Synonym of prolix

Alternative for prolix

prəʊ'lɪks /'prəʊlɪks


tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length


Using, or expressed in, an excessive amount of words
long-winded lengthy prolonged rambling diffuse verbose wordy long-drawn-out protracted circuitous circumlocutory overlong windy boring digressive discursive endless interminable laborious long pleonastic ponderous tedious unending verbal garrulous logorrheic maundering meandering periphrastic tiresome wandering ambagious circumlocutionary logorrhoeic redundant wearisome dragged out flowery spun out full of verbiage tautological repetitious bombastic palaverous loquacious tortuous voluble turgid roundabout talkative drawn-out inflated chatty gabby extended convoluted repetitive gassy rhetorical flatulent sustained indirect dragging pompous talky lengthened elongated marathon delayed lingering time-consuming slow superfluous loose orotund iterative pretentious oblique expansive dull waffly grandiloquent fustian sesquipedalian oratorical alliterative reiterating diffusive continued elongate spun-out padded longish enduring lasting dragged-out great seemingly endless empty circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious persistent gossipy prosy boastful vague waffling very long swollen profuse random lavish copious exuberant king-size oversized king-sized gaseous rhetoric uncalled-for reiterative inelegant unneeded unnecessary king size prattling blathering prating jabbering babbling gushing desultory elaborate excursive leaping digressionary digressional mouthy shallow tumid overblown superficial breezy tumescent yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous effusive gobby wittering intricate long-lived far long-lasting long-term magniloquent tautologous repeating involved yacking spreading free musing erratic broad deviating roaming roving conversational informal overextended tardy late boundless dilatory limitless never-ending for ages forever and a day without end ornate full of air drawn out stretched out having kissed the Blarney stone over-elaborate with the gift of the gab remote stretching far-off stretched extensive towering tall deep stretch expanded lanky outstretched gangling enlarged strung out rangy distant lofty faraway stringy high running far-reaching spread out long-drawn long-standing ceaseless chronic constant everlasting monotonous continual perennial continuous permanent continuing of considerable length gradual progressive draggy conservative painful durable abiding long-running multiyear multiday longevous grueling gruelling epic perdurable sustaining persisting advancing pursuing maintaining persevering progressing stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unceasing incessant unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop unbroken old as Methuselah full of years carrying on immeasurable unbounded unbound interminate looped eternal day-and-night timeless unabating remaining increased no end to no end of on a treadmill unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual fixed inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated unfolded spread


Involving the use of exaggerated or flowery writing or language
inflated grandiloquent bombastic rhetorical flowery magniloquent pompous pretentious florid oratorical ornate orotund fustian verbose highfalutin turgid grandiose overripe euphuistic purple affected overwrought elaborate aureate wordy extravagant overdone declamatory lofty ostentatious fancy showy fussy ranting ornamented puffed complex complicated decorated detailed involved hyperbolic excessive exalted overestimated rhapsodical high-flown la-di-da baroque high-sounding flamboyant over-elaborate laboured overblown strained convoluted rhetoric embellished tumid hifalutin magnific figurative pleonastic hyperventilated Ossianic diffuse labored sonorous rococo ornamental redundant windy euphemistic swollen eloquent stilted formal exaggerated articulate arty-farty silver-tongued busy mouthy effusive big gingerbread flatulent gassy gaseous erudite scholarly fulsome overelaborate pedantic theatrical wedding-cake overdecorated bombast histrionic dramatic curlicued elegant rotund Ciceronian epideictic imposing periphrastic Demosthenic Demosthenean very elaborate gingerbreaded bedizened gingerbready decorative rich long-winded sesquipedalian contrived grand-sounding flashy overwritten fluent luscious high-wrought big-talking windbag stagy brilliant lavish bedecked elocutionary puffed-up majestic impressive mannered over-the-top actorly garnished high-falutin ponderous Miltonian epic Homeric high-minded snobbish stodgy oratorial bold over-embellished over-ornate euphistic haughty tall-talking arty self-important stuffy overworked overheated overinflated discursive egotistic elevated heroic blathering blustering prim overornate excessively ornate overembellished long learned splendid yellow golden braggart boastful bragging over the top highly decorated booming melodramatic arresting rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash written dignified solemn poetic verbal linguistic lexiphanic Falstaffian stylistic stuffed shirt full of hot air glib vocal grand voluble tumescent bizarre fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant towering extreme unconscionable overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful devilish gilt beautiful literary adorned flash resplendent jewelled metaphorical opulent tawdry gilded glossy jeweled flaunting splashy embroidered sumptuous meretricious variegated superficial bright magnificent glamorous sparkling gaudy fine dazzling colored glitzy coloured fancily decorated highly wrought


Lacking in interest or excitement
tedious boring monotonous mindless mundane tiresome uninteresting wearisome dreary dull humdrum pedestrian banal colourless drab insipid laborious lackluster lacklustre leaden monochrome plodding ponderous prosaic slow soporific tired tiring trite unexciting uninspired uninspiring unvaried unvarying vapid wearying bland characterless colorless flat heavy overlong draggy drudging fatiguing jading jejune lifeless mechanical monochromatic numbing old prosy routine stale stodgy stuffy arid bromidic common commonplace dragging dreich dry dullsville dusty enervating exhausting hackneyed interminable mortal pabulum poky samey snooze uneventful weariful weary depressing dismal endless nothing nowhere repetitious stupid tame unenjoyable unentertaining mind-numbing run-of-the-mill lacking variety deadly dull ho-hum as dry as dust dull as dishwater ho hum long-drawn-out big yawn unremarkable spiritless passionless featureless unoriginal unstimulating soulless stiff unimaginative lame unspirited yawnsome irksome derivative deadening lacking variation deadly dry as dust lacking interest lacking excitement no great shakes ordinary worn-out ornery blah not up to much wishy-washy plain sterile dead wooden anaemic everyday vanilla nondescript anemic weak repetitive feeble bloodless limp vacuous workaday apathetic torpid neutral matter-of-fact flavourless flavorless quiet barren undistinguished listless expressionless deadpan sluggish dim vacant mediocre serious tasteless unemotional toneless unexceptional zero usual inactive soul-destroying zestless unpalatable unanimated quotidian conventional innocuous unchanging watery unmemorable no-nonsense sober platitudinous milk-and-water banausic inane turgid emotionless lusterless laboured labored pallid gray grey inoffensive uncreative muted antiseptic unimpassioned staid static indifferent uncomic heavy-going cold unadorned subdued impassive down-to-earth passive humourless plain vanilla pointless factual hacky languid unsentimental humorless lustreless normal inexpressive empty unamusing day-to-day uniform uninterested distasteful somber unappetizing unappealing literal simple sedate sombre predictable average nothing to write home about indistinctive unsavoury unfeeling inert unrelieved square stolid blank middle-of-the-road unembellished mild namby-pamby solemn straightforward practical straight dull as ditchwater unresponsive phlegmatic common or garden unsavory treadmill conservative stilted hollow unpretentious stagnant desiccated grave weighty unobjectionable uninviting dulled lethargic disagreeable unpleasant inedible unvarnished sleepy undemonstrative unattractive fuddy-duddy beige level-headed hard-headed uneatable unexceptionable unenthusiastic noncommittal numb faceless driveling drivelling monotone realistic typical regular customary plebeian pragmatic insensitive verbose businesslike anodyne safe soft pathetic sapless stock downcast half-hearted hardheaded pragmatical indecisive one-horse calm difficult stern earthy flat tire gross grim unfunny severe slack run of the mill enervated long-winded unidealistic droning cold-blooded slow-moving uncomedic unwitty matte clean pedantic unproductive clear mat unsmiling terrestrial nitty-gritty off-putting earnest non-stimulating harmless unadventurous forced disgusting stereotyped serious-minded constant threadbare restrained repeated familiar undistinctive ineffectual well-worn bog-standard stoical nauseating glassy savourless rational sensible yucky unromantic unobtrusive white-bread clichéd loathsome revolting faithful stoic institutional ineffective tepid garden-variety peaceful desolate frigid slothful nasty foul commonsensical backwoods iterative benumbed placid lackadaisical standard unexcitable unseasoned unmoved ceaseless reiterative insistent continual languorous understated heavy going dispassionate spineless impassible wimpy savorless outdated lacking in vitality sick-making old-fashioned lowly a dime a dozen unostentatious affectless watered-down dead-and-alive corny depressed irresolute old hat unembroidered undistorted unaffected exact lukewarm intense sullen straight-thinking repressed lazy droopy archaic antediluvian humble out of date antiquated unflashy low-keyed languishing mournful elementary dour sour outmoded passé unconcerned hard-boiled cowardly down behind the times homely dowdy austere out of the ark low-key with both feet on the ground toned-down folksy miserable long steady slow but sure literal-minded unidentified unspecified prosing usual thing pompous dry-as-dust clumsy unnatural awkward artificial indistinct unmodulated unlively unpassioned earthbound shiftless annoying irritating bummer moth-eaten bomb drag cloying drear menial sickening clinical uninventive unartistic wordy unfulfilling disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing crude meagre simplistic meager vexatious boresome glassy-eyed cardboard not fun unpoetic least Milquetoast repugnant formal derived over-serious trying frustrating workday unspecial logical unprogressive lacking vitality useless duplicative backward vile poor inadequate garden variety general futile two-dimensional comatose unnoteworthy unfateful noneventful inconclusive cautious in the doldrums generic without variety bleak raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive sorrowful damp windy profitless vain unambitious noisome circumspect fatuous tenuous nebbish slight unexpressive unexcited spent monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song reiterated samely unchanged fishy half-pie OK so-so standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried reserved prudent demoralising unrewarding uninflected hack trivial puerile chary whitebread blind devoid of feeling devoid of emotion waterish nerdy truistic fruitless worthless overused hard to digest lacking personality lacking charisma overworked attentive flat as pancake not so hot thin accustomed mainstream valueless unprofitable purposeless aimless actual practicable yawn diddly prose puts one to sleep timid diluted halfhearted unmotivated catatonic effete glazed subtle incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent run-of-the mill gingerly wary considerate careful heedful calculating lead balloon unavailing bootless otiose unsuccessful inefficacious abortive neither one thing nor the other light discreet backwater boiled down without punch wet limp-wristed weak-kneed sobersided bovine unflavoured drawly regimented dense unreadable unfruitful unfilled unprolific unenterprising matter-of- fact unsympathetic inconspicuous puritanical douce strict supine obsolete wimpish weakened nerveless frail invertebrate weakling unnoticeable unkind indolent coldhearted not amounting to much anaesthetic insensible anesthetic unflappable defunct unpleasurable leery badly written governmental utilitarian rudimentary corporate functional ugly extinct innocent twangy imitative twanging callous numbed stony asleep inhuman po-faced unhumorous repulsive superannuated desensitized groggy disinterested tranquil uninvolved uncompassionate lymphatic hoary uncharismatic cliché-ridden timeworn senseless anesthetized yucko along for the ride desensitised detached without spice big zero peaceable unoffending vacillating wavering antwacky played out time-worn worn out cut and dried retiring drawling brackish detestable yukky abhorrent anaesthetized paralysed paralyzed still frequentative standard issue unrefined robust unsophisticated rough natural grody unenticing stinky icky forgettable innoxious nonprovocative meek direct uninhibited slavish inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented rustic your basic modest unelaborate uncomplicated undecorated submissive melancholic dispirited despondent mopy low dejected melancholy white non-aggressive non-violent benign non-combative hurtless stark nameless blue disconsolate gutless dopey broken sad drippy inanimate downhearted withdrawn tempered pensive fogeyish out-of-date backward-looking crusty gentle friendly pleasant frank chastened creaky mouldy old-fogeyish controlled home folk basic homey funky lowbred easygoing lusty down home outdoorsy dated antique fusty moldy past it old-time inobtrusive down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down lacking originality naked accurate impersonal feasible truthful


Vast in quantity or number, profuse, abundant
copious lavish profuse abundant ample bounteous bountiful considerable extensive full galore generous liberal overflowing plenteous plentiful substantial superabundant abounding bumper fulsome teeming countless exuberant gushing innumerable luxuriant manifold many multifarious multiple multitudinous numerous rich riotous aplenty heavy in abundance lank lush myriad plenty replete verbose wordy a gogo alive with crawling with no end thick with a mess of coming out of ears prolific cornucopian inexhaustible infinite rife opulent large great comfortable flush voluminous prodigal thick on the ground swarming productive fertile excessive unstinting huge handsome a dime a dozen several rank fruitful thick munificent extravagant sumptuous legion immoderate various sizeable rampant boundless affluent well-provided commodious incalculable overabundant unlimited numberless fecund superfluous jungly flourishing sundry flowing multifold untold profusive openhanded wealthy limitless sufficient well-supplied uncountable populous stinking with plenitudinous immeasurable vast no end in sight no end of divers multiplex elaborate filled thriving dense awash complete whopping umpteen extreme luxurious innumerous unrestrained overgrown fraught verdant diverse miscellaneous varied assorted effusive vigorous fat fructuous beaucoup thronging proliferous green endless unnumbered uncounted multiplied improvident lousy broad over the top unbounded quite a few measureless abundant in all kinds of abounding in lousy with extra surplus in excess well-stocked big unsparing packed dripping crammed stuffed in plenty immense weedy prosperous leafy grown inordinate gushy open-handed tidy princely lackless spacious moneyed mucho roomy expansive capacious unrestricted respective inventive creative decent multitudinal stink with different thumping large-scale incomputable motley mixed disparate unremitting prevalent frequent rolling in money enough and to spare proliferative whacking large number of generative multivarious complex diversiform multiform diversified multiplicity of reproductive reproducing breeding proliferant spawning generating yielding high-volume unnumberable heaps competent swimming chock-full appreciable enough diffuse never-ending illimitable bottomless a thousand and one everlasting jungle-like unfailing unending a lot of lots of plenty of piles of inestimable without limit detailed grand stacks of loads of a great deal of oodles of an abundance of a multitude of heaps of masses of quantities of tons of a great number of without end comprehensive splendid scores of a great many very many a swag of a bunch of a profusion of a multiplicity of a slew of bags of a quantity of scads of millions of a shedload of infinite numbers of billions of zillions of gazillions of bazillions of dozens of hundreds of thousands of minute elaborated particular no end to thronged circumstantial particularized seriatim specific thorough exhaustive explicit exact precise painstaking overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with gorgeous wild overfull brimful overloaded with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with charged with solid with chock-full of fraught with well provided with crammed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with swarming with jammed with stuffed with packed with well supplied with accurate cram-full congested jammed overcrowded ornate plush posh Lucullian magnificent costly plushy unreasonable regal luxury luxe palatial deluxe palace exaggerated silken wasteful Lucullan Babylonian expensive overloaded overpeopled spilling over overpopulated choked overrun crowded in-depth pretentious thriftless intemperate fancy showy running over jam-packed crammed full blow-by-blow satisfying particularised full to bursting torrential scaturient inundant inundatory full to overflowing brimming packed like sardines swanky first-class unstinging impressive over-the-top profligate ritzy in detail broad-ranging like Piccadilly Circus bulging at the seams bursting at the seams full to the gunwales like the Black Hole of Calcutta bushy repeated recurring persistent recurrent saturated constant habitual regular incessant continual perpetual common reiterated flushed swamped rolling fructiferous deluged stinking crawling knee-deep impenetrable condensed concentrated compact fruiting progenitive impassable serried high-yielding propagating fruit-bearing childing universal typical demonstrative stacked prevailing laden loaded enthusiastic unreserved bursting inundated close-packed predictable usual natural ebullient gorged lined chockful stocked cramped weighted overwhelmed permeated occupied suffused padded plethoric chockablock overfilled covered burdened day-to-day mundane quotidian everyday monotonous wonted daily filled to the brim filled up touchy-feely uninhibited full up full to the gills full to capacity filled to capacity up to the hilt jammed full wall-to-wall full to the brim up to the rafters chock-a-block full to the top topped up emotional unconstrained outpouring periodic vociferous perennial continuing chronic familiar periodical eternal successive steady free-flowing OTT reiterative iterated intermittent all over someone a good many quite a lot of occurring often non-stop more than enough


Done with great effort and difficulty
labored laboured contrived affected studied unnatural artificial awkward forced overdone ponderous stiff stilted strained heavy long-winded mannered over-elaborate over-embellished overworked overwrought clumsy complex convoluted inelegant laborious turgid unconvincing elaborate intricate ornate not spontaneous not fluent feigned false pretended assumed phoney mock pseudo simulated fake spurious phony mechanical put-on insincere bogus sham plastic factitious wooden self-conscious hollow put on pretend constrained exaggerated fakey guarded manufactured faked planned uneasy overripe actorly pseud unspontaneous unrelaxed ham hammy theatrical rehearsed improvised campy meretricious overblown hokey manipulated recherche far-fetched fixed voulu staged reserved inhibited binding conscripted slave rigid inflexible begrudging stringent coercive grudging forcible bound counterfeit superficial imitation reticent overly planned posed posey distant restrained tongue-tied embarrassed repressed put wreck unglued uptight tight choked wired taut farfetched ungraceful playacting melodramatic affectated counterfeited fraud conceited imitated uncomfortable gauche graceless nervous wreck strung out hard put cool controlled subdued stand-offish cold aloof mincing rustic rustical in a state at end of rope rough-hewn formal calculated deliberate punctilious austere prim measured correct decorous proper ceremonious considered intentional knowing thoughtful conscious careful purposeful stuffy priggish starchy volitional frigid nice icy thought-out studious weighed wilful premeditated well-considered reasoned designed advised stagy pretentious voluntary investigated thought-through thought-about willful examined aforethought prepared willing reviewed plotted prepense stiff-necked gone into

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