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give new life or energy to


Present participle for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
renewing resuscitating reviving reanimating rejuvenating rekindling resurrecting revitalising revitalizing recharging regenerating rewaking rewakening freshening kick-starting recreating refreshing refreshening repairing restoring inspiriting envigorating invigorating animating arousing awakening bracing brightening encouraging energising energizing enkindling enlivening exhilarating modernising modernizing prodding prompting quickening rallying reactivating reawakening reconditioning recovering regaining reinvigorating relieving renovating replenishing rousing stimulating strengthening updating vivifying bouncing back bringing around making whole touching up waking up giving new life to giving a boost to breathing new life into fortifying revamping pepping up overhauling re-establishing reconstructing boosting bucking up uplifting galvanizing redeveloping improving refurbishing mending inspiring bringing back remodelling remodeling giving a shot in the arm to rehabilitating cheering galvanising fixing sprucing fixing up stirring doing up refitting rebuilding stirring up restarting reestablishing buoying exciting inciting activating retouching building up making over bringing up to date vamping up vitalizing reinforcing perking up giving new strength to rehabbing reconstituting restituting rescuing doctoring patching reworking rectifying emboldening motivating giving a new lease of life to heartening bringing back to life buoying up spurring steeling instigating bolstering amending changing recalling relaunching helping propping up reinstituting gladdening bearing up chirking up retreading cheering up putting some spark into saving remastering reinstating reenergizing sprucing up redeeming raising from the dead livening up furbishing tuning re-creating servicing straightening out setting right getting into shape giving a new look to reassuring pushing healing comforting triggering cooling curing kindling assuring filliping consoling reenforcing reproducing piquing goading enheartening jumpstarting reorganizing firing up moving reintroducing revisiting reliving redecorating reorganising refurnishing recapturing brushing up recycling geeing up rediscovering doing raising your spirits emending elating giving shot in arm psyching up getting going again revising correcting putting new life into cleaning redrafting reforming upgrading gingering up experiencing again blowing away the cobwebs bringing up to code tarting up coming to life going over giving the kiss of life to restoring to life giving something a facelift salvaging salvageing setting to rights rebooting recrudescing relighting jogging lifting unwinding topping up cooling down elevating reclaiming bringing to making healthy gentrifying adding some zest to making younger restoring vitality to putting new heart into leading electrifying giving face lift to face-lifting cleansing retrieving remaking titivating changing radically producing making young again neatening sweetening tidying dusting giving a new lease on life reexperiencing blazing a trail hitting the ground running freshening up making someone feel young again gussying up cleaning up airing out recollecting empowering incentifying driving remembering giving a shot in the arm applauding replaying refinding whetting wakening reincarnating reinstalling impassioning swaying sparking enforcing disinhibiting firing fanning spiking building spurring on egging whipping up incentivizing returning to living through again finding again bringing to mind summoning up going back to discovering again going through again summoning back digging up titillating tempting boosting up pumping up igniting revving up provoking cheering on raising adjusting promoting urging zipping up increasing dispatching precipitating actuating livening vivificating springing growing innerving impelling innervating nudging emendating juicing up jump-starting amping up shaking up jazzing up righting replacing praising pricking rebranding modifying rewriting redrawing altering mitigating polishing meliorating beefing up easing refining moderating sustaining enhancing editing tempering benefiting facilitating benefitting remediating perfecting fine-tuning enriching maintaining ameliorating bettering honing fining lighting a fire under bielding spiriting up giving confidence to boosting morale raising the morale of giving hope to stimulating spiritually lifting the spirits of stiffening the resolve of redressing boosting moral raising spirits doctoring up making good redoing picking up aerating developing airing ventilating oxygenating revolutionizing resuming turning on reopening streamlining transforming purifying contemporizing technologizing restating reaffirming refashioning revolutionising innovating zapping supporting air-conditioning getting better smartening up brightening up bringing into the twenty-first century looking up working up taking a turn for the better deodorizing recuperating convalescing reinventing dynamizing nerving reindustrializing confirming rationalizing deodorising hardening commoving rationalising snapping up putting new life in pulling through coming round putting zip into turning the corner snapping back getting over something snapping out of it regaining strength shaking off coming back bracing up coming around finishing perfuming upcycling reconnecting giving courage repeating waking reequipping inflaming painting stiffening copying redesigning redevising reminding making brave recasting making confident giving courage to depolluting priming giving a face-lift accelerating enabling activizing arming pimping out pimping up giving a lift to making braver fuelling fueling repapering rearranging repainting refinishing shaking switching on starting up wakening up making lively fostering speeding leavening pouring it on lifting the morale of giving confidence giving pep talk blowing intensifying spicing giving life to entertaining diverting lightening lightening up taking a load off relaxing loosening up getting the latest version of re-forming stinging letting sunshine in putting pep into making more exciting giving a lift making more lively winnowing variegating reskinning keying up acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to setting up acting as a spur to building a fire under steaming up acting as a fillip to acting as a impetus to getting going speeding up getting one started causing aerifying wafting winding inducing consolidating exposing compelling coercing influencing disposing persuading coaxing opening thrilling eliciting making occasioning pressuring cajoling propelling impressing convincing inclining pressing corroborating upholding substantiating delighting evoking exhorting bringing forcing intoxicating augmenting authenticating letting breathe giving air to advising converting inveigling getting impacting air-cooling enrapturing necessitating burgeoning striking pressurizing prevailing on talking into winning over suggesting to girding hinting to backing pressurising egging on getting well charging transporting making more forceful backing up giving weight to prospering lending more weight to bearing out rejoicing gaining getting stronger making progress recouping sending pulling round exalting juicing pepping forging ahead returning to health overcoming getting back to normal feeling better returning to form taking turn for better regaining health feeling yourself again restoring your health getting back on feet responding to treatment sobering up getting in shape starting anew getting out of the woods getting over getting out from under doing over dragging into the twenty-first century leading into the twenty-first century marching into the twenty-first century giving someone a kick giving a buzz giving someone a charge turning someone on making very happy rebounding giving someone great pleasure giving someone a thrill surging putting new heart in getting back in shape growing stronger getting second wind coming up smiling taking on a new lease of life turning around turning things around making a comeback shaping up emerging from something getting it together getting your act together coming from behind turning a corner coming along putting new strength in


Serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone
refreshing bracing envigorating invigorating stimulating rejuvenating reviving energising energizing exhilarating restoring revitalising revitalizing thirst-quenching cooling cordial enlivening fortifying fresh freshening inspiriting restorative stimulative tonic vital vitalizing reanimating cool inspirational uplifting vivifying analeptic pick-me-up trophic crisp pure clear clean untainted unpolluted pleasant airy uncontaminated refreshful rejuvenative sparkling resuscitative resurrectional life-restoring life-renewing life-preserving life-sustaining life-giving livening regenerative reinvigorating animating life-saving quickening activating rescue rousing thrilling stirring inspiring electrifying lively interesting brisk exhilarant breathtaking renewing hair-raising healthful arousing moving gripping titillating challenging appealing health-giving intoxicating provocative adrenalizing hectic spine-tingling thought-provoking exhilarative roborant salubrious galvanizing exciting healthy innerving galvanising beneficial strengthening salutary keen chilly cold charged electric exhilaratory motivating enabling sharp vigorous biting activation invigoration nippy invigorative generative parky zesty envigoration advantageous heady sanative medicinal salutiferous mind-blowing exalting hygienic galvanic mind-boggling gladdening mind-bending heart-stopping rip-roaring cheering kicky sanitary encouraging heartening rallying giddy elevating eye-popping animative fascinating high hyper esthetic aesthetic

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