Synonym of repudiating

Alternative for repudiating

repudiates, repudiated, repudiating

Synonym: renounce,


Present participle for to refuse or be unwilling to accept or do something
rejecting abandoning renouncing deserting disowning discarding abjuring disavowing forsaking forswearing recanting retracting reversing declining deselecting disapproving negativing nixing passing refusing reprobating rescinding revoking spurning casting off disprofessing giving up rebuffing apostatizing balking at banishing casting cutting off defaulting defecting demurring disacknowledging dishonouring dishonoring disinheriting dumping flushing laying aside ousting passing up ratting shedding tergiversating throwing out throwing over turning turning down breaking with not accepting having no more truck with having nothing more to do with washing one's hands of flying in the face of turning your back on washing your hands of denying relinquishing dropping disclaiming eschewing shunning casting aside abdicating abnegating reneging disallowing withdrawing dismissing surrendering turning one's back on forgoing leaving yielding snubbing negating ditching dispensing with abstaining from quitting kicking sacrificing refraining from gainsaying saying no to scorning disaffirming avoiding forbearing refuting refraining resigning knocking back withholding rebutting axing reneging on desisting from vetoing passing on opting out having done with saying no ratting on excluding swearing off pulling out repealing unsaying waiving foreswearing ceding abstaining refusing to acknowledge betraying jettisoning disdaining skipping escaping divorcing oneself from disregarding baulking at setting aside withholding from packing in cutting out withdrawing from resigning from contradicting walking out on giving something a miss passing by giving the thumbs down to going back on steering clear of disconfirming withgoing desisting repulsing junking ostracizing disaffiliating jilting shirking chucking absconding scrapping neglecting revolting separating washing hands of rebelling demurring at discounting departing going decamping ending relations with shying from look down one's nose at missing dropping out seceding from handing over taking back ignoring doing away with ostracising refusing to recognize cutting off without a penny weaseling out of weaselling out of jacking in departing from breaking away from splitting with severing relations with shaking one's head prohibiting shutting out binning off ruling out turning away giving thumbs down to going over going over the fence changing sides taking the oath shifting ground giving the elbow selling out turning coat going away from running out giving someone the push giving someone the big E dropping out of defecting from parting with giving someone the air pulling out of falling away from leaving out disinclining disliking conceding overlooking diverting impugning welshing scrubbing discontinuing changing your mind stopping using not heeding not hearing of foregoing stopping having othering not including throwing off disgorging worming out of delinking from forbidding going back on word preventing blocking interdicting blackballing vacating quitclaiming eluding discountenancing opposing disaffiliating oneself from dissociating oneself from stranding sending packing excommunicating shooting down giving the red light to breaking free from taking leave from evading ducking dodging resisting unfollowing bailing out stepping down from delivering up stepping aside from bagging it contravening shaking finessing scaping shying divesting cold-shouldering ruling against saying ‘no’ to marooning leaving flat leaving behind bereaving delivering casting out refusing to abide by turning over rendering laying down leaving high and dry leaving stranded fighting shy of evicting dispossessing depriving repelling not touching shuffling out of having no truck with giving a wide berth to shying away from having nothing to do with letting well enough alone staying clear of keeping clear of getting around running out on breaking up with splitting doing without protesting refusing to accept turning back on sitting out leaving alone going without keeping from saying goodbye to binning trashing signing away jumping ship dropping like hot potato letting go of backing down copping out standing down giving away letting go by coughing up taking the pledge quitting cold turkey violating oath letting pass cutting loose turning in drifting away showing the door leaving in the lurch kissing goodbye changing one's tune taking your leave of cashiering brushing aside retiring disburdening doffing throwing brushing off not buying refusing to receive holding out not caring for drawing the line at holding back turning deaf ear to sending off protesting at jibbing at turning from holding off cutting off without a cent leaving penniless cutting out of will sloughing retreating getting shot of throwing away getting rid of chucking out disposing of getting shut of casting away shrugging off flinging away throwing on the scrapheap tossing out chucking away seceding refusing to take advantage of opting out of excepting splitting off from forming a splinter group disaffiliating from separating oneself from separating from breaking from splitting from breaking away becoming independent cutting giving the thumbs down giving the red light bypassing eliding precluding changing allegiances revolting against breaking faith going AWOL changing loyalties turning traitor taking a walk going over to the enemy backing out barring overleaping overpassing pretermitting leaving off passing over failing to include slighting missing out factoring out failing to mention taking out letting slide omitting counting out not bothering skipping over


Present participle for deny the truth or validity of
denying disclaiming refuting disavowing contradicting gainsaying disowning negating rebutting disaffirming disallowing disconfirming dismissing disputing negativing opposing rebuffing rejecting controverting disproving brushing aside disagreeing with discrediting challenging confuting invalidating debunking shooting down exploding countering contravening contesting shooting full of holes shooting down in flames belying quashing calling into question giving the lie to blowing out of the water exposing proving to be false showing to be false declaring untrue disagreeing spurning questioning taking exception to proving false proving wrong driving a coach and horses through disacknowledging nullifying dissenting from disbelieving arguing reversing objecting to confounding contending crushing impugning falsifying squelching debating canceling cancelling withsaying crossing traversing querying arguing against tearing down showing up cancelling out canceling out blowing sky-high knocking the bottom out of declaring to be untrue blowing sky high giving thumbs down to taking a stand against discouraging frowning upon disapproving renouncing forswearing annulling deceiving making a nonsense of puncturing arguing with fighting combating withstanding resisting combatting naysaying demolishing ridiculing deflating discarding picking holes in proving impossible putting paid to flying in the face of undermining confronting daring counteracting bucking differing withspeaking cutting down to size blowing up examining addressing mooting taking on calling in question saying the opposite of refusing to accept having bone to pick answering altercating bandying canvassing canvasing wrangling pettifogging discounting arguing about contending over dissenting against taking issue with bandying words concerning picking an argument with wondering about hammering away at showing to be wrong picking a bone differing with quibbling about agitating against putting up argument quibbling over proving to be wrong arguing the pros and cons of protesting against having an argument about breaking overthrowing topping abnegating everting silencing burning convicting parrying poking full of holes putting under suspicion casting doubt on raising doubts about pooh-poohing replying to burning down disposing of retracting backpedaling backpedalling taking back revoking recanting sacrificing forgoing preventing tabooing doubting blocking begrudging excluding curbing forbidding banning restraining holding back calling on not buying enjoining from keeping back turning thumbs down saying no to standing in the way abjuring abandoning refusing forsaking dropping eschewing reneging casting aside giving up relinquishing abdicating welshing declining conceding yielding surrendering washing hands of worming out of weaseling out of weaselling out of going back on word dropping out unsaying foreswearing withdrawing repealing kicking forbearing abstaining refraining shunning refraining from abstaining from washing one's hands of turning one's back on disinheriting casting off ditching cutting off sending packing ending relations with refusing to acknowledge refusing to recognize divorcing oneself from cutting off without a penny washing your hands of having nothing more to do with turning your back on


Present participle for to refuse to have anything to do with
cancelling canceling reversing rescinding retracting revoking invalidating nullifying abolishing quashing renouncing repealing setting aside withdrawing abrogating negating overriding overruling overturning reneging annulling disaffirming dishonoring dishonouring disobeying disregarding ignoring obviating recalling recanting avoiding calling back countermanding disclaiming taking back vacating backtracking on reneging on going back on refusing to fulfil declaring null and void voiding undoing overthrowing disannulling vetoing dissolving striking down nulling disallowing rolling back obliterating axing stopping abating nixing rendering invalid terminating scrapping vitiating ruling against putting an end to rendering null and void removing scrubbing dropping disestablishing doing away with wiping out discarding reforming reevaluating dismantling ending blacking out ditching putting a stop to annihilating erasing abjuring eliminating rejecting aborting expunging suppressing lifting discharging making void stamping out killing rubbing out calling off discontinuing eradicating getting rid of chopping dumping subverting deracinating superseding altering calling abandoning breaking extinguishing upsetting cutting effacing deleting counterordering denying disowning backpedaling forswearing backpedalling dismissing throwing out outvoting crying off giving something the chop snuffing out sweeping away blotting out rooting out knocking something on the head bluing pencil declaring invalid making null and void backing out of discounting refusing suspending breaking off hushing up bottling up putting damper on putting the lid on corking up shutting down torpedoing waiving purging omitting remitting destroying undermining weakening censoring excluding editing blacking redlining retiring refuting knocking out finishing off doing in deleing eliding prevailing defying flouting dominating predominating defeating counterchecking redressing counterpoising belaying turfing impairing unfitting counteracting counterbalancing offsetting circumducting neutralizing disqualifying neutralising exterminating rendering inert wiping slate clean ruling out going back on one's word junking trampling underfoot riding roughshod over changing editing out crosses out stroking out taking out blanking out whiting out blue-penciling blocking out blue-pencilling cancelling out casting aside striking out canceling out inking out putting a line through Xing out oversetting shedding blowing sky-high extirpating prostrating downing defaulting on trampling upon jettisoning trashing excising bringing down knocking down cleaning up liquidating dispensing with changing your mind about backing out on prohibiting zapping inhibiting squelching finishing abnegating closing down bleeping bringing to an end putting the kibosh on putting kibosh on demolishing crushing squashing decimating putting down quelling razing wasting giving up ruining wrecking subduing smashing dispatching overcoming slaughtering devastating repressing shattering checking totalling totaling stifling beating ceasing quenching interrupting thwarting cutting out frustrating massacring disposing of winding up knocking off curbing putting paid to cracking down on wracking offing nipping in the bud pulling the plug on banishing quitting cutting off concluding halting packing in calling a halt to conquering silencing slaying nuking closing desolating blowing away scratching weeding out vaporizing breaking up overwhelming taking away washing out shooting down wiping off the map putting to death wiping off the face of the earth putting out vaporising clobbering phasing out assassinating pulverizing butchering creaming murdering routing leaving off snuffing clamping down on bumping off slapping down wiping from the face of the earth scotching forgetting pulverising tearing down pulling down executing bringing to a halt smothering overpowering getting shot of uprooting croaking icing KO'ing vanquishing whacking topping stiffing expiring elapsing smoking lapsing scoring out passing determining dead-ending scragging doing to death letting up winking out winding down wrapping up packing up taking the life of laying off mowing down closing out doing for bringing to naught disrupting crippling spoiling hindering hampering marring controlling foiling refraining from preventing ravaging stymieing postponing obscuring intermitting harming forgetting about getting shut of concealing toppling blowing obstructing covering messing up trimming gutting sabotaging completing weaselling out weaseling out adjourning disuniting relinquishing proroguing subjugating screwing up mucking up levelling leveling going dying disconnecting queering taking off scratching out leaving out getting shooting cracking down sinking wiping ending the life of shutting off desisting desisting from giving over cutting down polishing off wrapping pulling the plug rounding off rounding out chucking in putting away cutting to pieces giving someone the works bringing to a close sitting on calling it quits removing all traces of cutting short garrotting terminating with extreme prejudice dusting slashing binning declaring taking retreating stripping ridding clearing reducing drastically going against kayoing withholding shelving disbanding scrunching squishing exsecting backwatering getting off the hook deadening doing a U-turn on driving out casting out making away with causing the death of expelling snowing under putting out of your mind wangling out putting to sleep knocking on the head countervailing rebutting crawling out of prorogating running out bringing to an untimely end recessing coming to an end bringing to a conclusion clamping down bringing to screeching halt putting an stop to eroding fading drawing back pulling back disorganizing severing destructing loosing splitting up collapsing unmaking opting out worming out standing down throwing over backing out restricting nigging compensating limiting confining bowdlerizing wiping off redacting hitting covering over unloading resolving laundering scraping off striking bowdlerising blotting blanking rubbing away wearing away smoothing away making ineffective damaging forgoing marking out destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing to bits taking apart wiping off face of earth forgetting it resolving into fading out rendering void ousting sundering contravening impugning traversing crossing dinging stonewalling belying opposing blackballing disproving clearing away dousing scuppering settling deposing murking waxing attacking brushing aside passing over obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening shading calling all bets off crowning consummating cowing lynching asphyxiating beheading chillin garotting decapitating strangling electrocuting dusting off doing chilling cooling hanging guillotining knifing taking a life breaking with turning down turning thumbs down flying in the face of putting at risk unseating mastering getting done calling it a day ending up topping off packing it in winding something up switching off sewing up nipping something in the bud incapacitating dashing botching triumphing over arresting choking licking dethroning giving something a miss making a mess of doing without abstaining from rendering ineffective rendering needless shaking off playing havoc with putting lid on driving underground beating down keeping inside trampling on shushing burying bottling clamping keeping in holding in holding down stemming trampling spiking disabling threatening fouling up supplanting trouncing displacing blocking throwing a spanner in the works of skinning working against impoverishing crazing outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching lousing up outfoxing unbuilding crimping raining on someone's parade cramping injuring ballsing up outmanoeuvring having blowing a hole in making waves throwing a monkey wrench in the works of dampening blowing out defenestrating upending bollixing knocking over overrunning bringing to ruin tipping removing from power tumbling removing from office bringing low bringing about the downfall of passing out holding back covering up making dark keeling over breaking down interfering with damping down turning out stubbing out detecting putting to the sword intruding on ethnically cleansing sending to the gas chambers sending to kingdom come pausing kicking benothinging laying off of interposing intervening dissevering separating surceasing disjoining parting blowing off bagging it excepting barring debarring forbidding averting proscribing forestalling precluding forfending banning bating deterring closing one's doors to freezing out not considering warding off staving off shutting out counting out


Present participle for to formally or solemnly renounce or reject
renouncing abjuring forswearing withdrawing reneging abnegating retracting recanting repealing unsaying foreswearing taking back going back on disavowing disclaiming recalling reneging on backing down revoking rescinding backtracking backing out canceling cancelling abandoning welshing backpedaling backpedalling disowning backing off calling off backtracking on defaulting on weaseling out weaselling out eating one's words failing to honour backing out of breaking retreating denying reversing forsaking annulling apologizing abrogating withcalling countermanding defaulting apologising retreating from withdrawing from going back forgetting it pulling out of eating your words changing one's mind rowing back on having change of heart breaking a promise breaking your word doing an about-turn doing a U-turn dissociating from welching apostatizing relinquishing nullifying contradicting voiding revisiting doubling back turning back dialing back calling back failing to honor backing down on going back on your word worming out of retracing your steps welshing on going back on one's word ratting on copping out of dooing an about-face changing reverting betraying returning deserting scratching surrendering avoiding copping out resigning finking out retrograding eliminating excluding receding suspending nigging retroceding breaking one's promise drawing back doing a U-turn on falling back reeling in taking in ruling out giving up wiggling out shying from chickening out crying off pulling out worming out begging off dropping out doing an about-turn on changing one's tune changing your mind throwing in the towel blowing it off getting cold feet about getting cold feet chickening out of reclaiming repossessing eating crow eating humble pie wimping out yielding giving way submitting giving in caving in admitting defeat losing your nerve bowing out having no stomach for wussing out bottling it funking out crapping out getting out bottling out ducking out stopping calling it a day laying down your arms capitulating turning yellow making concessions thinking better of something piking on about-facing doing a volte-face rethinking calling scrubbing dropping conceding aborting scrapping acquiescing acceding excusing oneself reconsidering admitting conceding defeat recoiling demurring balking breaking your promise having second thoughts coming round breaking one's word coming around relenting accepting defeat holding back giving ground baulking pulling back having no fight left admitting you were wrong withdrawing from agreement or statement


Present participle for to snub and reject an offer or suggestion
rebuffing declining refusing rejecting spurning cutting slighting snubbing repulsing cold-shouldering disdaining dismissing ignoring repelling turning down checking denying discouraging resisting stiff-arming brushing off snouting chiding crossing cutting dead disallowing disregarding freezing out neglecting opposing putting down rebuking reproving knocking back looking right through beating off fending off giving someone the brush-off holding off passing up putting off sending away staving off telling off warding off giving someone the go-by giving the brush keeping at bay lashing out at not hearing of giving the cold shoulder keeping at a distance keeping at arm's length putting in one's place telling someone where to get off shunning ostracizing ostracising sending to Coventry jilting scorning looking past steering clear of balking at giving the bum's rush blanking contemning looking down on sneering at turning your nose up at scoffing at turning nose up at sneezing at treating with contempt holding in contempt making unwelcome turning up one's nose acting cool avoiding ditching bilking staying clear of turning back on turning away from having no part in staying shy of giving the runaround standing aloof from shying from not touching leaving alone shying away from recoiling from fighting shy of keeping clear of palming off having nothing to do with keeping away from giving a wide berth shrinking from shaking off keeping your distance from having no part of giving a wide berth to stiffing scouting misprizing coldshouldering treating disrespectfully taking no notice of giving the cold shoulder to not giving time of day turning one's back on relucting pretending not to see looking straight through someone turning your back on giving a pain driving away sniffing at handing someone the frozen mitt shutting out showing disrespect for turning deaf ear to looking down upon shrugging off blinking at showing disrespect making light of humiliating insulting affronting humbling mortifying shaming scolding scratching chillin cooling swanking boycotting burring icing slurring ducking censuring chilling offending upstaging icing out giving the brushoff putting the chill on giving someone a slap in the face looking coldly upon


Present participle for to vote against, especially in an exclusive organization
blackballing barring banning blacklisting debarring excluding expelling ostracising ostracizing ousting removing snubbing vetoing embargoing shutting out voting against boycotting cashiering disallowing downing drumming out evicting killing negativing nixing rejecting shunning cold-shouldering disfellowshipping disfellowshiping spurning throwing out forcing out getting rid of shooting down keeping out giving the cold shoulder leaving out in the cold giving the cold shoulder to banishing proscribing prohibiting dismissing precluding ignoring outlawing refusing forbidding ejecting avoiding stopping blocking blacking ruling out freezing out setting aside excommunicating sending to Coventry putting an embargo on casting out exiling condemning blanking coldshouldering unchurching putting a price on someone's head denouncing eliminating anathematizing canceling cancelling handing someone the frozen mitt leaving in the cold excepting omitting considering undesirable takfiring cursing disbarring bouncing refusing to employ placing an embargo on steering clear of putting on hit list overruling interdicting disowning overturning reversing quashing invalidating countermanding rebuffing discluding discounting preventing denying access to occluding bating disregarding obviating closing out suspending estopping sidelining squashing disavowing disclaiming abjuring not counting counting out cutting out refusing to admit missing out leaving out refusing admittance locking out warding off preventing from entering putting out censoring disacknowledging tabooing throwing saying no to zinging passing over driving out shutting the door on passing on declaring null and void turning down keeping back putting down giving the thumbs down to enjoining restraining inhibiting making illegal denying restricting criminalizing criminalising halting obstructing suppressing stymieing putting a stop to putting an end to withholding hindering limiting checking forfending spiking freezing declaring illegal holding up locking up forbidding to interrupting counteracting disapproving curbing letting censuring destroying dooming sentencing placing an injunction on placing injunction on exempting inveighing overthrowing disqualifying gridlocking corking cooling outvoting illegalizing penalising penalizing declaring ineligible hanging up tying up bottling up boxing in jamming up stonewalling officially forbidding closing up passing by icing out passing up closing down thwarting putting chill on keeping lid on making something punishable declaring something a punishable offence stoppering circumventing overriding bringing to screeching halt throwing cold water on putting a stopper in putting a lock on putting half nelson on pouring cold water on fettering defeating knocking back giving the thumbs down shutting off shutting out of impeding depriving opposing forestalling declaring taboo shutting down saying no putting the kibosh on giving the red light to putting the chill on


Present participle for to resist authority, control, or convention
rebelling defying dissenting opposing resisting flouting challenging disobeying contravening bucking fighting coming out against digging your heels in going against kicking over the traces refusing to obey flying in the face of refusing to accept the authority of kicking against violating breaking infringing breaching disregarding infracting transgressing against failing to observe failing to comply with transgressing ignoring contradicting crossing fracturing traducing offending thwarting scouting hindering counteracting refuting setting at naught committing a breach of rebelling against offending against overstepping combating excluding abjuring impugning traversing conflicting with intruding trespassing rejecting interfering gainsaying interposing combatting negating disaffirming spurning encroaching interfering with withstanding exceeding going beyond neglecting balking meddling mocking encroaching upon departing baulking setting aside going counter to taking no notice of paying no heed to paying no attention to departing from deviating from intrenching disagreeing with bypassing vetoing denying reneging on thumbing one's nose at falling foul of obstructing countering frustrating violating law obtruding stealing crashing entrenching pirating lifting imposing presuming borrowing sinning outraging erring contaminating impeding riding roughshod over leaving out taking no account of trampling on tampering with checking duelling contesting repelling dueling disputing negativing deviating bending the rules falling outside of rioting striking daring disagreeing misbehaving revolutionising objecting deserting evading shirking differing recalcitrating revolting declining mutinying revolutionizing breaking rules not heeding running riot not minding not listening refusing to comply breaking the rules rising in arms flying in face of taking law into own hands


Present participle for to dislike intensely
detesting abhorring despising hating loathing abominating execrating recoiling from disliking disliking intensely disdaining disrelishing feeling repugnance towards having an aversion to rejecting feeling disgust for feeling distaste for finding intolerable regarding with disgust shrinking from shuddering at downing on feeling animosity to feeling aversion to feeling aversion towards feeling disgust towards feeling hostility to feeling hostility towards feeling aversion toward feeling hostility toward feeling repugnance toward having it in for having no use for refusing declining spurning revolting scorning disliking greatly finding disgusting feeling repugnance having a strong aversion to having aversion to disapproving regarding with repugnance disfavouring disfavoring deploring taking exception to having no liking for holding in disfavour not appreciating regarding with distaste not taking kindly to looking down on taking a dim view of feeling repelled by feeling hostile to feeling revulsion to shunning opposing resenting misliking deprecating minding antipathizing reproving condemning contemning eschewing discountenancing regretting disesteeming objecting to disapproving of finding repellent disagreeing with frowning upon frowning on finding distasteful not enduring losing interest in finding unacceptable having no stomach for not caring for having no taste having no taste for having hard feelings bearing malice toward having a down on tutting about making faces at tut-tutting over tutting over tut-tutting about taking dim view of having a poor opinion of having a problem with


Showing contempt or lack of respect
disdainful contemptuous proud scornful superior haughty arrogant derisive sneering aloof lordly supercilious condescending disparaging disrespectful hoity-toity slighting withering indifferent insolent mocking patronising patronizing snobbish abhorrent dismissive hifalutin highfalutin insulting jeering lofty prideful sniffy snotty contumelious full of contempt uppish antipathetic averse cavalier contemning cool despising egotistic high-and-mighty overbearing rejecting scouting snooty toplofty unsympathetic uppity high and mighty on your high horse looking down your nose at turning up your nose at imperious pompous stuck-up toffee-nosed pretentious overweening conceited presumptuous self-important high-handed huffish huffy bumptious toploftical presuming masterful high-hat peremptory chesty important stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snobby la-di-da egotistical above oneself cocky posh grandiose magisterial fancy-pants snubbing smug scathing perfunctory domineering bossy gracious on high horse vainglorious vain full of yourself puffed up stuffy stooping offhand la-dee-da complaisant standoffish ambitious immodest negative giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty dictatorial commanding airy spurning narcissistic self-satisfied shunning unenthusiastic dimissory belittling denigrating casual curt swaggering tyrannical overconfident unconcerned insouciant uninterested refined despotic authoritarian autocratic wiseguy aristocratic rude uncivil discourteous unceremonious pushy honourable honorable abrupt brusque off glib terse cursory ungracious ostentatious affected take-it-or-leave-it offish pococurante inconsiderate careless snippy inflated boastful bragging poncey windy portentous boasting puffy swanky flaunting self-centred unaccepting la-de-da high-minded self-centered devastating humiliating mortifying blistering stinging biting blasting searing high blighting hurtful swollen-headed big-headed sarcastic crushing self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself assuming


A refusal to acknowledge or admit (something)
disacknowledgement denial contradiction disclaimer negation repudiation denunciation dismissing dissent refutal retraction abjuration defiance disapproval disavowal disclaiming forswearing nonacceptance rebuttal refutation rejecting renegement renouncement renunciation abnegation counterstatement declination denegation disallowance disconfirmation dismissal disowning disproof rebuff refusal rejection spurning turndown veto abstention adjuration confutation disaffirmation negative retractation controversion gainsaying refraining refusing relinquishment brush-off statement abnegation giving up knock-back thumbs down turning down casting aside casting off refusal to acknowledge nix protestation prohibition abstaining no way cold shoulder noncommittal repulse nay statement disaffirmance traversal countering opposition avoidance opposite recantation cancellation disproving cancelation antithesis eschewal invalidation disproval refrainment withdrawal backdown resistance contradictoriness palinode disclamation self-denial abandonment contravention recusancy contrariness dispute conflict nullification voiding repeal abrogation refuting rider negativity criterion clause prerequisite qualification condition provision disassociation stipulation proviso specification requirement dissociation reverse contrary dissolution revocation abolishment rescinding quashing abatement abolition defeasance rescindment annulment inverse converse rebutter surrejoinder lack absence rejoinder counterclaim counterargument counteraccusation defence countercharge defense replication surrebutter antonym want deficiency answer reply proscription neutralization reversal counterpart negatory no nonexistence blank neutralisation counter-argument forget it

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