Synonym of reforming

Alternative for reforming

reforms, reformed, reforming

Synonym: change, convert, improve, revise,


Present participle for to make changes in something in order to improve it
amending bettering correcting improving rectifying mending rehabilitating ameliorating rebuilding renovating reconstructing remodeling remodelling altering refashioning refining reorganising reorganizing revising adapting adjusting changing recasting redesigning remaking reshaping revolutionising revolutionizing reworking converting emending reconstituting redoing repairing restoring restyling revamping transforming regenerating remedying remolding remoulding renewing reorienting reorientating restructuring upgrading customising customizing permutating permuting reclaiming tailoring uplifting varying curing debugging modernising modernizing rearranging resolving making better bringing up to code making over red-pencilling red-penciling making adjustments to making alterations to fixing updating modifying reconditioning refurbishing enhancing setting right developing doctoring righting fixing up putting right squaring helping overhauling redressing editing rewriting straightening out touching up making good tweaking perfecting shaping up transfiguring transmuting sorting out habilitating evolving redeeming settling regulating recalibrating meliorating enriching elevating polishing patching up boosting reshuffling transmogrifying doing up retrieving refreshing redrafting streamlining rehabbing picking up raising progressing rejigging metamorphosing dealing with putting to rights mutating rewording advancing honing rescripting reordering rejuvenating bringing up to date controlling patching innovating lifting retouching reviving making up for rephrasing readjusting morphing augmenting fine-tuning redistributing putting in order shifting turning healing turning the corner reassembling harmonizing making right reformatting shaping contemporizing technologizing harmonising recreating recuperating diversifying rebranding refitting paying one's dues redecorating dialing back cleaning up face-lifting straightening up increasing turning around strengthening calibrating clearing up turning over new leaf mitigating straightening sharpening beefing up cultivating fortifying clarifying making strides reinstating balancing vindicating diverging optimizing optimising metamorphosizing scrubbing redeveloping easing rehashing retooling fashioning benefiting benefitting modulating transubstantiating stirring up tuning troubleshooting servicing reestablishing setting reindustrializing reconfiguring promoting translating going over turning things around rationalizing turning upside down switching over shifting gears ironing out interchanging setting the record straight cleaning up act revivifying retreading revitalizing resurrecting making different making changes to turning the tables revitalising building up rationalising setting straight doing over fiddling with sprucing up tarting up furthering building stepping up remediating setting to rights bringing into the twenty-first century seeing to becoming better leading dominating directing presiding over mastering having authority over manipulating rising heightening reeducating purifying restituting subediting redacting reengineering taking off making perfect perking up bowdlerizing expurgating censoring emendating salvaging salvageing realigning differentiating resetting recovering solving becoming bowdlerising altering dramatically making up reviewing transposing molding alchemizing dragging into the twenty-first century leading into the twenty-first century marching into the twenty-first century shaking up turning one around becoming different aiding regrouping remanufacturing reerecting paying dues bolstering facilitating brightening up adding to moulding transferring rejiggering denaturing switching commuting cooking warping affecting making improvements to fettling getting the latest version of unraveling unscrambling diagnosing delousing untangling unravelling getting with it absolving cleaning up one's act taking care of attending to squaring up maintaining putting back together restoring to working order giving a face-lift getting working again making as good as new gentrifying refurnishing sustaining tempering stimulating vitalizing moderating saving reanimating fining changing completely qualifying making far-reaching changes in cleansing sprucing rekindling reactivating doing resuscitating cleaning tampering with making innovations singing different tune paraphrasing changing around fine tuning relieving arranging correcting mid-course building on brushing up laundering breaking with the past ordering conforming reconciling accommodating removing errors redrawing compensating for naturalizing gussying up vamping up smartening up changing for the better improving on working on transcending excelling counteracting annulling negating cancelling neutralising counterchecking compensating frustrating negativing canceling recompensing neutralizing normalizing conditioning fitting reproducing working the bugs out of giving something a facelift bringing something up to code merging appreciating amplifying smartening putting aligning jiggering attuning coordinating organizing evening up recompensing for making amends for replacing suiting normalising twiddling organising tightening focussing grading sorting focusing quadrating assuaging reinforcing forwarding reenforcing growing materialising commutating naturalising reducing making reparation making restitution for making restitution making amends balancing out evening out paying for leveling out restoring the balance making reparation for freeing from blame removing guilt from restoring to favour saving from blame tailor-making tuning up maturing bringing into line making conform putting in working order re-establishing deforming re-forming breathing new life into forging ahead going off moving ahead getting on levelling up moving forward in leaps and bounds prospering getting ahead driving forward thriving going places extending expanding getting somewhere moving forward multiplying pacing getting along flourishing coming on making progress leveling up coming along scaling up pulling ahead making headway transcribing restating rendering piecing together materializing putting in other words expressing in own words expressing in other words expressing differently acclimatizing acclimatising acclimating accustoming familiarizing habituating familiarising programming getting used to preparing assimilating integrating acculturating orienting hardening positioning seasoning systematizing lining up methodizing proportioning setting up standardizing systematising ranging arraying managing disposing inuring acquainting standardising becoming accustomed to synchronizing planning moving composing forming conciliating matching marshaling marshalling assembling synchronising smoothing laying out fitting in making ready designing orientating making inflecting levelling leveling patterning cutting placing priming growing used to coming to terms with equalizing coming to accept getting into the habit grouping classifying personalizing learning to live with regularizing trimming codifying getting to know filing tidying up evening rescheduling regularising equalising making consistent configuring toughening disciplining redeploying drawing up making an adjustment making an alteration acculturing introducing initiating pitching personalising domesticating displacing shuffling counterbalancing redisposing becoming accustomed climatizing measuring keying becoming resigned getting accustomed getting used according getting someone accustomed becoming seasoned processing dovetailing becoming naturalized familiarizing oneself with getting someone used familiarizing someone with making used swapping locating meshing treating timing changing round relocating allineating cataloguing equating tabulating correlating categorizing playing oneself in learning about blending in distributing alternating reversing cataloging ranking sequencing systemizing indexing tidying transitioning regimenting triaging making even neatening establishing bringing together setting out rewarding categorising paralleling making level comparing parallelling upping intonating adopting playing around with jiggling around juggling reacclimating bending individualising individualizing readying deconflicting autotuning gauging writing software uprating loading software loading instructions plotting dialling dialing stringing sizing repositioning removing softening exchanging complying styling spring-cleaning governing collimating placating burying the hatchet making friends appeasing negotiating mediating corresponding becoming inured smoothing over making appropriate for making fitting for making appropriate to making fitting to restarting toning giving facelift resigning oneself avenging gaging metastasizing metamorphizing budging trueing up putting in position putting in place jacking up assigning classing getting in order gearing doing justice going straight predisposing determining facing making agree offsetting pushing transplanting dislocating pulling undergoing a change acquainting yourself becoming au fait accustoming yourself acclimatizing yourself catching on lining freshening up inverting getting one's bearings finding one's feet steeling lessening lowering restraining curbing custom-making custom-building getting working indurating bearing upon impinging upon having an impact on putting away conducting spacing formalising setting in order alphabetizing formalizing moving around training pooling interrelating growing accustomed to becoming used to finding one's way around trading undergoing a sea change polishing up making improvements transiting transmutating passing finding your feet counterpoising reexamining scanning blue-penciling blue-pencilling looking over scrutinising going through boning up scrutinizing schooling tampering remixing blending following concerting desensitizing scheduling influencing switching round swapping round situating desensitising justifying nullifying countervailing making to order cutting to fit making to measure writing instructions changing the tone of case-hardening fitting together conducing getting it together quarterbacking relating grooming vacillating fluctuating swinging veering distorting substituting disguising flip-flopping toning down playing down equilibrizing breaking in compiling beautifying retracting listing structuring tying canceling out coming out even opposing cancelling out coming out pairing off collating teaching visiting frequenting haunting putting in columns making straight initializing making parallel initialising putting in rows arranging in line resigning prioritizing constituting making tidy dolling up making neater jazzing up making smarter booking effecting handling working administering manoeuvring performing on concocting acting on acting with maneuvering banding mixing pigeonholing collocating following custom following the crowd following convention running with the pack following beaten path keeping in step rolling with punches going along to get along swimming with the stream following tradition slotting in orchestrating diarying timetabling fixing a time for prearranging slating penciling in enduring educating addicting confirming devoting tolerating melding inventorying formulating consolidating remastering sculpting casting modeling framing modelling standing constructing prioritising knocking into shape combining putting straight licking into shape whipping into shape familiarizing yourself becoming like becoming similar mustering gathering familiarizing with hanging at resorting creating sculpturing doing a U-turn on becoming acquainted with yo-yoing on eating one's words changing gears on about-facing doing an about-turn on flip-flopping on seating making equal equaling equalling carving hewing whittling making familiar with making used to taking to repaying shepherding evening off centreing centring laying centering re-creating blocking forging spreading out handicapping rivaling making the same rivalling democratizing levelling off emulating socializing commeasuring democratising communizing socialising making uniform synthesizing doctoring up bringing into harmony adjusting to the correct pitch crystallising patting fabricating roughhewing returning syncretizing reimbursing chiselling chiseling kneading minting crystallizing making compatible synthesising making congruent making harmonious throwing together blocking out making repayment causing to sit happily with causing to sit easily with paying back remitting honoring a claim refunding relinquishing giving back causing to be in agreement


Present participle for to deprive an established church, military squadron, operations base, etc of its official status


Favoring fundamental, usually extreme, change in political or social conditions
radical progressive revolutionary extreme militant reformist anarchistic extremist fanatical progressivist revisionist diehard fanatic insurrectionary rabid revolutionist immoderate insubordinate insurgent mutinous rebellious seditious intransigent lawless nihilistic recalcitrant recusant refractory restive riotous ultraist looney loony swivel-eyed far-out way out liberal unorthodox tolerant unconventional nonconventional nontraditional nonorthodox left left-wing open-minded broad-minded left of center rebel ultra subversive dissident anarchic unruly partisan dogmatic insurrectionist defiant contumacious disloyal anarchical disobedient factious treasonable ungovernable bigoted zealous unmanageable traitorous wayward renegade wilful uncontrollable bolshie intemperate disorderly resistant politically aware political activist iconoclastic intractable wild rioting turbulent contrary disaffected party-political treasonous froward treacherous obstreperous willful untoward obstinate incompliant balky difficult stubborn warring up in arms fractious bellicose exaggerated negativistic destructive pessimistic existentialist overzealous outrageous civil disobedience unreasonable guerrilla combative sectarian maniacal resistance over the top conspiratorial blinkered single-minded prejudiced narrow-minded chauvinistic illiberal intolerant active party factional OTT mercenary uncooperative headstrong uncompromising inflexible self-willed unwilling excessive drastic outre outlandish gone outré unbiddable underground black resistive incontrollable stroppy bloody-minded obdurate awkward obstinately disobedient perverse mutinying mad fervent party political over-the-top frenzied pervicacious renitent inflammatory agitational too much all out passionate noncompliant indomitable insubmissive argumentative undisciplined undisciplinable withstanding resisting opposing out of control revolting nonconformist dissentient malcontent enthusiastic out of bounds perfidious obsessive incorrigible overenthusiastic anarchist terrorist threatening pugnacious individualistic armed restless sabotaging quarrelsome alienated attacking rabble-rousing reactionary heterodox apostate unfaithful outlaw runaway untraditional schismatic backsliding recreant


Having an interest in the future, and planning for it
forward-looking modern progressive enterprising liberal dynamic enlightened go-ahead go-getting ambitious bold farseeing farsighted forehanded foreseeing foresighted forethoughtful forward pioneering positive prescient proactive progressivist provident pushing visionary avant-garde forward-thinking open-minded radical revolutionary advanced perceptive discerning predictive prophetic percipient far-seeing prognostic previsional foreknowing clairvoyant sagacious cutting-edge longsighted foresightful reformist long prospicient long-term right-on sibylline oracular divinatory left-wing leftist freethinking libertarian resourceful imaginative inventive ingenious canny judicious astute free-thinking latitudinarian PC humanistic creative innovative disruptive original entrepreneurial augural vatic fatidic apocalyptic enthusiastic driven up-and-coming energetic vigorous vital spirited intuitive insightful psychic vaticinal revelatory pythonic adventurous daring intrepid new rising courageous audacious high-powered prognosticative fatidical vaticinatory divining politically correct with foresight haruspical prescientific adumbrative prevoyant gumptious gutsy dashing venturous nervy brave valiant fearless valorous plucky heroic unflinching mettlesome dauntless unafraid ballsy spunky game have-a-go gutty undaunted venturesome gallant hardy free-swinging adventuresome nerved emboldened doughty stout stalwart temerarious unblenching unabashed manful stouthearted lionhearted unshrinking aweless resolute greathearted heroical indomitable confident gritty undauntable lion-hearted stout-hearted cocky sassy icy feisty brassy frightless assured impavid undismayed unalarmed reckless daredevil madcap death-or-glory devil-may-care rash risky wild overconfident foolhardy brash overbold clever active bright sharp gifted able eager keen capable alert talented quick-witted death-defying zealous ungoverned uncurbed zippy itching snappy yearning go-go lively peppy diligent spanking hungry stirring craving industrious advancing aspiring self-starting hustling lusting driving take-over ready busy hardworking coming on strong hard ball spark plug


Modelled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect
utopian ideal immaterial non-material non-materialistic paradisal progressive socialist unworldly Arcadian blissful divine Edenic Elysian Erewhonian heavenly idyllic perfect sublime paradisaical paradisiacal paradisical wonderful glorious beautiful delightful out of this world celestial golden blessed delectable seraphic superhuman immortal supernatural empyrean beatific extraterrestrial ravishing angelic excellent exquisite godlike lush delicious enjoyable adorable ambrosial alluring entrancing scrumptious luscious cherubic rapturous lovely yummy holy darling paradisiac sweet supernal paradisaic halcyon idealized peaceful rustic picturesque pastoral charming happy rural arcadian unspoiled Utopian bucolic sylvan unspoilt scenic idealised pleasant relaxing tranquil pleasing comfortable restful calm out-of-this-world serene enchanting superlunary marvellous first-rate superb first-class sensational fantastic terrific great fabulous gratifying pleasurable gorgeous fab splendid dynamite neat brave top-shelf phat slick prime bonnie cracking quality groovy blue-ribbon frontline boss five-star dandy hot prize swell out-of-sight gangbusters top jim-dandy brag topping bully gilt-edge famous righteous cool superlative top-notch awesome crackerjack classic marvelous wizard choice capital sterling fantabulous down first-string fine topflight immense top-of-the-line prizewinning unsurpassed gone keen blue-chip bang-up noble bumper smashing four-star gangbuster bonny primo boffo gilt-edged supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wicked tip-top radical banner grand dope nifty super superior peachy high-class stellar A-OK corking mean hype bosting brill brilliant paradisic peachy keen par excellence number one saintly numero uno spiritual


A reforming
reformation advancement amelioration betterment change improvement development enhancement advance progress correction augmentation amendment rally furtherance embellishment upgrading enrichment boost increase growth rise surge increment buildup refinement upgrade rectification upswing melioration breakthrough gain promotion heightening raising progression forwarding rectifying face-lift elevation upturn upbeat cultivation enlargement civilisation expansion revision renovation turnaround step up meliorism supplementation endowment civilization change for the better preferment kaizen reclamation escalation headway upsurge evolution evolvement boom transformation jump leap step forward hike inflation spread maturation modernization coming-of-age innovation flowering momentum aggrandizement movement emergence addition aggrandisement amplification recovery raise augmenting regeneration advancing flourishing success stride revolution maturing perfecting developing spurt extension intensification accrual anabasis appreciation procession uptick blossoming march proliferation evolving reconstruction edification multiplication swell forward movement inroads revival boosting discovery find prosperity recuperation magnification lift reinforcement expedition finding invention benefit swelling growing quantum leap supplement accretion blooming rush leap forward passage acceleration burgeoning maturity metamorphosis elaboration increasing stimulation ascent ripening making progress push adulthood soaring exponential growth growth spurt step in the right direction upward turn scientific advancement technological advancement break mushrooming onward movement movement forward conversion pickup turn-up enlightenment augment aggrandization mounting ground gained steps forward education uplift training advantage mastery reform refining inroad step strengthening strides polishing spreading perfection unraveling upward mobility incubate nurse nourish exaltation stress emphasis encroachment process addendum plus upgrowth reinforcing elaborating geometric growth explosive growth rampant growth rapid growth going continuation onrush continuance upping up wax achievement fruition ongoing unfolding unravelling career exacerbation climb fine-tuning forward motion jacking up moving forward onward motion adding to capability ability buildout spiralling intensifying spike explosion uptrend bump ascension accumulation cumulation forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward creation creep rising ascendance snowballing contribution jack up towering spiraling soar thriving ontogenesis ontogeny run-up a kick upstairs a step up a move up moving up jump up a step up the ladder piling up significant addition move up ramp up career development upward movement stacking up being upgraded leap forwards new idea traction turn of events backing furthering championship abetting aiding helping facilitating assisting pushing advocacy succouring encouragement hastening nurturing fostering patronage endorsement championing expediting succoring pursuit prosecution speeding up carrying-out

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