Synonym of prosaic


Having or using the style or diction of prose as opposed to poetry
dull mundane dry matter-of-fact pedestrian humdrum unimaginative banal everyday stale trite uninspired boring dead flat hackneyed heavy lackluster lacklustre lifeless ordinary plodding routine spiritless vapid bland commonplace insipid jejune tame undistinguished vacuous workaday clear factual literal nitty-gritty plain terrestrial unadorned unembellished unemotional uninspiring unpoetic unsentimental unvarnished deadpan monotonous run-of-the-mill uninteresting common unexciting tedious dreary colourless colorless unremarkable drab wearisome conventional vanilla tiresome stock unexceptional tired usual characterless average normal uneventful stodgy unoriginal quotidian ho-hum arid stereotyped stuffy bromidic leaden stupid slow standard bog-standard old typical mediocre ponderous platitudinous jading mind-numbing garden-variety tiring monochromatic corny plain vanilla drudging numbing weary derivative middle-of-the-road overused old hat wearying overworked hacky dusty customary common or garden unmemorable nothing to write home about indifferent threadbare unvaried clichéd blah regular so-so predictable nondescript no great shakes mainstream standard-issue well-worn cornball cut-and-dried cut-and-dry timeworn stereotypical familiar sterile worn-out repetitious a dime a dozen nothing second-rate set ho hum ornery time-worn not up to much shopworn moth-eaten middling worn out prosy day-to-day musty played out hokey wishy-washy OK general habitual unvarying half-pie garden variety forgettable familiar tune hack unnoteworthy accustomed barren fair repetitive simple warmed-over traditional anaemic worn stereotypic platitudinal cliché not so hot bathetic exhausted drained mildewed chain overdone used-up ready-made unstimulating lame cliched nowhere passable anemic wonted dull as dishwater featureless medium draggy deadly torpid tolerable dime-store unchanging inferior run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class prevailing frequent truistic samey household prevalent insignificant established ubiquitous dim weak dry as dust nothing special unpretentious garden hoary adequate limp generic modest pointless feeble fatiguing banausic bloodless soporific popular weariful zero natural amateurish amateur stiff fair-to-middling inane settled uncreative pabulum run of the mill apathetic not much cop moderate unanimated as dry as dust orthodox lustreless empty watery homespun milk-and-water mechanical big yawn wooden expected white-bread dime-a-dozen obsolete formulaic dullsville antiquated bog standard dreich unadventurous nothing to get excited about lacking variety muted square not very good listless laborious derived plebeian inconspicuous unimpressive gray grey uniform passionless monochrome lusterless irksome bush-league enervating exhausting homely namby-pamby cliche obligatory hackney cobwebby basic flavorless depressing flavourless innocuous okay inoffensive plastic unrelieved fixed zestless unentertaining unenjoyable decent monotone sluggish humble antiseptic ten a penny daily yawnsome fairish typic long-winded fuddy-duddy lacking excitement lacking interest fair to middling uninventive suburban useless interminable lowly unmoved outdated unromantic outmoded overlong static public well worn widespread cliché-ridden accepted worthless toneless unpalatable pallid vacant casual informal recognized poor non-stimulating characteristic inconsequential hollow long-drawn-out soul-destroying acknowledged matter-of-course unimportant mean domestic expressionless dragging tripe soulless not bad dismal dull as ditchwater intermediate boilerplate unappealing regulation universal staple current treadmill immaterial O.K. prolix trivial archetypal archetypical desolate going unspirited whitebread meh sapless lacking variation deadening proverbial chronic downcast recognised middle of the road all right methodical of no consequence par for the course sedate staid usual thing long down-to-earth prosing pompous bummer drag cloying drear bomb menial literal-minded no-nonsense unenthusiastic shiftless uninterested unspecial turgid workday unimpressed heavy-handed yawn formalistic discreet unspectacular annoying irritating classic acceptable sombre somber earthbound wordy practical unartistic level-headed hard-headed in-between lethargic anonymous mindless old-hat out-of-date played-out old-chestnut old-saw no-frills laboured droning boresome vexatious silly respectable stilted phoned in crude meagre simplistic meager periodic constant quiet family enough two a penny serviceable half-hearted inadequate scheduled jake standardized standardised facile noplace dumb cornfed vieux jeu bleak dowdy good satisfactory unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled orderly unambitious lazy unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive cold unlively unpassioned mortal poky snooze inert blending into the background soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued uninflected labored forced depressed known repeated representative seasonal undistinctive plain-Jane unextraordinary off-the-shelf irrelevant inconsiderable paltry without variety overall endless raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality passive unseasoned blind true piddling waterish nerdy wimpy reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged of poor quality ruling collective meaningless whatever canonical well-known acquainted two-dimensional out of date majority shared admitted pervasive rife grind old-fashioned obvious starch unsophisticated futile of little consequence of little importance not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account unmotivated archaic slothful spent one-size-fits-all flat as pancake lead balloon deadly dull defunct recognizable recurring acquired honored vain profitless extinct puts one to sleep antediluvian boiler plate superannuated common variety well known native recognisable time-honored unrewarding passé unproductive fruitless honoured vulgar received antwacky out of the ark cut and dried aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless well established widely held ineffectual otiose unavailing unsuccessful bootless inefficacious ineffective abortive unappetizing inedible unfruitful unfilled unprolific unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable savourless uninviting off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable unnoticeable regimented governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary no big deal unobjectionable harmless safe halfhearted diluted boiled down without punch pale faded washed out neutral unlustrous dingy dark pastel ashen toned down lowered faint ashy washed-out indistinct restrained subfusc subtle low-key illustrous black understated softened dull-coloured thin matt muffled stifled suppressed unimpassioned dark-colored low hushed toned-down inaudible pathetic achromatic dark-coloured unobtrusive shaded deadened light unconvincing wan stagnant uncolored watered-down mellow mute achromic lackadaisical washy silenced enervated indiscernible gentle unpolished mumbled unclear flat tire imperceptible low-pitched dirty greyish slack puny inactive awkward clumsy desiccated strangled unburnished bleached tepid flimsy vigourless conservative shallow sleepy unnatural etiolated grayish savorless languid gloomy smothered implausible pedantic whispered obscure irresolute inept mousy muddy meek inarticulate lacking in vitality languorous unintelligible sober unhearable weighty one-horse dead-and-alive without color nonglossy impotent powerless least Milquetoast unmodulated undemonstrative trying frustrating shadeless tingeless disinterested artificial delicate darkish cautious unprogressive serious stolid solemn filthy circumspect unsatisfactory discoloured discolored watered down in the doldrums prudent reluctant perfunctory vigorless energyless unostentatious heavy-going formal chary lurid ghastly cadaverous sickly white waxen doughy blanched livid soft-hued sooty dun grimy sludgy reserved attentive unenergetic lukewarm unresponsive weakly puerile cardboard backward verbose timid backwoods comatose gingerly considerate careful heedful wary calculating unwilling impassive cool blasé devoid of feeling devoid of emotion murky sullied tarnished opaque heavy going lacking energy greyscale grayscale hard to digest not shiny unenterprising behind the times murmuring leery insufficient hueless vague diminished muttering faltering light-toned graceless inelegant sour uncoloured insubstantial repressed unflashy cream ungainly hoarse hazy fuzzy black and white tintless not in color black-and-white low-keyed gauche scarcely audible out of earshot bated ill-defined greige sand superficial unbelievable distant reedy unstressed unaccented taupe oatmeal ungraceful rough-hewn rigid uncomfortable rustic rustical uneasy spoiled droopy ecru improbable untenable questionable buff fawn gawky maladroit submissive melancholic dejected spineless languishing melancholy dispirited despondent mopy weak-kneed inconceivable sketchy unpersuasive incredible blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy bumbling unhandy inflexible obstinate unyielding unbending turned off stone-coloured indefinite stone mushroom light-colored putty down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down light-coloured stinking malodorous noisome foetid spoilt stenchy fetid dried parched reeking smelly thudding


Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected
pragmatical practical pragmatic sensible rational unsentimental sound reasonable unidealistic sober hardheaded businesslike earthy sane unromantic utilitarian astute hard prudent commonsense unfantastic shrewd real levelheaded objective down-to-earth matter-of-fact hard-boiled tough-minded factual realistic plain unemotional straightforward no-nonsense commonsensical level-headed unimpassioned flat dull dry mundane deadpan lifeless unembellished literal unvarnished unimaginative hard-headed uncreative unadorned logical emotionless humdrum pedestrian phlegmatic undistorted exact unembroidered unaffected straight-thinking cold with both feet on the ground justified firm solid reasoned valid just informed good dispassionate commonsensible well-founded lucid well considered thoughtful accurate apathetic naked prosy faithful serious feasible impassive stoic impersonal stolid cold-blooded calm truthful judicious wise intelligent coherent grounded balanced well-grounded analytic discerning sage sagacious well-advised well-thought-out cogent knowing together well thought out analytical discriminating well grounded justifiable circumspect legitimate perceptive well-reasoned plausible canny cool common-sense well reasoned enlightened considered farsighted credible true consequent responsible discreet all there consistent full of common sense clear-sighted well advised stable sharp savvy politic clever sapient defensible reliable convincing serious-minded expedient right advisable deductive congruent joined-up legit intellectual well founded holding water mature normal warranted insightful deliberate smart cautious defendable having all one's marbles fair believable telling acceptable percipient correct viable well-informed clear-headed perspicacious supportable proven compelling articulate understandable calculating probable vindicable clear-eyed relevant precise weighty authoritative perspicuous pertinent right-minded efficacious in right mind considerate profound hard-nosed kosher thought-out well-judged real-life genuine educated knowledgeable learned graceful natural lifelike naturalistic efficient dependable robust steady functional systematic clear true-life plain-spoken proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted substantiated with one's feet on the ground well informed regular warrantable methodical easy earth-bound plainspoken common hardboiled substantial powerful strong sustainable organized showing great knowledge with great knowledge proper bona fide mentally stable harmonious aware cognizant well-expressed well-presented maintainable persuasive irrefutable confirmed arguable effective workable have one's feet on the ground sharp-witted heady strict veridical veracious conclusive germane determinative straight philosophic satisfactory satisfying based on hard data rock-solid based on hard facts organised well presented well expressed well organized well-structured forceful inferential uncorrupted attested tested potent trustworthy recognized flawless impeccable watertight recognised faultless established orthodox accepted unassailable well-balanced inductive deducible likely able to hold water calculated syllogistic right-thinking holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together thought through with both one's feet on the ground diplomatic careful studied holding together advised stand pat intractable hang tough locked in tough resolute tough nut hard-bitten equitable acute strategic planned clearheaded tenable decent judgmatic pawky desirable tactical skilful judgmatical compos mentis argute premeditated impartial well balanced skillful sophisticated thorough seemly wary judicial keen seasonable moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective temperate unprejudiced attentive conversant of sound mind well judged cognitive unexcessive admissible ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason cerebral thinking unextreme able to think clearly measured au courant worldly-wise heads-up long-headed quick-witted fair-minded evenhanded clear-cut carefully chosen selected with care got head together in your right mind with all one's marbles in possession of one's faculties open to reason in one's right mind based on good sense steady-going


Humble in position or status
lowly humble inferior low plebeian proletarian common ignoble lowborn obscure subordinate low-born low-bred mean ordinary plain poor simple baseborn gentle lower-class low-life low-ranking lumpen meek mild modest peasant prole unwashed vulgar docile dutiful submissive unassuming base deprived everyday menial mundane obsequious retiring reverential servile withdrawing cast down average declassed unpretentious commonplace subservient minor undistinguished lesser working-class second-class low-grade junior lower humdrum lower-ranking secondary insignificant contemptible blue-collar popular ancillary smaller second-rate abject degrading small fawning sycophantic slavish demeaning sorry low-class groveling obeisant unimportant ignominious middling unworthy déclassé lowlife meager grovelling measly inglorious miserable puny paltry shabby wretched subsidiary scrubby pitiful petty reduced poorer blue-singlet meagre second-string second-fiddle plebby supporting of low birth less entry-level bottom-rung less important lower-level crude dishonourable dishonorable obedient self-abasing unresisting ingratiating craven bourgeois cloth-cap philistine unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian declassé democratic people's grassroots baser unambitious buck subaltern subalternate limited mediocre unskilled diminished boring low-status marginal unaspiring unimposing unexceptional routine dull lessened little lousy bottom slighter sad vile underprivileged dinky small-fry bush-league third-string undersized subjacent minor-league small-time lower in rank lower in status low-level lower-grade unrefined severe rough unremarkable lower rung trivial inconsequential second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important back seat not so important associate uncouth unfit beggarly sordid second supplementary reserve alternative supplemental spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant auxiliary tedious basic younger accessory extra relief of low rank sub under youngest assistant fall-back vice- sub-


Not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed
unpretentious honest unaffected modest natural simple straightforward unassuming sincere artless guileless ingenuous plain frank genuine homely humble innocent naive open real true unpretending honest-to-goodness unimposing unobtrusive unostentatious unspoiled without airs discreet down easy-going folksy free-spirited homey inelaborate laid-back self-effacing unambitious unbeautified uncomplex unembellished unpresumptuous down home up front unsophisticated down-to-earth ordinary childlike unworldly rustic unstudied homespun unsuspicious green unwary unrefined wholesome inexperienced unsuspecting naïve unknowing simpleminded ignorant unadorned informal unornamented uncontrived gullible candid relaxed unguarded uncomplicated naif uncritical quiet primitive spontaneous lowly raw undesigning trusting basic credulous trustful dinkum cracker-barrel pure unfussy cozy unelaborate austere unschooled easily taken in everyday understated clean on the up and up uninhibited unforced wet behind the ears simplistic unextravagant easy unmannered unstilted callow small cosy fair unembroidered unexcessive economical restrained dewy-eyed dewy wide-eyed aw-shucks untutored direct unlearned unwitting forthright unpolished on the level uncluttered confiding unmindful unaware impressionable unsceptical oblivious insensible unacquainted uninformed clueless incognizant naïf unfamiliar outspoken no-nonsense undecorated youthful nescient unconscious unartificial square over-trusting easily deceived easily led born yesterday as green as grass traditional low-key downhome conservative friendly pretensionless domestic just-folks unreserved silly unlaboured jejune casual nonchalant meek poor demure familiar unselfconscious unartful undisguised reserved polite considerate kind courteous peasant inelegant token homemade homecooked instinctive instinctual simple-minded down-home classic undeveloped immature rough and ready upfront straight truthful gauche homebrew untrained provincial parochial trim unconstrained minimal practical fresh unhypocritical untaught uncivilized savage bush-league corny unadulterated kid cornball rookie authentic minimalistic elegant graceful up-front meaning what one says barbarian uncultivated barbaric without frills hearty conventional streamlined symmetrical smooth no fooling like it is exquisite tasteful uncivilised untamed animal brutish atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous homestyle indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal characterless workaday acceptable penny plain shapely definite regular moderate average unradical reasonable middling unexceptional cheap dry inexpensive unextreme clean-cut well defined boring vanilla pure and simple bland your basic normophilic elementary unexciting insipid dull unfledged young uninitiated new unenlightened in the dark unconversant unseasoned untried unversed exploitable uninstructed uneducated tenderfoot susceptible juvenile adolescent amateur inexpert heedless unknowledgeable dupable unpracticed accepting childish believing unaccustomed blind to deceivable illiterate mindless verdant benighted unread unlettered unqualified witless unskilled over-trustful shallow thick dense blind rude unripe unfamiliar with unintellectual unquestioning misinformed foolish inept unskeptical fleeceable undisciplined sophomoric obtuse biting imbecilic moronic cretinous puerile birdbrained boyish deaf unripened unformed unpractised fledgling deaf to babyish childly prentice inattentive unused apprenticed forgetful spring chicken wet behind ears careless coincidental amateurish virgin inconversant negligent unproven girlish lacking experience infant analphabetic untested cute caught napping oblivious to unaffected by impervious to fresh-faced vulnerable in the dark about accidental unintentional unpremeditated gullable uninitiate unobservant unintended plain-spoken frivolous chance tender inadvertent undesigned unheeding unplanned unbriefed dark stupid unintelligent daydreaming unscholarly unresponsive involuntary insensitive transparent unconcerned dim dumb impervious unbaked jellybean crude sophomore backward dopey unmeant easy mark like a babe in the woods dozy not told not informed unaware of out of it out to lunch indifferent to ignorant of unconscious of ill-informed a stranger to unenlightened about slow on the uptake unconversant with not dry behind ears uninformed about inexperienced in strange to unschooled in just starting out unrehearsed optimistic inexperience developing junior budding idealistic baby-faced lamblike undeceitful unapprised vernal uncool country corn-fed undoubting moist damp wet overcredulous exploitative exploitatory exploitive blank green as grass overtrusting newly arrived tenderfooted incompetent slow fictile defenceless babe in woods infantile teenage teenaged imprudent regardless dew-covered first-time heavy with dew unskillful malleable undiscerning unnoticing unrecognizing not knowing disregardful disregarding impractical bread-and-butter boylike unprofessional nonprofessional readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for neglectful inerudite catachrestic solecistic jackleg half-witted sucker mark defenseless strange out of the loop aimless numb senseless comatose haphazard insensible to fond unable to read and write unused to new to nescient of untutored in unaccustomed to fresh to unwise swallowing whole tumbling for taken in kidding oneself taking no notice unconcerned by removed from detached from thoughtless virginal taking the bait being a sucker uncorrupted unjaded quaint unthinking lost to in ignorance Panglossian countrified superficial falling hook line and sinker airheaded starry-eyed unstudious uncomprehending daft fortuitous incidental uncalculated flukey fluky unperceptive accountable chowderheaded dof glaikit dotish divvy hebete uncaring reckless feckless irreflective undevised unthought mooning doped spacey empty-headed a brick short of a load dead from the neck up as thick as two short planks thick as two short planks not the full shilling pig-ignorant two sandwiches short of a picnic indifferent free-spoken not cognizant out cold forthcoming well-intentioned not on purpose not all there not in the loop in a daze unfeeling apathetic untouched downright blunt plainspoken communicative not aware unmoved unimpressible impassive imperceptive freehearted openhearted unacquainted with uninformed of obdurate impercipient unperceiving lay it on the line out-front open-and-shut talking turkey above board not afraid to call a spade a spade undissembled straight from the shoulder round not knowing the first thing about uninitiated about innocent about clueless about uninitiated in unknowing of unwitting of not having the faintest about without knowledge green about inexperienced of naive about out of the loop of innocent of mindless of unmindful of unresponsive to negligent of untouched by insensitive of unmoved by without knowledge of careless of unsusceptible

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