Synonym of ravaging

Alternative for ravaging

ravages, ravaged, ravaging

Synonym: damage, destroy, devastate, ruin, wreck,

Antonym: preserve,


Present participle for cause severe and extensive damage to
destroying ruining devastating demolishing looting razing wrecking pillaging plundering ransacking sacking spoiling despoiling damaging gutting harrying leveling levelling shattering desolating laying waste marauding raping scourging spoliating depredating havocking leaving desolate wiping out annihilating capturing consuming creaming crushing desecrating dismantling disorganizing disrupting exterminating extinguishing foraging foraying impairing overrunning overthrowing overwhelming pirating preying prostrating raiding robbing seizing sinking smashing stripping totalling totaling trampling trashing wasting wresting leaving in ruins wreaking havoc on breaking up pulling down stamping out sweeping away wreaking havoc pulverizing decimating pulverising vaporizing tearing down vaporising rifling nuking wracking torpedoing reaving devouring rubbing out breaking vandalizing vandalising flattening doing in obliterating ravishing laying waste to marring defacing blasting sabotaging attacking defeating fleecing knocking down bringing down blowing up razing to the ground blowing to bits taking out burning bombing dashing blighting dilapidating bringing to ruin messing up blowing to pieces defiling taking apart stealing from appropriating bulldozing scuppering felling crashing ruinating mangling toppling nixing violating reducing to ruins smashing up assaulting assailing wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth denuding freebooting reiving burgling depopulating harassing battering disfiguring depleting blowing scotching eradicating taking smiting abusing liberating relieving lifting lofting requisitioning salvaging salvageing grabbing botching busting clearing out busting up mutilating maiming injuring reducing removing unbuilding moonlight requisitioning ripping off sticking up effacing undoing blowing sky-high wiping off map throwing down cleaning out knocking off undermining axing fouling up wracking up getting rid of dashing to pieces making a mess of putting paid to laying in ruins cracking up lousing up reducing to rubble dispossessing emptying making desolate depriving vitiating chastening chastising tearing apart kipping prowling invading trespassing arrogating embezzling confiscating bringing about the downfall of emptying out rustling messing spray painting taking care of laying low doing one in knocking over disassembling shipwrecking dynamiting wiping from the face of the earth knocking to pieces corrupting compromising deceiving betraying marauding over molesting crippling spending exploding gobbling up cracking beating putting in toilet waxing wolfing trouncing tearing to pieces executing butchering massacring slaughtering putting out of commission tearing up piling up damaging beyond repair running onto the rocks overcoming breaking down pranging creating chaos playing mischief with going pillaging going looting engulfing bombarding shelling beleaguering expending absorbing enveloping draining exhausting cutting down killing off cutting a swath through committing genocide fracturing fragmenting disintegrating cannonading profaning strafing going on forays going on raids pounding polluting contaminating dishonouring oppressing playing out dispatching using up drawing down mullering barraging overturning poisoning cruelling banjaxing euchring bodging dishing perverting blaspheming hitting scorching torching snatching making boosting thieving burglarizing swiping degrading debasing committing sacrilege befouling infecting attacking repeatedly pressing hard going through bringing to naught reducing to nothing screwing up bringing to nothing wreaking havoc upon putting the kibosh on doing for blowing a hole in incinerating targetting targeting treating sacrilegiously prostituting dishonoring outraging insulting erasing tipping over doing over blitzing canceling cancelling expunging scalding combusting treating with disrespect blaspheming against deleting cremating carbonising carbonizing making lose face committing sacrilege against eliminating extirpating killing liquidating abolishing excising setting upon squashing scratching scrubbing zapping offing finishing marking out cleaning up shooting down crosses out obscuring snuffing out knocking out blanking out scoring out destroying root and branch rubbing off washing out finishing off removing all traces of bluing pencil blotting out blacking out blocking out cutting wiping off face of earth striking out rooting out covering KO'ing inking out burning up burning down burning to the ground burning to a crisp reducing to ashes destroying by fire


(usually of a disease or condition) Present participle for to affect adversely
attacking infecting affecting damaging injuring corrupting devastating vitiating afflicting crippling destroying contaminating marring ruining spoiling annihilating demolishing impairing troubling compromising impacting overcoming touching harming striking breaking influencing perturbing sabotaging tainting upsetting defiling occurring polluting prevailing crushing hurting overwhelming poisoning blighting debasing impinging weakening impacting on impinging upon prevailing over wearing away shaking up spreading to striking at striking down doing damage to playing havoc with taking hold of wreaking havoc on exerting influence on having an effect on having an impact on blemishing disfiguring wrecking undermining defacing flawing tarnishing trashing smashing endamaging crabbing messing up subverting mangling desecrating gutting incapacitating shattering totalling totaling bloodying wounding disfeaturing dismantling corroding wasting crossing up battering blotting causing detriment to destabilizing jeopardizing maiming scarring disabling deteriorating impoverishing disrupting vandalizing sullying mutilating lacerating undoing despoiling razing cracking smirching shocking sapping scorching prejudicing scratching vandalising destabilising denting screwing up lousing up jeopardising smashing up knocking disgracing mucking up bruising degrading warping cheapening blowing costing causing the loss of causing the sacrifice of resulting in damage to resulting in harm to leading to the end of laying waste dilapidating squashing plundering pillaging depredating sacking putting a damper on spoliating making useless desolating taking apart demeaning lessening depreciating lowering nicking besmirching deforming pulling down staining doing mischief to dumping on wrenching handling roughly butchering stabbing abusing scathing maltreating playing merry hell with tearing disintegrating gnawing tampering with discoloring wronging banging up splitting dirtying causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of bleaching fading discolouring rusting rotting burning laming hacking dismembering distorting cutting censoring bowdlerizing adulterating expurgating cutting up hacking up tearing limb from limb cutting to pieces tearing apart hashing up amputating bowdlerising diminishing hindering debilitating impeding devitalizing enervating depressing inconveniencing torpedoing blasting withering enfeebling roughing up putting out of action taking out doing harm to putting out of commission detracting from interfering with throwing a monkey wrench into fouling up


Present participle for to confront through the use of military force
attacking invading assaulting raiding striking blitzing infiltrating storming conquering penetrating securing breaching rushing besetting bombarding pillaging advancing assailing seizing ambushing infringing overwhelming plundering pouncing charging marauding combatting combating strafing encroaching occupying capturing shelling beginning hostilities descending upon firing at firing on marching into surging over swooping on taking down beginning an assault taking the offensive annexing overrunning infesting permeating swarming overspreading swarming over gaining winning taking swamping flooding infecting violating inundating exceeding pervading taking over outrunning surpassing overgrowing overshooting meddling descending on colonizing accessing foraying into foraying overswarming entrenching inroading trespassing interfering burglarizing parasitizing colonising plaguing looting entering crashing overflowing overstepping choking breaking overreaching overpassing outreaching transcending infringing on routing spilling spreading over besieging deluging surging flowing over going beyond falling on making inroads bursting in on bursting in muscling in going in running over growing over making inroads on welling over running on running riot over spreading like wildfire over spreading like wildfire bushwhacking siccing trashing setting on setting upon pouncing on jumping on turning on going in on aggressing conducting an offensive on making a foray on attempting to capture taking by storm making an onslaught on making a sortie on making a raid on taking on setting in on pouncing upon laying into tearing into surging into coming at blasting shooting down advancing on launching an attack on striking at launching oneself at setting about making an assault on


The act or state of destroying or being destroyed, especially completely
ruination ruin annihilation devastation end extermination extinction wreck decimation demolishment demolition desolation destruction elimination eradication obliteration wastage abolition disintegrating dissolving extinguishing liquidation loss overthrow subversion wreckage wrecking abolishing carnage extirpation havoc massacre mincemeat perdition shattering subverting wrack assassinating calamity crashing crushing disrupting invalidating invalidation murder sacking slaughter slaying subjugation levelling razing defacing leveling downfall smashing laying waste damage undoing zapping harm death rooting out ransacking despoliation flattening rape killing wiping out bane extinguishment trashing vandalization defacement grafitti sabotage mischief dismantling spoiling spoliation vandalism scarring wipeout felling blighting wasting disfigurement marring impairment injury torpedoing blasting dynamiting violation bombing breaking up pulling down tearing down knocking down blowing up genocide inferno conflagration catastrophe butchery fire cataclysm disaster razing to the ground bloodbath pogrom mass murder holocaust immolation ethnic cleansing termination dissolution demise expiration depredation doom passing quietus expiry decease curtains passage grave exit fate rack and ruin collapse great divide waste finish plunder excision sleep ravages disintegration pillage bulldozing dispatch explosion rapine clearance nullification erasure utter destruction. kiss of death terrible fate grim fate ravage retribution sentence dying out oblivion disappearance vanishing depredations obsolescence total destruction isolation bleakness wildness no life solitude barrenness loneliness end of life solitariness bareness thing of the past ravagement despoiling dilapidation grimness sterility starkness aridity dismalness acts of destruction cessation ending remoteness forlornness desolateness butchering massacring slaughtering overwhelming destitution rack finishing off putting to sleep rubbing out killing off snuffing out taking out putting down dereliction emptiness blue ruin complete distruction dying croaking passing on snuffing passing away decline Waterloo


Causing great damage
disastrous devastating calamitous cataclysmic tragic catastrophic ruinous terrible unfortunate adverse dire harmful destructive detrimental dreadful fatal unlucky cataclysmal ill-fated ill-starred appalling awful grievous injurious shocking annihilatory bad black damning dark devastative fateful horrible inauspicious unsuccessful untoward abortive unfavourable unpropitious doomed hapless ill-boding luckless sinister unfavorable damaging pernicious hurtful noxious deleterious lethal deadly violent wounding mortal fierce disadvantageous savage brutal crippling dangerous maleficent annihilative eradicative baneful death-dealing mortifying annihilating desolating baleful lethiferous pestilential consumptive internecine toxic pestiferous cancerous wrackful suicidal evil slaughterous erosive venomous wreckful extirpative noisome cutthroat fell environmentally unfriendly lamentable wretched woeful deplorable miserable pitiful direful distressing unhappy sad poor regrettable atrocious poisonous malignant pathetic nocuous inimical malefic ill horrendous lousy prejudicial frightful undesirable dismal rotten hopeless sorry abominable wicked crushing unwholesome grim abysmal heartbreaking harrowing mischievous crummy unhealthy grave ominous execrable prejudicious jinxed inferior unsatisfactory paltry star-crossed sorrowful corrupting painful pitiable inopportune malign unacceptable hazardous diabolical disgraceful critical negative mournful nasty ghastly counterproductive threatening catastrophal shattering substandard nocent afflictive menacing malicious mediocre cursed inadequate egregious godawful disappointing cruddy gruesome virulent shameful subversive hideous desperate mean intolerable snakebitten second-rate snakebit offensive unspeakable horrid chronic lame infelicitous vile ill-omened hard luck rubbish laughable heartrending hard out of luck distressful afflicted punk severe parlous odious serious perilous third-rate gloomy objectionable horrifying abject corroding untimely disagreeable unsafe disturbing cheap reprehensible incendiary costly undermining forbidding contemptible inept murderous inappropriate trashy rubbishy gross shoddy unsuitable pants deathly awkward insufferable sucky low-grade God-awful unwelcome low-quality grotty abhorrent monstrous beastly melancholy upsetting alarming doleful forlorn tragical pestilent portentous blighted ignominious heinous inexpedient dicey corrosive dirty cruel life-threatening apocalyptic piteous tough repulsive very bad frightening extreme deficient duff bodeful shabby malevolent scary wanting agonizing stricken meagre ruined traumatic meager garbage sickening forsaken destitute unprosperous difficult damnable worthless poxy bleak agonising indefensible god-awful stinking faulty dissatisfactory in a bad way unbecoming below par cut-rate earth-shattering under par less-than-stellar poor-quality second-class two-bit crumby bum horrific wack a load of pants bush-league desolate unpromising grisly outrageous inexcusable nightmarish risky incurable hostile blameworthy terrifying dread distasteful displeasing anguished ill-chosen acute harsh killing scandalous unpleasant revolting despicable fearsome redoubtable hurting ugly spine-chilling intimidating formidable hair-raising sinful precarious base grubby scummy scurvy ratty scabby terrific dishonourable dishonorable iniquitous feeble unsightly sordid misfortunate insupportable unbearable opprobrious loathsome useless subpar suboptimal repugnant insidious ridiculous detestable downer bummer sub-par inconvenient unseemly heart-rending wrong junky obnoxious improper bush sinistrous ropy exacting scurrilous off stinky irremediable poor quality cheesy derisory not up to par schlocky not up to scratch low-rent el cheapo not up to snuff excessive bargain-basement convulsionary corruptive loss-making pained shattered troubled broken burdened unadvantageous sacrificial blighting messy withering climactic climacteric fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical foul foredoomed terminal disadvantaged bungling insalubrious harassing unpopular undesired immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful moving galling aching bedevilled condemned cantankerous reprobate nefarious miasmatic miasmic spiteful stirring dejected vexatious despondent discouraging destroyed hateful capital ruining destroying hellfire sleazy disheartening unpalatable unforgivable predictive prophetic revealing oracular imperilling imperiling accident-prone dilapidated dreaded disquieting bedeviled senseless inglorious preposterous ill-advised vicious lurid macabre final homicidal absurd ludicrous foolish-looking silly rueful affecting unpardonable unconscionable foolish saddening depressing cheerless rough unnerving petrifying too bad yucky common schlock minatory killer causing death vital grieving plaintive tear-jerking disgusting ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck incriminating very dangerous run down flimsy shlocky gimcrack cheapjack godforsaken seedy shlock weak coarse down at heel trumpery disconsolate agonized sneaking creepy eerie unjustifiable mortuary necrotic mortiferous mephitic blah damnatory condemnatory tortured racked agonised criminal doomy evil-looking spooky eldritch foreboding touch and go unsought unwanted raunchy tinhorn icky diddly valueless the pits grody bad news fallacious grungy not good erroneous not the best minacious minatorial pits overwhelming dolorous beyond contempt suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering trying unfit testing troublesome bothersome challenging prohibitive ill-timed uncomplimentary unseasonable crying pressing crucial fearful implicating derogatory condemning impermissible exceptionable inadmissible urgent intense imperfect amateurish insufficient unimpressive repellant repellent drastic dubious unreasonable dodgy low questionable not much cop implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming considerable significant condemnable crude defective tatty out cheapo irretrievable inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject exigent not on below average second rate not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale won't do over the fence tenth-rate below standard from hunger not quite the done thing half-baked not up to standard of low quality out of order heavy consequential major blue oppressing scowling rancid arduous strenuous toilsome bitter taxing sobering big worrying punishing grinding hellish rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly gut-wrenching sombre somber weighty intensive peracute straitened unrelenting excruciating tortuous inhospitable spartan rigorous scabrous stern sober unendurable biting uncomfortable austere comfortless inexorable stringent solemn discomforting

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