Synonym of praising

Alternative for praising

praises, praised, praising

Synonym: approve of, compliment, extol, flatter, glorify, laud,

Antonym: blame,


Excessively sweet or flattering in one's speech or words
adulatory fawning flattering obsequious sycophantic toadying complimentary ingratiating applauding commending unctuous honeyed cajoling honey-tongued bootlicking silver-tongued sweet-talking soft-soaping smooth toadyish sugary favourable admiring appreciative flannelling blarneying servile oily gratifying oleaginous creeping crawling fulsome laudatory smarmy encomiastic encomiastical favorable sugarcoated persuasive pleasing sweet sweet-sounding deferential grovelling slimy groveling humble sucky slick soapy saccharine cringing greasy subservient Uriah Heepish gushing suave soft charming serving silken brown-nosing glib smooth-tongued smooth-talking disarming slavish abject insincere submissive creepy gushy insinuating saponaceous plausible kowtowing mealy-mouthed insinuative truckling arse-licking compliant ass-kissing prostrate buttery smug ingratiatory arse-kissing cloying nauseating sickening wheedling slippery suckholing hypocritical hagiographical hagiographic timeserving brownnosing sniveling parasitic spineless effusive insinuatory suggestive parasitical apple-polishing bowing and scraping snivelling smooth-spoken eloquent self-effacing winsome winning endearing supple coaxing bland reptilian sycophantish menial subordinate complacent crouching reverential respectful enslaved subject stipendiary sneaking beggarly compliable obeisant credible all over someone sycophant scraping bowing cowering silky fast-talking convincing hard to resist fluent articulate grandiloquent oratorical well-spoken urbane phoney creamy pinguid phony self-abasing forelock-tugging


The act of worshipping or praising someone or something highly
exaltation worship glorification adoration reverence veneration adulation idolization praise worshiping worshipping glory homage deification honour extolment honor magnification lionisation lionization laudation glorifying revering venerating idolising idolizing apotheosis lionising lionizing tribute blessing applause acclamation magnifying plaudits lauding acclaim deifying panegyric uplifting hero-worship high regard hero-worshipping thanksgiving exalting respect devotion admiration idolatry awe hero worship paying homage admiring flattery commendation blandishments accolades fawning compliments eulogies sycophancy tributes blandishment eulogiums bootlicking extravagant flattery audation fulsome praise servile flattery pats on the back love adoring regard prayers extolling honouring latria esteem dulia honoring beatification benediction supplication prostration genuflection -olatry praying to approval approbation accolade recognition eulogy kudos eulogium ovation appreciation encomium salutes deference compliment credit congratulations bouquets distinction laurels favour favor pat on the back obeisance testimonial props cheers plaudit acknowledgement acknowledgment paean estimation hymn citation salutation laud sun infatuation popularity thanks elevation cheering dithyramb fame celebration welcome repute congratulation puff reputation consideration attention bays rave a pat on the back prestige merit fealty canonization idealization renown affection account fondness pumping up liking fervor brownie points good opinion felicitations obsession pat on the head fanaticism pride wonder respects fervour idealisation gratitude acceptance wonderment endorsement crush cheer cajolery passion encouragement hankering support marveling pash amore yen ardor weakness attachment shine aggrandizement salute ardour court marvelling greatness name importance nobility cachet illustriousness dignity sanction recommendation puppy love clapping immortalization notability privilege eminence care opinion bouquet eulogizing paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement stroke points eulogising big hand stroking good word high standing high opinion good name rave review strong praise good image good reputation exaggerated respect breathless adoration fetishization grace loving thankfulness prayer appreciativeness worshipfulness respectfulness submission idolism obedience suit warmth raving boost hurrah bravo cry réclame mention courtesy sentiment high esteem commendations greetings regards courtship addresses PR strokes vengeance wrath repayment surprise note speech of praise prize award pleasure delight felicitation intense love extreme devotion astonishment amazement blarney kudo assent sympathy blessings salutations hail puffery cherishing value notice flattering remark mark of respect valuing prizing service loyalty allegiance fidelity ingratiation hat tip best wishes good wishes ratification putting on a pedestal round of applause honourable mention special mention honorable mention shot in the arm warm fuzzy honeyed word buttering up trade last faithfulness duty troth great respect okay imprimatur OK bells concurrence consent permission go-ahead unctuousness sweet talk toadyism gratification kneeling vogue shouting false praise soft soap soft-soap honeyed words enthusiasm raves the nod fashionableness clean bill of health hand roar jubilation loud homage standing O demand stylishness currency celebrity saleability fashionability marketability commerciality traction hotness voguishness modishness éclat coolness prevalence trendiness circulation heyday fashion following status attractiveness

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