Synonym of puffed out


Feeling tired, fatigued or weary
pooped puffed panting breathless gasping puffing out of breath gasping for breath puffing and blowing exhausted spent tired out done in wiped out shagged out drained fatigued beat weary bushed debilitated enervated dog-tired tired bone-tired bone-weary worn out jet-lagged shattered all in knackered frazzled bushwhacked whacked whipped ready to drop prostrate stonkered wabbit jiggered fried tuckered out knocked out fordone dead beat fagged out toilworn rooted zonked out whacked out running on empty worn to a frazzle winded dead wearied loggy worn beaten burned-out worn-out aweary jaded bleary logy done washed-out limp burnt-out played out tapped out out of puff out of whack short of breath huffing and puffing wheezing short-winded wheezy prostrated zonked dead tired had it asleep on one's feet on one's last legs kaput asthmatic out on one's feet on your last legs wasted sapped outta gas done for weak run-down out on your feet creamcrackered weakened enfeebled effete shot extremely tired clapped out choking gulping dog tired very tired dead on one's feet breathing heavily flat stertorous blown emphysematous gulping for breath sleepy depleted rundown fagged careworn haggard burned out worn-down drowsy crippled washed out drawn pinched strained disabled gaunt weariful listless hollow-cheeked overtired languid droopy sluggish hollow-eyed flagging fit to drop burnt out finished consumed done up tuckered drooping used up overworked lethargic groggy far-gone wan without energy out of gas torpid low asleep collapsing raddled languorous faint stressed out unwell overtaxed stressed pale peaky ashen blanched wrinkled fretted pasty-faced run down gone taxed tense used dog-weary expended lackadaisical dragging hacked lacklustre lackluster bleary-eyed played-out heavy broken-down slumberous somnolent inactive inert dead-tired dead-beat wiped-out unsteady sleep deprived etiolated sallow done-in all-in wiped bored sick grim languishing bedraggled done with empty peaked like death warmed up narcoleptic overused dropping lassitudinous blasé infirm feeble low-energy faded worn down dozy petered out old run ragged withered fraught on last leg dead on your feet in poor health apathetic over-tired tired-out lacking in energy half-awake aching sore overloaded overburdened exasperated wrecked lumbering stress-ridden heavy-lidded indolent wooden slow slothful emptied under stress lifeless unenergetic lazy dissipated disbursed thrown away lost washed-up down the drain slow-moving spiritless passive unhealthy unproductive lymphatic sedentary dilatory snoozy dilapidated tattered unkempt slow-going slow-paced somnific dull footsore disheveled dishevelled coarsened debauched the worse for wear below par with sunken cheeks worse for wear under par comatose passed out down for the count out for the count


Past tense for swell out in a spherical shape
swelled swoll swollen expanded enlarged bulged distended puffed up inflated ballooned dilated bloated filled out bagged protruded billowed extended projected jutted bellied poked overhung pouched beetled stuck out stood out pooched pouted bunched increased fattened started stretched straught augmented mushroomed filled amplified tumefied intumesced bulged out become larger blown up blew up widened swelled up lengthened swelled out ballooned out pumped up plumped puffed supersized boosted welled up compounded escalated developt developed billowed out bellied out broadened bilged protuberated extruded blobbed bourgeoned burgeoned snowballed became larger bugged out become bloated protracted prolonged popped out spread increased in size become distended grown grew rose risen swollen up swollen out aerated fermented thickened heightened upped accelerated stoked aggrandized hyped multiplied raised ballooned up domed built up distorted sagged jutted out magnified made bigger bulked filled with air became bloated rolled projected outward surged slapped on blown out tost padded tacked on become wider hiked souped up bagged out made larger pyramided become swollen bulked up pitched bolstered opened become bigger beefed up became distended engorged tossed rolled upward rounded out filled up upsurged blew out bounced become inflated added to grew larger grown larger became wider became swollen became inflated risen up rose up gotten bigger got bigger became bigger obtruded poked out popped loomed extended beyond hanged hung impended thrusted out pushed out hung out drooped flopped flapped protended outthrusted pointed hung over beetled over come through loomed out stuck up butted out hung loosely pooched out pouched out cast a shadow come out emerged caught the wind dropped swagged lolled peeked showed pushed cantilevered showed up lopped lapped over lopt dipped tumbled sticked out over extended over projected over protruded over jutted over elongated portended stood out over overtopped commanded endangered jutted out over loomed over held out bulged over came through stuck sticked stretched out curved down leaned hung down dangled leant impended over bulged out over cantilevered out poked out over dangled over flapped over drooped over cantilevered out over stuck out like a sore thumb towered above came out shown ridden over rode over went beyond gone beyond risen above swung over swang over rose above fell unevenly fallen unevenly


Past tense for to expel air from the lungs through the nose or mouth by action of the diaphragm

Antonym of puffed out

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