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A result, consequence or outcome of something
aftereffect aftermath backwash child conclusion consequence corollary development effect fate fruit issue outcome outgrowth precipitate product result sequel sequence upshot backlash causatum denouement end event eventuality fallout flak follow-up harvest pursuance ramification reaction reflex repercussion response sequent spin-off waves chain reaction end product follow through side effect can of worms by-product end result after-effect culmination termination concomitant offshoot payoff produce aftershock out-turn sequelae pay-off matter of course reverberation ending ripple impact trail legacy yield implication fruits reverberations success blowback afterglow wake accompaniment side reaction results reward effects profit finish ripple effect climax creation hangover dénouement byproduct afterclap finale residuum residual remainder fulfillment benefit return completion future echo emergence consummation destiny destination advantages inference externality induction deduction correlate footprint fulfilment deserts lot dole doom due flow-on effect trickle-down effect final outcome delayed response aftercome payback analogy consequences advantage punishment comeuppance result of knock-on effect bottom line follow-on maturing fruition pay attendant final result retribution output labor labour handiwork adjunct companion pay back work returns spinoff affair realization artifact brand artefact gain realisation crop amount obbligato incident just deserts production thing achievement invention concoction outturn productivity accomplishment derivative fabrication design derivation derivate action handicraft manufacture formulation origination take deed turnout amount produced commodity craft volume doing auxiliary bounty descendant branch appendage offspring revenue craftwork turnover earnings income construction feat takings receipts workmanship triumph attainment gains finished product final product act proceeds gate quantity produced incomings progeny spawn influence deliverable extension working contrivance emanation outcomes by-products things offshoots followup weight imprint impression bearing complication first fruits sequela mark power net result quota aggregate connection annexe annex vestige relic remnant subsidiary product wave actualization brainchild leftover heritage art conception innovation application remains residue genesis article manufacturing performance profits production quota supplement complement handwork oeuvre making solutions producing writings works skill products appurtenance net sideshoot coup exploit undertaking enterprise job aspiration execution implementation gate money till interest gate receipts handle lucre split box office artisanship handcraft trade gross domestic product gross national product opus personal work craftsmanship vocation calling métier craftship profession ability artwork effort dividend stroke of genius positive result master stroke haul catch vintage pickings receipt bunce fruitage intake crops garnering gleaning reaping gathering financial return year's growth annual production season's growth


The vector whose initial and final points are those of a series of other vectors laid end to end


Naturally accompanying or associated
concomitant accompanying attendant associated collateral connected related accessory concurrent attending coexistent coexisting coincident coincidental complementary consequent linked associative auxiliary resulting adjoining adjuvant affiliated agreeing ancillary belonging coefficient coetaneous coeval concordant conjoined contemporaneous contemporary contributing coordinate corollary coterminous fellow incident incidental isochronal isochronous joint parallel satellite simultaneous synchronal synchronous synergetic synergistic associated with conjoined with coupled with in tempo in time synchronic coextensive secondary subsidiary subordinate contingent coinciding consequential indirect interconnected corresponding interrelated supplementary following subsequent correlated additional dependent extra allied derivative derived coupled added supporting contributory ensuing at the same time supplemental successive sequential proximate synchronized analogous correspondent mutual concurring appurtenant subservient synchronised due to in sync side by side at the same time as joined combined cotemporal helping assisting adscititious concerted adminicular similar associate supervenient attached kindred alike of the day of the time sub roundabout add-on appended with second-hand real-time instantaneous immediate adjunctive cognate comparative affinitive relative non-primary secondhand unintended in synch tributary identical in step in phase dead heat happening at the same time with the beat accidental affiliate done at the same time eventual borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down relational intertwined pertinent interdependent relevant enmeshed interwoven reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with recent new present newfangled current latest mod ultramodern modern up-to-date red-hot up-to-the-minute modernistic now topical present-day space-age state-of-the-art voguish new-fashioned extant existent leading-edge up to date up to the minute new age in fashion in vogue ongoing instant today happening with it hot designer au courant a la mode conterminous contempo fashionable up abreast trendsetting modish newest existing just out trendy hot off press cool live latter-day same time supermodern of the same age prevailing actual living in the news cutting-edge alive burning latter de nos jours in in style present-time twenty-first-century common knowledge in the mainstream on front burner all the rage stylish chic smart nowadays at this moment for the time being started just now even now prompt in duration going on being in process under consideration begun commenced already ad hoc fresh advanced progressive forward-looking flash swinging hip snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge nifty go-ahead avant-garde high-tech kicking kicky tony fly hi-tech spiffy modern-day brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' leading newly discovered popular novel ground-breaking updated faddish groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory nouvelle pioneering recently developed in-thing neoteric never-before-seen

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