Synonym of reformist

Alternative for reformist

'rɪː'fɔrmɪst /-'fɔːm-


a disputant who advocates reform


favoring or promoting reform (often by government action)


One who favors fundamental change, typically with extreme political views
crazy extremist radical revolutionary revolutionist anarch anarchist agitator leftist lefty rebel insurgent insurrectionist red secessionist separationist progressive reformer separatist subversive zealot fanatic militant ultra diehard ultraist activist partisan sectarian die-hard fundamentalist devotee bigot maniac dogmatist hardliner chauvinist revisionist energumen visionary game changer apologist adherent wackadoo wackadoodle socialist firebrand renegade nonconformist avant-garde obsessive monomaniac demon objector rioter iconoclast revolter nihilist freethinker mutineer Bolshevist Bolshevik enthusiast crank terrorist partizan supporter protester demonstrator true believer ideologue idealogue crusader Young Turk dissenter red hot dissident guerrilla campaigner freedom fighter resistance fighter fighter atheist sceptic agnostic unbeliever insurrectionary non-theist bioterrorist ecoterrorist cyberterrorist agroterrorist narcoterrorist malcontent frondeur skeptic striker marcher protest marcher picketer counterrevolutionist champion advocate fiend nut battler evangelist counterrevolutionary traitor promoter Zapatista resister Montonero cynic pessimist young Turk disbeliever picketers picket follower human chain heckler non-believer schismatic belligerent combatant recusant dogmatizer disciple negativist nonbeliever warrior free thinker maverick cohort heretic satellite misbeliever irregular disrupter destroyer lobbyist boycotter existentialist troublemaker underground fighter irregular soldier paramilitary commando mercenary bushfighter member of the underground professional soldier member of the resistance soldier of fortune


Not constrained by traditional or orthodox beliefs or behavior
progressive liberal radical progressivist revolutionary unorthodox nonconventional nontraditional revisionist tolerant unconventional left nonorthodox reforming left-wing broad-minded open-minded left of center latitudinarian humanistic libertarian humanitarian permissive advanced enlightened leftist high-minded reasonable receptive broad understanding unprejudiced magnanimous flexible loose catholic unbigoted lenient general indulgent receiving free rational intelligent unbiased avant-garde interested socialist liberalistic collectivist Labour Labourite pink Socialist lefty forward-looking social-democrat modern right-on freethinking go-ahead forward-thinking PC free-thinking politically correct militant extreme extremist fanatical anarchistic rabid diehard insurrectionary fanatic revolutionist seditious mutinous rebellious insubordinate insurgent immoderate refractory intransigent recalcitrant ultraist recusant lawless nihilistic restive riotous loony looney swivel-eyed far-out way out forbearing easy-going lax soft free and easy open patient just sympathetic laissez-faire impartial accepting nonjudgmental fair easy-oasy wide anti-discrimination non-discriminatory nonconformist antitraditional large-minded anticonventional contemporary antiestablishment liberated nonconservative non-restrictive long-suffering acquiescent unprescriptive live-and-let-live unrestricted charitable non-partisan liberal-minded hands-off agreeable susceptible accommodating overindulgent permitting approving allowing moderate noninterventionist complaisant stoic stoical kind-hearted uncomplaining big easy with easygoing excusing condoning sophisticated easy on merciful clement benevolent forgiving humane kindhearted dispassionate undogmatic cosmopolitan unshockable responsive free thinking

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