Synonym of reverential

Alternative for reverential



feeling or manifesting veneration


Excessively praising or admiring
adulatory flattering praising worshiping worshipping fawning fulsome sycophantic appreciative blandishing commendatory complimentary enthusiastic glowing obsequious servile unctuous worshipful acclamatory bootlicking eulogistic honeyed laudatory lionising lionizing rhapsodic saccharine sugary cloying gushing gushy hagiographic hagiographical highly favourable ingratiating nauseating oily oleaginous slavish smarmy soapy encomiastic encomiastical rave toadying adoring uncritical fetishistic glorifying idolizing hero-worshipping idolising idolatrous admiring smooth panegyrical laudative applauding favorable favourable effusive suave approving glib slimy cajoling praiseful approbatory congratulatory rapturous insincere extravagant crawling grovelling buttery slick good lavish hypocritical full of praise sucky subservient honey-tongued silver-tongued toadyish mealy-mouthed saponaceous OTT groveling over the top generous cringing excessive overdone eulogizing positive commending sickening approbative respectful plausible smug humble eulogising wheedling deferential creeping unrestrained ebullient expansive unreserved lyrical exuberant sweet-talking soft-soaping mushy sentimental emotional brown-nosing smooth-talking over-effusive smooth-tongued compliant over-enthusiastic ass-kissing Uriah Heepish hyped up laid on with a trowel recommendatory sympathetic supportive sleek flannelling blarneying condign satisfied receptive extolling gratifying inordinate panegyric celebratory immoderate ecstatic raving profuse extensive liberal ample blubbery hammy voluble prostrate abject over-appreciative supple bland insinuating coaxing gross excellent great fine keen friendly magniloquent bombastic grandiloquent canting coarse overgenerous sanctimonious highly complimentary supreme sugarcoated arse-kissing very happy plauditory polite civil honoring fair-spoken celebrating well-wishing courtly gracious honouring kind high sweet persuasive pleasing brownnosing suckholing sycophant submissive parasitic bowing kowtowing sniveling scraping spineless cowering highly favorable snivelling bowing and scraping with high praise with highest recommendation sweet-sounding urbane greasy maudlin overemotional mawkish nostalgic slippery overacted bathetic icky corny affectionate moonstruck jejune inane demonstrative languishing overenthusiastic impressionable affected dreamy idealistic insipid phoney creamy pinguid creepy phony loving self-abasing arse-licking smooth-spoken apple-polishing forelock-tugging dewy-eyed lovey-dovey


Of or pertaining to devotion or worship


Formal and dignified in nature
solemn dignified formal stately ceremonial ceremonious distinguished courtly official conventional portentous portly staid important momentous starchy august imposing stiff proper decorous pompous imperial regal proud punctilious majestic imperious stilted correct reserved rigid nice sedate distingué just so respectable stiff-necked ritualistic bureaucratic prescribed stuffed-shirt traditional stuffy sober prim priggish fogeyish conservative strait-laced stodgy noble strict prudish starched mannered square austere lofty exalted straight uptight upright lordly grand kingly venerable old-fashioned stick-in-the-mud fuddy-duddy of the old school eminent highbrow honourable composed gracious serious impressive honorable couth refined magnificent sombre great respected aristocratic magisterial somber grave highfalutin' nifty superior self-respecting civil courteous precise deferential exact ritual measured affected deliberate scrupulous grandiose seemly slow-moving puritanical Victorian prissy schoolmarmish old-maidish schoolmistressy goody-goody moralistic Grundyish genteel niminy-piminy narrow-minded narrow mimsy governessy prim and proper straitlaced bluenosed straightlaced smug nice-nelly severe puritan demure polite tight-laced Pecksniffian fastidious overnice particular moral self-righteous sanctimonious sententious censorious holier-than-thou bigoted shockable pedantic old-maid stern overmodest forbidding rigorous finicky fussy meticulous overscrupulous self-satisfied artificial careful orthodox po-faced conforming square-toed ascetic pietistic pious fanatical disapproving hair-shirt spartan ornate elaborate Pharisaic abstemious abstinent hypocritical complacent vain pi squeamish forced straight-laced god-fearing unctuous virtuous PC overexact simpering mincing pretentious offish illiberal blue-nose cleanly good dapper stickling choosy spic-and-span snobbish spruce wooden nit-picking unnatural laboured strained politically correct goody two-shoes icy frigid unrelaxed impersonal deadly musty conformist labored humourless fusty old-fogeyish foetid self-important hot bloated warm fetid arrogant smoky supercilious humorless smelly puffy as dry as dust conscientious decent diligent thorough painstaking accurate attentive ultra-careful studious right standard suitable befitting fitting unbending religious persnickety detailed mathematical perfectionist methodical fit approved mannerly civilized accepted well-mannered precious inflexible unsympathetic aloof epicene hair-splitting exacting finical pernickety nitpicking demanding apt appropriate usual customary remote unfriendly haughty detached diplomatic kosher OK withdrawn unsocial undemonstrative restrained unapproachable uncommunicative reticent taciturn antisocial unforthcoming unresponsive laborious acceptable becoming de rigueur civilised okay done overconscientious heedful assiduous conscionable observant punctual formalistic straight arrow keeping people at arm's length by the numbers stand-offish comme il faut right stuff namby-pamby goody-two-shoes right on good eye


Lacking in confidence, assertiveness or self-assurance
humble meek unassertive deferential submissive obsequious servile acquiescent compliant cowed demure lamblike obedient obliging shy soft spineless spiritless subdued tame unobtrusive unprotesting unresisting yielding gentle lowly subservient biddable docile polite resistless sheepish supplicatory timid apprehensive fearful hesitant manageable mild quiet sycophantic tentative timorous tractable unambitious mim self-conscious passive dutiful unassuming pliant resigned accommodating modest self-effacing unpretentious amenable ductile slavish obeisant longanimous fawning controllable governable patient conformable law-abiding forbearing pliable reverent malleable complaisant duteous down-to-earth ingratiating tolerant orderly self-abasing willing persuadable grovelling bootlicking teachable abject persuasible nonresistant groveling menial agreeable easy under one's thumb peaceful respectful long-suffering unpresuming unboastful regardful civil courteous considerate retiring peaceable attentive thoughtful diffident awed toadying tolerating flexible unresistant deferent truckling cowering cringing cooperative gullible trusting workable wishy-washy nothing pabulum Milquetoast serene zero plain lenient subject downtrodden snivelling inferior mannerly ingratiatory impressionable manipulable putty in one's hands game suggestible dancing sniveling ignoble mean complacent easygoing well-behaved cool weak-kneed docious milky laid-back adaptable mellow usable childlike easily swayed easily manipulated easily handled at one's mercy in one's power in one's clutches a slave to at one's beck and call in one's pocket easily influenced non-resisting supine under someone's thumb nonresisting domesticated comformable obeying giving-in bowing down uncomplaining complying subordinate surrendering amiable placable kowtowing disciplinable trainable handleable susceptible influenceable responsive receptive suasible accepting assenting susceptive open moldable convincible easily persuaded consenting good easy-going indulgent supple go-with-the-flow transformable bendy ready disciplined well-disposed untroublesome conciliatory assentive forgiving agreeing approving seemly non-resistant credulous easily led helpful well-mannered disposed accessible quiescent like putty in one's hands enduring sympathetic favorable favourable putty in hands rolls with punches like putty in your hands restrained acceptive conformist tameable mouldable consentient assentient accordant compromising bendable tamable submitting unformed under someone's control amendable trained convenient inexperienced acceding spongy putty lithy willing to compromise conforming encourageable plastic giving bending able to be influenced stoical pervious acquiescing well-regulated well-disciplined domestic weak proper solicitous formative adjustable well-trained fatalistic reconciled philosophical wimpish frightened boneless concurring friendly generous Uriah Heepish observant under control wussy onside supportive adapted calm genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied stoic relinquishing adjusted accommodated companionable useful eager to please eager to help forthcoming open-minded easy to deal with administrable well trained well disciplined well brought up well behaved mindful well-brought-up well mannered decorous good-natured good-tempered in accord in agreement devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike venerating honouring hearsome unquestioning permissive like a lamb to the slaughter good-humoured good-humored glad to be of assistance nonviolent lifeless non-violent non-aggressive wrapped around finger on a string disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent stolid flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle unflappable deceivable compassionate charitable inclined hands off dupable clement happy prepared going through motions walking through it pardoning moderate benign merciful pampering naive liberal temperate unburdensome unsuspicious mollycoddling humoring spoiling excusing light condoning deludable fleeceable lax unoppressive pleased humouring glad enthusiastic eager content keen set predisposed prone desirous like-minded nothing loath in the mood one in accord with so minded in favour of a mind so-minded fain in favor zealous minded


Filled with awe
awed amazed astonished awestruck afraid dumbfounded fearful frightened impressed shocked stunned terrified astounded awestricken cowed dumfounded flabbergasted horrified intimidated marveling marvelling openmouthed wondering wonderstruck daunted open-mouthed thunderstruck wonder-stricken wonder-struck filled with amazement filled with astonishment filled with wonder lost for words stupefied awe-inspired bowled over dumbstruck struck dumb filled with awe staggered confounded speechless gobsmacked surprised dazed aghast startled floored agape bewildered nonplussed flummoxed disconcerted overwhelmed taken aback wide-eyed blown away perplexed knocked for six at a loss for words bemused confused shaken unnerved discomposed shell-shocked shaken up alarmed overcome stumped incredulous dismayed goggle-eyed jolted in awe petrified agog appalled puzzled stuck knocked out benumbed bamboozled addled rendered speechless at sea at a loss caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot thunder-struck unable to believe one's ears electrified abashed completely surprised dazzled paralyzed paralysed fascinated admiring thrown overawed unable to believe your eyes in amazement taken by surprise knocked for a loop breathless dumb left speechless rooted to the spot in shock licked knocked beat buffaloed nonplused baffled knocked sideways mystified uncomprehending clueless muddled fazed befuddled lost beaten discombobulated fuddled doubtful ajar open staring yawning blank mixed up all at sea at sixes and sevens scared panic-stricken terror-struck terrorized scary hysteric hysterical affrighted spooked horror-stricken awe-struck unable to believe one's eyes scared witless horror-struck frightened to death terrorised scared stiff scared to death scared out of your wits


Feeling or showing love or great care
loving affectionate tender devoted fond warm adoring ardent caring doting kind benevolent gentle dear friendly nurturing supportive amatory considerate cordial passionate sympathetic thoughtful amiable attentive close concerned demonstrative earnest faithful fervent generous loyal reverent sentimental solicitous tenderhearted warm-hearted bound up close-knit expressing adoration admiring worshipping venerating enamoured adulatory idolizing idolising enamored indulgent worshiping compassionate kindly charitable humane kind-hearted magnanimous benign understanding soft selfless good-natured kindhearted warmhearted soft-hearted helpful altruistic gracious unselfish mild motherly tender-hearted comforting beneficent merciful good-hearted maternal liberal benignant humanitarian softhearted fatherly responsive chivalrous amicable noble genial sweet neighborly big-hearted congenial neighbourly good chummy affable sociable lenient intimate goodhearted touchy-feely sensitive pleasant decent approachable open-handed hospitable philanthropic buddy-buddy lovey-dovey feeling forbearing large-hearted tolerant giving disinterested self-sacrificing denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted self-denying obliging self-forgetting matey open pally amorous inseparable paternal empathetic familiar great-hearted self-forgetful companionable forgiving protective emotional pitying gallant good-humoured attached good-humored comradely patient pleasing fatherlike nice brotherly constant fast special cherished all heart thick firm agreeable clement mushy forthcoming tight empathic public-spirited easy complaisant philanthropical bighearted maternalistic welcoming well-disposed cheerful munificent likeable palsy-walsy accommodating lovesome likable mellow cuddly confidential treasured valued bleeding-heart well meaning boon easygoing convivial civil well-mannered courteous overindulgent unstinting bosom especial delightful commiserative inward good-tempered expressive polite near personal sisterly cozy encouraging cosy bonhomous hearty greathearted open-hearted effusive lovable thick as thieves angelic as thick as thieves gushing soothing mother bland sweet-tempered sheltering unreserved communicative conciliatory receptive ungrudging watchful expansive unrestrained happy patriarchal best unconstrained candid uninhibited heroic cooperative peaceful peaceable on good terms sparing careful easy-going permissive romantic courtly parental valiant favourite condoling interested commiserating consoling tactful honourable honorable free bounteous bountiful openhanded freehanded moderate dearest favorite big moral comprehending benefic sympathizing temperate sympathising having heart in right place bleeding heart openhearted respectful unassuming engaging urbane unoffensive mild-mannered loving and giving regardful well intentioned unctuous princely stately suave harmless soppy parent fraternal matriarchal cliquey guiding courageous clannish melting avuncular lovesick soft-centred clubbable vigilant clubby diplomatic ladylike decorous gentlemanly civilized besotted infatuated bubbly regular very dear paternalistic brave personable appreciating vicarious nearest and dearest protecting supporting caretaking confident genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly unsparing foolish lovely mindful wholesome fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless couth like-minded amusing confiding outgoing hilarious favorable conversable jocose entertaining kindred social vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular jovial overfond enduring deep-rooted abiding durable reliable long-standing long-lasting eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful deferential calm lavish heart in right place quiet placid unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome fascinated struck serving silly fatuous simple partial huggy worried anxious civilised predisposed addicted impassioned noble-minded valorous as nice as pie appealing taking captivating simpatico reasonable sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting even-tempered staunch steadfast stable steady freehearted fulsome meek humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational pacific laid back lamblike demure dovelike modest retiring cool dove-like all over heedful human knightly piteous ruthful silly over fervid erotic anacreontic amative favourable crazy over old softie open-minded well disposed do-good well-intentioned nutty about honest moralistic virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding righteous conscientious upright soft on pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax compliant pardoning favoring humoring spoiling excusing light condoning yielding letting allowing humouring favouring high-minded just fair going easy on live with being big elevated high lordly goodish lofty great on top of each other enthusiastic heartfelt wholehearted genuine cheery sincere inviting eager deep palsy


Humble in position or status
lowly humble inferior low plebeian proletarian common ignoble lowborn obscure subordinate low-born low-bred mean ordinary plain poor simple baseborn gentle lower-class low-life low-ranking lumpen meek mild modest peasant prole unwashed vulgar docile dutiful submissive unassuming base deprived everyday menial mundane obsequious prosaic retiring servile withdrawing cast down average declassed unpretentious commonplace subservient minor undistinguished lesser working-class second-class low-grade junior lower humdrum lower-ranking secondary insignificant contemptible blue-collar popular ancillary smaller second-rate abject degrading small fawning sycophantic slavish demeaning sorry low-class groveling obeisant unimportant ignominious middling unworthy déclassé lowlife meager grovelling measly inglorious miserable puny paltry shabby wretched subsidiary scrubby pitiful petty reduced poorer blue-singlet meagre second-string second-fiddle plebby supporting of low birth less entry-level bottom-rung less important lower-level crude dishonourable dishonorable obedient self-abasing unresisting ingratiating craven bourgeois cloth-cap philistine unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian declassé democratic people's grassroots baser unambitious buck subaltern subalternate limited mediocre unskilled diminished boring low-status marginal unaspiring unimposing unexceptional routine dull lessened little lousy bottom slighter sad vile underprivileged dinky small-fry bush-league third-string undersized subjacent minor-league small-time lower in rank lower in status low-level lower-grade unrefined severe rough unremarkable lower rung trivial inconsequential second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important back seat not so important associate uncouth unfit beggarly sordid second supplementary reserve alternative supplemental spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant auxiliary tedious basic younger accessory extra relief of low rank sub under youngest assistant fall-back vice- sub-

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