Synonym of radiated

Alternative for radiated

radiates, radiated, radiating

Synonym: beam, diversify, glow, ray, shine,


Past tense for to expel or discharge, typically gas or light
emitted discharged cast gave out given out sent out shed diffused disseminated emanated evolved exhaled expelled expired irradiated issued poured released scattered shot shotten spread vented gave off given off gleamed glittered afforded broadcast broadcasted circulated distributed expanded illumined proliferated propagated rambled sent forth sprinkled strewed strewn threw out thrown out yielded yold yolden beamed out lit up exuded ejected cast out let out spewed let off effused oozed leaked sent gushed excreted output beamed poured out transmitted spread out secreted jetted spouted squirted voided erupted disgorged reeked sprayed belched projected spewed out spewn dispensed dispersed evacuated disembogued spitted spilt spilled spat ejaculated breathed vomited breathed out distilled produced shined shone expended extruded set glowed eructed outsent burst perspired dripped passed purged expectorated spurted deposited emptied let fall put threw thrown put out spread around cast forth flowed smelt of suffused cascaded reflected threw off thrown off tingled given vent to gave vent to birthed exited initiated thrilled rayed expressed trained directed levelled held leveled aimed headed bended bent pinpointed decanted voiced aired uttered spattered spoke spake spoken pointed bestowed verbalized revealed steamed forced articulated ventilated asserted promulgated communicated loosed evaporated exsufflated emitted light proclaimed extravasated sown sowed vaporized vaporised flowed out escaped besprinkled verbalised declared streamed delivered peppered come out with made public brought into the open poured forth dealt scrambled issued forth churned out doled out disbursed interspersed found expression for measured out found an outlet for divvied sent off partitioned provided escape routed given forth gave forth risen rose holden bursten brast broke out broken out putten bestrewed bestrewn gave voice to gave free rein to given free rein to came out with given voice to taken off in all directions thrown about took off in all directions threw about driven out drove out taken out on gave expression to took out on given expression to given off light gave off light


Furnished with beams or timbers


Relating to the stars or astronomy
starry astral star stellar bespangled bright brilliant celestial glittering glittery luminous lustrous shimmering shining shiny sidereal spangled sparkling sparkly stellary stelliform twinkling gleaming glinting flickering glowing glistening scintillating flashing glistering moonlit leading cosmic principal outstanding chief dazzling starlit coruscant shimmery coruscating iridescent dancing opalescent scintillant splendid aglitter effulgent fulgurating gaseous dynamic full of life lambent mantling vigorous entertaining spirited impassioned clinquant beaming radiant refulgent incandescent fulgent candescent sheeny bedazzling resplendent lucent intense lucid clear blazing glossy irradiant glaring glimmering vivid ablaze luminescent polished phosphorescent burnished light aglow illuminated lighted flashy fulgid fluorescent flaming sunny strong relucent vibrant warm glorious sleek luculent lit scintillescent glazed fulgurant fulgurous radiating rich splendent colourful lurid colorful blinding deep striking gaudy flamboyant bold garish illumined sunlit auroral alight golden argent beamy irradiated silvery mirrorlike burning splashy psychedelic kaleidoscopic jazzy gay showy loud extremely bright deep-coloured eye-catching bright-coloured highly-coloured highly colored transcendent twinkly glimmery winking nitid glowy rubbed satin satiny buffed chatoyant stunning cheery full healthy rhinestone diamantine visual dramatic fierce overpowering splendorous noticeable rutilant conspicuous agleam sharp powerful concentrated beautiful harsh silky reflecting slick silken glassy smooth limpid metallized diamante pearlescent beady exciting stimulating reflective metallic lively animated ebullient exhilarating witty effervescent clever invigorating vivacious amusing smart envigorating fascinating sprightly varnished

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