Synonym of risky

Alternative for risky

riskier, riskiest

Synonym: bad, hazardous, high-risk, speculative, wild,


Dangerous, involving risks
dangerous hazardous perilous unsafe chancy dicey dodgy precarious tricky uncertain high-risk parlous grave grievous hairy insecure jeopardising jeopardizing menacing serious shonky speculative sticky threatening treacherous unhealthy unpredictable venturesome delicate endangered fraught with danger gnarly iffy jeopardous rocky unsound defenseless defenceless exposed touch-and-go wide-open long shot on slippery ground hanging by a thread on thin ice playing with fire out on a limb touchy problematic unstable shaky difficult ticklish critical thorny vulnerable unreliable problematical unsure awkward sensitive unsteady unsettled touch and go desperate nasty wicked knotty slippery erratic adventurous dubious prickly tough tricksy spiny catchy in the balance alarming dynamite undependable doubtful in danger breakneck at risk in jeopardy capricious rickety unchancy life-threatening dangersome hot deadly loaded complicated terrifying wobbly fatal reckless controversial Russian roulette daredevil dire acute incalculable daring death-defying in doubt extreme embarrassing very bad terrible ugly malignant bad viperous venturous harmful complex involved destructive vexed convoluted life-and-death tottering explosive intricate taxing unknown untrustworthy troublesome volatile fluctuant sketchy unresolved up in the air exigent foolhardy scary lethal haphazard rugged ominous uncomfortable uneasy tight unclear not safe contentious cliffhanging suspenseful exciting thrilling emotive threatened injurious toxic hanging in the balance trying unprotected undecided on a slippery slope built on sand tender fearsome peracute profound vexatious irksome worrying nice upsetting bothersome concerning egregious tentative open to attack tenuous on a limb conditional inconstant hard fickle temperamental mercurial variable changeable flimsy calamitous dreadful in lap of gods suspicious fishy hesitant whimsical in the lap of the gods suspect nebulous perplexing quirky fiddly feeble undetermined unconfirmed at stake at issue flammable awful intolerable lamentable appalling hopeless deplorable frightful pending debatable unconvincing fragile at a crisis riding on it at a turning point at a critical stage combustible unforeseeable indeterminate undefined poor sorry outrageous lousy unbalanced conjectural questionable indistinct easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken ignitable incendiary burnable irredeemable irretrievable chronic up for grabs open to question in limbo teetering tottery wobbling impregnable formidable serpentine mortal heavy portentous pressing queasy urgent impending unfastened doddery unsecured movable on collision course fiery combustive ignitible bockety giddy moving mobile lubricious not fixed dizzy wiggly weak not secure inflammable frail wonky teetery wavering decrepit shaking wabbly trembly trembling tremulous challenging ramshackle dilapidated spindly jerry-built rattletrap infirm vacillating bleak quivery wayward shifting onerous forbidding arduous unpleasant grim punishing rough dark disagreeable distressing worrisome unfriendly bitter disturbing spartan hostile failing unguarded uneven unsecure nonsecured troubled unwell wavy wiggling hand-to-mouth derelict broken-down kid-glove provocative not stable wabbling quivering groggy woozy heated quaking shuddery quavery shuddering divisive scandalous imperfect broken disintegrating decaying tumbledown ruinous crumbling nettlesome awry on its last legs atremble aquiver up and down not easy loose hair-trigger rachitic shacky shambly rumpty geriatric tumble-down turbulent eruptive shifty inflammatory unsubstantial full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil loosened slack slackened lax relaxed falling to pieces insubstantial immature rootless dubitable disputable doubtable equivocal shady queer puzzling breakable brittle fine enigmatic frangible moot ambiguous open open to doubt arguable indecisive dainty eggshell shattery splintery crumbly shatterable fracturable smashable easily damaged


Likely to injure or damage
harmful damaging dangerous detrimental hurtful pernicious baleful baneful deleterious injurious noxious destructive unhealthy evil hazardous unwholesome toxic unsafe bad deadly dicey maleficent nocent parlous perilous precarious threatening wounding adverse crippling disadvantageous inimical lethal negative nocuous painful poisonous unfavourable calamitous cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic corrupting counterproductive dire disastrous fatal ill incendiary malefic malevolent malicious malign malignant mischievous murderous prejudicial prejudicious ruinous sinister subversive undesirable unfavorable unfortunate annihilative corrosive critical devastating eradicative extirpative harassing insalubrious internecine lethiferous menacing noisome pestiferous pestilential sinful slaughterous suicidal undermining venomous virulent wicked wrackful wreckful corroding environmentally unfriendly disturbing grievous grave jeopardizing unsound serious troubling jeopardous thorny life-threatening jeopardising severe hostile mortal vicious untoward nasty spiteful unpropitious cataclysmal pestilent septic terrible dreadful contaminated fateful cruel foul tragic awful unlucky evil-intentioned mean distressing rancorous corruptive vindictive bitter damning vitriolic catty woeful mephitic unhealthful inopportune fell abusive impure unconducive unfriendly lamentable antagonistic insanitary unsanitary unhygienic vengeful ravaging disease-ridden poison ominous annihilatory devastative destroying black insidious violent viperous hard corrupt ill-fated deathly miasmatic unnutritious killer infective terminal ill-natured dirty morbid filthy vital polluted unclean toxicant death-dealing troublesome infectious inexpedient inauspicious infested unsympathetic counter sickly germ-ridden ruining miserable hateful antipathetic wretched offensive afflictive germy brutal fierce savage festy skanky killing ill-starred toxiferous hapless unkind despiteful direful defamatory ill-disposed peccant mephitical diseased contaminating tainting infected unbeneficial miasmic nefarious vile aching hurting contrary opposed bad for you dirtied feculent contagious iniquitous reprobate cantankerous mortifying untimely climactic climacteric artful annihilating desolating frightening forbidding intimidating crushing bothersome hate-filled acrimonious unadvantageous deplorable unwelcome regrettable epidemic communicable intimidatory minatory aspersive resentful imperilling imperiling unwelcoming tough catching erosive cutthroat consumptive unnourishing bodeful minacious louring loss-making bad-natured tragical unpromising heartrending heartbreaking distressful inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant innutritious shrewish predictive revealing oracular apocalyptic prophetic plague-like infelicitous catastrophal costly sacrificial beastly low gross cussed junk tainted dead mortuary incurable untreatable shocking appalling uncool ornery envious petty unsalutary shattering frightful rotten spoiled horrible unsuccessful dark evil-minded slaying bloody bloodthirsty homicidal ruthless cannibalistic mortiferous carcinogenic abortive spoilt decayed objectionable distasteful unpleasant disagreeable pathological repulsive ill-boding doomed luckless vituperative ill-intentioned


Willing to undertake activities involving risk
venturous bold daring brave courageous intrepid audacious adventurous gutsy venturesome dashing adventuresome enterprising nervy daredevil hardy reckless nerved emboldened foolhardy rash temerarious headstrong dangerous hazardous free-swinging valiant fearless unafraid valorous heroic spunky have-a-go dauntless undaunted unshrinking heedless peppy confident pushy restless risk-taking exploratory thrill-seeking carefree dareful seeking presumptuous exciting on the go madcap unflinching death-or-glory plucky devil-may-care wild dynamic mettlesome brash game overconfident spirited overbold ballsy go-ahead death-defying aweless ungoverned gutty resolute uncurbed gallant doughty stalwart gritty lionhearted stout manful stouthearted heroical greathearted undauntable lion-hearted stout-hearted indomitable unabashed rock-ribbed unblenching noble chivalrous feisty fire-eating spartan brazen brassy tough unfearful manly tenacious assured determined frightless impavid strong unalarmed as game as Ned Kelly macho swashbuckling cool impulsive smart redoubtable assertive urbane cocky puissant worthy powerful forward unfearing herolike resilient positive aggressive sturdy resourceful undismayed decisive icy sassy honourable great-spirited orped assuming bantam staunch forceful nerveless quixotic hairy suave dignified honorable firm defiant chin-up imprudent fortitudinous superhuman Herculean shameless stylish classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant dogged elevated high-flown inflated grandiose jaunty sporty dazzling debonair mythological champion flamboyant exuberant sporting bigger than life stand tall salty impudent smart-alecky cheeky obtrusive crusty gung ho lively breezy fire eating hot shot attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant energetic go for broke out on a limb swish elegant dapper showy exclusive swank alert gay rousing striking vivacious keen


Marked by turmoil or disturbance, especially of natural elements
wild stormy rough tempestuous turbulent blustery furious howling raging violent squally bleak choppy fierce hazardous inclement menacing stormful threatening thundery windy angry dirty foul intense nasty roaring rugged tumultuous boiling boisterous storm-tossed blustering disturbed storming rough-and-tumble gusty agitated forceful unrestrained ferocious intemperate harsh explosive heavy frenzied blowy fiery vehement passionate rabid breezy strong cyclonic uncontrolled extreme severe unruly brutal vicious powerful bitter riotous hard unbridled tough volcanic rainy aggressive savage raw hot rowdy convulsive feverish paroxysmal filthy raucous gusting potent hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts destructive frenetic uncontrollable frantic restless bad unpleasant disorderly disagreeable lawless bang-bang wet impetuous dangerous cruel mad unsettled forcible hysterical rampant unmanageable flaming volatile intensive keen torrid blistering lively hellacious vigorous excited jarring strenuous maniacal cold chaotic heated delirious energetic roily immoderate bumpy fervent acute ardent excessive out of control swirling airy impassioned spirited excruciating thunderous zealous eager rigorous unpredictable inhuman gruff biting full-blooded homicidal maddened inharmonious fresh callous anarchic unchecked lawbreaking pugnacious vociferous uproarious obstreperous draughty thuggish ungovernable cacophonous windswept blusterous uncurbed murky wintry noisy ugly in turmoil rambunctious termagant unstable stridulent buffeting chilly bloodthirsty mettlesome murderous storm-wracked concentrated coarse damp freezing resolute determined resounding grim fanatical blowing bracing cataclysmal cataclysmic heaving tremulous enthusiastic profound icy trying assertive radge emphatic roiled devastating deep grievous frigid dreadful almighty inordinate brisk drafty stirred up dynamic hotheaded exquisite fearsome ghastly terrible frightful fearful blunt ruffled oppressive intensified consuming inflamed headstrong wintery typhonic emotional piercing punchy hard-hitting heavy-duty uncomfortable discomforting burdensome knock-down drag-out in-your-face searing hardhanded pulling no punches harmful weather-beaten battered hurtful uninhibited rash outlandish injurious squallish rampageous unconstrained unrepressed hoarse grating rasping husky dry unmusical discordant plucky exposed blind criminal abusive animated foaming well-ventilated knockabout undisciplined troublemaking fractious horrible hardened ruffianly snowy drizzly all out belligerent intractable disruptive contumacious disordered seething robust hearty weltering roller-coaster seditious mutinous two-fisted adverse foggy confused rebellious moiling refractory misty shaking perturbed demonstrative stern untamed roughhouse hog-wild trigger-happy rumbustious riproaring onerous full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals full-on gloomy overcast louring inhospitable hostile broken ebullient bursting clamorous active ripply wavy coming down vile irregular rowdydowdy full of ups and downs unfriendly forbidding austere comfortless wuthering at the boiling point stiff raining cats and dogs full of waves fervid arduous muscular taxing earnest punishing heightened burning marked all-out exhausting heartfelt charged penetrating vivid unqualified numbing subzero brumal nippy shivery snappy gelid nipping frozen frosty sub-zero cutting unforgiving avid enthused melodramatic perfervid passional overemotional sentimental emotive hopped up red-hot gung ho all-consuming deep-seated true blue hot-blooded deeply felt polar arctic Siberian icy-cold bone-chilling glacial great rampaging bitterly cold overwhelming sharp unfettered desperate agonizing urgent peppery painful enraged ruinous bullying coercive agonising outrageous aroused berserk ruthless terrorizing pitiless barbarous sadistic merciless barbaric full of force heartless gale force demoniac fuming crazy terrorising hot-tempered hot-headed cut-throat


Carried out without the benefit of wise counsel or careful deliberation, or carried out with unwise counsel
ill-advised unwise foolish imprudent injudicious misguided rash foolhardy indiscreet reckless short-sighted thoughtless ill-considered ill-judged impolitic inappropriate incautious overhasty unseemly wrong-headed hare-brained ill-conceived ill-thought-out asinine brash careless crackpot crazy graceless hasty inadvisable indelicate inexpedient silly tactless undiplomatic unthinking badly planned cock-eyed confused crackbrained daft half-baked hotheaded inconsiderate irresponsible madcap wrong off the top of one's head stupid senseless inane unsound naive unintelligent improvident childish undesirable immature unfortunate irrational illogical impractical simpleminded poor mindless pointless ridiculous unreasonable bad vacuous brainless witless idiotic aberrant fatuous nonsensical nutty kooky wacky mad featherbrained harebrained heedless impulsive unwary temerarious precipitate impetuous unconsidered headlong unguarded harum-scarum wild hot-headed devil-may-care spur-of-the-moment premature precipitous daring audacious adventurous negligent unsuitable helter-skelter improper daredevil bold hurried myopic overbold rushed blind imperceptive misconceived cursory gadarene flying pell-mell drive-by venturesome venturous insensitive inattentive headstrong regardless unsagacious astigmatic fiery frenzied determined furious insuppressible passionate unadvised overconfident misled unthought-out hell-for-leather precipitant untimely jumping to conclusions slapdash mistaken kamikaze playing with fire maladroit unobservant unadvisable unpolitic near-sighted misplaced erroneous misdirected short-term misinformed sudden deluded ignorant unsubtle abortive over-adventurous misbegotten misjudged ill-made death-or-glory tearaway unwatchful previous bull-in-a-china-shop not thought through badly thought out badly thought-out poorly thought-out unsafe unheeding unmindful off-guard absent-minded inadvertent neglectful labouring under a delusion nearsighted unalert reactive unvigilant uncareful undiscerning unperceptive unreflective ad hoc knee-jerk ill-timed shortsighted disadvantageous dumb detrimental infelicitous garrulous nosy unsensible inconvenient unrecommended inapt abrupt short-range restricted limited damaging prejudicial harmful suicidal uninformed unaware not recommended inopportune futile untoward spur of the moment unwarned unknowing unsuspecting frantic unduly quick radge vague doomed fearless courageous intrepid chaotic lively frivolous out-of-place in the dark self-destructive cavalier brave dauntless undaunted leaving self wide open off the deep end uncaring unsympathetic offhand overventuresome out of control adventuresome uncontrolled fast and loose breakneck over-venturesome carefree unsmart desperate lacking foresight uncreative unimaginative labouring under a misapprehension death-defying remiss unconcerned deaf apathetic ditsy unreasoning irreflective slipshod listless indifferent flighty risk-taking caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful uncautious leading with one's chin wary any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind not in the loop unwarranted malapropos uncircumspect napping dozy fallacious unfounded credulous off one's guard unprepared misconstrued gauche gruff crude under wrong impression under a misapprehension confounded misunderstood misinterpreted erring disinformed stray errant deceived stonewalled straying bum-steer bearded faked-out uncivil unpolished rough harsh sharp blunt untactful crass inept blundering awkward bungling vulgar clumsy uncalled for off course led up the garden path

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