Synonym of reprobate

Alternative for reprobate

reprobates, reprobated, reprobating

Antonym: elect,


Morally unprincipled
degenerate bad corrupt depraved unprincipled immoral wicked hardened rakish shameless debauched dissipated incorrigible abandoned base dissolute profligate roguish debased decadent degraded demoralised demoralized jackleg libertine loose perverse perverted rakehell rakehelly scoundrelly sick unclean unregenerate unwholesome vile warped knavish rascally sinful foul improper lewd rude wanton licentious impure lecherous lascivious unchaste promiscuous evil sordid lustful libidinous vicious intemperate fast indecent defiled corrupted unrestrained obscene pervy disreputable wild louche immodest fast-living prurient low coarse villainous vitiated nefarious rotten voluptuary unhealthy concupiscent miscreant sybaritic self-indulgent amoral carnal gone bad fallen iniquitous wayward swinging profaned dishonourable deviant desecrated lubricious uncleanly gone to the dogs ungodly criminal twisted profane salacious gross tainted vulgar sicko unnatural mean randy horny goatish kinky ribald dishonorable raunchy infamous vice-ridden indulgent dirty easy filthy unconstrained abnormal pleasure-seeking in the fast lane fast and loose high living unsavoury sensual despicable ignoble dishonoured retrograde hedonistic unrefined impious lickerish retrogressive crude hedonic monstrous dishonored sleazy unsavory brutal scungy flagitious riotous contaminated whorish raffish lax hot itchy lubricous smutty hypersexual satyric passionate incontinent violated deteriorated drunken open not pure light of easy virtue night owl lacking restraint in the gutter reprehensible disgusting sullied aberrant distorted inferior wrongful unworthy wrong deviate dubious prodigal unrighteous unholy blasphemous irreligious grotesque vitiate sadistic contorted impaired vulgarized vulgarised uncontrollable voluptuous epicurean overindulgent luxurious careless roundheeled uncontrolled abased misguided uncurbed imprudent heedless fleshly naughty decaying moribund lost declining unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful inconstant irresponsible freethinking boorish baneful deleterious animal unruly unmoral desirous relaxed scabrous disorderly immoderate no better than one should be out of control hellbent flagitous gone to seed degenerated unblushing unvirtuous dirty-minded trashy stag blue porny bawdy pornographic gutter nasty unprintable flatitious demeaned sinking failing unscrupulous locker-room X-rated uninhibited unbridled unrestricted unhindered bestial reckless ungoverned gay diseased erroneous unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined wolfish grubby degrading ruttish lusty low-down hot and heavy untrammelled audacious carefree brash raw unchecked rampant runaway self-gratifying exciting fast-paced temerarious devil-may-care daredevil slack harsh extravagant frivolous foolhardy gadabout unhampered impulsive impetuous unbounded


Sinister or evil in nature
dark evil wicked sinful immoral wrong morally wrong wrongful bad iniquitous ungodly unholy irreligious unrighteous sacrilegious profane blasphemous impious godless base mean vile shameful discreditable unspeakable foul monstrous shocking outrageous atrocious abominable reprehensible hateful detestable despicable odious contemptible horrible heinous execrable diabolical diabolic fiendish vicious murderous barbarous black rotten perverted malignant sordid degenerate depraved dissolute malicious dishonorable dishonourable nefarious dishonest malevolent unscrupulous unprincipled crooked bent warped low-down stinking dirty corrupt shady malfeasant pernicious dastardly villainous peccable criminal egregious maleficent repugnant flagitious harmful hideous injurious loathsome beastly damnable hellish infamous infernal no good obscene sinister unethical unlawful unsavoury unsavory ignoble impure low disreputable scandalous debauched indecent devilish lawless scoundrelly debased cruel abandoned not cricket irreverent dissipated underhand erring rascally disgusting fallen devious sullied unconscionable tainted demonic illegal illicit disgraceful roguish profligate offensive felonious nasty ignominious inhuman black-hearted abhorrent unfair worthless shameless decadent wanton wretched illegitimate indictable deplorable terrible dreadful satanic atheistic unpleasant dangerous vulgar noxious unjust underhanded shabby improper abject blameworthy culpable snide currish paltry scurvy degraded heartless miscreant intemperate lewd low-minded licentious amoral unvirtuous appalling obnoxious blackguardly damaging shadowy agnostic savage unbelieving deleterious hurtful ugly unworthy detrimental non-believing heathen non-theistic faithless brutal guilty adverse pagan knavish notorious vice-ridden sorry degrading nocuous shoddy accursed rancorous wrathful spiteful unbecoming sadistic baneful awful coarse delinquent servile menial squalid lowlife prejudicial mischievous baleful callous ruthless cold-blooded brutish merciless harsh iconoclastic unregenerate wayward sleazy naughty blamable censurable bloodthirsty bestial dodgy incorrigible nullifidian errant perverse ill inhumane unclean deceitful unhallowed low-life transgressing sneaky ruffianly thievish undesirable peccant treacherous lawbreaking uncharitable undignified intolerable bad-hearted cowardly inequitable facinorous under-the-table condemnable lamentable caitiff inelegant ferocious risqué against the law demeritorious blameful amiss sinning aberrant violent cheap untrustworthy morally bereft inglorious smutty salacious tawdry unseemly off-color shy unrespectable indefensible louche inexcusable unforgivable opprobrious good-for-nothing barbaric slavish humble petty fierce remorseless sceptical immodest ribald flagrant drunken carnal bloody revolting horrid poor trashy lowly indelicate common pitiful plebeian butcherly fell brute truculent homicidal grim repellent nauseating repulsive sickening heretical sanguinary disagreeable demoniac off-putting distasteful infidel barbarian contaminated faulty demoralised untamed putrid insubordinate demoralized libidinous wild destructive ruinous heathenish idolatrous unchaste miserable yucky humiliating fraudulent demoniacal gut-churning icky sick-making God-awful gross inimical disrespectful apostate bad news vomitous sick bogging noisome lousy pornographic unlucky unhealthy unfortunate unwholesome yucko disgustful loathly demonical demonian Luciferian cacodemonic Mephistophelian religionless nonreligious lustful cutthroat whorish Machiavellian promiscuous bawdy hypocritical disobedient defiling pietistical hardened desecrative contrary undutiful doubting canting unfaithful unctuous unsanctified recusant disbelieving desecrating sanctimonious filthy pitiless unfeeling self-indulgent unkind vitiated disparaging forbidding exploitative hard-hearted libertine slippery mean-spirited crafty scrofulous sly evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless tyrannical two-faced scornful shifty objectionable defiled despiteful unconscientious scheming virulent inexorable questionable vindictive corrupted gruesome disdainful cancerous malign disastrous calamitous poisonous malefic freethinking undevout Hadean fast loose saturnalian graceless rakish X-rated not religious cantankerous disadvantageous nocent unfavorable unfavourable skeptical free-thinking unspiritual of easy virtue hellborn satanical cursed cloven-footed ghoulish serpentine vomit-inducing hard frightful dire pathetic horrifying ghastly unpardonable woeful horrendous pitiable mortifying shaming inferior debasing very bad abysmal grievous sad distressing hopeless indecorous crummy scummy beyond contempt beyond the pale unsuitable godawful unacceptable inadequate unbefitting insupportable inappropriate regrettable dismal unsatisfactory unjustifiable demeaning horrific poxy exceptionable hellacious belittling ungentlemanly scungy seedy seamy pits useless chronic grubby pants lame disappointing untoward scabby ratty tragic lowering crass despisable substandard cheapening no-good duff unfitting nauseous unrefined laughable beggarly derisory cruddy embarrassing sneaking mercenary displeasing macabre rough derogatory a load of pants detractive infra dig disdainable unladylike repellant perfidious rancid fulsome fearful insufferable inept harrowing nightmarish rubbish uninviting deceptive venal tasteless heartbreaking upsetting disheartening terrific out of place slimy grewsome lurid nightmare ill-advised direful grody out of keeping reproachable remiss unwarrantable thoughtless derogative depreciative pejorative depreciatory denigrative denigratory slighting decrying uncomplimentary deprecatory suspect inexpiable grave dubious blameable discrediting reprovable dreary mediocre meanspirited unwelcome feeble bleak depressing excruciating at fault unceremonious bringing shame desolate serious alarming preposterous incongruous indiscreet unpalatable heavy godforsaken tricky dismaying gloomy sombre cheerless drab crude frightening fearsome third-rate second-rate unbearable terrifying joyless piteous uncomfortable solemn somber sullen morose drear catastrophic rude unfit double-dealing bribable heartrending sucky desperate sleazoid infelicitous ridiculous skanky intimidating crying no-account cheating scurrilous unwarranted measly unhappy raunchy formidable cringe-making morbid inapt forlorn depressive impoverished sepulchral indigent glum comfortless creepy extortionate beneath contempt dirty rotten in poor taste from hell rueful undue in bad taste unheroic unsuccessful failed opprobious traitorous glaring tarnished disturbing ill-famed slipshod patronizing derisive depreciating condescending sneering senseless tragical distressful ill-reputed unremittable foolish unpopular undesired humiliatory craven patronising lacking dignity beneath you ungenerous unchivalrous responsible offending answerable discomfiting avaricious good-for-naught no-count meritless mournful chargeable gut-wrenching hateworthy calculated covetous modest simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain swinish outcast narrow-minded meagre beneath your dignity to blame ominous not much cop cataclysmic selfish stingy miserly inconsiderate natty tenth-rate punk bungling wet unreasonable too bad irremissible disorderly grotty deserving blame bum steep of bad reputation suspicious silly god-awful affecting absurd ludicrous foolish-looking below contempt defective confounded immoderate exorbitant excessive unendurable deadly unpermissible untenable unallowable mortal backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing gossiping detracting ropy fishy extravagant maddening impossible OTT exasperating dread hair-raising spine-chilling scary redoubtable insufficient negligible in the wrong malapropos incorrect inapposite unapt impolite tactless inexpedient injudicious highly improper unsporting galling unpleasing unlikable O.T.T. unsought unwanted corruptible lascivious biased prejudiced scaring festy surfeiting sleazeball unappetizing squicky rebarbative cloying scuzzy shuddersome spooky like death warmed up frozen gnarly red hot too great disgracing debauching uncivilised depraving contumelious extreme uncivilized wanky insubstantial rubbishy grafting swindling buyable rowdy raffish uncouth malodorous ruffian cunning wily daunting yecchy profiteering inopportune conniving designing calculating guileful discriminatory in bad unnerving astounding not forgivable over the top meager severe shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly unsportsmanlike petrifying tremendous suborned open stomach-churning stomach-turning in low esteem in the doghouse partisan slick blue scatological ill-suited ill-considered ill-timed unsuited out of the way porny stag scatologic gutter unprintable grotesque discriminating partial bigoted unequal explosive exquisite intense blistering keen acute almighty heavy-duty vehement profound deep intensive furious on the take hollow-hearted fast and loose gone to the dogs ill-gotten weighted distorted slanted preferential intolerant coloured Janus-faced out of order below the belt off colour locker-room inconsistent incompatible against the rules parlous unbalanced loaded uneven arbitrary corrupting downgrading beneath undeserving discouraging unpromising ineligible false one-sided unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored funereal dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute unfitting to valueless nothing unmerited unsuitable for recreant improper to inappropriate to sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac out of character unbecoming to Cimmerian poverty-stricken out of character with not deserving not worth out of place with not fit not good enough


Having or showing no moral principles
unscrupulous immoral unethical unprincipled amoral dishonourable roguish untrustworthy cheating conscienceless corrupt corrupted crooked dishonest exploitative fraudulent improper unconscionable bad cunning disreputable evil furtive guileful knavish unsavory unsavoury wrongdoing cutthroat deceitful degenerate devious dodgy ignoble Machiavellian ruthless shady shameless shifty sinful slippery sly unconscientious underhand venal villainous wicked arrant base casuistic crafty dastardly degraded degrading disgraceful dishonorable illegal low-down mercenary perfidious petty questionable recreant scandalous scheming selfish self-seeking sinister two-faced underhanded unfair unworthy wrongful rascally unregenerate scoundrelly double-dealing unprofessional criminal deceiving dissolute low tricky incorrigible swindling dirty-dealing mercentary abandoned sordid licentious praetorian double-crossing profligate bent wrong wanton two-timing stop-at-nothing raffish wayward malicious depraved devilish mischievous fiendish pixieish pixy lying pixie tricksy shabby prankish puckish deceptive discreditable despicable contemptible impish leprechaunish scampish elvish waggish arch scurvy frolicsome sneaky treacherous duplicitous wily sharp designing rogue foxy subtle slick artful false insincere fast mendacious shrewd stealthy disingenuous defrauding untruthful conniving dissembling sneaking insidious slim Janus-faced truthless hollow-hearted false-hearted double-faced smart canny hoodwinking misleading calculating bluffing elusive traitorous cagey astute shonky hypocritical counterfeit snide Punic indirect astucious fly picaresque clever trick intriguing ingenious illusory plotting captious secretive smooth delusive dirty unjust unlawful illicit salty ornery hostile snaky contriving suspicious snidey malfeasant slimy iffy backbiting unctuous bogus sham dubious collusive unhonest fly-by-night spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine fishy oblique rascal catchy off fake unreliable mock phoney phony imposturous pretended faithless clandestine fallacious


Utterly fixed in a habit or way of life seen as bad
hardened chronic habitual inveterate incorrigible irredeemable seasoned shameless accustomed compulsive confirmed dyed-in-the-wool fixed impenitent incurable set unreformable obdurate unregenerate through and through unrepentant persistent obsessive unashamed established pathological long-standing bred-in-the-bone unapologetic ingrained deep-dyed addicted hard-core hopeless long-established diehard uncontrite unreformed obstinate obsessional committed complete thorough hooked thoroughgoing intractable entrenched ineradicable firm remorseless staunch steadfast stubborn unshakeable true uncompromising abandoned deep-rooted unremorseful unrepenting unabashed regular unblushing deep-seated brazen well-established conscienceless utter rooted settled deep dedicated indelible devoted loyal faithful immutable inexorable unwavering congenital die-hard out-and-out instilled unchangeable infixed deep-set true blue card-carrying through-and-through well established full-fledged deeply ingrained deep-down out and out recalcitrant addictive refractory unconverted self-willed callous dependent uncontrollable incessant constant frequent defiant relentless recurrent absolute hardhearted recidivistic without regret without remorse unswerving unfaltering full-bore not contrite right-down arrant by habit to the core keen as mustard genuine mad keen embedded irremovable fortified irrational unreasonable dug in set firm irreformable unredeemable irretrievable irrecoverable unrecoverable irremediable clinical illogical bad uncorrectable beastly beyond redemption irreparable useless beyond hope impossible loser wicked recidivous unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic extreme neurotic perennial lifelong devout resolute intrenched enduring ardent proved fervent earnest unyielding vehement wholehearted stalwart fiery torrid intransigent longtime supreme zealous unshakable fanatical explicit definite staid inured habituated sicker bona fide hard-line firmly established all-consuming red-hot hard-shell irreversible lost irrevocable past hope cureless beyond repair irreclaimable unsalvageable remediless gone ill-fated unalterable unrectifiable unfixable uncurable unrepairable unrestorable serious permanent grave fatal terminal final helpless severe lasting beyond recovery written off lost and gone beyond recall driven irresistible nowhere to go out of time irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable gone forever past mending impulsive deadly unmitigable mortal unreclaimable sad worsening prevalent recurring unsavable unregainable fallen besetting no-win up the creek beyond redress beyond cure wretched cursed gone for ever given up accursed doomed condemned afflicted vulnerable aimless excommunicated past praying for blighted alone fruitless past cure despaired of beyond remedy past remedy irrepressible undying eternal dyed-in-the wool


Not disconcerted or embarrassed
unabashed unblushing unembarrassed confident unconcerned blatant bold brazen shameless unashamed undaunted undismayed audacious barefaced fearless flagrant immodest unawed unflinching unrepentant unshrinking abandoned abashless arrant bald-faced brash brass-necked brassy brazenfaced cheeky cocky composed depraved dissolute forthright forward hardened high-handed immoral improper impudent incorrigible insolent lewd outrageous overbold poised presumptuous profligate rude unaffected unchaste unprincipled unrestrained unshamed wanton bold as brass amoral corrupt indecent overt undisguised unconcealed remorseless impenitent transparent without shame saucy pert impertinent fresh wise sassy nervy smart-alecky pushy unapologetic flip smart presuming boldfaced contumelious assuming familiar brazen-faced bumptious arch cocksure brassbound procacious bold-faced overconfident cool malapert open defiant unremorseful flippant loud flashy assumptive obdurate off-base uncontrite unrepenting sheer conscienceless disrespectful naked overfamiliar meretricious gritty irreverent free snippety gaudy obtrusive showy garish arrogant forceful self-assured coming on strong cute smart-aleck smarty-pants facetious unregenerate callous frank temerarious feisty lippy unreserved in-your-face insubordinate spirited discourteous unmannerly irredeemable unreformable incurable confirmed inveterate mouthy insulting impolite tawdry spunky hotshot gutsy overweening as bold as brass aggressive bad-mannered ill-mannered ill-bred daring uninhibited not backwards in coming forwards overassertive direct strident harsh noisy blaring not contrite uppity overfriendly thrusting bantam grating jarring relentless raucous piercing self-assertive bare-faced over-assertive thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill hardhearted recidivistic unreformed obvious discordant ear-splitting vulgar glaring patent without regret without remorse jazzy tinny loud-mouthed overbearing hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious manifest evident palpable pronounced unmistakable conspicuous clear straightforward outright bald flaunting noticeable undeniable rank indisputable egregious ostentatious cut-and-dried striking gross unmitigated unsubtle prominent snazzy screaming protrusive crying deliberate glitzy in plain sight


Certain to suffer death, failure, or a similarly negative outcome
doomed ill-fated cursed unlucky bedevilled condemned fated hapless hopeless ill-omened luckless star-crossed ill-starred unfortunate unhappy blighted dead done fey finished foredoomed jinxed kaput kaputt ruined sunk bedeviled bewitched convicted destined destroyed disaster-prone foreordained lost menaced overthrown overwhelmed predestined sentenced suppressed threatened undone unredeemed wrecked done for cut down dead duck thrown down under a curse in the cards kiss of death que sera sera unpropitious wretched inauspicious disastrous snakebitten snakebit adverse hard luck unfavourable unfavorable ominous infelicitous unsuccessful calamitous broken afflicted defeated out of luck ruinous toast accursed disadvantageous fateful miserable untoward shattered poor stricken troubled forsaken destitute unprosperous unpromising awkward in a bad way catastrophic wiped out inept forlorn misfortunate desperate pained regrettable burdened inopportune lamentable deplorable washed up in trouble at an end anathematized on the rocks in flames dead in the water gloomy discouraging disheartening excommunicated detrimental untimely bleak black beaten baleful thwarted hexed devastated over accident-prone woeful dire washed-up dashed in pieces in tatters in ashes in ruins in shreds sad sack ill-boding up the creek without a paddle down the tubes down for the count down the drain all washed up damaging unbecoming unsuitable inappropriate excommunicate infernal unholy disadvantaged ill-chosen unsanctified crushed censured faulted direful frustrated foiled bodeful sinistrous baneful uninviting clumsy killed condemned to hell deleterious creepy foreboding portentous doubtful devastating klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling for the high jump in deep water for it cataclysmic dubious off-putting unhopeful tragic fallen pitiful bringing bad luck desolate falling terrible pathetic pitiable harmful abject fatal dreadful destructive incorrigible irredeemable incurable worthless losing failing cataclysmal ravaging awful shocking injurious appalling grievous bad annihilatory horrible devastative dark damning irreclaimable irretrievable inveterate abortive sinister defunct smashed vulnerable aimless past hope past praying for alone cooked ended extinct gone woebegone voodooed loser through totaled floored jonah beyond recovery beyond hope bankrupt had it on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up out of business down and out exhausted drained spent empty liquidated poor fish over with down on luck behind the eightball past it played out done in wound up over the hill gone to the wall dead and buried


An unprincipled person
scoundrel villain rascal degenerate profligate rake wretch sinner miscreant rogue wrongdoer mother scallywag blackguard debauchee evildoer good-for-nothing knave outcast pariah troublemaker evil-doer libertine mischief-maker ne'er-do-well rapscallion scapegrace scumbag transgressor turd varlet vaurien wastrel baddie baddy beast bounder brute cad caitiff devil fiend heavy hellion hound meanie meany monster nazi no-good rakehell rotter roué savage scalawag scamp scofflaw unprincipled person skelm bad egg jagoff wrong 'un criminal delinquent swine rat crook offender dastard malefactor ruffian lawbreaker louse snake vagabond swindler felon outlaw cheat dog culprit stinker heel lout lowlife trickster creep scrote charlatan trespasser malfeasant spalpeen black sheep skunk hooligan fraudster jailbird cur convict misfeasor blighter ogre gaolbird scum varmint barbarian rat fink jerk imp hoodlum snake in the grass con crim bad guy sleeveen black hat fraud cretin pig sadist slimeball rowdy sleazebag dirtbag thug slime sleaze bully stinkard vermin sleazeball scuzzball guilty party fink liar demon worm boor animal infractor perp buzzard nasty piece of work thief bad apple tyrant monkey immoralist weasel schmuck scally cheater evil person shyster sneak toad bum mofo racketeer gangster joker psychopath sociopath ghoul perpetrator hoon hood bad lot nasty person bad character juvenile delinquent young offender SOB wrong'un clown antagonist incorrigible terror maggot urchin slob recreant desperado mischief robber tearaway chuff crud vandal violator shark monstrosity bad news reptile bleeder churl fugitive enfant terrible crumb pill despicable person so-and-so son of a gun ratbag mischiefmaker juvie rip bandit radge antihero nointer mugger terrorist rorter grifter horror lag yob prodigal yahoo archfiend defrauder violater butthole con man gunman yobbo punk beggar loafer derelict mobster suspect yardbird blackmailer mean person cruel person person responsible con artist rounder limb of Satan ex-con low-life prisoner hellhound git pretender black marketeer guilty person fallen angel riffraff whippersnapper sharper picaro rotten egg deceiver slicker mountebank bad person sleveen murderer adulterer picaroon oaf pickpocket bootlegger drunkard problem stinkpot dingo daemon serpent hoodie chav cannibal roughneck devil incarnate disgraceful person reject atua pervert misdoer troll Mephistopheles diablo adversary bully boy being gargoyle glutton quadruped scozza bogan cougan bete noire common enemy ratfink tyke disgrace perisher bear JD poltroon ronion bezonian pauper scullion looser cullion renegade pilgarlic ingrate rebel pickle little devil bogeyman lower animal living thing tramp prankster jester opportunist cardsharp tease mischievous person puck tough hypocrite idler grafter deviant perv deviate dastardly person sly person unpleasant person pond scum dirty dog backslider loose-liver decadent debaucher dissolute retrograde conman burglar scammer bioterrorist rapist shoplifter housebreaker hoaxer supervillain hustler exploiter scamster phoney cyberterrorist embezzler mug brigand narcoterrorist finagler agroterrorist quack tief bilker ecoterrorist filcher peculator marauder pilferer lifer deadbeat lighty drifter yegg yakuza purloiner trusty muscle transport chiseller holdupper cracksman phony defalcator pirate confidence trickster smooth operator wanted criminal confidence artist tea leaf old lag confidence man slippery eel rogue trader bad actor bunco artist flimflam man armed robber nasty wrongo wrong number untrustworthy person corrupt person sorry lot worthless person


Express or feel disapproval of
condemn denounce censure reprehend anathematize criticise criticize decry execrate vilify disapprove of frown upon express strong disapproval of blast knock lambaste disparage attack slate slam pan hammer rail against excoriate castigate deprecate inveigh against objurgate lay into denigrate have a go at slag off reprimand malign blame bad-mouth arraign find fault with asperse monster rubbish reprove berate bag diss revile rate savage vituperate cast aspersions on pummel run down flame slash derogate abuse lace into pull apart crucify pummelled reproach trash pull to pieces pillory cut up besmirch upbraid roast put down hit out at chide vituperate against animadvert on cavil at carp at maul rebuke denunciate pick holes in slur chastise tear into skewer pour scorn on flay admonish throw brickbats at give a bad press to bash give some stick to take to task scold nitpick about rap give flak to bawl out skin assail dress down tear off a strip fulminate against carpet sledge lambast dis give someone a roasting jump on chew out deplore haul over the coals give a rocket come down on give a talking-to lecture fault scathe discredit slag dispraise give someone hell ream defame remonstrate with trim ream out call down bag on pick to pieces rap over the knuckles give someone a rollicking cane proscribe read the riot act tongue-lash rant at potshot bollock impugn belittle blister belabor pitch into depreciate rail belabour rag keelhaul wig row cavil shoot down give someone a bollocking tell off let someone have it pull up tick off give someone a mouthful give someone a telling-off give someone a wigging give someone what for rake over the coals give someone a dressing-down give someone an earful lay down the law give someone a row give someone a rating harangue despise fustigate scorn traduce indict declaim stigmatize accuse calumniate prosecute animadvert protest against baste carp give someone a bad press stigmatise lash score jaw scorch animadvert upon take to pieces hit give something a bad press impeach disgrace nag at tear a strip off rail at give someone a caning slap someone's wrist do a number on pass strictures upon give the business give someone some stick nit-pick find fault blow up slap down lash out at criticize severely tear apart tear to pieces get angry with brand abominate abhor slander smear detest insult libel comminate excommunicate reject ridicule be against find unacceptable give a rough time ostracise ostracize rip rake clobber dishonor dishonour lesson jawbone look askance at frown on fluff slog zap slug lay on call to task give comeuppance point the finger at give the devil express disapproval of blacken someone's reputation cast a slur on take apart scourge complain about skin alive pick at take down give bad press throw shade cut down cut to bits run something down show up declaim against charge with disapprove object to lash into frame pronounce punish judge name adjudge take exception to take a dim view of rage send up put away thunder point finger at hang something on blow whistle on thumbs down on pin it on detract send up the river lay at one's door charge rant minimize discount dismiss trash-talk poor-mouth vilipend diminish deride protest underestimate complain lower devalue underrate downgrade write off play down kiss off opprobriate snipe at minimise undervalue talk down curse fume cry down hold forth against tear to shreds storm inveigh nag dump on do a hatchet job on mark down take swipe at take away throw stones at rave spout bluster huff chasten threap caution recriminate taunt discipline speak out talk something down scoff at give something a battering jeer at detract from incriminate criminate expostulate objurate make a stand fulminate menace intimidate take a stand preach vociferate about mouth off about call to account bring a charge against hold at fault bring a case against lay charges against bring someone to trial prefer charges against inculpate put on trial try have the law on tax bring charges against take to court go on about kick up a fuss about rant and rave kick up a stink about swear at yell at send someone away with a flea in their ear go on at have someone on the carpet put on the mat bring to book take to the woodshed light into keep after refute rollick argue with assault verbally disagree with pile in start on sail into start in take on jump on one's case bite someone's head off snap someone's head off go for the jugular jump down one's throat oppose object disfavor remonstrate contemn dislike gripe disfavour discountenance moan grumble kick grouse beef slight kvetch sound off grouch dispute whine disesteem mock whinge drag through the mud take issue with fuss bleat bellyache rip into growl crab make a fuss about rave at challenge look down on quibble about disdain lampoon do down beef about sneer at raise objections to pooh-pooh grizzle find lacking argue against slap on the wrist wail grump keen caterwaul scream repine loathe speak ill of take a stand against kick up a fuss quibble hold responsible yammer squawk whimper murmur croak yawp maunder holler mutter squeal gripe about demur trivialize moan about grouse about exprobate yowl yaup except impute grouch about call over the coals oppose strongly expostulate about spurn bellyache about discommend treat lightly shun sound off about speak out against tsk-tsk speak evil of check minify tear down complain vociferously about laugh at deflate misprize mislike monish take exception mind sneer trivialise make light of spread lies about hate hold cheap hold accountable bring into disrepute let fly tut over tut about tut-tut over tut-tut about take down a peg blacken the reputation of blacken the name of sully the reputation of throw mud at not take kindly to call on the carpet conduct a smear campaign against speak badly of give a bad name give someone bondi rage against nitpick whine about carp about controvert niggle degrade nitpick over be in opposition to quarrel with remonstrate against protest strongly at remonstrate about whinge about think wrong marginalize discourage argue criticize harshly vociferate chunter split hairs backbite make a protest against kick against mither hypercriticize create negate laugh off resist satirize get after lam into complain bitterly about lodge a protest against express disagreement with regard with disgust satirise rant about dissent adjudicate wade into take issue marginalise disagree violently with disrelish kvetch about treat with contempt let fly at affront trounce pass judgment make a stand against resent go after eschew antipathize regret deliver judgment not think much of not appreciate point a finger at make faces at lose interest in have no stomach for turn your nose up at be allergic to not care for jump all over have no taste for be averse to grossed out on give opinion climb all over be turned off to have hard feelings bear malice toward not endure shudder at put up a fight against frown at round on mumble lash out rebut contradict be anti hit out badmouth take gainsay be hostile to bring under fire heap rebuff confront exprobrate come down hard on read out look askance pick apart cudgel slap smother shellac strike destroy give a tongue-lashing set upon review unfavorably criticize strongly show someone up fry discourse orate perorate pick on be scandalized by be offended by be shocked by harass debase blacken rap knuckles sell short peck bother withstand combat squabble bicker rain object strongly to fight jump down someone's throat have words with protest strongly weigh into humble clamor against mistreat caluminate voodoo dig demonize mudsling cuss jinx explode pick holes put hooks in carp on lean on have no use for avoid not feel like go on expose to ridicule demonise have your knife in burst out make a protest mouth off hold up to shame crush niggle about pettifog be on at someone bring to account give one hell squash downplay understate squelch demean allege rip up rag on talk to get on speak to blow up at give a hard time burn one's ears present mortify shame snub humiliate downcry comment negatively view with dislike show disapproval of indicate disapproval of view with disfavour keep nothing back erupt with anger question poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes scapegoat single out thunder against label give a black eye put a whammy on be picky be hypercritical lay think badly of express disapprobation of express disapprobation stick it to lay at your door imprecate not support have a low opinion of raise objections cut down to size take a swipe at shoot full of holes cut to the quick accurse lose one's temper with give vent to one's emotions give free rein to one's emotions express objections whip mark not believe in hold someone answerable veto express disagreement lodge a protest express objections to express disapproval feel revulsion to feel aversion to feel disgust for be in opposition express a poor opinion of zing be hostile towards hold someone to blame complain to characterize designate classify class stamp tag have a problem make a fuss hold in disdain regard with contempt raise an grumble about draw the line have a problem with kick up take great exception to characterise mark out offend shock outrage disgust cry baulk draw the line at balk cross disavow disagree pass on horrify appal beg to differ look down upon look down at lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give a piece of one's mind give the dickens not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out be displeased raise objection kick up a stink yelp yap bawl saddle cast a slur upon sicken nauseate repel revolt make an objection make a stink tangle with finger lay out go-one-on-one mix it up with look down one's nose at slang displease appall rile hold liable have at work over crack down on don't like find distasteful be unable to stomach recoil from have no liking for have a down on shrink from not be able to bear find repellent hold in disfavour be repelled by be unable to tolerate find intolerable be unable to abide be unable to stand be unable to bear regard with distaste have an aversion to have no taste give offence to blackguard blackball scandalise cause a few raised eyebrows amongst embarrass raise eyebrows amongst cause raised eyebrows dismay scandalize belie assign fault to lay the blame on place the blame on accuse of laugh jeer assign guilt to assign liability to complain vehemently about debunk disprove consider guilty of snigger scoff find guilty of point the finger pass the buck lay a guilt trip on lay a bad trip on jive gibe uncover catch invalidate unmask tie into beat up on bark at turn up one's nose hold up to ridicule fleer sniff at jest burlesque flout swipe dump hold in contempt sneeze at gird give Bronx cheer grin crack rally make cutting remarks about caricature say contemptuously gibe at quip at travesty be contemptuous of rank out twit turn up your nose curl one's lip at leer expose nail cast doubt on set straight raise doubts about throw light on

Antonym of reprobate

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