Synonym of rejecting

Alternative for rejecting

rejects, rejected, rejecting

Synonym: bar, cast off, decline, discard, dispose of, eliminate, exclude, expel, refuse, throw away,

Antonym: accept,


Denotes a state of denial, disagreement, or refusal
negative refusing contradictory dissenting dissentient contrary opposing opposed denying anti- gainsaying dissentious in the negative dissident nonconformist heterodox differing heretical contradicting disagreeing discordant unorthodox heretic complaining rebellious rebelling maverick out-there unconventional iconoclastic nonorthodox objecting revolutionary protesting non-compliant recusant schismatic sectarian renegade radical individualistic rebel eccentric original separatist irregular sceptical revisionist nonconforming offbeat impious conflicting oddball weird alternative controversial unceremonious informal skeptical beatnik way-out opposition uncanonical subversive questioning irreverent innovative critical unsound doubtful mutinous malcontent groundbreaking denunciatory splinter freethinking idolatrous apostate agnostic free thinking seceding atheistical unbelieving non-believing pagan heathen non-theistic breakaway bohemian paynim recreant nullifidian freak clashing dissonant divisive polemical factional hippie dissentive sacrilegious deviating miscreant profane atheistic infidel misbelieving unusual unwonted abnormal off-centre avant-garde uncommon novel new idiosyncratic exotic Bohemian fresh divergent off-the-wall anomalous bizarre aberrant extreme outlandish perverse zany cranky improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal heteroclite uncustomary out there far-out flakey kinky crazy anarchic different untraditional flaky out of the ordinary way out off the wall off the beaten path


Not accepting
unaccepting disdainful dismissive shunning snubbing spurning contemptuous scornful proud superior haughty derisive sneering arrogant supercilious lordly aloof disparaging condescending slighting withering hoity-toity disrespectful mocking insolent patronizing indifferent snobbish lofty highfalutin jeering abhorrent hifalutin prideful sniffy snotty insulting uppish full of contempt contumelious despising looking down your nose at turning up your nose at overbearing antipathetic egotistic repudiating contemning snooty averse cavalier high-and-mighty unsympathetic on your high horse patronising uppity scouting cool high and mighty toplofty imperious pompous stuck-up toffee-nosed pretentious overweening conceited presumptuous self-important high-handed huffish huffy bumptious toploftical presuming masterful high-hat peremptory chesty important stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snobby la-di-da egotistical above oneself cocky posh grandiose magisterial fancy-pants smug scathing perfunctory domineering bossy gracious on high horse vainglorious vain full of yourself puffed up stuffy stooping offhand la-dee-da complaisant standoffish ambitious immodest negative giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty dictatorial commanding airy narcissistic self-satisfied unenthusiastic dimissory belittling denigrating casual curt swaggering tyrannical overconfident unconcerned insouciant uninterested refined despotic authoritarian autocratic wiseguy aristocratic rude uncivil discourteous unceremonious pushy honourable honorable abrupt brusque off glib terse cursory ungracious ostentatious affected take-it-or-leave-it offish pococurante inconsiderate careless snippy inflated boastful bragging poncey windy portentous boasting puffy swanky flaunting self-centred la-de-da high-minded self-centered devastating humiliating mortifying blistering stinging biting blasting searing high blighting hurtful swollen-headed big-headed sarcastic crushing self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself assuming


A refusal to acknowledge or admit (something)
disacknowledgement denial contradiction disclaimer negation repudiation denunciation dismissing dissent refutal retraction abjuration defiance disapproval disavowal disclaiming forswearing nonacceptance rebuttal refutation renegement renouncement renunciation repudiating abnegation counterstatement declination denegation disallowance disconfirmation dismissal disowning disproof rebuff refusal rejection spurning turndown veto abstention adjuration confutation disaffirmation negative retractation controversion gainsaying refraining refusing relinquishment brush-off statement abnegation giving up knock-back thumbs down turning down casting aside casting off refusal to acknowledge nix protestation prohibition abstaining no way cold shoulder noncommittal repulse nay statement disaffirmance traversal countering opposition avoidance opposite recantation cancellation disproving cancelation antithesis eschewal invalidation disproval refrainment withdrawal backdown resistance contradictoriness palinode disclamation self-denial abandonment contravention recusancy contrariness dispute conflict nullification voiding repeal abrogation refuting rider negativity criterion clause prerequisite qualification condition provision disassociation stipulation proviso specification requirement dissociation reverse contrary dissolution revocation abolishment rescinding quashing abatement abolition defeasance rescindment annulment inverse converse rebutter surrejoinder lack absence rejoinder counterclaim counterargument counteraccusation defence countercharge defense replication surrebutter antonym want deficiency answer reply proscription neutralization reversal counterpart negatory no nonexistence blank neutralisation counter-argument forget it

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