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Devouring or wanting great quantities of food
voracious gluttonous greedy edacious insatiable ravening rapacious insatiate wolfish devouring esurient hoggish piggish swinish avaricious covetous gannet-like hungry avid piggy grasping predatory unquenchable unappeasable eager gutsy desirous gormandizing omnivorous prodigious gross intemperate craving acquisitive grabby gorging starving starved selfish wolflike uncontrollable keen uncontrolled gourmandizing gobbling guzzling close close-fisted grudging carnivorous gulping fierce gourmand dog-hungry empty sating ferocious savage lupine self-indulgent starved to death vicious plant excessive ventripotent rude crude with eyes bigger than one's stomach boorish dirty filthy mean never full squalid brutish sordid unclean quenchless prehensile pennypinching itchy parsimonious miserly penurious stingy tight tight-fisted insatiat unslakable inappeasable inextinguishable mercenary wanting importunate yearning desiring clamorous pressing urgent unsatisfiable insistent unsatisfied exigent crying limitless demanding menacing never satisfied compulsive enthusiastic usurious marauding plundering materialistic moneygrubbing coveting preying extortionate unable to be satisfied money-grubbing have eyes bigger than one's stomach murderous furious lascivious lecherous very hungry leering wolfy lustful possessive unfillable envious jealous venal cupidinous hoarding grabbing resentful Mammonish pleonectic Mammonistic begrudging invidious jaundiced green green with envy green-eyed Scrooge-like money-grabbing money-oriented


Highly cruel or violent in nature
ferocious vicious brutal brutish cruel barbaric merciless ruthless savage barbarous pitiless violent bloodthirsty bloody fell tigerish bitter heartless inhuman murderous remorseless sadistic wolfish abominable fiendish fierce grim hellish monstrous relentless sanguinary wicked beastly diabolical implacable inhumane lupine truculent unmerciful unrestrained unruly voracious homicidal harsh callous severe atrocious sanguineous hard dangerous cut-throat bloody-minded butcherly brute wanton sanguine murdering bestial slaughterous unfeeling cold-blooded deadly heinous hard-hearted unsparing vile destructive unrelenting dark malevolent uncaring cutthroat lethal unpleasant nasty evil nefarious stern unsympathetic villainous ghastly infernal tough malicious horrible killing rough unforgiving menacing threatening mortal ominous uncharitable hostile foreboding stony-hearted cold-hearted devastating inflexible base mean unpitying stony ruinous malignant destroying criminal terrible harrowing devilish vindictive aggressive frightening sinister forbidding death-dealing intimidating killer crude coarse inexorable black-hearted unbending inclement insensitive depraved unkind bad unappeasable unyielding baleful obdurate hard-boiled uncompromising dastardly arduous strenuous sapping exhausting warlike hard-nosed disturbing disquieting gory with a heart of stone inhospitable bleak rigorous gloomy dog-eat-dog immoral black low low-down spiteful adamant vulgar awful flinty wild thick-skinned compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted strict heavy demoniac brooding lacking compassion dreadful dour draconian cold feral disagreeable daunting surly fearsome rancorous abhorrent untamed flagitious uncompassionate hateful austere abandoned frightful horrendous horrifying desensitised rugged unwelcoming chilling wretched dire angry terrifying rigid dismal odious glowering stiff stringent hurtful sour hair-raising inauspicious depressing offensive desperate bellicose ravening maniacal thuggish crazed uncouth unspeakable satanic ignorant decimating involving bloodshed hard-fought competitive rumbustious irreconcilable unrefined uncultured unlettered demonic treacherous unconcerned bearish gruff tactless indifferent stone-hearted ungodly unmoved punishing unkindly inconsiderate arch accursed Mephistophelian butcherous egregious hardline antagonistic malign cannibalistic intransigent bruising moody wolflike unsafe sworn sullen steely unremitting hard as nails foul corrupt intimidatory dodgy ill-boding glum infamous degraded degenerate worthless at each other's throats fatal plant uncivilised minatory viperous minacious rowdy serpentine venomous uncivilized uncontrollable morose debased profligate unprincipled sinful sulky frowning licentious contaminated perverse faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous deathly hardhearted ironfisted revengeful marble-hearted scowling unfriendly terminal raging firm gluttonous insatiable rapacious scary direful uninviting without pity hideous stormy spine-chilling unpromising shocking evil-looking spooky bodeful dread alarming redoubtable formidable mean-looking fearful pestilent fiery hard-hitting creepy grumpy indignant temperamental aggravated cantankerous aggrieved cheerless drastic unsentimental sombre turbulent murky tumultuous volatile morbid somber vital suggestive of evil perilous repulsive life-threatening ugly crabby enraged authoritarian exacting cool internecine bloodless intractable resolute unemotional ramrod refractory headstrong immutable pugnacious unfavorable unfavourable hardheaded hard-line hard-shelled two-fisted heavy-handed hard-bitten pernicious maleficent wrathful adverse disadvantageous roughshod virulent uncomfortable jarring negative stark grievous untoward painful distressing galling poignant agonizing heartbreaking excruciating heart-rending vexatious upsetting trying onerous yukky traumatic burdensome unwelcome unhappy tormenting miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending hardhanded displeasing oppressive uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic torturous searing sad icky sore distressful mortifying great unsavoury intemperate provoking annoying intense agonising calamitous afflictive gut-wrenching

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