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lacking wit or imagination


Dull and unimaginative
dull long boring commonplace flat pedestrian prosing stale tedious humdrum monotonous prosaic tiresome unimaginative uninteresting long-drawn-out long-winded overlong wordy colourless colorless drab dreary dry lifeless wearisome lacklustre unexciting uninspiring lackluster insipid tame uninspired ho-hum bland banal stodgy slow jejune characterless heavy stupid arid nothing spiritless blah mundane unvaried common wearying leaden ponderous tiring lusterless run-of-the-mill uneventful numbing jading drudging monochromatic stuffy old weary dusty mind-numbing ordinary trite routine vapid tired soporific pointless hackneyed repetitious samey depressing bromidic nowhere draggy pabulum vanilla ho hum everyday workaday usual unvarying fatiguing mechanical plodding wishy-washy unremarkable weak normal expressionless toneless milk-and-water watery unenjoyable dismal unentertaining weariful garden-variety namby-pamby dim innocuous inane zero big yawn common or garden as dry as dust flavorless down-to-earth matter-of-fact factual flavourless earthbound lethargic mindless droning stiff torpid wooden dead laborious monochrome literal-minded no-nonsense static empty vacant uniform apathetic prolix unfeeling featureless unchanging unexcited mat dulled unexpressive matte level-headed unsentimental hard-headed quotidian day-to-day repetitive cold hollow interminable dreich dragging dullsville mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze deadly uninflected typical customary regular banausic straightforward endless unseasoned unpalatable blind lead balloon sapless muted whitebread sluggish emotionless inexpressive lacking vitality passive a dime a dozen monotone treadmill white-bread plain vanilla garden variety conventional two-dimensional listless deadly dull dull as dishwater lacking variety cut-and-dry average standard businesslike cut-and-dried unexceptional standard-issue slothful spent literal lustreless limp anaemic diddly actual platitudinous practical practicable irksome plebeian simple square matter-of- fact lowly prose yawn clean poor inadequate bloodless half-hearted sterile lame hacky barren driveling soft mild drivelling nebbish beige corny fatuous vacuous tenuous anemic slight plain subdued dry as dust feeble pale faded pallid washed out grey gray somber neutral sombre quiet unstimulating passionless unlustrous dingy dark pastel nondescript ashen toned down lowered faint ashy washed-out indistinct restrained zestless bleak unoriginal soulless derivative tasteless subfusc subtle unanimated low-key undistinguished mediocre illustrous black understated softened dull-coloured thin matt muffled stifled ineffectual ineffective suppressed unimpassioned dark-colored low stilted hushed nothing to write home about indifferent toned-down inaudible soul-destroying pathetic achromatic dark-coloured unobtrusive shaded deadened unrelieved dull as ditchwater light unconvincing wan no great shakes run of the mill stagnant unmemorable inoffensive uncolored unadventurous uncreative uninterested watered-down turgid mellow laboured mute threadbare antiseptic achromic lackadaisical washy middle-of-the-road silenced enervated indiscernible ornery gentle waterish lacking variation unmoved unpolished mumbled yawnsome unclear meager flat tire imperceptible downcast meagre low-pitched not up to much lacking excitement lacking interest dirty labored greyish slack puny inactive stereotyped unenthusiastic awkward useless clumsy desiccated futile strangled unburnished profitless bleached halfhearted tepid undistinctive safe flimsy non-stimulating unsuccessful well-worn unromantic fruitless vigourless conservative predictable unproductive shallow clear sleepy paltry unnatural etiolated grayish distasteful unappetizing savorless unsavory languid bog-standard stock gloomy smothered uninventive derived unimpressed implausible pedantic whispered desolate obscure irresolute unspirited forced deadpan inept mousy indecisive deadening muddy meek inarticulate lacking in vitality languorous unintelligible dowdy sober heavy-handed unsavoury depressed unhearable weighty one-horse fuddy-duddy old hat dead-and-alive without color nonglossy bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb second-rate unlively unpassioned inferior inert impotent powerless least Milquetoast unmodulated undemonstrative trying frustrating annoying irritating unartistic shadeless tingeless disinterested artificial delicate darkish crude simplistic cautious unprogressive serious stolid solemn boresome vexatious filthy circumspect unimpressive unsatisfactory discoloured discolored watered down unobjectionable in the doldrums unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty terrestrial unemotional unadorned unfateful noneventful unnoteworthy inconclusive harmless nerdy wimpy unappealing prudent hack mainstream reluctant perfunctory vigorless energyless unostentatious diluted raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy overused heavy-going formal worn-out overworked unpretentious chary lurid ghastly cadaverous sickly white waxen doughy blanched livid soft-hued sooty dun grimy phoned in staid without variety sludgy vain reserved attentive unenergetic boiled down without punch lukewarm unresponsive weakly trivial puerile cardboard clichéd backward reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged verbose half-pie OK so-so unrewarding timid backwoods comatose gingerly considerate careful puts one to sleep heedful wary calculating flat as pancake unwilling impassive cool blasé devoid of feeling devoid of emotion worthless truistic murky sullied tarnished opaque heavy going lacking energy not so hot out of date outdated greyscale grayscale hard to digest aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless old-fashioned outmoded not shiny archaic discreet unenterprising obsolete behind the times defunct extinct otiose unavailing bootless inefficacious abortive antiquated murmuring antediluvian leery insufficient superannuated hoary hueless passé unfruitful unfilled unprolific inconspicuous vague diminished muttering faltering light-toned graceless inelegant cliché-ridden timeworn sour uncoloured insubstantial unnoticeable repressed unflashy cream ungainly antwacky hoarse hazy fuzzy black and white tintless not in color black-and-white out of the ark played out time-worn worn out cut and dried low-keyed gauche scarcely audible out of earshot bated ill-defined greige sand superficial unbelievable distant reedy unstressed unaccented taupe oatmeal ungraceful rough-hewn rigid uncomfortable rustic rustical uneasy spoiled droopy ecru improbable untenable questionable buff fawn gawky maladroit submissive melancholic dejected spineless languishing melancholy dispirited despondent mopy weak-kneed inconceivable sketchy unpersuasive incredible blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy bumbling unhandy inflexible obstinate unyielding unbending turned off stone-coloured indefinite stone mushroom light-colored putty down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down light-coloured stinking malodorous noisome foetid spoilt stenchy fetid dried parched reeking smelly thudding


Using, or expressed in, an excessive amount of words
garrulous long-winded rambling wordy diffuse prolix verbose lengthy windy discursive circuitous circumlocutory digressive gassy logorrheic maundering meandering overlong periphrastic pleonastic prolonged wandering chatty gossipy talkative loquacious gossiping chattering babbling voluble mouthy prating gabby gushing prattling effusive conversational blathering talky chattery expansive forthcoming communicative jabbering motormouthed yacking wittering big-mouthed blabby gobby multiloquent multiloquous gaseous glib tonguey bombastic wind-bag yakkity loose-tongued able to talk the hind legs off a donkey with the gift of the gab running on at the mouth yakky blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped flap jaw motormouth tedious protracted tautological repetitious long-drawn-out palaverous redundant ambagious tortuous turgid roundabout long inflated logorrhoeic circumlocutionary convoluted indirect interminable boring wearisome tiresome flatulent rhetorical pompous repetitive oblique sesquipedalian ponderous flowery drawn-out full of verbiage dragged out empty superfluous boastful iterative circumlocutional circumlocuitous circumlocutious vague loose waffling laborious unending verbal endless spun out diffusive extended very long orotund profuse copious exuberant random lavish dull king-size elongate oversized elongated king-sized lengthened yakking padded longish king size dragging waffly magniloquent fustian grandiloquent tautologous repeating involved pretentious full of air having kissed the Blarney stone


Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected
matter-of-fact down-to-earth unsentimental plain practical realistic sober dull flat pragmatic deadpan dry mundane prosaic rational sensible unemotional factual lifeless literal no-nonsense straightforward unembellished unimaginative unvarnished businesslike commonsensical hard-headed level-headed earthy hardheaded pragmatical unadorned uncreative emotionless humdrum pedestrian accurate apathetic calm cold cold-blooded exact faithful feasible hard-boiled impassive impersonal naked phlegmatic serious stoic stolid straight-thinking truthful unaffected undistorted unembroidered unidealistic unimpassioned with both feet on the ground reasonable sound sane logical levelheaded shrewd hard astute commonsense prudent grounded unromantic utilitarian balanced common-sense judicious hard-nosed reasoned wise well-founded solid sagacious robust thoughtful discerning unfantastic analytic analytical valid good coherent firm justified just informed discriminating sage intelligent commonsensible real responsible objective efficient lucid tough-minded unpretentious functional canny circumspect serious-minded well-reasoned mature cool full of common sense well-grounded well-advised together discreet simple natural tough far-sighted useful serviceable well-thought-out working handy sharp plainspoken effective joined-up folksy strong forceful viable consequent workable florid cogent right all there clear-sighted perceptive with one's feet on the ground deductive clear-headed well grounded intellectual well advised with both one's feet on the ground nuts and bolts well reasoned stable boring colourless literal-minded tedious uninspired uninspiring hard-bitten expedient colorless clear-thinking cool-headed dispassionate well considered sharp-witted enlightened uncompromising clear-eyed straight philosophic deliberate politic perspicacious unassuming vigorous common-sensical rustic sober-minded down to earth informal plain-spoken easy earth-bound common hardboiled neat workaday utility ordinary soulless lasting durable hard-wearing undecorative long-lasting clever well-informed attentive knowing conversant wear-resistant to the purpose no-frills steady-going au courant having all one's marbles in right mind doable have one's feet on the ground practicable unrefined rough unsophisticated possible useable applicative constructive usable actionable accomplishable applicable direct homely uninhibited suited to the purpose utile real-world user friendly helpful user-friendly applied both feet on the ground ultrapractical orderly systematic within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility convenient step-by-step telling frank substantial convincing powerful credible sustainable plausible justifiable compelling believable supportable uncorrupted able to hold water maintainable conclusive probable proven holding water weighty persuasive acceptable authoritative defendable perspicuous bona fide germane defensible attested tested irrefutable potent reliable vindicable pertinent legitimate confirmed determinative consistent well thought out trustworthy arguable congruent legit relevant efficacious true kosher well founded easygoing lusty down homey funky lowbred gross basic outdoorsy compos mentis in possession of all your faculties well adjusted controlled unbothered poised unflustered steady normal of sound mind self-controlled collected self-possessed able to reason clearly sound of mind well balanced composed unagitated having all marbles clearheaded mentally sound cool, calm and collected possessed even-tempered unfazed able to think clearly well-balanced right in the head assured home folk down home cerebral clear erudite insightful smart learned tenable scholarly keen brainy knowledgeable savvy profound percipient thinking likely sapient fair acute satisfying penetrating conceivable methodical imaginable considered genius philosophical bright brilliant reasoning satisfactory intuitive quick cognitive quick-witted deep understandable reflective careful studious calculating theoretical alert educated proper advisable articulate appropriate apt impartial precise ingenious unbiased deducible inferential influential irresistible well organized thorough admissible fast gifted equitable unanswerable incisive supersmart subtle nimble unprejudiced warrantable ultrasmart precocious exceptional ratiocinative organized thinkable desirable fair-minded argute evenhanded hyperintelligent strategic moderate sophisticated organised decisive studied warranted tactical correct measured fitting impressive contemplative creditable cogitative open-minded even-handed presumptive neutral sincere highbrow heady able academic genuine detached creative indifferent nonpartisan inventive substantiated presumable cautious nondiscriminatory aware piercing whip-smart meticulous rigorous gnostic observant metaphysical meaningful allowable well-argued clearly stated deep-thinking excusable unassailable regulated seemly eloquent cultured talented disinterested suitable square skilful scientific colorable equal skillful non-partisan necessary authentic holding together calculated candid uninvolved introspective intellective verisimilar intelligible puissant supposable ruminative pensive understanding well-organized honest pukka thought-out eggheaded inferrible tuned in trusty aboveboard on the ball decent meditative provident premeditated graceful derivable advantageous aforethought abstract uncolored mental foresighted inferable comprehensible scholastic determined incontrovertible dinkum explainable corroborated prepense beneficial passable accountable conceptual fine tolerable recommended thought through ordered whiz expected permissible mathematical critical incontestable compulsive gainful worthwhile well judged achievable secure predictable cultivated unquestionable resourceful sharpened veridical veracious considerate foreseeable faultless smooth empirical impregnable pardonable accomplished emphatic conservative temperate impeccable rapier-like unexcessive unextreme vigilant razor-sharp well-judged forcible psychological lawful condonable full of insight explicable phrenic suasive dependable apparent civilized pawky stringent bookish non-discriminatory scrupulous judicial legal witty expert streetwise showing great knowledge with great knowledge recognized capable significant anticipated fit potential elite adept crack masterly accepted colourable clear-cut sophic instructed excellent virtuoso a priori earthly recognised tried ready psychical moving civilised to be expected rock-solid worldly-wise superior definitive imaginative conscious quick on the uptake recondite choice whip above board heads-up long-headed obvious extensional juridicious up front punchy mighty powerhouse very smart Einstein well-read very intelligent first-rate seeming whiz kid first-class believeable on the cards assertable real-life moral ethical estimable musing reflecting pondering solemn earnest museful grave educational academical enterprising well informed regular thoughty lifelike naturalistic inductive cluey proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted well-expressed well-presented syllogistic deliberative sensitive supported undeniable healthy diplomatic well-structured well presented well expressed urgent punctilious strict verifiable rightful hip cagey foxy astucious visionary ruminating deliberating deliberated profitable mentally stable cognizant harmonious uninfluenced true-life responsive fastidious contemplated detail oriented momentous consequential convictive apposite inducing acknowledged sensical allowed permitted certain synthetic infallible trustable esoteric weighed advised investigated examined assuasive identified suss heedful finicky agile experienced tactful judgmatical judgmatic farsighted quick off the mark errorless sure inerrant validated verified conjecturable penetrative preferred competent genial egghead computed based on hard data based on hard facts operative meditating probably honest to God insistent certified definite calculable explicit open empiric seasonable wary glib true-to-life carrying conviction delicate swaying hopeful upright restrained favorable smooth-talking smooth-tongued making sense standing to reason cast-iron flawless orthodox watertight established mild higher-order licit okay tolerated well chosen thought-through thought-about well a good idea honourable specious mindly brain knows what's what wise to awake insighted ear to the ground productive timely opportune right-thinking right-minded attainable manageable OK sanctioned fair-spoken resolute hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut well thought-out open to reason clean inevitable holding up holding up in wash got it together standing up intrapersonal based on good sense in one's right mind experimental anti-discrimination exquisite worthy concedable capable of thought effectual favourable best comprehending original alive odds-on presumed benign sobersided pithy definable unsurprising independent without favor unmoved unslanted unbigoted disconnected nondiscriminating on-the-fence unruffled nonpassionate nonaligned bearable endurable supposed postulated suppositional deduced inferred principled righteous impactful striking constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch letter-perfect spot-on very likely like enough honest-to-god fiduciary credential liberal refined einstein on-target dead-on on the level honorable blameless according to the rules civil virtuous on the up and up on up-and-up having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on suggested best suited presentable sufficient successful coming on strong ball of fire by the book within the law not unlikely not impossible resolvable interpretable affordable sufferable brookable broad-minded literate energetic important material expressive self-evident forgivable reserved medium even warm modest comfortable checked constant curbed muted razor-like soluble answerable solvable aggressive exciting charming histrionical imposing theatric performant vehement grand trenchant high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic a good bet in the cards a reasonable bet ostensible a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think mortal illusory razor sharp based on theory true to life with a ring of truth psychic sharp as a tack intentional explicatable exponible tutored illuminated developed advanced apprised par for the course progressive tolerant free-thinking intended wilful purposeful purposive willful willed voluntary unselfish witting lettered literary subconscious ideological knowing what's what hip to wised up in the picture plugged in subliminal planned set preconceived donnish intellectualistic highbrowed intellectualist psychologic volitional geeky clerkly blue nerdish nerdy free from discrimination without fear or favour self-conscious done on purpose pre-planned on purpose widely read well read well educated most likely most correct

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