Synonym of plug in

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Synonym: connect,


Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement
electrically powered battery operated electric electrical electronic plug-in power-driven rechargeable charged stimulating thrilling exciting stirring electrifying dynamic tense rousing exhilarating intoxicating galvanizing invigorating dramatic mind-bending moving heart-stopping energizing galvanic breathtaking hair-raising mind-boggling rip-roaring exhilarative shocking inspiring knife-edge jolting mind-blowing kicky heady animating startling explosive buzzy cliffhanging volatile adrenalized juiced magnetic AC captivating energetic emotional motor-driven envigorating galvanising energising absorbing DC gripping lively riveting refreshing overwhelming inspiriting spirited inspirational amazing wonderful astonishing fascinating provocative anthemic stimulative stem-winding arousing spine-tingling enlivening uplifting emotive impassioned animated stunning challenging passionate action-packed striking impressive exhilarant magnificent motivating provoking thought-provoking spectacular emotion-charged enthralling sensational soul-stirring enchanting eye-popping wondrous fabulous eye-opening bracing incredible vigorous intriguing tonic astounding exalting entertaining encouraging staggering enthusiastic hearty affecting sexy stupendous powerful appealing complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling compelling interesting intense exhilaratory awe-inspiring awesome mind-altering piquant awakening memorable compulsive delightful wild vibrant galvanical inflammatory agitational vitalizing brisk brilliant fantastic strong heartrending heartbreaking imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled potent revitalizing cheering gladdening beautiful jaw-dropping suspenseful elating hallucinogenic sparkling stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged microelectronic automated automatic amazeballs giddy revitalising quickening animative elevating ripping boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious heart-stirring out of this world adrenalizing exalté hectic titillating adrenaline-fueled giving one food for thought shaking trembling surprising shivering quaking vibrating shuddering renewing reinvigorating frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging fab large miraculous boss mad restorative zero cool roborant motivational heartening persuasive impactful arresting curious engaging influential poignant impelling attention-grabbing engrossing instigating affective touching instigative triggering inciting meaningful piquing exceptional noteworthy immersing hypnotising meaty inviting charismatic eventful unique amusing newsy beguiling splashy relatable marvelous hypnotizing prepossessing attractive hypnotic remarkable tantalising involving vivid racy enticing out of the ordinary mesmerising pleasurable worthy of note fresh mesmerizing tantalizing preoccupying bewitching charming newsworthy unputdownable alluring entrancing portentous consuming mesmeric spellbinding trenchant marvellous topical seductive fine showy pleasing unboring emphatic diverting buzzworthy magical


A component part of something
constituent component element ingredient part unit factor bit member module piece portion fragment integrant principle section segment board building block component part division essential fixins fraction integral part makings plug-in part and parcel cog item making peripheral subdivision instalment chapter installment aspect feature cut slice passage subsection fundamental detail facet basis particular chunk scene parcel act thing share episode attribute point moiety hunk cause influence consideration determinant circumstance sample particle root material stem matter basic split lump bite contributing factor determining factor length characteristic block strand excerpt issue quality property link tier condition view hint drop trace end divvy partition trait subcomponent slab wedge rake-off volume area foundation dimension integrand admixture branch offshoot rudiment parameter article half clause criterion constraint corner snippet monad brick argument cross-section patch break whole entity show program webisode programme object elementary unit prologue prolog spot epilogue epilog variable integral additive contents fixing innards unit of being part of the pack part of a set class reason commodity product stub affiliation dynamic tutorial variable quantity wodge tranche instrument instrumentality artifact artefact articulation wing arm joint digit layer integer square essence means mixer fifty percent antecedent discrete item scrap part of something field slot allocation allotment contribution ratio proportion percentage cross section equity quota lot entitlement ration amount apportionment stake allowance extract distribution quantity assignment due sliver serving dividend segmentation commission partage whack take measure interest helping morsel appropriation quotum piece of the cake cut of pie slice of the cake claim quantum piece of the action

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