Synonym of pressuring

Alternative for pressuring

pressures, pressured, pressuring

Synonym: burden, domination, effect, force, influence, load, power, weight,


The act of making timid or fearful or of deterring by threats
intimidation bullying alarming browbeating coercion menacing scaring terrifying terrorization arm-twisting domineering pressure pressurising pressurizing subduing unnerving cowing daunting frightening harassment harrying hounding menaces oppression persecution plaguing pressurisation pressurization terrorising terrorizing threatening tormenting tyrannization bulldozing demoralising demoralizing extortion fear railroading steamrollering threats scare tactics strong-arm tactics force duress constraint compulsion threat enforcement menace influence demand violence obligation persuasion warning commination insistence restraint strong-arm tactic exaction force majeure ominousness ill-omen blackmail fulmination ultimatum pestering nagging goading provocation entreaty badgering fearmongering thunder foul play requirement scare tactic intimidating remark pains conscription ambush terrorism reign of terror power sway imprisonment strong arm threatening remark intimidatory remark hardship captivity confinement incarceration maltreatment victimisation mistreatment victimization discipline detention bondage control strong-arming urgency engrossment prepossession craving monkey hang-up driving exigency preoccupation duty have on the brain tiger by the tail strong arm tactics spur impulsion necessity goad spring impelling motive conscience shakedown extraction rapacity squeezing entrapment squeeze demanding money with menaces administration imposition application prosecution implementation execution fulfilment administering discharge carrying out effectuation pursuance reinforcement enforcing putting into practice prescription compulsory law whip necessitation lash martial law fulfilling fulfillment


Causing fear or terror
intimidating alarming frightening terrifying fearsome scary hair-raising daunting dire direful dismaying dread dreadful fearful forbidding formidable frightful ghastly horrendous horrible horrifying menacing redoubtable shocking spine-chilling terrible unnerving baleful bloodcurdling spooky aggressive browbeating bullying nerve-racking overwhelming terrorising terrorizing threatening unapproachable disturbing chilling sinister disquieting petrifying ominous distressing creepy appalling awful awesome dangerous mean-looking worrying startling upsetting unsettling demoralizing scaring hairy grim discouraging foreboding off-putting disheartening awe-inspiring dispiriting demoralising disconcerting depressing horrid eerie harrowing minacious warning minatory blood-curdling spine-tingling unpleasant distressful brooding tense worrisome inauspicious bodeful imposing perturbing powerful monstrous admonitory uninviting minatorial comminatory cautionary disagreeable offensive fraught anxious nail-biting taxing doomy ill-boding portentous ill black restless agitating nervous uneasy intimidatory looming challenging severe hostile impressive glowering lowering overhanging gloomy tremendous unwelcoming fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic inhospitable bleak uncomfortable strong rough tough dismal repulsive imminent ugly nightmarish ferocious eldritch dark hideous macabre causing fear strong-arm feared crushing disappointing dreaded awkward embarrassing nerve-wracking dampening solemn shuddersome mighty barro distracting discomforting traumatic distasteful unappealing disgusting thrilling hellacious calamitous godawful commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute harsh objectionable unappetizing unpalatable unsavoury repellent unattractive nasty afraid striking massive pulse-pounding breathtaking exciting gruesome unfriendly unfavorable unfavourable shivery shuddery valiant terrific portending near unsafe close impendent upcoming lowery loury scowling impending forthcoming ghostly weird unearthly bullyboy obnoxious bad adverse disadvantageous austere confronting troublesome exacting fazing courageous brave unpromising evil-looking overpowering hair-curling cliff-hanging suspenseful extraordinary dour hard fierce rugged rebarbative causing excitement at hand negative stark jarring odious life-threatening perilous thunderous untoward suggestive of evil louring unsavory approaching all-powerful trying stressful difficult panicky exasperating gut-wrenching aggravating harassing irritating annoying irksome anxious-making maddening violent forced forceful coercive forcible

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