Synonym of remodeled

Alternative for remodeled

remodels, remodeled, remodelled, remodeling, remodelling

Synonym: recast, reconstruct, redo, reforge,


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought adapted modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated diversified fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised revolutionized tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled rectified regulated restored repaired refurbished overhauled rebuilt reconditioned modernized transformed renewed reformed rehabilitated fixed up varied modernised updated mended converted upgraded refitted refreshed fixed brought up to date developed redone rejuvenated redecorated restructured redeveloped revitalized doctored revived did up done up revitalised rehabbed set right touched up set to rights corrected customized patched retouched customised transfigured transmuted turned spruced up recreated reestablished vamped up brought up to code reinstated metamorphosed recovered refurnished reformatted revivified spruced patched up tarted up bettered emended resuscitated re-formed re-created restituted shaped mutated fit set built put right rebranded retreaded serviced become face-lifted put made good brought something up to code cleaned up brightened up re-established reproduced rewritten ameliorated smartened up evolved enhanced reawakened made squared transmogrified conditioned resurrected gentrified transposed innovated reassembled perfected polished furbished reanimated debugged recalibrated reclaimed breathed new life into brought into the twenty-first century straightened out fiddled with resumed recycled reopened formed changed the format reinvented shifted remedied streamlined righted restated contemporized shope reaffirmed technologized fitted cured rescripted realigned rekindled suited freshened salvageed salvaged remastered redeemed reindustrialized reset permutated becomed becomen rethought interchanged helped given something a facelift put in working order put back into its original condition made changes to set the record straight built up put in order brushed up reerected tightened cut brought back turned upside down made better red-penciled red-pencilled gave something a facelift gussied up produced again tuned up put finishing touches on set straight scrubbed grew grown reused relaunched shook up shaken up remarketed progressed defined reprocessed switched moved metastasized metamorphized transubstantiated influenced reinforced saved framed reinstalled guided determined created produced recharged qualified reinvigorated overturned rendered rationalized conformed balanced modeled modelled meliorated calibrated accommodated passed transited transmutated alchemized repainted settled enriched refreshened rewaked rewakened altered dramatically generated reequipped bent reequipt bended prepared reenforced devised fettled retrieved maintained rephrased cleansed cleaned normalized constructed reactivated diverged glossed metamorphosized aged matured ripened sorted out controlled redrawn redrew attuned coordinated aligned organized jiggered uplifted putten scanned harmonised done over sorted cleaned out vamped rescued resolved compared remanufactured gave a new look to organised displaced picked up paid dues transitioned shaped up disguised distorted looked over gone over recalled made conform charted gotten into shape upcycled reengineered scrutinized cleaned up act blue-pencilled pimped out started over did over braced fluctuated dealt with marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century graded choreographed normalised become different dialed back given a face-lift vacillated brought into line laundered substituted focused mapped out pimped up shifted gears made improvements pieced together boned up straightened went over veered made a clean sweep scrutinised doctored up made right changed drastically troubleshooted given a new look to harmonized repurposed stirred up reconnected made improvements to swung laid out turned over new leaf made far-reaching changes in swapped started again turned one around caused revolution switched over rounded off quadrated twiddled ironed out finished off cleared up reintroduced flip-flopped rationalised blue-penciled exhilarated got into shape focussed troubleshot reexamined gave a face-lift corrected mid-course sharpened made fit for use turned the tables leaded into the twenty-first century restarted fine-tuned designed tailor-made turned the corner cleared out rewoke rewoken did done seen to saw to got with it added to gotten with it lay out gave a facelift to given a facelift to been through gone through went through undergone a sea change underwent a sea change re-presented broken with the past broke with the past broken with past broke with past gave facelift given facelift gave a face-lift to done from scratch did again done over again went back to the beginning done again did over again did from scratch gone back to the beginning


Past tense for to change one substance into another
transubstantiated transformed metamorphosed converted transfigured transmuted altered mutated turned transposed transmogrified alchemized modified reorganised reorganized translated switched restyled revised interchanged commuted applied appropriated downloaded made downlinked made over switched over recast changed reconstructed remade adapted reshaped rearranged revolutionized renewed varied rebuilt revolutionised renovated revamped overhauled reoriented redid redone evolved fashioned reformed morphed remoulded reordered rehashed diverged reworked refined rewrought reorientated reshuffled retooled adjusted tweaked rejigged shaped amended molded improved upgraded metamorphosized edited customized reconstituted shifted developed redesigned doctored fixed updated refashioned modulated readjusted redeveloped regulated redrafted made alterations to recalibrated reconfigured refurbished regenerated denatured rectified corrected refitted permuted rehabilitated transferred permutated tailored reconditioned cooked affected warped moulded remolded made adjustments to rejiggered diversified tuned customised stirred up turned around made innovations tampered with fixed up turned over new leaf turned upside down turned the tables shifted gears changed completely turned the corner shope sung different tune did up done up sang different tune remodelled set reset balanced attuned rescheduled harmonized moderated toned tempered jiggered inflected played down harmonised lowered reduced restrained changed round ordered redistributed replaced controlled moved lessened relocated curbed fine-tuned redisposed toned down done over did over


Past tense for to change the appearance of something, especially by covering with patches or streaks of different color


Past tense for to give a new form to

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