Synonym of protruding

Alternative for protruding

protrudes, protruded, protruding

Synonym: bulge, project, stick out,


Noticeable or prominent in an unwelcome or intrusive way
obtrusive conspicuous noticeable obvious prominent inescapable intrusive pronounced protuberant thrusting unmistakable blatant bold flashy garish gaudy loud lurid showy striking observable perceptible out of place sticking out standing out a mile sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb patent manifest clear evident open unconcealed palpable visible plain glaring apparent transparent outstanding discernible perceivable detectable distinguishable salient marked undisguised seeable visual seen ocular revealed arresting discoverable pointed macroscopic signal unhidden to be seen under one's nose in sight out in the open big as life in view not hidden viewable flagrant overt gross egregious rank brazen straightforward audacious undeniable indisputable bald barefaced plain to see protrusive crying distinct as plain as a pikestaff staring someone in the face self-evident as plain as the nose on your face clear-cut recognizable tangible sensible easily seen in evidence on display recognisable on view anywhere to be seen written all over someone writ large naked sheer unabashed outright unashamed shameless unblushing flaunting impudent insolent brass-necked unembarrassed ostentatious brash cut-and-dried unmitigated arrant unsubtle unrepentant snazzy without shame screaming brassy meretricious overbold glitzy deliberate in plain sight unequivocal unambiguous explicit certain indubitable positive definite outrageous unambivalent categorical nonambiguous distinctive lucid luculent pellucid telltale particular perspicuous unmissable undoubted decided univocal unquestionable unique ringing luminous broad sure inimitable self-explanatory beyond a doubt for certain well defined crystal clear no ifs ands or buts beyond question open and shut bald-faced open-and-shut bright-line as plain as daylight excessive inordinate capital extreme stark as plain as day


Most noticeable or important
salient arresting chief conspicuous important major noteworthy noticeable outstanding primary principal prominent pronounced remarkable signal striking predominant basic critical crucial dominant essential key main marked notable obvious pivotal prime staple vital arrestive central famous focal impressive intrusive jutting leading moving obtrusive paramount pertinent projecting relevant significant weighty exceptional extraordinary memorable momentous unforgettable special sticking out distinguished preeminent eminent extending illustrious prestigious renowned noble rare serious pressing consequential considerable eye-catching star peninsular bright foremost redoubtable luminous monumental great historic astral emphatic heavy influential big-time protuberant bulbous superior distinctive unusual urgent celebrated particular fundamental uncommon core grave glaring immediate pre-eminent famed germane substantial meaningful intrinsic ponderous singular catchy material far-reaching brilliant eventful of concern of note heavy-duty large-scale high-priority dire intense exigent telling especial notorious cardinal powerful overriding solid well known never to be forgotten life-and-death out of this world vivid indelible haunting tough esteemed necessary requisite extensive uppermost earnest dynamic decisive imperative invaluable noted acclaimed not to be forgotten honoured respected citable elevated headline observable evident reputable legendary venerable mentionable namable nameable manifest august glorious honored peerless distingué shining major league highly regarded nonpareil name talked of aristocratic well-known big name red-letter wonderful bulging phenomenal astonishing amazing miraculous incredible sensational stunning prodigious marvellous astounding unbelievable terrific tremendous overhanging proud commanding stupendous wondrous fantastic uncanny splashy awesome bold dramatic showy unreal flamboyant super amazeballs marvelous world class smashing out of the ordinary primo unco zero cool gilt-edged wicked peculiar exsertile protrudent excrescent protrusive extrusive big operative standout sweeping integral profound large appreciable importunate definite of interest standing out gibbous beetling prognathous extruding jutting out severe sizable capital imposing pointed impactful heavyweight instrumental mighty top-priority acute almighty burning determining worthwhile vigorous top-level overshadowing high-level life and death life-changing major-league grand high-profile all-important dangerous grievous of consequence big-league big league high of great consequence most important


Nobbly or projecting


Causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited
intrusive interfering meddlesome pushy intruding invasive meddling nosy obtrusive unwanted prying officious presumptuous busy busybody disturbing forward interrupting nosey presuming protrusive pushing snoopy trespassing unwelcome curious impertinent importunate inquisitive uncalled-for indiscreet insensitive unpleasant upsetting snooping probing nebby interested questioning inquiring investigative eavesdropping searching intermeddling tampering enquiring scrutinizing peering inquisitorial analytical spying scrutinising peeping prurient examining bumptious self-assertive inspecting disquisitive annoying bossy overbearing pragmatic assertive over-curious over-interested brash nosy-parker bold interruptive forceful aggressive domineering loud gossipy inquisitory interrogative fact-finding offensive obnoxious puzzled speculative personal imposing interviewing interrogational cross-examining bustling self-important overzealous opinionated dictatorial busybodied interloping meddlesomeness nosiness interference butting in research agog intrigued mischievous overbusy nosy-parkering encumbering troublesome kibitzing hindering obstructive impeding chiseling interposing big-eyed poking challenging keen sifting ambitious interventionist investigating undercover inspective exploratory researching chiselling burning with curiosity thrusting rude fussy bureaucratic arrogant wondering cocksure confident overconfident over-assertive cocky pushful doubtful go-ahead insistent nervy strident loudmouthed blatant jutting flagrant projecting sheer bald prognathous bulging investigatory outward-looking studious catechistic heuristic penetrating quizzical Socratic full of oneself self-asserting in-your-face fierce militant go-getting enterprising high-pressure driven sharp-elbowed compelling bludgeoning persistent persuasive intensive high-powered coercive pressurizing pressured stressful relentless intense difficult strenuous demanding pressurising not taking no for an answer insolent brazen impudent cheeky audacious self-confident brazen-faced brassy bold-faced saucy arch sassy wise brassbound fresh hubristic effervescent impulsive brazenfaced trashy impetuous inconsiderate bright uppity flip incautious hasty vivacious thoughtless impolitic heedless precipitate full of yourself headlong untactful maladroit rash hotheaded as bold as brass

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