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'prɑksɪmət /'prɒ-


closest in degree or order (space or time) especially in a chain of causes and effectsvery close in space or time


Only a short distance away or apart in space or time
near nearby close close-up immediate neighbouring neighboring next-door nigh direct next adjacent adjoining contiguous abutting bordering at hand flanking touching local beside nearest connecting close by next door vicinal conterminous juxtaposed approximal coterminous close at hand near at hand closest near-at-hand conjoining handy convenient joining connected fringing accessible alongside approximate verging skirting attached in close proximity not far away surrounding interconnecting flush imminent impending around joined impinging proximal upcoming approaching ready warm nearly meeting close-by within reach close-at-hand at close quarters hard by next to not far off within spitting distance within sniffing distance just round the corner bordering on a hop, skip and a jump away side-by-side intimate on the side back-to-back side by side edging bounding very near juxtapositional in by hard contactual against about almost practically coming in the vicinity on the edge of in contact adjacent to next door to peripheral vincinal nearly here get back on one's feet regain one's health to hand abreast available not remote within stone's throw within range circumambient encircling outlying encompassing fringe circumjacent enclosing border neighbourhood circumferential circumforaneous neighborhood walkable in the neighbourhood of not far from within reach of within earshot in the vicinity of on the doorstep within close range of within sight around the corner under one's nose in spitting distance within striking distance within walking distance across the street on your doorstep in the ball park give or take a little cheek by jowl a stone's throw away on hand reachable readily available at the ready round the corner just a stone's throw away get-at-able on tap close to near to at your fingertips on the brink at close range up-close and personal prospective short-term community up-close vernacular easy to get to neighbouring on approximate to abreast of cheek by jowl with by the side of proximate to contiguous with attached to foreseeable in easy reach in the area hot central present handy for in neighborhood well placed for at close quarters to on deck well situated for in line champing at bit at beck and call close to hand at fingertips on call waiting in place easily available in order in the saddle covered in position within walking distance of just around the corner from within easy reach of easy to reach a stone's throw from within spitting distance of a hop, skip and a jump away from


Happening or appearing in the relatively near future
imminent approaching impending coming forthcoming upcoming nearing pending oncoming at hand to come expected close advancing future looming threatening on the way about to happen in the wind near in the offing close at hand prospective on tap gathering anticipated in store in the air on the horizon in the pipeline on the cards on hand next immediate in the cards brewing menacing fast-approaching nigh upon us about to be inevitable inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall drawing near looming large on us just around the corner see it coming just round the corner in prospect in view approximating -to-be convergent potential happening soon awaited hovering portending awaiting ominous resulting supplied predestined fated destined waiting to looking to in the near future in preparation moving closer due eventual subsequent unborn converging progressing gaining upon almost on one near-term up-and-coming getting near to be en route onrushing arriving fast approaching near-at-hand inevasible likely probable following unescapable possible expectant unavoidable ineluctable on its way on the verge in the stars on the agenda coming up planned considered intended soon-to-be proposed presumptive up and coming in the making coming soon likely to happen in the wings contemplated under way in production being prepared liable to happen underway under discussion near at hand round the corner incipient on the go foreordained predetermined ultimate preordained in the course of time unfolding designed doomed hoped-for intending would-be aspiring looked-for designate promised latent


Not precise or exact
rough approximate vague estimated general imprecise inexact ballpark broad loose approximative hazy sketchy foggy uncertain unprecise coarse-grained indefinite ill-defined unclear non-specific fuzzy woolly inexplicit wooly indistinct unfocused inaccurate squishy undetailed obscure unspecific sweeping indeterminate confused generalized blurred nebulous flexible equivocal ambiguous imperfect generalised unmeticulous unrigorous liberal overall basic generic indiscriminate tenuous impressionistic slight faint nonspecific common dim near close blanket random rambling changeable misty fluid open all-round all-around faded free amorphous undefined broad-based broad-spectrum incomplete bird's-eye superficial dubious non-restrictive open-ended distant feeble guessed unscientific surmised ambivalent unknown cursory doubtful not partial not specific not particular non-literal lenient inadequate obfuscatory perfunctory iffy almost exact almost accurate unspecified muddy muzzy careless sloppy amphibological unintelligible questionable bewildering puzzling not literal not strict not close non-committal blurred round the edges enigmatic shadowy blurry undetermined murky opaque unsettled indistinguishable cryptic clouded bleary muddled cloudy blear debatable perplexing indiscernible open to question mysterious enigmatical unformed unsure equivocating arcane distorted undecided intangible gauzy unfixed inconclusive lacking definition out of focus elusive confusing abstruse pale unresolved noncommittal Delphic formless shapeless unshaped unstructured up in the air veiled oblique remote misleading inscrutable prevaricating obscured tenebrous unpredictable unconfirmed unexplicit evasive oracular mystic roundabout weak circumlocutory circuitous deep elliptical gnomic periphrastic shifty dark elliptic fuliginous unestablished speculative occult obfuscated unascertained muffled vacillating double-edged in doubt yet to be decided unexplained hinky unsound unformulated crude imperceptible inchoate structureless disorganized smoky hidden arguable disorganised undisclosed nebulose shady low resolution incoherent concealed apocryphal indirect some kind of Cimmerian crepuscular slippery open to debate unlimited uncounted unstipulated cagey deceptive embryonic open to argument cunning shuffling devious tricky deceitful dissembling unstated unclassified borderless uncategorized indeterminant innumerable inexhaustible wide indeterminable undependable sophistical unforeseeable incalculable casuistic elusory false casuistical stonewalling hesitant indefinable dicey dodgy irresolute wavering indecisive borderline suspicious in the balance contradictory duplicitous paradoxical soft disreputable clear as mud two-edged clear as dishwater

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