Synonym of racked with pain


Experiencing extreme discomfort or discontent
anguished agonised agonized distressed grief-stricken sorrowful tormented tortured wretched dolorous harrowed heartbroken miserable unhappy aching afflicted bemoaning bewailing bitter broken-hearted deploring desolate devastated doleful dolesome funeral grieving lamentable lugubrious mournful plaintive plangent regretful rueful sad sorrowing sorry suffering wailing weeping woeful wounded angst-ridden anxious brokenhearted despairing painful racked with suffering cut up distraught troubled upset depressed dejected hurt despondent disconsolate shaken ruffled disconcerted heavyhearted traumatized broken melancholy morose disquieted unnerved vexed perturbed agitated discomposed inconsolable bothered cheerless bereaved discombobulated harassed flustered irked concerned heartsick uptight down aflutter wrecked overwhelmed grieved hurting saddened discountenanced plagued mourning haunted pained gutted bugged shook crushed spooked antsy jumpy unglued persecuted traumatised strung out bummed out shook up heavy with grief in a tizzy all torn up woebegone in a stew overcome with sorrow in pain forlorn gloomy downcast downhearted dismal blue crestfallen glum down in the dumps joyless down in the mouth melancholic low-spirited sullen heartsore disheartened sombre somber tearful cast down dispirited low abject discouraged heavy-hearted comfortless demoralized bleak droopy demoralised distressing hangdog heartrending pessimistic hopeless grievous solemn grim disappointed dreary tragic heartbreaking harrowing funereal gray grey pathetic in the dumps pitiful depressing wistful dire piteous teary heart-rending emotional weepy tristful calamitous depressive worried down-hearted long-faced agonizing chap-fallen elegiacal bad elegiac saturnine black out of sorts lamenting desperate pitiable racked aggrieved unfortunate agonising lonesome lonely deplorable regrettable resigned defeatist fearful mortified remorseful drear uncomfortable in tears in grief in doldrums morbid hapless spiritless in despair in the pits dreadful foreboding awful austere choked forbidding suicidal dark disastrous mirthless catastrophic distressful overcome godforsaken unlucky saddening pensive murky darkening helpless tenebrous tenebrific oppressed ruthful chill dreich sunless plutonian Cimmerian cold sepulchral cloudy weary sunk crabby in low spirits negative long-suffering sick at heart shot down destroyed at the end of your tether bowed down languorous triste down in dumps moody fed up listless languid sulky excruciating tormenting awkward guilty heavy displeased grave bleeding severe stark stony bereft in distress fraught shattered pining pain-filled disheartening very sad lachrymose disturbed lorn chapfallen in anguish dolent dolorific afflictive companionless drab guilt-ridden sorry for yourself bearish downbeat sore burned contused acheronian unwelcoming traumatic upsetting grousing cranky grumpy bellyaching cantankerous beefing nostalgic luckless discouraging doomed down-in-the-mouth discontented dull strained tragical tear-jerking languished dysphoric down in mouth having the blahs having blue devils singing the blues unmitigable in a blue funk sinister oppressive ailing at wits' end cruel unpleasant feeble disappointing paltry mean careworn on a downer dispiriting horrible ominous crummy cast-down down and out uneasy sick as a parrot up the creek without hope atrocious ground down anxiety-ridden frantic worn down hag-ridden no-win cynical strabilious fatal appalling deadly ruinous can't win weighed down shocking terrible cataclysmic worn out not a prayer in the soup at end of one's rope moving galling devastating stirring disturbing horrendous vexatious gruesome lethal adverse mortal crushing deathly fateful destructive ill-fated ill-starred poor worthless bummed sour powerless downtrodden down-and-out

Antonym of racked with pain

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