Synonym of running on


Present participle for to talk at length in a rambling manner


Present participle for to remain in existence or active
continuing persisting enduring lasting remaining abiding biding perduring holding up keeping up holding on carrying on prevailing holding going on lingering surviving living on staying keeping on extending persevering holding out dragging on living subsisting standing carrying through keeping going sticking around staying on tarrying outlasting dwelling bearing up being repeating recurring staying around grinding sustaining wearing well having no end existing hanging in the air remaining standing staying round continuing to exist perpetuating pressing on proceeding ploughing on grinding away holding fast protracting maintaining projecting progressing passing taking going the distance operating weathering chugging away withstanding bearing resisting running plugging away standing up handling never saying die outliving hanging on wearing on clinging on sticking to riding out lasting out sticking at it hanging in there standing your ground standing firm sticking it out residing sweating it hanging in sitting tight watching for hanging around lying in wait hanging out attending holding the phone striving sticking at following up keeping at going the limit sticking to guns pursuing obtaining toughing it out perseverating seeing through refusing to go away following through going all the way soldiering on staying the course coming through having legs wearing down spinning out sticking with it making it staying fresh seeing it through hanging tough cracking on hacking it standing fast keeping remaining alive cutting it staying alive making the cut holding it doing proving durable withstanding wear standing wear standing up to wear wearing resisting wear pushing on pressing ahead hammering away pegging away sticking to your guns staying with something stopping at nothing seeing something through leaving no stone unturned following something through not giving up struggling on


Present participle for to engage in (typically meaningless or unimportant) conversation
chattering prattling babbling jabbering gabbling prating nattering chatting gabbing jawing talking gassing twittering pattering conversing cackling palavering blabbing rattling chaffering rapping schmoozing visiting chinning shmoozing kibitzing kibbitzing blathering wittering yakking blethering waffling rabbitting rabbiting chuntering going on twaddling driveling drivelling clacking yattering yackety-yakking gossipping gossiping rambling yapping yabbering rattling on twattling maundering running off at the mouth blithering slabbering rabbiting on blabbering gibbering shooting the breeze yammering tattling rattling away chewing the fat burbling tittle-tattling clavering talking nineteen to the dozen chit-chatting bumbling sputtering drooling confabulating earbashing chitchatting communicating chinwagging mumbling speaking ranting spouting shooting the bull gushing having a conversation chewing the rag wittering on powwowing going on and on engaging in conversation having a confab muttering having a chinwag talking incoherently talking the hind legs off a donkey talking incessantly murmuring talking a lot slabbering on talking at length talking a blue streak shooting one's mouth off discoursing wandering orating spluttering babbling on talking unintelligibly talking rapidly blubbering raving uttering flannelling bleating flanneling talking foolishly blathering on rambling on talking aimlessly blowing smoke clattering blahing twiddling buzzing barking spitting dialoging listing conferring straying blurting spilling the beans talking gibberish talking ten to the dozen talking a mile a minute swapping gossip footling spieling yakety-yakking holding forth running off at mouth parleying piffling socializing socialising bantering boiling confusing digressing verbalizing expatiating shooting your mouth off boasting bragging yacking tonguing squealing peaching mouthing snitching gaggling reeling off running through talking someone's ear off amplifying going on about paltering conversating communing making small talk humming and hawing verbalising droning on harping on talking randomly talking nonsense ranting and raving discussing using exchanging views exchanging consulting with each other having a discussion having a talk telling on spreading rumors telling tales talking through one's hat talking out of turn talking nonsensically talking trivially articulating rhapsodizing breaking chanting expressing oneself giving voice to flapping one's tongue notifying giving voice turning over divulging broaching droning talking one's leg off commenting on ventriloquizing describing soliloquizing intoning rhapsodising drawling talking idly having a chat talking the hind leg off a donkey consulting debating interacting networking interfacing touching base deliberating dishing liaising discussing things confabbing rumouring rumoring connecting reaching out negotiating wagging arguing meeting having negotiations contacting keeping in touch counseling counselling linking reasoning spreading rumours circulating rumours spreading gossip spreading stories noising speaking to each other intercommunicating having a word holding discussion thrashing out making contact having dealings discussing matters getting in contact establishing contact stumbling informing talking rubbish having a tete-a-tete hesitating stuttering dealing chatting idly engaging brainstorming renewing communication having a friendly chat talking tete-a-tete making conversation geting in touch engaging in communication advising treating putting heads together sharing ideas racking brains collaborating whispering cooperating spreading implying repeating schmoosing suggesting bad-mouthing intimating reporting hinting insinuating wiggle-waggling spilling grassing leaking sneaking discussing terms making a deal bruiting something about telling secrets cutting up interconnecting corresponding telling tale ratting on giving away spreading rumor treating with someone trying to reach a compromise holding talks making terms consulting together hammering out a deal discussing a settlement working out a deal confiding colloguing canvassing huddling interviewing relating venting cutting to pieces telling tales out of school bending one's ear meeting up consulting each other blowing the whistle dishing the dirt giving the show away having a big mouth comparing notes replying acquainting joining in conversation carrying on conversation having a meet bickering telephoning phoning e-mailing texting writing mooting going into a huddle ringing up communing with kicking around having at it talking over batting around talking game locking horns hashing over tossing around wrangling over kicking about bandying words batting about having discussions crossing swords bumping heads hashing out dropping a line dropping a note giving a ring getting on the horn associating with giving a call hearing from


Present participle for to operate with a particular energy source


Talking easily and at length
voluble garrulous loquacious talkative articulate chatty fluent forthcoming long-winded verbose wordy chattering chattery glib gossipy babbling blathering communicative conversational effusive gabby gushing jabbering mouthy prattling eloquent expansive open silver-tongued talky unreserved windy big-mouthed gassy gobby multiloquent wittering yakking multiloquous bigmouthed prolix rambling slick smooth verbal vociferous having kissed the Blarney Stone full of hot air with the gift of the gab blessed with the gift of the gab able to talk the hind legs off a donkey vocal bombastic motormouthed blabby diffuse circumlocutory periphrastic circuitous pleonastic lengthy discursive tautological tedious loose-lipped palaverous repetitious logorrheic gossiping tortuous redundant expressive turgid outgoing persuasive rhetorical inflated protracted smooth-spoken smooth-tongued ambagious flatulent uninhibited meandering long-drawn-out easy pompous facile grandiloquent profuse yacking quick gaseous gibbering magniloquent outspoken informative smooth-talking having kissed the blarney stone prating convincing convoluted orotund plausible digressive fast-talking ready prolonged indirect demonstrative overlong urbane insincere pretentious flowery wandering flip slippery suave free logorrhoeic loudmouthed artful vivid hot-air vocative rattling well-spoken unrestrained fustian smooth operator declamatory motormouth sesquipedalian intimate hard to resist superfluous roundabout over-talkative empty iterative noisy boastful long tiresome drivellous maundering frank conversable boring wearisome circumlocutionary waffly plainspoken excessively communicative interminable communicable enlightening familiar everyday ordinary spoken cooperative helpful obliging full of verbiage candid informal free-spoken friendly newsy spontaneous personal multieloquent relaxed tonguey loose-tongued blabbermouth yakkity prosy wind-bag yakky genial affable sociable flap jaw running on at the mouth cogent amiable extroverted coherent effortless illuminating well-versed natural warm extrovert tautologous repeating involved repetitive high-flown mellifluous cursive prompt copious confident mellifluent disputatious self-assured running assured effervescent unconstrained liberal lavish gushy gregarious magnanimous generous florid high-sounding full of air oratorical having kissed the Blarney stone highfalutin sonorous flamboyant aureate overblown extravagant grandiose flashy tumid lofty showy ornate purple overripe hifalutin magnific epideictic Ciceronian hyperbolic euphuistic pat Demosthenic arty-farty Demosthenean neat silky powerful embellished contrived overwrought ostentatious exaggerated theatrical grand stilted tumescent overdone imposing swollen disingenuous revealing significant forceful graceful pregnant oversimplified shallow flippant simplistic superficial moving meaningful potent suggestive effective sweet-talking meaning pointed telling strong stirring graphic lucid revelatory indicative well-expressed ardent fervid fervent impassioned well spoken well expressed poignant sententious touching facund passionate affecting impressive drawn-out extended dragging dragged out spun out diffusive marathon lingering sustained time-consuming slow loose alliterative oblique reiterating ponderous padded lengthened desultory elongate elongated spun-out endless leaping digressionary digressional unending enduring devious roaming roving longish excursive dragged-out lasting great seemingly endless delayed circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious laborious disquisitional vague waffling errant very long king-size oversized king-sized episodic uncalled-for reiterative inelegant unneeded unnecessary king size random exuberant dull rhapsodic lyrical windbag long-lived far long-lasting long-term perissological overextended tardy late boundless dilatory limitless spreading musing erratic broad deviating never-ending for ages forever and a day without end big mouthed all jaw drawn out stretched out remote stretching far-off stretched extensive towering tall deep stretch expanded lanky outstretched gangling enlarged strung out rangy distant faraway stringy continued high far-reaching complicated spread out complex ambiguous misleading unstraightforward confusing tricky deceptive mazy cunning byzantine involute perverse intricate difficult difficult to follow

Antonym of running on

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