Synonym of red letter


Famous or important in history, or potentially so
historic consequential momentous significant celebrated famous important notable extraordinary outstanding remarkable epoch-making earth-shattering famed groundbreaking headline landmark memorable renowned big earthshaking eventful ground-breaking major material meaningful monumental much substantial tectonic unforgettable weighty earth-shaking of importance well-known of consequence of significance fateful glorious illustrious gratifying distinguished august noteworthy great pivotal fulfilling triumphant good uplifting proud heroic noble bright brilliant grand rewarding resplendent splendid wonderful pleasing magnificent epochal honourable satisfying far-reaching marvellous marvelous venerable honorable heart-warming exalted shining sublime cheering pleasurable serious critical decisive vital crucial grave considerable portentous heavy milestone breakthrough pioneering innovative revolutionary innovatory radical apocalyptic life-changing life-and-death world-shattering world-shaking of moment sizable fundamental forceful sensational potent striking conclusive large exceptional climacteric glaring newsworthy mighty strong pressing distinctive urgent front-page noticeable high-level appreciable preponderant extensive heavy-duty severe obvious all-important earnest capital rare conspicuous signal unusual extreme intense marked keynote resonant pronounced hefty particular cardinal especial impactful worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight unordinary large-scale deep emphatic quantum principal uncommon generous imposing impressive high-priority special burning ponderable

Antonym of red letter

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