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the quality of being safe


The property of being safe
protection safety security defence defense preservation shielding guarding safekeeping sanctuary safeguarding invulnerability conservation salvation immunity safe keeping safeguard cover shield screen armor care ward aegis fortification impregnability guard protecting armament assurance armour self-defense insurance strength indemnity barrier buffer guardianship surety stability reassurance ammunition wall welfare asylum well-being inviolability shelter haven public safety upholding upkeep saving unassailability freedom freedom from danger refuge buckler egis retreat harbour safe haven harbor support provision hiding place guarantee indemnification maintenance bulwark hideout precaution resistance shade fastness weapon port in a storm safe house safety net coverage arms warranty hideaway keeping bumper safe harbor cushion harborage safety measure fence safety device precautions weaponry custody munitions stronghold escape retainment backing deterrent deterrence continuation continuance protector concealment solace rampart warrant surveillance peace redemption comfort relief sanctum preserving conserving pad secret place fail-safe oasis den perpetuation sustentation bolt-hole foxhole preserval shock absorber port safety measures hole preventive measure ivory tower shadow hidey-hole a roof resilience lee insurance policy trust mail absorber compensation payment endorsement hermitage cloister apron mask exception untouchability impenetrability imperviousness reimbursement charge supervision custodianship preventive fender backstop privacy secrecy seclusion palladium caution prophylactic hiding housing allowance tutelage certainty protective device convoy escort keep zoar covert querencia life assurance life insurance financial protection warfare defenses defences resort church convent safety guard fallback midst citadel buildup disarmament ordnance preparation hardware deployment rearmament mobilization arming preserve hole-up evaporation storage tanning refrigeration heart prolongation continuity sustainment safeguards good hands sustaining something to fall back on care and feeding material gun heat centre sustention circle core safety plug protective umbrella sheet anchor safety valve keeping going keeping alive keeping up carrying on carrying-on place of safety guards measures pledge embrace center bosom mobilisation collateral pawn bond underwriting gage hostage earnest guaranty bail covenant gauge contract

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