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propagates, propagated, propagating

Synonym: breed, generate, increase, multiply, procreate, produce,


To have come into being as a result of something
developed followed arose stemmed ensued resulted transpired came about came into being came off chanced derived sprang sprung germinated occurred picked up uprose went brake broke broke out burst out came into existence sprouted erupted issued fomented happened metamorphosed set in shot up upsprang upsprung developt come into being come about come into existence arisen emanated formed materialized emerged surfaced eventuated proceeded flowed dawned evolved unfolded originated appeared manifested launched flourished actualized crystallized catalyzed culminated uprisen broken come to pass crystallised come up materialised come after cropped up come off come forth broken out catalysed risen rose gone grown grew came to pass came after taken place came forth took shape took form taken form came up fallen out took place fell out taken shape started befell began arrived came turned up commenced sprang up betided betid happed presented itself engendered popped up passed went down turned out came out were was went on came down came to light felled fell loomed came from showed up became apparent panned out supervened burst forth did spawned birthed descended headed came into view originated in made an appearance entered into the picture manifested itself cooked set spread accrued accompanied flared up kicked in spread out put in an appearance bobbed up progressed poured hailed from ended up bechanced attended occurred suddenly existed came into sight showed blew up stemned from revealed itself showed itself started suddenly came on the scene became evident took effect rolled out supervened on became visible had roots in exploded became known derived from came along matured realized hatched incarnated objectified flamed initiated leaked out boiled over appeared unexpectedly reified appeared suddenly became established becomed extended set off mushroomed made real symbolized became manifest entered started off hit actioned made the scene played out came to the fore shaped up intervened exposed itself kicked off gushed forth entered the picture realised popped in burst into resulted from had its origin put into effect arose from saw the light of day recurred symbolised became a fact arrived on the scene welled up blew in arose out of blazed up took root chanced to happen presented prove proved succeeded became public incubated came next hailed overtook opened reappeared finished up worked out conceived flowed from shook out rolled up came forth suddenly passed off sprouted up presaged befitted had its origins chanced upon originated from lived in began life had its origin in forthcame had effect glimmered happened suddenly popped popped out continued sprang from issued from emanated from sprung from gelled shook stopped ended terminated had as an ancestor occurred abruptly appeared abruptly commenced suddenly followed on had one's origin precipitated surged spurted gushed had one's foundations saw daylight came out of unravelled unraveled sparked incited swelled became entrenched settled in got under way came to stay cultivated solidified settled crystalized acquired jelled invoked enkindled fostered got up actuated instituted established ejaculated accumulated fared bore fruit fore triggered activated occasioned hardened fell into place became a reality condensed took on character performed developed out of followed from came out in the wash leaked slipped out got out got around circulated became common knowledge proved to be the case came out in the open started up kick-started triggered off turned out from had its origins in arose in had as a source drew on began suddenly embarked on exuded oozed vented spilled over went off paced got along aged effected welled seasoned ripened brought about maturated bodied incorporated epitomized personified expressed substantiated externalized embodied personalized instantiated poured out poured forth oozed out trickled overflowed seeped flowed forth oozed forth flowed out seeped out seeped forth gushed out bloomed hove in sight manifested oneself hoved into view made appearance showed your face presented oneself heaved into view showed oneself wound up at revealed oneself blossomed accomplished portrayed represented engineered effectuated produced flowered hypostatized pragmatized visualized became concrete exteriorized became visual externalised personalised revealed yourself personized corporealized visualised epitomised substantialized typified became real came true coalesced advanced primed brought to life made concrete brought into being made happen gave life came of age reached adulthood grew up


Past tense for to spread or distribute within an area, space or population


Past tense for to bring about or cause to happen
engendered produced caused generated created induced effected occasioned prompted provoked triggered effectuated precipitated made yielded yold yolden catalysed catalyzed incited brought instigated invoked promoted inspired fostered aroused did done stimulated worked wrought kindled enkindled excited roused conceived fomented hatched developed developt stirred quickened mustered brought about led to gave rise to given rise to brought on stirred up sparked off translated into drew on drawn on brought forth touched off whipped up worked up gave birth to given birth to spawned bred progenerated beared brought to pass multiplied begotten begat borne bore begot set off activated initiated evoked fired awakened animated set in motion called forth put in motion sparked triggered off wakened brought out brought into being rallied called into being actuated waked started encouraged fanned set going piqued inflamed spurred moved revived whetted enlivened vivified awaked raised elicited abetted drew forth drawn forth agitated instilled turned on set on fired up woke woken brewed drave driven druv drove influenced compelled impelled fermented motivated contributed to run galvanized bestirred prodded pushed galvanised kick-started cranked up advanced began begun originated awoken awoke made for introduced picked accomplished achieved propelled put in place energized impassioned cultivated ended in set up goaded urged set inspirited set afoot energised drummed up fanned the flames of keyed up revved up set astir spurred on egged on ran made to happen made happen furthered sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of played a part in led leaded expedited formed inflicted operated accelerated launched forced wreaked swayed played a role in tripped found founded conjured instituted had a hand in culminated in established disposed inaugurated performed attained organised engineered pushed forward realized opened the door for realised organized mobilized exercised festered initialized made possible added up to oiled the wheels of procured carried off caused to happen contrived had a part in helped conduced contributed caused to occur entailed brought off had the effect of actualized forwarded finished in pulled off spelled affected carried through conduced to incentivized primed suscitated jumpstarted increased nursed nurtured obliged thrilled exhilarated enabled got up sharpened cranked reignited rekindled prest started up waked up predetermined mobilised recalled breathed life into initialised buoyed predisposed whomped up pressed started off fanned the flames prevailed upon switched on built up made active called up was a factor in amounted to added to been a factor in were a factor in gotten up been responsible for were responsible for been partly responsible for drawn out was responsible for was partly responsible for holp holpen were partly responsible for drew out woken up woke up sown the seeds sowed the seeds burnt up gotten smoking got smoking burned up gotten going taken out of mothballs took out of mothballs got going drawn gave incentive to given incentive given incentive to gave incentive drew


Past tense for to implant or insert something, especially something organic

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