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participating readily in reactionstending to react to a stimulus


Quick to react
responsive alive awake aware forthcoming impressionable open perceptive receptive sensitive susceptible sympathetic amenable flexible accessible approachable sharp acknowledging active alert answering compassionate conscious influenceable kindhearted passionate persuadable quick to react replying respondent sensible sensile sentient softhearted susceptive tender warm warmhearted open to suggestions well disposed quick to respond vulnerable defenceless against liable exposed in danger prone ready endangered wide open assailable subject to disposed subject defenseless attackable defenceless inclined at risk unprotected given unguarded impressible thin-skinned sitting duck suggestible vincible tending pliant conquerable apt naked pregnable on the line out on a limb predisposed threatened gullible ingenuous at the mercy of laid open left open an easy target for at risk of malleable naive weak pliable unsafe exploitable mouldable trusting credulous on the spot sucker affected pushover swayable likely easily led imperiled willing verisimilar beatable penetrable unfortified unresistant easily affected by wide open to imperilled susceptive of without protection in the firing line in danger of prey to laid bare in jeopardy defeatable in harmony with yielding unarmed jeopardized wide-open ill-protected open to attack unshielded permitting undefended attuned to allowing of open-minded jeopardised at hazard in peril interested bent friendly welcoming favourable attuned on the cards broad-minded acceptive acceptant fain devoted apt to get minded likely to get likely to have with a tendency to get in danger of getting bright hospitable favorable well-disposed quick open to new ideas recipient observant threatened with in peril of helpless developmental ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake plastic wax-like easily influenced feeling affectable developing susceptible to exposed to liable to prone to not above open to growing in deep water unsuspecting unwary foundational seminal creative moldable formative immature acquiescent gullable tractable innocent nonresistant soft emotional manageable adaptable easy movable dewy-eyed wide-eyed fall for over-trusting easily deceived easily moved highly strung over-trustful easily taken in easily taken advantage of readily taken advantage of


Provoked or activated


Responding to or acting to counteract something when it happens (rather than beforehand)


Having or displaying an appreciation of the feelings of others
sensitive perceptive sympathetic thoughtful feeling understanding receptive tactful comforting commiserating commiserative compassionate condoling considerate consoling empathetic empathic supportive sympathising sympathizing tender tenderhearted tender-hearted warm attentive aware careful intuitive caring cognizant concerned conscious diplomatic discerning kind patient impressionable responsive sensitised sensitized emotionable impressible insightful kindly knowing perceiving unselfish finely tuned supersensitive touchy feely tuned in turned on to emotional warm-hearted gentle soft soft-hearted passionate fiery sensorial vulnerable sensible demonstrative high-strung irritable sensory nervous fragile benevolent humane softhearted affectionate warmhearted kindhearted charitable pitying beneficent benignant loving kind-hearted good-hearted merciful generous helpful indulgent solicitous good-natured altruistic big-hearted all heart mild gracious tolerant lenient doting sweet encouraging sentimental maternal benign forgiving philanthropic goodhearted large-hearted soothing reassuring bleeding-heart giving selfless motherly fatherly fatherlike humanitarian friendly great-hearted open-hearted forbearing genial clement moved obliging magnanimous human approachable bighearted consolatory uplifting inspiring nurturing inspiriting sorry philanthropical piteous protective fond vicarious appreciative boosting gratifying stimulating touchy-feely cheering cheerful fulfilling mushy nice amiable amicable having heart in right place bleeding heart comprehending open-minded well-disposed accommodating full of pity condolatory accepting interested appreciating affirmative good paternal enthusiastic civilized approving positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming decent accessible righteous liberal neighborly neighbourly pleasing broad-minded civilised ruthful sparing touched adopted imagined assumed welcome old softie well disposed do-good well meaning loving and giving well-intentioned stirred hospitable agreeable pleasant lovable personable impressed congenial affable lovely cordial likeable mellow melted stimulated affected influenced conciliatory easygoing prepossessing winsome delightful unpresumptuous charming unassuming engaging simpatico reasonable sweet-natured companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie likable sociable winning appealing taking mild-mannered enchanting good-tempered captivating good-humoured sweet-tempered good-humored even-tempered harmless deeply moved


Reckless due to not being properly thought out
unconsidered hasty impulsive rash reckless temerarious thoughtless unthinking foolhardy heedless slapdash headstrong impetuous improvident incautious adventurous headlong hotheaded madcap overhasty precipitant precipitate venturesome venturous knee-jerk devil-may-care harum-scarum jumping to conclusions irrational premature ad hoc ill-advised ill-considered hot-headed irresponsible wild imprudent careless daredevil hare-brained brash precipitous injudicious indiscreet unwise daring kamikaze hell-for-leather audacious foolish negligent overbold harebrained unheeding inconsiderate overconfident death-or-glory over-adventurous unguarded spur-of-the-moment unwary misguided over-venturesome tearaway hurried inattentive unthought-out sudden regardless flighty mindless bold ill-judged desperate frivolous inadvisable casual giddy stupid silly erratic unconcerned senseless helter-skelter bull-in-a-china-shop tactless indifferent undiplomatic unsafe adventuresome breakneck passionate carefree capricious remiss irreflective fast and loose uncareful inadvertent fearless courageous intrepid brave dauntless undaunted death-defying crazy crackpot risk-taking unthoughtful impractical scatty crackbrained radge ill-conceived playing with fire overventuresome out of control uncontrolled unsmart careless of one's duty fly-by-night haphazard happy-go-lucky nonchalant impolitic ignorant uninformed unaware daft chaotic wacky lively easy-going inexpedient dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy unwarned unknowing unsuspecting airy flippant insouciant ill-timed unworried swaggering untroubled breezy romping light-minded disorderly indelicate graceless wrong-headed wrong unsuitable inappropriate unmindful disregardful uncaring asleep at the switch out to lunch without regard careless of sloppy blithe lackadaisical cavalier undesirable dumb deaf unobservant apathetic ditsy unreasoning blind absent-minded slipshod listless undiscerning neglectful unreflective unreasonable unadvised in the dark not in the loop risky free and easy spontaneous mad unpremeditated wide open instinctive extemporaneous impromptu snap off deep end out on limb involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive uninhibited emotional freakish unprompted unrepressed abrupt swift unpredictable unmeditated ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it hectic superficial abandoned perfunctory quick speedy unexpected automatic offhand pell-mell flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene fiery immature frenzied determined furious insuppressible

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