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having a reasonable basis for belief or acceptanceaffording reasonable grounds for belief or acceptance


Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious
specious deceptive fallacious misleading casuistic false sophistic unsound beguiling deceitful deceiving deluding delusive delusory plausible sophistical apparent baseless bogus captious colorable credible empty erroneous flattering hollow idle illogical inaccurate incorrect insincere likely meretricious nugatory ostensible ostentatious phoney phony presumable pretentious probable seeming sham sophisticated spurious unfounded untrue vain wrong seemingly correct apparently right plausible but wrong invalid fabricated mistaken flawed fake illusory mock unreal unreliable inexact fraudulent misguided distorted counterfeit faulty unsubstantiated fictitious pseudo untruthful groundless artificial imaginary unsupported imprecise without foundation off flimsy invented defective weak unreasonable manufactured factitious trumped-up ersatz pretend ill-founded faked concocted trumped up iffy shaky imitation simulated questionable in error unproven ungrounded unjustifiable dodgy unjustified chimerical unwarranted counterfactual implausible illusive foundationless uncorroborated synthetic irrational apocryphal untenable wide of the mark forged plastic without basis contrived out made up substitute feigned pretended tenuous off beam full of holes fishy fanciful unnatural falsified dummy way off glib indefensible insupportable unconvincing superficial dubious off target imagined dishonest fallible fictional mythical suspect unconfirmed misrepresentative made-up visionary fantastic misinformed fabulous improper not genuine reasonless put-on nonvalid untrustworthy dicey uncalled-for gratuitous bottomless ambiguous economical with the truth off-target off-base not exact not accurate unsustainable unwarrantable off base way out doubtful disingenuous make-believe illusionary inexcusable unforgivable assumed untested unverified unattested unpardonable chancy rocky disreputable risky strained forced mechanical affected conjectural notional chimeric imperfect mad faux lying undependable unreasoned truthless uncertain speculative ideal discrepant colored absurd unauthentic inexpiable snide queer inauthentic coloured faithless cod imitative man-made unacceptable senseless preposterous cooked-up flakey unstable flaky adulterine reproduction mimic mythological ungenuine without justification abroad replica supposititious open to doubt askew way off beam falsie all wet open to question off-beam not backed up by evidence hyped up wide way off-beam deluded unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible cooked up hallucinatory chemical cast unprovoked fakey confusing unfitting impostrous evasive unfactual nonfactual unauthorized delusional misconceived without substantiation without merit off the mark contrary to fact amiss manmade tricky nonrational illegitimate unreasoning fancied non-existent insubstantial quixotic copy pirated casuistical not trustworthy so-called nonnatural shallow duplicate quasi unstraightforward unbacked inconsequent inconsequential uncalled for not backed up causeless unfaithful careless wild non-natural facsimile pat awry cunning devious cheating pretending copycat copied unsubstantial incongruous Barmecidal Barmecide whimsical fictive semblant suppositious float adrift mendacious engineered unassured unsure without cause unauthorised without reason counterfeited hypocritical equivocal garbled unoriginal crooked dud pinchbeck erratic cynical without explanation way-out not true way-off doesn't wash not right perplexing bewildering mistakable demagogic catchy distracting confounding puzzling erring wrong number all off devised fantasied phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal phantasmic arbitrary fluffed blue sky pipe dream dissimulating dissembling not precise out of line astray on the wrong track not working out of commission at fault misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated treacherous insignificant prepared bad double-dealing hollow-hearted devoid of validity two-faced slick framed bum pirate bent laboured labored mannered pseud quasi- stilted put on overdone stiff worthless model studied trick exaggerated actorly toy improvised wooden not kosher hokey self-conscious phony-baloney professed purported overripe fantasy Hollywood plant brummagem crock fantasized dream duplicitous pseudo- knock-off dreamed-up adopted won't fly soft shell avowed alleged theatrical supposed underhand pseudonymous overworked ham hammy crafty guileful shady sharp unspontaneous quack virtual hoax play-play shifty unscrupulous illegal imposturous imitated constrained unprincipled would-be fast underhanded rogue fantasised representative phoney-baloney bootlegged rehearsed legendary unauthenticated unqualified repro surface uncanonical campy miniature derivative overblown elaborate planned debatable wannabe self-styled made makeshift constructed apish not what it is cracked up to be low-grade low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior ostensive semi- nominal allonymous experimental unsatisfactory substandard adulterated mealymouthed posed near reported not real not legit terminologically inexact voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged lookalike gingerbread posey as it were mock-up conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud charlatan bluffing shammed masked in name only covered concealed dissimulated not the case knock off to all intents and purposes sly sneaky scheming null stagy overly planned perfidious Machiavellian rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible null and void void nonbinding inoperative subtle slippery foxy wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked slim not binding uncollectible double-faced Punic false-hearted in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique astucious indirect wily acted swindling criminal corrupt illicit dishonourable unlawful Janus-faced defrauding unfair dirty unjust unethical shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable against the law


Impertinently bold, often in a way that is regarded as endearing or amusing
cheeky fresh audacious brazen-faced impertinent impudent insolent sassy saucy cocky lippy presumptuous bold brazen discourteous disrespectful forward insulting irreverent nervy overfamiliar pert rude shameless bad-mannered brass-necked ill-mannered impolite insubordinate mannerless unmannerly arch bold-faced brash brassbound brassy cocksure flip malapert mouthy smart-assed smart-arsed wise assumptive ballsy bold as brass contumelious defiant mischievous naughty arrogant overconfident presuming bumptious egotistical overbold free overweening familiar uppish rash pushy high-hat peremptory foolhardy huffish impetuous lofty important self-assertive stiff-necked pretentious supercilious self-asserting chesty imperious precipitate masterful cavalier highfalutin immodest high-and-mighty conceited high-handed uppity lordly previous hifalutin uncivil haughty premature superior pompous toplofty toploftical overhasty sniffy hasty huffy bigheaded improper self-satisfied inappropriate self-assured egotistic inconsiderate confident self-confident smug too big for your boots smart-alecky smart flippant barefaced unblushing unabashed disdainful blatant offensive contemptuous facetious assuming arrant thoughtless ungracious cute ill-bred crude hubristic smart-aleck snippy abusive smarty-pants procacious offhand unashamed high and mighty overbearing scornful self-important cool indelicate outrageous unmannered uncalled-for unhandsome vain disparaging boldfaced churlish snobbish unembarrassed indecorous snooty flagrant proud boastful mocking out of line opinionated patronizing snotty blustering jokey derogatory intrusive sarcastic humorous boorish patronising vainglorious dismissive tongue-in-cheek crass fearless indecent breezy know-it-all forceful ungentlemanly derisive uncouth unladylike out-of-line glib playful witty loud disgracious vulgar unrefined swollen-headed unshrinking daring off-base coarse ignorant scoffing sneering oafish assertive snobby uncomplimentary elitist jocular immoral gritty obtrusive condescending whimsical shocking stuck-up toffee-nosed aggressive loutish brave puffed up plucky swaggering rough tactless impulsive jesting ungallant derisory sardonic denigratory slighting undaunted indiscreet hardened abandoned brazenfaced bald-faced gutsy undiplomatic depraved profligate dashing as bold as brass smarty full of yourself dissolute incorrigible unprincipled spunky affected full of oneself loud-mouthed reprobate underbred sharp unchaste lewd superficial frivolous crusty hoity-toity funny sacrilegious profane impious bossy wise guy bragging cold-shoulder unseemly scurrilous vituperative stuck up carefree unconcerned casual curt clever in-your-face hotheaded brusque impish impolitic comical opprobrious disagreeable joking ridiculous silly meddlesome profanatory satirical graceless pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic prideful egocentric blunt blasphemous jeering intrepid bantam hotshot dictatorial thrusting droll bright sure showy taunting unchivalrous over-free unflinching abrupt belittling undisguised flashy personal wanton snippety forthright snide self-affected bloated selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-opinionated self-centered self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded biggity self-glorifying self-conceited self-centred unrepentant demeaning degrading derogative depreciative depreciatory deprecatory denigrative smart alecky dauntless valiant scathing sullen short heedless game orgulous heroic ungenteel pejorative inaffable persnickety coming on strong untactful vivacious courageous fancy-pants big-headed biggety autocratic unafraid gallant hard on an ego trip jumped up boldface obvious heavy flighty temeritous smart-mouthed vituperatory scurrile scurril invective vitriolic truculent combative volatile weisenheiming amoral lacking civility bad mannered inane indulgent overindulgent relaxed feisty throwing one's weight around chirpy dapper keen irritable moody unreserved imperative magisterial uncourteous unceremonious ill-behaved misbehaved aweless unfilial spirited wisecracking rustic inurbane uninhibited unsubtle corrupt humiliating overassertive direct tolerant free-and-easy put down wry roguish waggish jocose lighthearted precious cutesy bullish critical badly behaved overfriendly meretricious tawdry overt prying inquisitive incongruous interfering meddling unsuitable nosy domineering uncivilized unconcealed transparent impenitent remorseless effervescent trashy pushing headlong incautious maladroit hurtful vilifying calumniatory deprecating negative damaging defamatory spiteful mincingly clever blithe officious high falutin irreligious ungodly godless unfitting unbecoming raunchy raw roughneck tacky cheap common gross remote swanky ostentatious tony pushful aloof off base bare-faced strident noisy blaring harsh high-flown throwing one's weight about putting on airs not backwards in coming forwards nasty uncivilised undismayed grating jarring over-assertive without shame amusing pointed ingenious overfree piercing raucous adventurous undignified suggestive withering unholy unduly familiar chatting up making passes at making advances towards cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill incisive adept smooth ridiculing unawed risqué smutty scandalous unwholesome untoward distasteful venturesome unpleasant execrative imprecatory execratory swearing cursing gaudy ear-splitting discordant shallow irresponsible reckless agile highbrowed highbrow bantering apt nimble nifty quick-witted jibing insouciant abhorrent detractive decrying enterprising jazzy tinny garish poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained off-colour adventuresome teasing detracting pillorying quick ready loudmouthed high-pitched metallic flirtatious venturous have-a-go valorous high hat hard-nosed on your high horse temperamental full of contempt on high horse disapproving dog it upstage uncharitable puckish out of keeping hardy free-swinging nerved peppy madcap emboldened absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic lampooning cockamamy caustic laughable risible farcical preposterous light-hearted surly gruff daredevil crabbed salty fire eating as game as Ned Kelly temerarious go for broke hot shot dareful gutty out on a limb yokelish bounderish cynical snidey gally sarky potty lionhearted stout-hearted aristocratic ritzy unfearing mettlesome unblenching unabashed by doughty unshakable undaunted by stout highfalutin' for the birds unscared stouthearted unalarmed by unfrightened assured la-de-da positive certain jaunty having nerves of steel not scared smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

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