Synonym of regardful

Alternative for regardful

rɪ'gɑrdfʊl /-'gɑːd-


showing deference


Respectful and considerate in nature
dutiful respectful attentive aware careful considerate deferent deferential heedful mindful thoughtful watchful advertent arrect duteous intentive observant observative observing obedient reverential polite submissive obeisant gracious civil compliant courteous humble reverent devoted mannerly solicitous obliging admiring appreciative docile subservient biddable awed kind pliant caring acquiescent tractable gallant manageable chivalrous accommodating worshiping loyal faithful devout good tender worshipful worshipping solemn pious upholding well mannered conscientious obsequious ingratiating yielding complaisant meek loving sympathetic kindly concerned understanding responsible helpful decent venerating well-behaved well disciplined well trained cooperative well-mannered willing venerational responsive adoring interested orderly anxious worried proper courtly seemly well brought up well-brought-up well behaved tolerant decorous law-abiding amenable punctilious dedicated well-trained self-effacing filial conformable malleable governable unresisting under control passive binding obligatory disciplined bootlicking tame pliable servile incumbent on in one's power wrapped around finger resigned in one's clutches honoring honouring controllable docious hearsome sheeplike unquestioning at one's beck and call in one's pocket on a string unselfish compassionate benevolent charitable friendly neighbourly selfless indulgent neighborly kindhearted diplomatic thoughty tactful social well-bred toadying fawning slavish ingratiatory unassertive ductile timid mild subdued spiritless self-abasing lamblike grovelling abject resistless longanimous groveling menial under one's thumb truckling cowering cringing subject downtrodden snivelling inferior sycophantic dancing sniveling ignoble mean at one's mercy a slave to non-resisting patient forbearing spineless supine under someone's thumb nonresisting nonresistant domesticated comformable obeying giving-in bowing down uncomplaining complying subordinate soft agreeable surrendering amiable placable lowly kowtowing disciplinable trainable teachable handleable


Conscious or aware of something
mindful aware conscious sensible cognizant alert careful alive to attentive respectful thoughtful wary watchful chary heedful alive apprehensive sentient ware witting aware of cagey cautious conscientious conscious of conversant knowing knowledgeable observant observative observing sensible of solicitous vigilant acquainted with alert to awake to careful of chary of cognizant of heedful of wary of watchful of wise to au courant hip to on to plugged in recognizant of regardful of tuned in be up on in the know on one's toes on the ball on the job with eyes peeled know all the answers know ins and outs on guard circumspect on the qui vive guarded tentie tenty paying attention on the alert Argus-eyed open-eyed on the lookout beady-eyed not missing a trick prudent awake concentrating ready acute prepared leery on your toes on the watch wide-awake keeping a weather eye on things anxious agog sharp keen on tiptoe sharp-eyed eagle-eyed hawk-eyed keen-eyed with weather eye open gimlet-eyed looking to all ears on your guard on alert on toes keeping your eyes peeled waiting on with eyes like a hawk wide awake looking for gingerly conservative considerate safe keeping one's eyes skinned with one's eyes open taking notice defensive expectant upon one's guard active perky quick wired wide-eyed fully awake bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast on the draw heads up intent focused percipient studious perceptive heeding noticing listening interested diligent rapt focussed committed earnest scrupulous rigorous deep reckful assiduous listening carefully discreet canny calculating politic judicious suspicious reticent diplomatic tactful reserved restrained discriminating softly-softly scheming conniving cunning shrewd sly non-committal slippery guileful wily strategic tentative intelligent wise belt-and-braces deliberate forethoughtful sagacious moderate controlled measured noncommittal keeping a weather eye on walking on eggs playing safe with reservations hesitant watching one's step watching out provident thinking twice precautious keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves gentle calm gradual secretive far-sighted sage patient protective unhurried hooked glued unsleeping with one's eyes skinned wakeful punctilious playing one's cards close to one's chest deceitful duplicitous keeping one's eyes peeled psyched up keeping a weather eye open switched on keeping one's eyes open hip evasive elusive tight-lipped forehanded forearmed reluctant doubting unwasteful saving frugal thrifty sparing vague unrevealing craft adept complicitous equivocal overcareful overcautious close-lipped designing manipulative devious crafty Machiavellian judgmatic discerning close-mouthed judgmatical complicit kid-glove delicate having foresight like a clam civil reasonable temperate on lookout worldly-wise not rash disingenuous artful slick unscrupulous foxy contriving subtle premeditating slim suspecting hedging one's bets walking on egg shells with one's eyes peeled taking it slow


Done with or showing thought and attention
careful painstaking conscientious scrupulous meticulous attentive accurate fastidious particular punctilious thorough assiduous fussy precise deliberate diligent exhaustive heedful industrious judicious methodical orderly provident rigorous sedulous cautious circumspect dedicated exact faithful finicky full intensive laborious strict thoughtful concerned elaborate exacting observant prim religious searching solid thoroughgoing chary correct discreet loving nice perfectionist pernickety persnickety picky selfdisciplined strenuous in-depth going to great lengths by the book by the numbers zealous intent watchful concentrating listening studious detailed close demanding minute systematic delicate complete choosy finical pedantic discriminating critical refined regular efficient ultra-careful choosey fine comprehensive punctual unerring ordered dainty persevering formal structured finicking scientific discerning fussbudgety overnice hard-working organized nitpicking selective old-maidish businesslike mathematical all-out hairline tough all-inclusive faddy logical planned methodic all-embracing pinpoint neat keen proper nit-picky extensive hard to please nit-picking faddish well organized conscionable organised systematized earnest sweeping spot-on persistent coherent rigid unflagging fixed methodized out-and-out constant systematised severe discriminative literal profound well ordered choicy sharp difficult hair-splitting skilful skillful busy concentrated unmistakable defined acute squeamish tidy explicit over-particular active blow-by-blow full-dress disciplined well-ordered veridical tireless stringent true right engaged employed bustling well-regulated faultless reliable serious working matter-of-fact total well thought out plugging encyclopedic deep stiff sensitive particularized definite routine on the button all-encompassing far-reaching on the nose compendious itemized practical controlled hairsplitting clean clocklike inflexible universal embracive inclusive cyclopedic circumstantial intense panoramic omnibus perceptive arranged prissy hypercritical specific whole-hog from A to Z encyclopaedic systematical together authentic veracious cover-all all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged difficult to please indefatigable truthful factual well planned well regulated uncompromising untiring just genuine astute swotty tied-up hopping occupied particularised itemised deft concrete distinct perfect definitive discriminatory ultraprecise tasteful full-scale fussbudget hard subtle clear-cut steady determined nuanced widespread considered purposeful standardized dependable conventional sticklerish over-fastidious overcritical heavy hellacious select eclectic puritanical pass-remarkable inch-perfect global eager beaver overdelicate standard consistent exquisite slick rough well-organized finespun radical opinionated analytical coordinated fiddly spot on on the mark bang on standardised expeditious stickling joined-up effective impossible to please soup to nuts all the way royal plenty absolute slam-bang wary on the money focused important stickler unwearied alert unremitting grinding whiz considerable professional thoroughpaced calculated measured focussed microscopic carping nonrandom mincing workaday meaningful substantial significant tricky duteous stilted decorous stiff-necked ceremonious starchy umbrella overprecise competent complex complicated pure prudish stuffy thoroughly extensively sure captious easily disgusted queasy very careful wall-to-wall fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive priggish full-blown catholic practised precision upright overparticular civil seemly formalistic overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous no stone unturned the word cultivated crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's ultra-fine fine-drawn dead on incorrupted winning superior nifty Victorian strait-laced schoolmarmish pragmatic unwavering hanging in hanging tough playing safe concerted lethal deadly on target well aimed shrewd insightful perspicacious right on good eye walking on eggs practiced accomplished enterprising hardworking direct vigorous all-absorbing errorless cultured discriminational differential minding p's and q's heart and soul into unambiguous flawless certain prompt timely artistic aesthetic specialized specialised infallible explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome ghastly high-pressure fierce terrible resolute frightful dreadful blistering furious ferocious almighty fearful wise with good taste individualising prudent individualizing esthetic error-free accelerated fast insistent speeded-up dogged driven tenacious lifelike fair convincing realistic committed steadfast pertinacious immediate seasonable on time early speedy unrelenting eager veristic verisimilar recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready true to life slogging operose persisting plodding telling it like it is on the nail fact-based on the beam testing challenging to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed arduous gruelling taxing spot on time under the wire bang on time onerous toilsome word-perfect grueling burdensome leaving no stone unturned as it really happened murderous killer back-breaking tall uphill pick-and-shovel tiring moiling backbreaking killing Augean sweaty punishing formidable effortful rugged herculean exigent Herculean trying weighty grievous oppressive trim well-kept shipshape in order regulated framed set-up alike uniform spick-and-span rangé all together in apple-pie order to rights in shape neat as button neat as pin in good shape


(of a person) Having suitable conformity to basic moral standards
decent good honest kind obliging ethical helpful neighborly neighbourly respectable upright accommodating courteous honorable honourable trustworthy virtuous amiable considerate dependable friendly generous gracious hospitable incorrupt moral thoughtful worthy agreeable altruistic amicable benevolent benign civil comradely indulgent kindly nice sympathetic unselfish just noble pleasant polite principled righteous sociable upstanding companionable genial mannerly peaceable right straight true stand-up well-disposed well mannered clean-living right-minded squeaky clean all right well-brought-up well-mannered on the up and up compassionate caring charitable affectionate kindhearted gentle understanding cordial loving tolerant humane selfless wholesome beneficent giving tender respectful kind-hearted congenial magnanimous likeable warm humanitarian big bounteous comforting public-spirited attentive warm-hearted tenderhearted eleemosynary well meaning angelic lovable soft motherly benignant easygoing fatherly good-tempered mild large-hearted unstinting soft touch cooperative tender-hearted benefic maternal well intentioned chivalrous good-natured bountiful philanthropical good-humoured merciful pitying fatherlike brotherly good-hearted clement calm sweet sweet-tempered liberal gallant heart in right place philanthropic all heart greathearted openhanded good-humored tactful openhearted propitious warmhearted cheerful feeling pleasing affable big-hearted munificent softhearted unoffensive likable open-handed supportive mellow great-hearted lenient engaging freehanded patient dutiful goodhearted lavish princely deferential bleeding-heart forbearing delightful soft-hearted reputable admirable pure blameless law-abiding high-minded meritorious praiseworthy exemplary laudable unimpeachable innocent estimable irreproachable respected scrupulous incorruptible right-thinking uncorrupted self-righteous lily-white proper deserving clean-cut reliable commendable excellent valuable creditable venerable worthwhile inoffensive distinguished trusted sterling fine conscientious model solid trusty applaudable invaluable justified justifiable fitting immaculate alright unmarred highly regarded goody-goody precious moralistic esteemed unerring dapper chaste unobjectionable first-class high-principled of good report salt of the earth A-1 dignified equitable rectitudinous professional lofty saintlike saintly godly untainted lawful favoring obedient balanced elevated morally correct sound sinless unbribable pure as the driven snow whiter than white incorrupted clean well-behaved cultivated inculpable irreprehensible tractable guiltless anti-corruption sanctimonious straightforward saving favouring religious dinkum prim proud sportsmanly sportsmanlike


Showing approval, appreciation or praise
appreciative admiring enthusiastic sensitive supportive responsive sympathetic aware conscious pleased understanding applauding approbatory approving commendatory complimentary favourable favorable friendly good knowledgeable mindful positive respectful cognizant encouraging perceptive affectionate alive considerate cooperative cordial enlightened generous keen receptive satisfied in the know laudatory praiseful flattering praising acclamatory recommendatory congratulatory approbative laudative adulatory affirmative agreeable kind adoring panegyrical well-disposed idolizing plauditory accepting idolising warm commending reassuring benevolent well-intentioned in favor of deferential worshipful encomiastic worshipping worshiping eulogistic condign glowing rave gracious celebrating commendable raving celebratory fawning advisory predisposed okay benign amicable inclined welcoming assenting nurturing uplifting inspiring inspiriting comforting compassionate helpful cheerful feeling kindly empathetic caring protective gladdening heartening concerned calming soothing cheering heartwarming pro boosting pleasing stimulating gratifying fulfilling welcome compatible like-minded congenial companionable open-minded amenable congruous cool consistent open consonant down supporting of encouraging of approving of in favour of vicarious supportive of favorably disposed well-disposed towards on the side of responsive to friendly to favourably disposed towards favourably disposed to on same wavelength having a heart in sympathy with tuned in receptive to well disposed to

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