credulous milky easily persuaded convincible accepting tolerant acceptive obsequious easy-going gentle convertible teachable unassertive sensitive accessible amendable perceptive open-minded observant easygoing resigned well-behaved docious putty in hands rolls with punches like putty in your hands unformed submitting inexperienced giving bending movable tameable encourageable multiway pervious tamable formative fictile tractile tensile able to be influenced lamblike mobile trained untroublesome convenient workable conformist mild facile humble quiet weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent orderly cool unassuming laid-back consentient assentient accordant vulnerable compromising nonresistant easily manipulated ingenuous conciliatory assenting forgiving assentive willing to compromise exploitable ebullient effervescent airy expansive spirited gay volatile mutable lively animated buoyant soaring high-spirited vivacious sprightly recuperative sentient trusting naive impressible sensile affectable wax-like sensible feeling affected well-trained duteous respectful resilient subservient good ingratiating under control obeisant multipurpose all-purpose bootlicking disciplined switch-hitting can-do sympathetic well trained servile well disciplined interested devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike attentive regardful venerating reverential honouring hearsome unquestioning friendly welcoming favourable approachable hanging loose all around attuned wrapped around finger at one's beck and call in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches broad-minded acceptant well disposed alert bright hospitable well-disposed open to new ideas recipient pushover favorable sharp swayable quick ready open to suggestions ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake


Affording, or disposed to afford, accommodation
accommodating cooperative considerate friendly helpful obliging complaisant hospitable kind polite unselfish willing compliant adaptable agreeable amenable amiable courteous generous indulgent accommodative civil eager to please kindly neighbourly accepting decent handy long-suffering neighborly pleasant eager to help on deck on tap user friendly willing to help responsive acquiescent biddable pliant persuadable tractable supportive game suasible onside easy persuasible accessible companionable useful forthcoming glad to be of assistance gracious benevolent thoughtful cordial sympathetic affable genial chivalrous understanding tender amicable charitable caring compassionate good-natured respectful warm-hearted sociable beneficent gallant congenial kind-hearted big-hearted mannerly good-hearted benign warm well-mannered warmhearted nice gentle good liberal tactful well-bred approachable attentive lenient tolerant kindhearted mild good-humoured good-humored solicitous well-disposed well mannered magnanimous gentlemanly altruistic easygoing cheerful civilized genteel courtly benignant tender-hearted tenderhearted softhearted diplomatic suave noble urbane patient regardful civilised humane well disposed mindful bountiful loving ladylike mellow soft-hearted refined merciful soft goodhearted cultivated selfless good-tempered honourable all heart polished cultured honorable pleasing giving affectionate humanitarian philanthropic forbearing lovable sensitive lavish open-handed likeable bighearted sweet delightful engaging decorous public-spirited large-hearted even-tempered likable well meaning convivial heedful social well bred bland unctuous stately bonhomous dutiful personable eleemosynary lovely righteous munificent bounteous prepossessing winsome unpresumptuous unassuming clement philanthropical unstinting sweet-natured mild-mannered sweet-tempered pitying bleeding-heart big well intentioned harmless welcoming well-behaved courageous heroic concerned harmonious good-mannered valiant observant conscientious thoughty brave forgiving wellmannered politic formal open guestfriendly devoted gentlemanlike fearless bold intrepid dauntless stout-hearted reverential responsible empathic commiserative empathetic wonderful humble modest swell ingratiating self-effacing jovial reputable well behaved correct circumspect discreet easy to get along with easy to get on with favourable noble-minded valorous broad-minded open-minded sentimental human nonmalignant moderate happy breezy nonthreatening favorable like a sport knightly marshmallow softie charming comforting wholesome angelic soft touch benefic maternal brotherly calm greathearted propitious unoffensive great-hearted princely motherly fatherly fatherlike heart in right place openhanded openhearted feeling freehanded deferential easy-going willing to please favourably disposed non-malignant do-good welfare nonprofit compatible appealing free ungrudging not-for-profit almsgiving non-profit non-profit-making winning taking enchanting captivating appropriate socially concerned doing good works mushy simpatico reasonable barley-sugar as nice as pie well-meaning free-handed honest respectable upright ethical virtuous trustworthy incorrupt worthy moral dependable comradely upstanding just principled peaceable matching suitable fitting right straight true couth stand-up clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded all right


Accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance
passive acquiescent resigned submissive compliant docile unresisting yielding unassertive tractable complaisant forbearing long-suffering non-resistant obedient patient pliant deferential lamblike lifeless malleable meek nonresistant nonviolent non-violent receptive subdued tolerant tolerating unresistant non-aggressive quiescent resistless supine asleep bearing cool disinterested enduring flaccid flat idle laid-back latent moony motionless poker-faced quiet reflexive sleepy static stolid unflappable unreceptive hands off going through motions walking through it accommodating biddable humble easy flexible putty in one's hands amenable manageable non-resisting dutiful duteous ductile timid mild self-effacing spiritless obsequious servile slavish self-abasing spineless grovelling subservient bootlicking under someone's thumb longanimous nonresisting abject giving-in domesticated comformable groveling ingratiating obeisant bowing down uncomplaining obeying complying tame subordinate surrendering law-abiding soft obliging agreeable amiable placable lowly kowtowing conformable fawning menial trainable disciplinable teachable governable controllable handleable under one's thumb unprotesting sycophantic consenting truckling cowering cringing subject downtrodden snivelling inferior unobtrusive demure shy cowed dancing sniveling ignoble mean acceding willing assenting gentle reverential accepting cooperative agreeing conforming approving persuadable polite sheepish supplicatory persuasible toadying convincible hesitant timorous unambitious tentative apprehensive fearful at one's mercy in one's power in one's clutches a slave to in one's pocket acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive mim self-conscious respectful game ready at one's beck and call easily persuaded Uriah Heepish


(of wood or lumber) Freshly cut and not dried

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