Synonym of remedying

Alternative for remedying

remedies, remedied, remedying

Synonym: correct, cure, doctor, fix, heal, rectify, treat,


Serving to alleviate a person's feelings of grief or distress


The act of reconciling people or groups
reconciliation settlement accommodation rectification resolution resolving compromise mending settling composition solving solution working out sorting out smoothing over successful brokering patching up successful arbitration successful mediation bringing to an end adaptation change fitting harmony concession arrangement negotiation understanding transformation give-and-take compliance adjustment deal bargain conformity accord modification makeover alteration fifty-fifty deal agreement trade-off cooperation contract pact covenant compact reciprocity flexibility adaptability teamwork terms disposition convention happy medium interplay give and take treaty transaction guarantee protocol bond warranty concordat entente engagement pledge conclusion balance indenture guaranty prearrangement surety account decision rapprochement quid pro quo detente truce determination ruling establishment finding middle ground confirmation completion judgment termination adjudication win-win situation neutral ground half measure fifty-fifty half measures reimbursement judgement payoff expenditure pay showdown remuneration quietus disbursement compensation modus vivendi halfway house half and half allowance indulgence helpfulness collaboration deal-making offset swap co-operation exchange trade dispensation exception sop assent forfeit consideration sellout giveback rollback surrendering granting conceding permission grant mutual concession wheeling and dealing something surrendered giving way giving in


Present participle for to fix, correct, revise or improve
rectifying correcting fixing solving redressing amending reforming repairing righting ameliorating resolving debugging emending improving mending bettering mitigating restoring retrieving squaring aiding helping recalibrating renewing revising upgrading putting right dealing with setting right attending to sorting out straightening out fixing up red-pencilling red-penciling putting to rights squaring up cleaning up making better putting in order shaping up making good picking up setting to rights taking care of making up for cleaning up your act settling patching up curing adjusting ironing out healing clearing up changing altering paying dues reworking smoothing over regulating refining making right finding a solution to harmonizing doctoring reconstructing reconciling harmonising editing modifying rewriting enhancing working out rewording redrafting rescripting finding an answer to recasting unraveling unravelling balancing scrubbing rehabilitating meliorating untangling revamping rebuilding composing recompensing compensating for counteracting turning around dialing back making amends for setting straight getting to the bottom of clarifying rephrasing offsetting polishing neutralizing annulling retouching disentangling relieving negating adapting servicing negativing remodelling remodeling reorganizing raising renovating reconditioning overhauling laundering perfecting enriching easing straightening going over alleviating reclaiming tweaking compensating reorganising elevating unscrambling patching counterchecking canceling cancelling neutralising setting the record straight appeasing touching up fiddling with evening out balancing out straightening up turning things around making over paying for making restitution for making amends making reparation for putting an end to finding the solution to reaching an agreement about remediating redacting subediting conciliating regularizing avenging censoring bowdlerizing emendating expurgating benefiting benefitting boosting rewarding unsnarling bowdlerising updating making up qualifying promoting advancing going straight doing justice tidying up regularising ending bringing around removing eliminating rebranding redrawing working through redeeming doing away with stepping up making improvements to becoming better lifting thrashing out hammering out sorting troubleshooting delousing diagnosing rehabbing seeing to fettling refitting atoning for face-lifting retreading refurbishing getting something working setting up frustrating vindicating putting back together restoring to working order bringing to an end atoning purging absolving excusing forgiving removing errors counterbalancing evening up recompensing for tuning up doing up making as good as new making reparation making restitution leveling out restoring the balance working the bugs out of expiating invalidating reviewing refashioning containing quelling extinguishing allaying controlling relaxing reshaping redesigning remaking revolutionizing countervailing counterpoising cancelling out canceling out restyling converting reconstituting transforming redoing turning over new leaf mollifying palliating extenuating cooling calming making good for doing penance for doing penance squaring things making redress for making recompense for restructuring reorientating regenerating remoulding reorienting doing over uplifting varying tailoring customizing permuting permutating nullifying mellowing softening assuaging getting with it deciphering answering revolutionising remolding modernising customising modernizing rearranging breaking cracking obviating equilibrizing counterweighing smoothing making adjustments to bringing up to code making alterations to decoding fathoming contravening stabilising lessening countering counterworking reducing responding crossing halting bucking stabilizing unriddling unlocking brainstorming licking divining going against realising figuring out getting puzzling out realizing finding out working on panning out sussing out deciding on making out finding the key to finding the answer to riddling out thinking out hitting upon getting right doping out getting around determining a solution to getting to the bottom making a dent rejuvenating revitalizing revitalising redeveloping restituting revivifying honing reinstating recovering remastering reestablishing furbishing progressing reviving reanimating developing increasing bringing up to date fine-tuning bringing back re-establishing re-creating augmenting smartening up changing for the better reinforcing strengthening resurrecting reenforcing sprucing tuning rescuing salvaging salvageing refreshing maintaining amplifying vamping up beefing up fortifying giving a new look to breathing new life into getting into shape rising heightening sharpening recuperating cultivating purifying turning the corner taking off making perfect perking up making strides making recompense reinstalling bolstering facilitating reinvigorating equalizing putting on the right track undoing redecorating sustaining tempering stimulating vitalizing moderating saving fining building on brushing up replacing optimizing optimising explaining freshening up brightening up making fit for use sprucing up bringing into the twenty-first century improving on transcending excelling requiting equiponderating tipping the scales counterweighting equalising setting off outweighing appreciating furthering smartening sewing up forwarding doctoring up throwing light on pulling your socks up getting it together getting your act together turning over a new leaf checking condensing assembling cutting annotating abridging shortening approving analyzing assigning boiling down butchering excising featuring reporting splicing massaging finishing rehashing discarding proofreading compiling styling tightening publishing trimming writing over blue-penciling blue-pencilling checking over analysing deleting drafting prescribing striking out flying speck preparing preparing for publication

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