Synonym of postponing

Alternative for postponing

postpones, postponed, postponing

Synonym: defer, delay, hold over, procrastinate, put off, shelve, stall, suspend, table,

Antonym: ancestry,


Present participle for to delay or put off an event, appointment etc.
delaying deferring shelving putting off adjourning holding over suspending tabling putting back rescheduling staying pigeonholing remitting continuing holding off mothballing putting on ice putting over carrying over forestaying procrastinating proroguing respiting stalling standing over holding up laying over putting on the back burner taking a rain check on cooling it hanging fire holding off on keeping in abeyance putting on hold giving a rain check putting in cold storage putting on back burner setting aside holding in abeyance laying on the table putting aside interrupting retarding discontinuing breaking off holding terminating protracting prolonging bringing to an end holding back intermitting dissolving putting to one side extending stopping halting cutting short recessing laying aside withholding ceasing prorogating detaining giving rain check pausing ending calling a halt to checking leaving arresting rearranging reserving putting a stop to setting back disbanding putting on the shelf filing waiting waiving dismissing slowing breaking up sidelining impeding hindering finishing dallying putting something off quitting putting in abeyance avoiding freezing letting up hanging up calling a halt slowing up putting off the evil day putting off the evil hour refraining doing later parking retaining reorganizing suppressing putting across getting across reprieving hanging cooling containing temporizing temporising taking offline saving renouncing neglecting putting on one side keeping inactivating barring omitting blocking obstructing lengthening putting on the bank burner laying off staving off counting out ruling out breaking cutting taking a raincheck severing canceling cancelling slowing down reorganising leaving off putting an end to keeping back changing the date lagging dawdling loitering lingering poking dillydallying tarrying cutting off keeping from bringing to a close bringing to a standstill bringing to a halt taking a breather from aborting dragging one's feet leaving to another time putting on a back burner putting into storage decommissioning putting out of commission packing away shutting up suspending proceedings tying up curtailing taking a break knocking off restraining curbing desisting resting surceasing taking a breather taking a recess coming to an end taking five clipping abbreviating shortening abridging taking a rain check stopping dead breaking short stopping short stopping cold stopping in full flow leaving unfinished calling it a day hanging back refraining from sitting tight taking no action playing a waiting game avoiding doing something biding one's time holding one's horses keeping from doing something concluding bringing to a stop nipping in the bud winding up pulling the plug on immobilising putting the kibosh on stemming immobilizing dropping finishing off closing frustrating elapsing lapsing hampering passing determining expiring going stilling dying faltering drawing up wabbling hesitating teetering dithering limping desisting from blowing the whistle on staunching wavering packing in bringing up coming to a standstill shutting off pulling up scrupling fetching up putting a cork in coming to rest bringing to standstill belaying shilly-shallying coming to a stop packing up drawing to a stand wobbling coming to a halt staggering giving over catching stumbling wiggle-waggling cutting out holding at bay vacillating coming to a close drawing to a close hobbling closing down balancing dead-ending winking out stemming the flow whiffling shutting down turning back deactivating


Present participle for to prevent from progress
retarding arresting checking decelerating delaying handicapping braking clogging detaining hindering impeding obstructing encumbering slowing down stalling deferring hampering curbing hamstringing holding back holding up inhibiting setting back slowing up interrupting keeping back putting back restraining restricting slackening slowing cumbering staying trammelling trammeling baffling baulking balking bogging choking crimping dawdling decreasing downing faltering fettering flagging hesitating interfering with lessening loafing loitering miring poking reducing retardating putting a brake on backing off bogging down choking off closing off hanging up letting up shutting down shutting off taking down bringing to screeching halt throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of getting in the way of tempering stunting limiting curtailing diminishing lagging abating moderating regulating thwarting foiling stymieing derailing qualifying embogging procrastinating quieting reefing preventing halting repressing blocking protracting cramping withholding pausing hobbling crippling stopping shelving shackling deterring remitting proroguing reining in handcuffing intermitting prolonging frustrating holding barring confining cutting down anchoring it keeping waiting winding down losing speed putting the brakes on cutting back losing steam putting off letting down flaps hitting the brakes staving off holding off on holding over making late standing in the way of hog-tying manacling embarrassing short-circuiting tying up constraining getting in the way bridling disrupting opposing borking interfering cramping one's style forestalling prohibiting debarring tying fazing entangling binding scuppering crabbing stonewalling inconveniencing cutting off throwing a spanner in the works discontinuing bottlenecking burdening neutralizing muzzling warding off contravening counteracting resisting neutralising damming rattling discomfiting freezing chaining disconcerting catching capturing enmeshing ensnaring netting screwing up fouling up shutting out lousing up boxing in straitening snagging discouraging saddling with giving a hard time entrapping throwing a spoke in the wheel of hemming in tethering suppressing dissuading stifling quashing smothering disturbing affecting suspending influencing tampering forbidding confusing discommoding incommoding jamming troubling conflicting outlawing sandbagging bitting averting warding tabooing interdicting enjoining snookering puzzling defeating spoiling confounding mystifying stumping keeping in putting an end to holding in holding down scotching nonplussing putting on brakes putting an stop to stemming the flow of nipping in the bud flummoxing cornering giving the run around putting paid to pigeonholing putting the kibosh on putting on back burner upsetting putting on hold throwing a monkey wrench into hanging fire holding off dead-ending debilitating leashing weighing down dragging one's feet tiing one's hands


Present participle for to cancel (an event) due to excessive rain


Present participle for to delay taking action
procrastinating dallying delaying stalling dawdling temporising temporizing adjourning deferring dithering havering hesitating prolonging protracting retarding vacillating wavering cooling goldbricking lagging poking swithering tarrying waiting dragging lingering loitering pausing staying dilly-dallying putting off deferring action dragging your feet holding off letting slide shilly-shallying taking a raincheck dragging one's feet humming and hawing playing for time postponing action hanging fire putting off doing something suspending action using delaying tactics playing a waiting game kicking the can down the road equivocating hedging stonewalling filibustering prevaricating diverting distracting hanging back holding back gaining time buying time taking one's time beating around the bush holding over beating about the bush avoiding the issue fluctuating faltering blowing hot and cold staggering pussyfooting around oscillating wasting time thinking twice sitting on the fence taking your time hanging around halting scrupling balancing yo-yoing hanging about tergiversating teetering getting cold feet trifling dillydallying wabbling wobbling diddling moping lollygagging crawling creeping lallygagging killing time marking time stopping hanging on staying put hemming and hawing idling pottering remaining trembling paltering swaying whiling away time plodding trailing deliberating pottering about pottering around dragging your heels pottering round waiting around getting no place fast hanging round hanging out resting warming a chair see-sawing faffing about penelopizing biding using dilatory tactics messing around umming and ahing dodging flickering varying putting something on the back burner quivering loafing tailing tooling losing time stopping over goofing around lodging holding the phone changing trimming waffling shuddering sauntering diddle-daddling toddling running hot and cold whiffling waffling balking frittering time away tumbling straggling baulking fooling around sitting on one's butt frittering away scrounging around shlepping along bumming around sitting around bobbling quavering reeling rolling lurching ambling staying behind sticking around puttering tottering avoiding committing oneself avoiding making a decision using Fabian tactics stalling for time changing one's mind moving slowly goofing off lagging behind falling behind horsing around holding on sitting tight taking a break having a breather calling time stopping briefly taking a breather holding your horses holding your fire taking ten taking five


Present participle for discontinue
calling off abandoning aborting cancelling canceling dropping scrubbing calling recalling repealing rescinding revoking scrapping crying off desisting discontinuing halting killing shelving stopping suspending withcalling withdrawing breaking off axing scratching forgetting about putting off nixing mothballing putting on ice turfing abolishing giving up eliminating forgetting discarding jettisoning cutting taking away ditching junking dumping throwing out doing away with erasing deleting putting an end to wiping out removing obliterating terminating expunging annulling rubbing out ending nullifying striking out effacing blotting out taking out crosses out invalidating voiding quashing countermanding abrogating negating excising finishing blue-penciling blue-pencilling disannulling setting aside editing out cutting out reversing ceasing retracting getting rid of destroying vacating quitting avoiding annihilating scoring out squashing stamping out declaring null and void blacking out repudiating bringing to an end dissolving obviating nulling undoing cleaning up zapping inking out packing in rolling back striking down cutting off putting a line through knocking off giving something the chop bluing pencil renouncing overriding overruling eradicating concluding editing disclaiming recanting omitting deleing closing forswearing reneging interrupting exterminating taking back eliding abjuring extinguishing abating scratching out discharging vitiating calling back trashing dispensing with canceling out cancelling out winding up torpedoing snuffing out sweeping away rooting out laying off leaving off breaking up pulling the plug on knocking something on the head finishing off purging excluding waiving disowning vetoing expurgating extirpating dismantling lifting dismissing rendering invalid chopping kicking squelching liquidating lapsing passing blanking out expiring elapsing dead-ending desisting from stroking out letting up winking out wrapping up calling it quits bringing to a close packing up casting aside putting a stop to rendering null and void washing out blocking out bowdlerizing censoring overturning relinquishing sanitizing forgoing completing rubbing shedding laundering counterordering making void backpedaling backpedalling denying demolishing sterilizing bleeping decontaminating striking trimming subverting bowdlerising deracinating reneging on breaking decimating wasting razing superseding chucking in cutting short forsaking sanitising sterilising going dying determining totalling offing totaling laying off of whiting out disconnecting belaying rounding off closing out rounding out wrapping declaring invalid backing out of shooting down knocking out shutting off wiping off the map having done with wiping off the face of the earth putting paid to bringing to a halt calling a halt to coming to an end doing in bringing to a conclusion giving over turning your back on Xing out scoring through striking through scrubbing out redlining subtracting declaring disqualifying backtracking on disaffirming wiping from the face of the earth weeding out unsaying getting off the hook unpublishing leaving out rejecting going back on disavowing taking off betraying surrendering yielding calling in scoring snipping cleaning abdicating crossing through excusing oneself pulling out begging off backing out counteracting neutralizing stopping using countervailing rebutting withholding purifying stopping having counterbalancing restricting forgetting it nigging neutralising calling all bets off bringing to naught compensating limiting offsetting confining ruling out passing up copping out crapping out wimping out adjourning prorogating winding down running out bringing to an untimely end recessing proroguing amputating exscinding slashing exsecting gutting finalizing pausing consummating red-penciling red-pencilling redacting culminating accomplishing intermitting phasing out getting cold feet interposing blowing off disuniting intervening dissevering separating refraining from surceasing disjoining parting bagging it devastating checking arresting scissoring out lopping off cutting up desolating cleansing screening blipping emasculating lustrating settling wrecking shuttering clinching levelling leveling getting done carrying out shutting down bringing to fruition rounding up coming to a close topping off hanging up carrying through folding setting the seal on sewing up finalising coming to a conclusion sinking smashing defeating obscuring ravaging covering marking out destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing to bits taking apart blowing sky-high KO'ing removing all traces of wiping off face of earth making palatable watering down bleeping out making presentable making acceptable blacking bringing shunning ignoring remitting forfeiting shaking divorcing sacrificing jilting pulling up withdrawing from finishing with breaking with parting from dusting off throwing up retiring from parting with resigning from eighty-sixing stopping midstream calling a halt knocks it off suppressing overthrowing prohibiting inhibiting disestablishing closing down putting the kibosh on putting kibosh on


Slow in pace or speed
slow-paced slow ponderous slothful sluggish laggard leaden phlegmatic plodding crawling creeping dawdling dilatory lagging lethargic listless measured delaying lackadaisical leisurely sleepy snaillike stagnant tardy torpid deliberate dreamy drowsy easy heavy idle indolent loitering moderate passive procrastinating slack supine tortoiselike apathetic gradual inactive inert slow-going slow-moving slow-footed unhurried gentle relaxed steady sedate sluggardly comfortable laboured tortoise-like lazy undemanding unrushed dragging leaden-footed poky dallying snail-paced snail-like languid dillydallying pokey poking late laggy behindhand lollygagging labored imperceptible remiss dull lax unhasty lingering laid-back delayed easy-going restful shiftless casual languorous negligent loafing work-shy backward calm otiose slow and steady stupid undeveloped imbecile checked moronic dense underprivileged behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal bone idle relaxing effortless leisured easygoing patient lifeless workshy good-for-nothing do-nothing free moving slowly simple slow-witted tedious slow but sure nonchalant lumbering cumbersome in your own time at your own pace enervated chilled simple-minded unexciting even regular inattentive unenergetic tired comatose snoozy time-wasting unpunctual painstaking slackened putting off tarrying impassive laborious problem moratory neglectful flagging on hands and knees natural lumpish drony fainéant resting unforced spontaneous incremental worming skulking writhing slithering shuffling quailing slinking wriggling squirming inching sneaking shambling groveling hobbling grovelling organic on all fours barely moving

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