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reassures, reassured, reassuring

Synonym: assure,


Relaxed or leisurely
relaxed relaxing calming comforting soothing tranquil carefree comfortable leisurely restful lazy peaceful placid indulgent serene tranquillizing tranquilizing lulling pacifying quiet reposeful sedative balmy benign light mild calm mellow tender halcyon undisturbed untroubled chilled temperate stress-free dreamy narcotic quieting calmative palliative mollifying ataractic appeasing quietening soporific lenitive relieving consoling easing consolatory remedying warming softening anodyne alleviatory alleviating demulcent mitigatory alleviative paregoric mitigative assuasive easy casual easygoing laid-back unhurried composed collected breezy nonchalant insouciant free and easy flexible unperturbed poised easy-going unworried free undemanding pacific stilly still hushed sedate cool fun cozy in a relaxed manner taking your time cosy recreational effortless sleepy arcadian amusing languid frivolous entertaining inactive unexcited unanxious motionless contented retired non-job related non-work related free from interference free from disturbance free from interruption facile painless untroublesome cavalier self-possessed unruffled imperturbable together unflappable coolheaded recollected equable centered self-composed level possessed lown even-tempered limpid at peace smooth equal unshaken unexcitable at ease nonplussed liberal lax loose blithe uninhibited fair dispassionate pellucid reconciled satisfied quiescent centred stoical phlegmatic unflustered content patient resting slack liberated unrestricted compromising unceremonious unrestrained cool, calm and collected conciliatory unconcerned forgiving informal cool as a cucumber as cool as a cucumber untaxing laid back happy-go-lucky hassle-free unrestrictive low-pressure permissive freewheeling laissez-faire non-restrictive


Characterized by a good or happy sentiment
positive good happy heartening cheerful hopeful buoyant great heartwarming hearty joyful promising welcome auspicious bouncy bubbly comforting ebullient effervescent encouraging enthusiastic jocund lively optimistic pleasing propitious believing bright cheering determined fresh rose-colored rosy sanguine sunny can-do cheery feel-good go-getting gratifying redeeming stirring uplifting proactive up upbeat unmarred golden likely fair favourable roseate favorable full of promise full of hope likely-looking felicitous bullish satisfactory excellent supportive idealistic lucky capable assuring rose-coloured alluring successful merry of good cheer Utopian utopian looking on the bright side inspiring gladdening advantageous enlivening inspiriting arousing providential opportune elating rousing timely exciting promiseful joyous delightful glad gladsome jolly gay wonderful enjoyable satisfying pleasurable festive fantastic mirthful jovial magical light-hearted heart-warming warming soul-stirring jaunty charming engaging grand splendid agreeable heavenly celebratory lovely magnificent glorious marvellous marvelous fabulous ecstatic delighted jubilant high elated contented vivacious overjoyed euphoric enraptured hilarious blissful satisfied chuffed amusing rapt exhilarated thrilled exuberant carefree glowing riotous pleased stoked grinning humorous uproarious wrapped pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous grooving lighthearted zippy thankful orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome entranced fulfilled paradisiacal paradisal rhapsodical untroubled enchanted fun beatific paradisaical frolicsome zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac well triumphant paradisaic chirpy perky gratified sportive captivated chipper convivial light comfortable peppy sparkling playful blest tickled laughing smiling gleeful content blessed entertained blithe exultant wild intoxicated in seventh heaven tickled to death over the moon blissed out can't complain beside oneself with joy on top of the world looking good full of beans starry-eyed as pleased as Punch in high spirits as happy as a clam at ease as happy as a sandboy walking on air cock-a-hoop tickled pink rip-roaring in good spirits on a high floating on air as happy as Larry fun-loving flying high Panglossian in a good mood on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails


In a state of, or providing a state of, comfort and relaxation


Beneficial to one's social or personal well-being
favorable advantageous benefic beneficial friendly good helpful kindly beneficent benignant profitable salutary appropriate benign cheering constructive convenient fair fit flattering fortunate gratifying handy happy healthful lucky nice opportune pleasant pleasing pleasurable pleasureful prosperous providential satisfactory seasonable suitable timely toward useful welcome well-timed wholesome worthy full of promise propitious favourable auspicious expedient fitting valuable felicitous fruitful worthwhile productive apt gainful proper rewarding promising desirable effective right of use of service of benefit conducive encouraging behooveful fortuitous golden strategic well timed heaven-sent benevolent of assistance practical serviceable meritorious judicious applicable relevant becoming bright seemly meet best of value ripe advisable wise efficacious acceptable invaluable positive instrumental lucrative facilitative win-win commodious sensible kind worth it timeous befitting significant healthy to one's advantage agreeable decent prudent needed contributive furthersome successful sound favored necessary correct tactical informative suited recommended reasonable pertinent favoured suggested serendipitous well-off charitable flukey fluky ideal requisite fitted in one's interests of help incidental enviable just towardly for the best accidental to your advantage healing well disposed complimentary laudatory sympathetic gentle pat economic plus perfect illuminating enriching supportive privileged in one's favor on one's side in one's favour preferred remunerative preferable casual good for one politic recommendable rational pragmatic reasoned uplifting inspiring good for you done due moderate warm clement tasteful well spent important set disposed in one's best interests logical rightful coincidental unexpected chance accommodating essential vital pivotal crucial comme il faut comely adequate sufficient prompt altruistic humanitarian generous respectable usable utilizable satisfying well-suited crying out usual punctual effectual big-hearted unforeseen jammy rosy paramount indispensable imperative critical comfortable merciful smiling dexter predictable expected apropos seasonal fit to be eaten consumable comestible safe to eat approving common versatile brave edible fit for human consumption sagacious best suited valid presentable definitive clear appreciated fundamental key respected admired in demand exigent immediate speedy in one's interest favoring conformable congruous commending commendatory unobjectionable protean salubrious tolerable hygienic ample all right compelling normal for the time of year appropriate to the time of year hot central loved held dear estimable esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold in the nick of time up-to-date in good time likely up-to-the-minute at the right time worthful scarce hot property favouring utilisable born with a silver spoon in your mouth productive of good for contributory aid helpful to facilitate favour favor leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in meaningful instructive tend to promote calculated to produce accessory lead to contribute to make for contributing to apposite pretty germane functional to the point qualified in keeping deserved equitable moneymaking decorous employable ready to the purpose paying material related condign useable capable practicable exploitable fat juicy money-spinning adapted feasible operative available going tailor-made kosher right on on the nose on the button justified well-chosen able connected thriving prepared profit-making deserving equipped powerful conforming workable accessible compatible correspondent well-paying merited telling running current just right sweet equal competent operable appurtenant enough ad rem financially rewarding well paid expendable unused wieldy exhaustible adaptable utile open subservient spot on good enough made to order legit excellent cut out for in the black at hand at disposal in order hopeful fairy-tale harmonious blessed conformed reconciled accommodated commercial workaday belonging for-profit renumerative inspired ordinary utilitarian everyday neat choice well suited matched working just what was ordered that's the ticket obligatory warranted well chosen utility cut out joyous well put well expressed convincing high-income right and proper bounden operational disposable functioning potent behooving beseeming relative linked applicatory associable congruent correlated consistent salient money-making well-paid great well judged applied ultrapractical applicative actionable user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff righteous right up someone's street in keeping with okay copacetic bankable cost-effective high-paying apropos of on target having direct bearing on having to do with viable optimal just the thing booming flourishing fatness in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use in working order just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs wonderful just the job active efficient what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle cost effective forceful decisive determinative conclusive forcible -worthy paid rich lush substantial fructuous going concern paid off very productive dominant superior commanding dominating fine more desirable most correct most desirable


Showing approval, appreciation or praise
favorable admiring applauding appreciative approbatory approving commendatory complimentary friendly good positive acclamatory affirmative agreeable amicable approbative assenting benevolent benign commending enthusiastic inclined kind laudatory okay praiseful predisposed recommendatory supportive sympathetic understanding welcoming well-disposed well-intentioned in favor of flattering favourable congratulatory panegyrical respectful adulatory laudative praising plauditory encomiastic eulogistic encouraging adoring agreeing idolizing pleased confirmatory glowing accepting rapturous gracious celebrating keen idolising fawning satisfied receptive generous encomiastical deferential appreciating acclaiming esteeming worshipful worshipping worshiping condign sensitive commendable excellent great fine responsive raving supreme conscious aware celebratory high advisory warm knowledgeable mindful honeyed full of praise eulogizing rave saccharine fulsome sugary regardful perceptive cognizant cordial cooperative enlightened alive affectionate considerate well-wishing polite courtly civil honoring honouring fair-spoken eulogising highly favourable unctuous sycophantic with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable in the know consenting pro concurring corroborative confirming sympathetic to in favour of on the side of responsive to favourably disposed to favourable to in sympathy with encouraging of favorably disposed to receptive to well disposed to acquiescent affirming confirmative endorsing acknowledging affirmatory in the affirmative supporting ratifying complying extolling rhapsodic lionizing lionising panegyric glorifying reverential obsequious servile blandishing bootlicking slavish cloying ingratiating smarmy hagiographical soapy oily nauseating gushing oleaginous gushy hagiographic toadying ecstatic highly complimentary very happy


Present participle for to give (someone) confidence in the trustworthiness of (something)

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