Synonym of sapping

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saps, sapped, sapping

Synonym: debilitate, weaken,


Present participle for to cause to lose energy or become physically weaker
attenuating eroding undermining debilitating devitalizing enervating etiolating impairing reducing weakening enfeebling vitiating lessening lowering subverting tiring blunting crippling destroying disabling prostrating ruining softening wasting wrecking wearing away eating away wearing down exhausting draining fatiguing wearing out wearying incapacitating frazzling doing in knocking out shattering knackering overtiring tiring out pooping immobilizing paralysing paralyzing taking it out of overtaxing washing out immobilising fagging out taxing torpefying breaking indisposing overworking tuckering out jading whacking wearing laying low outwearing busting killing handicapping pooping out wearing to a frazzle making weak making feeble putting out of action bushing harassing hamstringing tuckering petering out doing up unstrengthening diminishing depleting overexerting straining overextending overfatiguing conking out running ragged maiming disarming marring hurting harming mutilating damaging mangling unnerving emasculating eviscerating drawing bankrupting overdoing rendering infirm withering depressing sinking injuring failing paining sucking dry laming making tired sapping your strength making powerless inactivating kiboshing shooting down unfitting rendering incapable taking out sabotaging totalling sapping the strength of throwing monkey wrench in battering pinioning spoiling hocking totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing muzzling unhinging impoverishing using up sickening disempowering exenterating disemboweling disembowelling burdening hampering extenuating encumbering hindering plaguing drowsing atrophying oppressing drooping weighing fading flagging glutting rendering powerless making unfit restricting spiking fainting folding overburdening collapsing wilting overstraining ennuying causing ennui growing tired rooting shrivelling emaciating shriveling disfiguring giving out going stale growing weary nearly killing wiping out shrinking consuming putting to sleep losing interest confining to a wheelchair confining to bed wearing oneself to a shadow running into the ground dismembering making lame gnawing palsying stifling corroding defacing dislimbing sidelining wearing oneself to a frazzle halting stopping jamming disenabling deactivating freezing clamping felling flooring preventing from moving actioning preventing from working invalidating bringing to a standstill making inoperative bringing to a halt disqualifying rendering inactive arresting tying rendering inoperative dropping levelling leveling downing overthrowing mowing defeating knocking down knocking over mowing down bowling over bowling down making weary making helpless making impotent bringing someone to their knees bringing low flattening decking toppling bringing down knocking to the ground grounding KO'ing laying out throwing down throwing to the ground knocking for six striking down knocking unconscious kayoing fizzling succumbing bedraggling languishing sagging overturning throwing appalling laying up putting down cutting down bringing to the ground knocking into the middle of next week catching off balance hobbling making sleepy taking shagging out spilling upsetting draining of energy tumbling picking off wearing on tipping over hospitalising upturning pulling down hospitalizing tripping scattering tackling boring overcoming overpowering shoving unbalancing setting down tripping up hurling to the ground running over running down numbing stunning demolishing transfixing stupefying deadening daunting defusing petrifying dazing closing bemusing nonplussing anaesthetizing astounding anesthetizing benumbing poleaxing straightening rolling grading laying debasing plastering flushing abrading spreading out ironing out beating down rolling out stopping dead bringing to grinding halt making nerveless shutting down making inert knocking off your feet making harmless stripping subjugating skinning making safe rendering defenseless unarming subduing deescalating neutralizing removing the fuse from occupying disbanding neutralising


Present participle for to deplete or drain away from
draining emptying depleting exhausting bleeding milking consuming depriving dissipating using up sucking dry spending expending wasting impoverishing finishing squandering going through burning diminishing drawing down getting through running through absorbing devouring reducing eating up frittering away bleeding dry drawing using utilizing playing out utilising squeezing running down frivolling away swallowing up emptying out tapping weakening siphoning frittering syphoning blowing employing attenuating straining slashing bankrupting undermining drawing off diverting wearing out burning up drying up digging into washing up wearing down making use of running out burning through throwing away running up finishing up blowing through fleecing enervating throwing paying out finishing off frivoling frivolling wantoning breaking busting trifling fiddling catheterizing drying eroding freeing from filtering off taking up getting rid of pumping out getting last drop lavishing overcoming misspending misusing extracting slowly diminishing gradually overcoming chipping away at slowly reducing slowly lessening wearing away having recourse to availing oneself of putting to use taking last of losing splurging pumping misapplying ebbing misemploying drafting wasting away spending like water fiddling away spending recklessly trifling away gambling away running dry pouring down the drain throwing around like confetti evacuating decreasing lessening lowering paring down slimming down cutting back


Present participle for to make heavy demands on
taxing straining stretching pushing trying loading burdening draining tasking exhausting testing encumbering enervating weakening wearying overloading emptying overwhelming overworking tiring weighing down fatiguing making demands on overburdening wearing out challenging cumbering lading oppressing overstretching overtaxing overusing pressuring saddling stressing weighing weighting pushing too far putting a strain on weighing heavily on preying on making heavy demands on pressing hard on putting pressure on overextending working over putting demands on imposing on putting great demands on overstepping fraying using up making severe demands on making excessive demands on exceeding the scope of exceeding the limits of exceeding the range of lumbering charging troubling entrusting freighting landing driving hampering exerting overcharging overfilling wrenching imposing overstraining overexerting inflicting overreaching racking pushing to the limit working thrusting embarrassing investing flogging retarding obstructing trammelling trammeling endowing thrusting something on unloading on fobbing something off on to inflicting something on exploiting overdoing extending surcharging overtasking sweating piling knackering distending tensing overstressing tightening giving responsibility for driving into the ground putting upon driving too hard putting too much in going too far biting off more than you can chew imposing upon exerting excessively driving too far working oneself into the ground overdoing it running yourself into the ground making too many demands on working too hard exerting to the limit knocking oneself out


Present participle for to discourage someone by removing their enthusiasm or courage
disheartening discouraging daunting dismaying dispiriting crushing depressing deterring dejecting casting down dashing demoralising demoralizing throwing desolating unmanning unnerving chilling chillin cowing disappointing enervating frustrating saddening shaking subduing undermining weakening damping dampening disinclining disparaging humbling humiliating indisposing making crestfallen making dejected making dispirited making downhearted weighing down bringing down getting down knocking sideways putting down weighing heavily on giving someone the blues knocking for six making someone fed up putting a damper on throwing cold water on knocking the stuffing out of pouring cold water on throwing a pall over upsetting disconcerting rattling unsettling distressing perturbing overwhelming devitalizing enfeebling fazing abashing discomposing disquieting discomfiting confounding alarming discombobulating disturbing panicking debilitating nonplussing taking aback bringing low diminishing suppressing crippling defeating shaking up breaking getting to throwing off balance overcoming overpowering curbing deflating putting into a flap psyching out putting someone off their stroke throwing into a tizz impairing extinguishing causing someone to lose their composure frightening flustering agitating intimidating startling disarming jolting ruffling stunning stupefying unhinging scaring needling buffaloing worrying distracting spooking bewildering surprising flooring riding uncalming consternating thwarting bowling over throwing off setting back baffling putting the wind up giving a turn destroying putting off ruining disempowering busting degrading disorganizing unzipping jumbling disarranging unglueing ungluing muddling discountenancing disordering embarrassing snarling vanquishing demoting quashing smashing stifling subjugating ailing troubling lowering sending up taking apart blowing out blowing up disrating incapacitating downgrading reducing oppressing smothering squelching taking steam out inhibiting taming impoverishing wearying bothering quelling deadening chagrining abasing bringing to ruin bringing someone to their knees routing causing instability limiting checking restricting bridling damping down bumming out beating down bearing down on dulling casting a pall over slowing up slowing down appalling confusing shocking flurrying perplexing discomforting vexing alaruming undoing terrifying concerning astounding frazzling fussing distempering derailing hagriding horrifying freaking out terrorizing weirding out astonishing annoying exercising awing aweing dumbfounding amazing terrorising irking staggering affrighting flummoxing dazing harassing bugging petrifying hassling puzzling irritating provoking browbeating making uneasy flabbergasting making nervous mortifying afflicting fretting making anxious catching off balance exciting frighting scarifying rocking bullying stopping someone in their tracks plaguing setting someone back on their heels pestering taking by surprise stirring up mystifying overawing knocking out angering offending sickening displeasing paralyzing tormenting thunderstriking striking dumb working up scaring to death emasculating paralysing scaring the bejesus out of bulldozing exasperating throwing into a panic addling outraging aggravating unstringing fuddling miffing surprizing repelling dumfounding trying leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed blowing away scaring stiff striking terror into scaring off picking on burning up making waves scaring the living daylights out of putting someone off their stride making one's hair stand on end knocking for a loop nettling unbalancing disorienting disgusting giving someone the heebie-jeebies peeving befuddling graveling gravelling scandalizing hurting grieving narking badgering stumping persecuting pothering crazing harrying insulting putting out galling boggling putting out of countenance hacking off winding up scaring away curdling the blood scandalising making teeth chatter boggling the mind giving someone grief making one's blood run cold making someone scratch their head taking your breath away throwing into a tizzy taking the wind out of your sails making afraid throwing a curve causing to be at a stand hectoring bemusing hurrying dragooning blackjacking bustling tyrannizing railroading bullyragging revolting affecting making uncomfortable bogarting bamboozling traumatizing getting destabilizing moving discommoding stiffing hounding bludgeoning paining disrupting wounding scaring witless turning jarring flipping nauseating rousing chafing filling with fear torturing giving someone goose pimples piquing deranging blustering destabilising fouling up tyrannising putting the fear of God into scaring the pants off agonizing arousing making jump getting across making fretful traumatising strong-arming screwing up scaring someone out of their wits throwing into a blue funk egging on freezing your blood leaning on nagging harrowing mixing up turning on mau-mauing electrifying getting the wind up rattling one's cage agonising aggrieving chilling to the bone making someone jump out of their skin gnawing at rendering speechless getting at making someone's hair stand on end pushing around ticking off throwing into a fright knocking over making a scene pushing buttons hurting somebody's feelings springing on blowing your mind giving a hard time pulling the rug from under knocking over with feather grossing out pulling the rug out from under heating demotivating haunting throwing into panic inciting inflaming putting on edge shaming incommoding dizzying blinding impressing scaring silly disorientating infuriating freaking unquieting galvanizing disillusioning stimulating clouding worsting making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps chilling to the marrow blinding someone with something making restless disenchanting disgruntling preoccupying threatening galvanising disarraying dementing rummaging downing displacing affronting maddening distressing greatly sending into a spin stampeding messing with one's head interfering tiring complicating intruding scaring someone half to death snafuing letting down despairing fermenting making self-conscious pressuring souring dissatisfying embittering hindering balking catching unawares causing disquiet to eating away at scaring the pants off of making someone jump out of his skin menacing examining ventilating getting in the way baulking throwing into confusion pressurizing domineering lousing up filling with consternation messing up mucking up besetting bedevilling beleaguering bedeviling causing anxiety to throwing a curveball racking stressing casting a shadow throwing into uproar throwing into disorder rubbing the wrong way causing offense inconveniencing knocking props out bugging up making flip coercing anguishing cursing posing foxing beating throwing into disarray upsetting the applecart filling with panic obliging forcing straining injuring mazing discording jangling disharmonizing disaccording antagonizing driving crazy making discontented driving mad compelling dogging pushing strapping tantalising martyring pricking tantalizing nit-picking muddying fogging wildering befogging setting someone thinking lying heavy on numbing devastating antagonising causing anxiety causing suffering to causing anguish to constraining enforcing steamrollering cramping obfuscating giving offence to hitting a sour note putting one away flipping out firing up pressurising giving someone the hump making miserable doing a number on weighing on arousing anxiety in making wretched eating at making it tough for cutting up keying up laying up getting someone hitting like ton of bricks raising someone's eyebrows completely surprising shaking out of your complacency stirring riling rocking the boat pushing about eating grating niggling frosting rasping itching spiting griping twisting someone's arm using strong-arm tactics on getting on your wick furbelowing wearing frilling abrading fluttering throwing into tizzy hustling turning on the heat quickening scaring the daylights out of making someone shake in their shoes sending into a cold sweat scaring the life out of making fearful scaring the hell out of giving someone a fright frightening the living daylights out of frightening to death frightening the life out of frightening someone out of their wits prostrating repressing drooping making despondent dampening the spirits of breaking one's heart causing to lose heart


Present participle for lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously
undermining weakening sabotaging subverting threatening damaging hurting impairing compromising disabling injuring crippling diminishing reducing ruining enfeebling hindering impeding marring spoiling botching shaking debilitating disempowering eating away whittling away attenuating blunting challenging corroding demoralising demoralizing denting destabilising destabilizing digging emasculating foiling fouling up frustrating mining sandbagging softening thwarting torpedoing tunnelling tunneling wearing wrecking digging out dragging through the mud hollowing out chipping away at clipping one's wings queering the pitch of poking full of holes knocking the bottom out of putting the kibosh on throwing a monkey wrench in the works of throwing a spanner in the works of destroying eroding lessening crushing breaking consuming wearing away using up harming decreasing whittling having a bad effect on disrupting undoing pulling the rug out from under demolishing demeaning minimising minimizing detracting belittling undercutting chipping away shrinking taking the edge off sapping the strength of blighting prejudicing invalidating queering upsetting unsettling dislocating knocking off balance endangering shattering scotching scuppering devastating smashing striking at the foundations imperiling imperilling jeopardizing blowing bodging vitiating jeopardising worsening putting at risk playing havoc with deteriorating enervating endamaging blemishing flawing crabbing defacing bloodying disfiguring cheapening devaluing totaling unfitting tarnishing disqualifying dinging tweaking totalling debasing devaluating crossing up roughing up making useless losing strength messing up


Present participle for make or become weaker in power, resolve, or physical strength
weakening diluting reducing thinning moderating cutting diminishing lessening mitigating tempering adulterating decreasing undermining blunting extending impairing lacing sophisticating debasing depleting disempowering invalidating softening watering down thinning out softening up taking the edge off abating lowering contracting calming assuaging enfeebling shrinking constricting disabling debilitating soothing crippling easing attenuating enervating deflating vitiating lightening extenuating offsetting dissipating rarefying devaluating curtailing pruning downscaling downsizing curbing limiting narrowing checking restricting retrenching cutting down paring down cutting back eroding denting numbing dulling knocking down deadening dampening de-escalating making weaker cooling muffling allaying cauterizing mollifying appeasing alleviating damping relieving benumbing sating slaking toning down hebetating cauterising desensitizing obtunding desensitising putting a damper on dwindling minimizing winding down depressing dropping minimising tapering degrading waning ebbing slashing making less rolling back abridging petering out easing off tailing off palliating subsiding quelling relaxing decrementing restraining making smaller declining dialing down truncating tapering off slackening dropping off taking the bite out taking the sting out sinking axing clipping minifying slowing down depreciating shortening scaling down cutting down on turning down cutting back on making fewer slimming down muting paring cushioning wearing down wearing away couching bringing down making cutbacks in trimming down casting down tightening drying up qualifying amortising trimming back marking down trimming downgrading taking down stepping down running down amortizing discounting taming falling letting up fading growing less receding remitting relenting getting less growing smaller desisting dropping away quietening palling dying down flagging dying off wasting away going down slumping plummetting nosediving plummeting coming down dying away draining away closing draining ratcheting down becoming smaller blurring cropping slacking up phasing down amputating falling away soft-pedalling soft-pedaling dying out


Present participle for to be detrimental to
hurting harming damaging destabilising destabilizing undermining weakening wrecking compromising crippling jeopardising jeopardizing marring ruining sabotaging subverting breaking debilitating destroying deteriorating diminishing disrupting hindering impoverishing ravaging spoiling tarnishing afflicting annihilating blemishing blighting corroding corrupting crushing depressing devitalizing disabling dismantling enervating impairing impeding incapacitating tainting trashing wounding battering blasting bloodying crabbing crossing up debasing defacing disfiguring endamaging enfeebling flawing inconveniencing injuring scorching shattering shocking smashing torpedoing vitiating withering detracting from fouling up interfering with lousing up messing up mucking up roughing up screwing up shaking up smashing up taking out causing detriment to doing harm to wreaking havoc on putting out of action putting out of commission throwing a monkey wrench into devastating desecrating demolishing dilapidating sullying vandalizing defiling razing gutting prejudicing smirching totalling nicking totaling besmirching mangling handling roughly dumping on vandalising wrenching doing mischief to mutilating undoing staining blotting disfeaturing gnawing knocking discoloring lacerating abusing splitting maiming scratching cracking discolouring scathing infecting rusting rotting wronging dirtying maltreating burning denting tearing disintegrating bleaching contaminating stabbing polluting fading banging up tampering with causing injury wearing away playing havoc with doing damage to playing merry hell with driving a nail into the coffin of


Causing a loss of energy or strength
debilitating weakening draining enervating exhausting tiring wearing devitalizing enfeebling incapacitating fatiguing enervative crippling devastating impairing paralyzing paralysing arduous taxing gruelling strenuous demanding onerous punishing tough difficult grueling exacting hard back-breaking laborious rigorous trying challenging wearying burdensome crushing uphill stressful grinding wearisome hellish murderous tiresome heavy killing toilsome severe backbreaking harsh oppressive exigent testing depleting brutal tedious rough knackering unsparing excruciating troublesome herculean formidable irksome effortful harrowing stiff rugged bothersome toilful moiling energy-consuming torturous bruising unremitting shattering grievous sweaty operose stringent relentless painful weighty Herculean ponderous tortuous fierce cruel agonizing grim tall hellacious unbearable killer agonising nerve-racking laboured labored tough going painstaking persnickety daunting unforgiving weary ambitious upstream intimidating forbidding cumbersome serious vigorous thorny unyielding extreme hairy gargantuan slavish prostrating hectic Augean difficile strict sticky traumatic worrying tense anxious fraught vexing frustrating drudging pressured backbreaker intolerable galling mighty unpleasant distressing jarring solemn distressful immense intense staggering colossal gigantic uncomfortable exasperating agitating really hard titanic very hard vexatious anxiety-ridden pick-and-shovel physical punitive inexorable soul-draining dour dogged slow boring wretched overburdening immoderate hefty thoroughgoing exerting major busy insufferable soul-sucking dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy no picnic vicious marathon troubling unnerving impossible high-pressure prohibitive problem ominous merciless tormenting not easy worksome like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting pressing imperious tricky withering disturbing time-consuming wicked inconvenient awkward energetic bitter hardhanded inhuman searing mean a stinker of a powerful stretching Sisyphean worrisome protracted lengthy hardworking overwhelming monumental unrelaxing mammoth responsible grave steep a nuisance no piece of cake an imposition murder upsetting hypercritical thorough precise critical careful nit-picking carking superincumbent aggravating austere embittering excessive overtaxing overpowering plodding headache by the book pestilent tight horrible rotten ghastly foul dreadful horrid vile terrible horrendous abominable appalling atrocious disagreeable nasty frightful frantic chaotic grotty active eventful frenzied frenetic lively lousy beastly turbulent restless from hell flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous racking chastening a bummer of a


The act of depleting, or the state of being depleted
depletion reduction decrease diminution consumption exhaustion expenditure lessening lowering deficiency dwindling expending use using up abatement decline decrement dent depression diminishment drain draining drop drop-off emptying fall falloff loss milking shrinkage step down attenuation bleeding impoverishment weakening running down strain burden load drag pressure demand cut contraction cutback curtailment imposition tax outflow curtailing limitation constriction curbing limiting deduction restriction undermining cutting back retrenchment deterioration ebb falling off dissipation degeneration slump depreciation degradation enfeeblement wane devaluation devitalization squandering fading waste dilution erosion downturn downgrade descent dip diminishing plunge slackening dive waning minimizing downfall discount downswing debilitation tumble nosedive minimising enervation ruination attrition shrinking cutting spending declining slowdown plummet failing decay minimization slide exploitation ebbing subtraction sag degeneracy decadence recession wastage collapse downtrend let-up downtick dropping off devolution crash dying down slip lapse fall-off deprivation privation forfeiture regression shortfall markdown withering mitigation thinning lightening tempering offsetting assuagement rarefication impairment retrogression disappearance down receding weakness comedown atrophy worsening precipitation want failure retardation downslide landslide backsliding subsidence relapse falling-off alleviation de-escalation compression striction decrescence condensation watering down taking the edge off wear letting up misspending stagnation standstill immiseration pruning trimming slimming declension inactivity subsiding easing declination blowing frittering ruin paralysis trough shakeout chopping debasement axing declivity abrasion weathering overuse hard wear wearing away corrosion ablation slowing subdual subjugation pullback slimming down slash relaxation sinking moderation losing misuse bottom out bottom-out downhill trend nose dive fade cessation dying away scaling down utilization easing off desisting relenting dropping away dying out wild spending utilisation usage cooling off petering out saving tailing off wear and tear ravages of time tapering off throwing away frittering away wasting consuming squander dissipating burning burning up

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