Synonym of savvy

Alternative for savvy



the cognitive condition of someone who understands


get the meaning of something


Shrewd and knowledgeable
sharp astute shrewd canny smart clever intelligent knowing perceptive sharp-witted acute sagacious fly keen media-savvy perspicacious streetwise artful clear-eyed clear-sighted discerning discriminating far-sighted hard-boiled hardheaded heads-up heady long-headed pawky sage whip-smart argute far-seeing sapient brainy cagey calculating crafty cunning experienced farsighted foxy ingenious judicious on the ball sensible slick sly smooth wise in the know quick-witted quick insightful bright brilliant wily percipient prudent intuitive penetrating subtle genius observant alert thoughtful incisive rational knowledgeable profound cute quick on the uptake sensitive resourceful politic guileful scheming adroit devious skilful skillful enlightened piercing learned nimble-witted suss erudite logical tricky deft deep dexterous sneaky fine dextrous razor-sharp exceptional discreet aware nimble Machiavellian understanding beguiling fast slippery quick off the mark inventive intellectual careful gifted delicate street smart cagy sound informed designing seasoned worldly supersmart worldly-wise shifty not born yesterday good ultrasmart dodgy educated scholarly street-smart hyperintelligent imaginative strategic able penetrative accurate tactical precocious cautious sophisticated apt rapier-like witty sharp as a tack shady well thought out reasonable quick on the trigger conniving critical gnostic circumspect tactful ready diplomatic responsive commonsensical whiz sober cerebral quick-thinking clear slim vulpine carny fiendish competent considerate well judged well advised well-advised adept well-informed capable well informed as sharp as a tack quick on the draw nobody's fool tuned in exquisite thinking hardened keen-witted reasoned expedient considered philosophical sharpened levelheaded justified practical advisable foresighted solid sharp-sighted probing astucious agile polite level-headed deceitful cool downy desirable manipulative duplicitous deceptive just vigilant expert razor-like judgmatical judgmatic urbane finely honed skilled proficient accomplished common-sense well-reasoned well-founded well reasoned seemly showing great knowledge with great knowledge sophic wary courteous well educated insidious full of insight well read suave not missing a trick well-read awake conscious intriguing knowing how many beans make five knows what's what treating with kid gloves having been around ear to the ground with all one's wits about one underhanded pragmatic reflective plotting open-eyed einstein handy provident hip healthy creative dishonest razor sharp trained unbelieving been around battle-scarred talented reliable powerful receptive searching strong cluey analytical coherent acuminous neat insighted wise to complex analytic exacting ratiocinative detailed valid no fool exact sussed genial steely effectual effective prompt tasty conciliatory arch bland contriving gracious opportunistic congruent firm sane visionary having smarts active vigorous mercurial curt wired qualified unprovincial frugal watchful hep heightened precise teachable appreciative prescient underhand efficacious seasonable thorough judicial commonsense commonsensible smart as a tack sentient conversant cognizant no dummy quick to learn deliberated wide awake with it finely tuned disingenuous all there smart as a whip well-judged shark calculated inside having fancy footwork crazy like a fox sly like a fox Janus-faced cordial respectful decorous polished clued-up tuned-in well-developed well-honed civil poised gentle mannerly sympathetic kind cogitative contemplative with-it wised up on the inside on top of up on intractable businesslike tough unsentimental no-nonsense resolute hard-bitten lettered treating something with kid gloves cultured cultivated bookish literary studious highbrow academic civilized literate stand pat locked in tough nut hang tough pedantic donnish well versed widely read obscure illuminated esoteric recondite well-educated scholastic into civilised wise up unscrupulous treacherous realistic double-dealing down-to-earth crooked matter-of-fact unprincipled dishonourable dishonorable untrustworthy hard fraudulent cheating shonky mature immoral two-faced unethical unidealistic mean objective sneaking pragmatical snide grounded hard-headed masterly furtive bent dirty trenchant responsible dubious earthy utilitarian evasive unromantic unfantastic real hard-nosed roguish corrupt well-grounded refined stealthy balanced unfair safe disreputable heedful leery cogent well-thought-out traitorous delusive secret snidey forearmed razor-edged knife-like tasteful thrifty economical selective with both feet on the ground tough-minded intent cool-headed genuine deceiving misleading insincere lying chary guarded illegal rogue dependable gingerly enterprising serpentine cosmopolitan truthful secretive parsimonious greasy unsporting forethoughtful illicit artistic captious bluffing dissembling elusive illusory surreptitious unwasteful true lucid covert clear-thinking conspiratorial unsportsmanlike joined-up penny-pinching philosophic deductive low-down nifty iffy clandestine knavish proven cheap prosaic together attentive below the belt suspicious well grounded thinking twice playing safe hedging one's bets with one's feet on the ground conspiring self-aware premeditating real-life factual tricksy mischievous impish inquisitive clairvoyant well-balanced appropriate concise controlling malicious satisfying dinkum succinct punchy crisp pithy advantageous recommended beneficial profitable adult satisfactory crazy like fox decent estimable cynical enquiring questioning inquiring lively alive original gainful worthwhile lifelike naturalistic natural amoral perfidious opportunist unreliable witted wry delusory cutthroat unconscionable fitting stinky innovative robust unemotional exploitative swindling hoodwinking defrauding rascally irresponsible dicey unfaithful swift PDQ brisk slimy to the point well balanced mean-spirited deviant dangerous undependable well a good idea mendacious collusive false unhonest true-life straight deliberate grown-up inspired fly-by-night serious abstruse sparing with both one's feet on the ground innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean elaborate innovatory equipped weighty arcane pioneering miserly economic hermetic hermetical not to be trusted particular well-prepared hostile salty ornery snaky deviceful acroamatic occult orphic abstemious scrimping economizing forehanded softly-softly kid-glove serious-minded consequent practised fastidious nasty fair stingy masterful nimble-fingered two-timing saving prepared tight full of common sense thinking outside the box despicable discriminative efficient base trustworthy selfish materialistic grasping blasé economising cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled hole-and-corner back-alley hugger-mugger shrouded indirect professional crack impressive low contemptible au courant discriminatory discriminational differential worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous vile fishy murky backstairs ace nippy wizard practiced virtuoso wicked workmanlike bravura in right mind sordid callous self-centered self-centred disenchanted uptown power-loving mondain plausible justifiable veridical faultless collected unquestionable certain veracious synthetic credible infallible trustable reasoning penny-wise finely judged habile ignominious aesthetic nice having all one's marbles steady-going errant obliquitous erring gimmicky oblique cowardly rotten ungentlemanly beggarly shameful squalid rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless sure corroborated colorable meticulous sincere impeccable inerrant validated verified fleet well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise nefarious under the table choosy picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky scurvy shabby detestable paltry foul unpleasant worthless certified defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive open stringent empiric faking one out playing politics put on not straightforward playing games execrable illegitimate abject inequitable ignoble unlawful wretched sleazy grubby unsportsmanly having know-how with good taste recognized faithful kosher sanctioned significant orthodox legit canonical reputable recognised sorry lame lousy deplorable scummy currish scungy having good hands reserved measured reticent apprehensive scabby ratty mindful tentative conservative hesitant low-minded suspecting scrupulous restrained precautious legal tried-and-true not cricket off-color ill-gotten out of order against the rules on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the lookout on your guard belt-and-braces with reservations watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes with eyes peeled taking it slow on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled


Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
aware cognizant conscious mindful conversant acquainted familiar informed knowing apprised perceptive appraised privy clued cluey recognizant sentient abreast knowledgeable versed witting apperceptive judicious observant certain discerning observing percipient sure ware sharp plugged in au courant in the know versant tuned in enlightened no stranger to up on au fait wise grounded switched-on sussed clued-up in the picture sensible up to date with it in on educated apprehensive sophisticated learned experienced hip to understanding expert competent skilled switched on seasoned across up down introduced well-informed up-to-date in the loop clued up genned up kept posted at home with well up in versed in wary canny smart astute at ease with used to cognizant of alive schooled awake familiar with sensitive to sensible to sensible of alive to acquainted with alert to plugged-in erudite well-read knowledgeable about conversant with au fait with up with wise to well-briefed open-minded refined cultivated liberal well versed in on to au courant with in the know about well up on ware of hep to well informed about down with broad-minded literate well informed clued in on on the beam genned up on up to date with reasonable intellectual advanced civilized cultured developed tutored illuminated rational instructed free-thinking tolerant progressive civilised wised up knowing what's what proficient prescient practised omniscient alert appreciative posted practiced leet well versed tuned-in with-it on the ball at home with a knowledge of well-rounded with an understanding of


Showing a high level of skill or expertise
slick expert adept skilled masterly skilful proficient accomplished virtuoso masterful capable talented skillful ace crack gifted polished elite unrivalled unrivaled peerless keen mean hot world-class top-hole competent experienced able practised good practiced brilliant trained adroit great dexterous deft consummate clever efficient dextrous crackerjack qualified master versed educated handy sharp apt veteran complete smart wizard compleat professional excellent tasty seasoned nifty professed artful knowledgeable well versed ingenious genius wicked au fait top-notch fine learned stellar habile up to speed a dab hand at outstanding effective brainy marvellous schooled whiz effectual first-rate first-class workmanlike with it marvelous on the ball practical intelligent specialist magnificent exceptional formidable suitable fit bravura facile class versant pro deadly dynamite endowed up to it there smooth well-versed extraordinarily skilled wised up very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled tuned in delicate highly trained cool a hand at big league highly qualified out of this world familiar acquainted bright splendid impressive effortless agile strong hotshot equal magic fitted superb up to snuff conversant A1 topflight ready know the ropes old on the beam no slouch top-drawer quick vet prodigious wonderful superlative dazzling phenomenal fluent extraordinary certified artistic remarkable leet switched-on well-informed drilled phenom smashing fab sussed useful brill clean powerful conscious well up in the know up on cut out for having a knack for class act shining at balanced serviceable decent nimble-fingered very able tip-top sharp as a tack know stuff very good no dummy suited adequate sure-handed taught first class well-rounded tutored all-round refined all-around demon best multiskilled multitalented cunning easy alert knowing equipped kosher worthy responsible know backwards and forwards highly endowed prepared know one's onions hep hip happy pitch-perfect well versed well informed au courant sufficient top-shelf clued up genned up crisp know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around leading supreme dominant supremely skilled


Aware of current trends and fashions
with it fashionable modern modish popular stylish trendsetting voguish classy elegant glamorous high-class high-toned smart all the rage big de rigueur happening hip hot massive sharp up to date bang up to date chic cool fly groovy in in thing kicking kicky mod now sassy snazzy spiffy swinging tony trendy up to the minute alive apprehensive awake aware conscious familiar in fashion informed in vogue knowing knowledgeable latest observant perceptive versed au courant hep to hip to in on on fleek on to plugged in switched on tuned in turned on up on wise to all the go in the know contemporary a la mode natty current with-it up-to-the-minute swank snappy new fresh dashing newfangled swish up-to-date chichi in style exclusive def hep swanky supercool turned-on faddy downtown swell schmick designer in-thing favored trig favoured rakish upscale red-hot state-of-the-art nifty dapper faddish du jour funky latest thing last word ritzy prevailing ultra-modern dressy posh debonair sophisticated culty avant-garde well-liked a go-go usual genteel trim customary modernistic new-fashioned swagger prevalent present-day popularized popularised newest spruce recent vogue leading-edge ultramodern crowd-pleasing favorite favourite as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox dressed to kill flash fancy attractive novel leading edge le dernier cri neat space-age new age cutting-edge pop large present slick advanced contemporaneous innovative tasteful cutting edge modern-day flashy modernized neoteric ostentatious well dressed brand-new modernised latter-day well turned out well-dressed contempo today well-groomed hot off press à la mode extant just out topical expensive formal styleworthy splashy deluxe plush sumptuous upmarket progressive forward-looking concurrent flattering high-fashion understated coincident sought-after jaunty high-tech in favour in demand the new flamboyant hi-tech inspired updated innovatory nouvelle pioneering down pretentious grand showy plugged-in jazzy besuited beautiful uptown present-time in favor fashionably dressed clever dap clean cosmopolitan ingenious well-turned-out sleek well turned-out up in the mainstream abreast gnarly dressed to the teeth instant fine polished dressed to the nines existent well-heeled excellent sexy youthful party young smartest nice finest Sunday nicest on trend crisp luxurious last-word well groomed smartly dressed elaborate timely swishy good rage exciting late concomitant bang up-to-date ornate ongoing immediate twenty-first-century appealing impressive urbane bling steezy fancy-pants hottest in good taste with style celebrated desired de nos jours twenty- first century dress crucial well put together dainty prim spruced up lavish rich peacocky plushy swankish wanted preferred commercially successful legendary successful desirable liked widespread well-known big thing in high feather dressed up looking sharp fad chi-chi craze groomed presentable suave latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle lovely spick and span well-tailored thrilled soigné charming clean-cut spiffed-up well-presented dolled up on the cutting edge in the latest style in with it stunning gorgeous pizazzy pizzazzy gay bright loud colorful colourful synchronous unique creative original coexistent excited touched stirred moved electrified aroused animated elated atingle simultaneous coexisting coincidental coetaneous coeval coterminous worked up fired up innovational unexplored visionary artistic unprecedented imaginative out-of-the-box inventive strange unhackneyed trailblazing experimental unheard-of unconventional unknown far out modernist different unexampled unaccustomed pathbreaking nontraditional futuristic way out unfamiliar synchronic coextensive go-ahead stylin' leading newly discovered ground-breaking groundbreaking recently developed never-before-seen refined graceful cultivated exquisite opulent cultured handsome courtly majestic stately glitzy dignified gracious luxury splendid civil aesthetic courteous well-bred gentlemanly palatial civilized esthetic lush sporty polite smooth well bred well mannered grandiose discerning luxuriant lavishly appointed palatian civilised decorous magnificent pleasing comely aristocratic costly chivalrous gallant ladylike distinguished select luscious pretty superior Lucullan classic raffish casual snobbish extravagant cute dicty saucy luxe discriminating decorative choice fastidious couth de luxe sensitive well-designed delicate mannerly affable sublime noble seemly restrained fetching well-mannered perky bonny bonnie svelte handy upper-class high lovesome pompous glittering tidy good-looking lux par excellence five-star pert gaudy ornamental fit for a queen well-appointed well appointed fit for a king proper harmonious resplendent ornamented comfortable august poised overdone confident snooty affected superb precise quality becoming gentle first-class accomplished enhancing imposing aesthetically pleasing stuffy self-possessed obliging striking worldly glossy fit worldly-wise punctilious marvelous spiff radical divine knockout precious la-di-da pleasant sightly princely experienced great marvellous wonderful heavenly revolutionary silken beauteous ravishing likely decent taking fair indulgent Babylonian drop-dead goodly up-market Lucullian intelligent regal media-savvy immoderate yuppie well-favored immaculate well-made high-quality coffee-table undercool wicked flippant snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty elitist persnickety streamlined fashion-conscious swaggy arty soigne informal breezy distinctive well-off aerodynamic flowing palace self-assured shiny ceremonious well produced with good taste wealthy-looking prosperous-looking respectable discriminative full-dress haute high fashion particular critical honorable honourable glib offbeat devil-may-care agreeable as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox diplomatic tactful correct nonchalant cheerful happy sprightly detached buoyant highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional studied spry snug nimble bandbox nobby doggy brisk avant airy close rigorous accurate evolved developed improved forward pinpoint spot-on higher mathematical forefront personable neat and tidy upper-crust affluent fitting dressed up to the nines turned out zooty highly developed SOTA balanced metropolitan bland dressed to nines dishy befitting high-minded high-brow flaunting glittery brazen moving emotional expressive fanciable ahead of its time twenty-first century haughty dazzling sensuous uncluttered simple quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued distingué hunky beautifying voluptuous comfy subtle well-chosen virile spunky patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy condescending confined intolerant well-behaved discreet patronising artificial priggish abundant exuberant flawless delightful supreme glorious splendorous very nice admirable zingy exceptional perfect nice-looking robust well-formed tasty well-proportioned athletic in the lap of luxury strong pulchritudinous drop-dead gorgeous good looking garish musical pictorial rhythmical stimulating ideal dramatic picturesque enlightened valuable embellished proud stylistic impeccable bold lurid vibrant eye-catching vivid citified jet-set blasé inviting suitable orderly spotless adorable alluring hospitable welcoming mondaine mature erudite privileged aloof well-born flaring noisy brash razzle-dazzle brilliant beyond price rare sprauncy plummy larney world-weary recherche stylized worldly wise been around brightly coloured brilliantly coloured florid swashbuckling top-drawer sartorial peacockish flaming camp flaky outrageous flakey bombastic gassy peachy dandy terrific quick keen superlative topflight prizewinning gone tip-top brave top famous top-notch capital fantabulous fantastic prize crackerjack first-rate fabulous sterling immense four-star stellar corking hype fab boss gilt-edge unsurpassed gangbuster banner dope mean sensational dynamite phat prime agile out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully awesome wizard blue-chip primo deft bang-up bumper boffo top-shelf cracking frontline righteous first-string A-OK blue-ribbon top-of-the-line gilt-edged supernal super adroit apt skillful convenient skilful enjoyable number one peachy keen numero uno most recent


Understanding or common sense
perception shrewdness understanding acumen astuteness discernment insight intelligence sharpness sharp-wittedness acuity acuteness canniness knowledge perceptiveness wit nous penetration perspicaciousness perspicacity sagacity sageness apprehension arguteness common sense comprehension grasp ken sapience awareness grip intellect judgement judgment knowing mastery practicality sense smarts horse sense wisdom cleverness reason brains discrimination intuition prudence percipience judiciousness gumption keenness discretion ingenuity wits sagaciousness brainpower perspicuity smartness erudition good sense perceptivity clear-sightedness sensibleness enlightenment experience brilliance levelheadedness savoir faire tact brightness reasoning mind intellectuality intuitiveness know-how alertness thoughtfulness sophistication quick-wittedness sanity sensitivity mentality good judgment knowingness powers of reasoning resourcefulness common cunning consideration quickness vision genius learning foxiness caginess clear thinking cageyness policy aptitude grey matter profundity foresight logic refinement circumspection incisiveness poise rationality thought subtlety hardheadedness precocity discreetness native wit IQ braininess tactfulness brain loaf sound judgment presence of mind faculty mother wit finesse information intellectual capacity artfulness adroitness pansophy balance caution mental capacity heedfulness pragmatism intellection watchfulness gray matter dexterity soundness head ability lucidity commonsense marbles initiative enterprise capacity level-headedness diplomacy good judgement delicacy appreciation farsightedness skill capability what it takes cognition solidity stability savoir-faire nose lucidness cultivation craftiness aptness guile rationalness vigilance insightfulness headpiece wariness forethought providence good reasoning sound mind upper storey cognitive faculties soundness of mind powers of discernment ratiocination ingeniousness good taste sound judgement native intelligence brain cells creativity competence education inventiveness scholarship imagination the right stuff urge far-sightedness instinct inclination flair accuracy culture wiliness calculatedness calculation letters tendency cognizance impulse predisposition knack sleight learnedness proclivity brainbox saneness literacy coherence kop book learning sixth sense brain power mental agility gut reaction intellectual power I.Q. quickness of mind mental acuity mental ability clear mind logical thought scientific thinking worldly wisdom fineness razor-sharpness depth keen-wittedness realism cool reasonableness skills nimbleness skilfulness hold agility profoundness taste cop on sound sense sweet reason suss eye percipiency expertise prescience observation rationale esprit powers of intuition daylights plain sense clear-headedness soundness of judgement practical intelligence deepness divination worldliness maturity heed trenchancy precociousness breadth of view giftedness pundit cerebration egghead psyche selectivity separation fastidiousness demarcation distinction discreteness sense one was born with cavernousness fathomlessness reach immensity deep insight quick wits culturedness connoisseurship aestheticism clearness spirit grace elegance astucity get-up-and-go imaginativeness forcefulness backbone nerve couth adeptness courage mettle pluck oomph grit spunk native ability maneuver run-around con racket soft skills big stick assurance manoeuvre feint gimmick craft grift cordiality mannerliness respect decorum politeness courtesy polish respectfulness etiquette industry gallantry amenity address politesse repose smoothness control politicness urbanity presence care delicatesse suavity instinctiveness articulateness articulacy proficiency schooling writing proficiency reading ability reading proficiency background ability to read and write writing ability illumination acquirements attainments lore edification feeling drive need compulsion talent bookishness science training studiousness scholarliness pedantry scholarism academic attainment natural inclination higher education academic knowledge second sight hunch reflex gut feeling funny feeling disposition inborn tendency natural tendency sentiment constitution nature character makeup idea natural feeling inherent tendency inner prompting responsiveness precision differentiation style class tastefulness sensitiveness difference carefulness clarity civilization delimitation breeding accomplishment gentility preference decision bias civilisation precaution fussiness particularity choosiness selectiveness concern nicety restraint division attention susceptibility consciousness finish stylishness ear civility polarity meticulousness analysis delineation chariness guardedness mindfulness manners artistic awareness intellectual awareness dignity scrupulousness diligence gingerliness concentration exactness conscientiousness management exercising judgment sharp-sightedness chic beauty attractiveness correctness sense of taste feel understatedness mutedness subtleness knowledgeability regard matureness delicateness contrast expedience advisability adultness responsibleness pains deduction detail expediency belles-lettres urbaneness disparity distinctness responsibility warning solicitude deliberation considerateness moderation desirability thoroughness advisableness practice kindness nobility elevation art fashion dress receptivity kid gloves panache verve desirableness divergence advancement progress grounding notice recognition improvement receptiveness sensation exactitude explicitness anticipation sparkle brio elan dash provision individuality sensibility vibes refined taste specificity estimation qualification chasm gap gulf sense of responsibility pizzazz deep feeling emotional response separateness singularity planning attentiveness preparedness advertence advertency observance cautiousness finer feeling readiness foreknowledge foresightedness note premeditation forward planning forehandedness prevision pzazz economy clairvoyance prophecy prospect long-sightedness prenotion precognition preconception hindsight premonition dividing line enthusiasm exertion direction effort interest definition proficiency in conception visualization take familiarity with tuition familiarity acquaintance visualisation apperception insight into assimilation grapple absorption expertise in digestion skill in realization realisation uptake acquaintance with decipherment command enclosure isolation terminus split margin confine segregation courtliness graciousness marking off stateliness handsomeness classiness elegancy gracefulness majesty good breeding nuance good manners affability gentleness fine tuning fine point


The knowledge and skill to be able to do something correctly or proficiently
expertise proficiency skills chops experience moxie know-how skill mastery ability capability competence aptitude expertness knack talent dexterity adroitness capacity skilfulness adeptness gift deftness finesse prowess facility skillfulness bent flair command aptness faculty competency craft knowledge nous technique virtuosity art smarts accomplishment savoir-faire genius artistry qualification caliber what it takes calibre handiness endowment potency potential savoir faire ingenuity right stuff effectiveness puissance strength grasp acumen masterfulness potentiality power skillset discretion stuff polish artfulness sharpness professionalism expertism touch intelligence masterliness cleverness forte clout means propensity fitness resourcefulness head makings tact poise wisdom diplomacy grace style worldliness sophistication sleight readiness life skills soft skills instinct quickness inclination grip ableness excellence efficiency panache brilliance craftsmanship understanding shrewdness perception form abilities mastership urbanity wherewithal might the right stuff the goods savviness green thumb suaveness confidence cunning social graces background qualifications tactfulness training versatility judgment grounding nimbleness education elegance class perspicacity acquaintance development qualities practical knowledge disposition judgement learning address capableness intuitiveness refinement trick goods qualifiedness social know-how pizzazz giftedness resources inventiveness mind ingeniousness pzazz proclivity predilection brain promise nose effectualness talents academic skill technical skill powers sense manners composure wizardry hard skill parts dexterousness credentials leaning quick-wittedness tendency record past suitability brightness astuteness basic skills survival skills interpersonal skills social skills psychosocial skills accomplishments features attributes mind for advance advancement headway progress formula oil proneness niftiness imaginativeness artifice imagination faculties facilities the formula strong point way approach method secret natural ability competitiveness property agency asset function efficacy dynamism workmanship urbaneness nippiness energy force intuition dodge turn set hang of something hang of it deeds attainment employability agility gracefulness social skill aplomb smoothness artistic ability curriculum vitae fundamentals cutting it making the grade cutting the mustard hacking it feeling assurance delicacy sensitivity suavity predisposition temperament perceptivity penchant innate knowledge sixth sense feel graciousness social grace Aukflarung cultivation savoir vivre exposure involvement familiarity intimacy practice insight maturity impression contact authority action comprehension conversance reason prudence empiricism evidence awareness gumption scholarship profundity doing hindsight common sense sageness proof foresight enlightenment distinction sagaciousness sagacity rationality participation observation specialization specialisation knowing inside out creativity smartness handiwork slickness erudition finish intellect discernment execution taste fluency culture artisanship invention learnedness numerical competence control cognition profession effortlessness inspiration practicality numeracy mathematical ability knowingness adequacy performance persuasiveness precision cognizance civility canniness achievement coordination productiveness thoroughness magic schooling handicraft craftship design artwork slyness spryness litheness greatness neatness quality light-footedness edification acquirement lightsomeness IQ originality study sleight of hand calling wit attainments brains braininess ken specialty métier speciality breeding subtlety couth knowledgeableness acquaintanceship civilization apprehension discrimination letters gentility courteousness politeness courtesy acquaintance with conception appreciation proficiency in science insight into civilisation expertise in skill in skillage game delivery manner prospects éclat work trickery duplicity deceit mental powers musicianship agileness accuracy daintiness worth merit value trademark sensibility expressiveness mojo swiftness rectitude respectability acuity doctrine acquirements omniscience nimbleness of fingers preciseness stylishness eloquence poetry creative skill manufacture possibilities probity steadiness light attribute timing efficacity edge efficaciousness precociousness precocity reach numen legerdemain stature pistol peculiarity productivity superability bookishness suss craftmanship simplicity creative power dedication willingness polished skill reliability academic attainment facileness knowing way around up to it great ability calculation esprit cogency suitableness powerfulness organisation organization politesse guile hand-eye coordination chic glamor splash presence zip glamour shine quick wits cultivated look good manners sapience concept alertness straightforwardness eye-hand coordination deviousness stunt exploit feat glibness clue lore quick wit hang number device fluency in ability in wiliness craftiness bias handcraft craftwork trade literacy ease deed lightness sprightliness oiliness smarminess acrobatics athleticism book-learning intricacy ingratiation unctuousness preference orientation liveliness result vocation production product creation artifact strong suit academic study instruction book learning intellectual attainment research philosophy academic achievement decorum smooth talking charm bag devices affinity habitude impulse partiality bone affection no trouble no difficulty no bother nimble-footedness activeness subtleness acuteness foxiness cageyness caginess cunningness sneakiness complexity guilefulness artefact suppleness lissomness limberness alacrity flexibility mental agility thing quick thinking visualization hold take familiarity with tuition visualisation apperception assimilation grapple consciousness absorption digestion realization knowing realisation percipience perceptiveness uptake decipherment aim druthers tilt mind-set inclining head-set tack tour de force fleetness zippiness vivacity area arena oratory weakness for thing for turn of mind exquisiteness domain metier realm field sphere racket department discipline province mission artistic awareness belles-lettres intellectual awareness acquaintanceship with improvement kindness nobility elevation aestheticism fashion dress good taste dignity conversance with awareness of understanding of grasp of skill with conversancy with mastery of cognizance of experience of knowledge of comprehension of


A crafty, and typically underhanded, means to achieve one's aims
artifice device trick ruse stratagem tactic manoeuvre wile contrivance dodge expedient ploy hoax machination scheme con craft cunning flimflam move scheming deception duplicity fetch fraud guile scam set-up swindle trickery bunco chicanery craftiness gambit game gimmick grift gyp jig juggle knack lurk play rort shenanigan sleight sting subterfuge wheeze artfulness confidence trick con trick flanker rig schlenter shift slyness lie maneuver pretence pretense racket sleight of hand feint plot plan imposture deceit stunt cheat sham intrigue method means strategy blind fake design put-on conspiracy bluff course of action pretext measure way setup hustle line of action fastie smokescreen sell humbug cheating rip-off trap wangle delusion double-dealing cabal instrument fast one twist angle cover programme spoof resource program catch recourse whitewash jest sport system canard leg-pull expediency game plan refuge fix hocus-pocus shell game policy finesse snow job illusion project caper fast shuffle misrepresentation cunning plan resort maneuvering manoeuvring tactics put-up job action booby trap jive step evasion fiddle masquerade decoy wrinkle invention medium approach imposition snare stopgap loophole Trojan horse con game manipulation dirty trick brainchild tool tack curveball shenanigans dirty pool shady deal stall escapade feat planning red herring sharp practice blueprint practice arrangement fun concern secret counterfeit fixture mode covin frame-up funny business distraction practical joke master plan plant frame jazz wrong baloney secret plan ground plan plan of action bait pretension cozening hoaxing bamboozlement makeshift collusion prank hanky-panky deviousness codology kidology substitute cover up run around bill of goods course front chicane swizzle bunko diddle operation demarche shuffle plotting switch sellout monkey business facade scenario technique solution methodology line procedure machinations aid smoke screen façade appliance knavery proposition pattern story dirty work manner set of tactics recipe style line of attack gadget gizmo widget dissimulation hypocrisy antic tomfoolery jape accomplishment frolic lark gag gambol toils equivocation kicker victimisation victimization screen cloak mask camouflage monkeyshine option excuse innovation coinage concoction creation hocus fakery hoodwinking winning move kite disguise possibility agency alternative skullduggery joke boondoggle treachery ambush cunningness improvisation purpose falsehood distortion camarilla connivance fabrication slant formation duck hokum porky sweet talk soft soap crocodile tears take-in path road attention-grabber lure deviation disturbance distractor commotion diversion interruption exploitation swizz oldest trick in the book clever move subversion bilk mare's-nest fallacy ride malarkey hogwash pork pie cover-up shuck crock fib smoke and mirrors gamesmanship plans wiles contraption bit scene mock attack song and dance draft draught idea show roguery loss-leader shtick confidence game conniving extortion stealing blackmail shakedown embezzlement fraudulence make-believe unscrupulousness underhandedness bluster promotion apparatus publicity device eye-catching novelty secret scheme swindling curve ball false face false clue fool's errand false trail wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue amenity dealing complot double cross crooked deal duping one-upmanship schedule quackery venture charade little game charlatanry proposed action layout enterprise bait and switch bragging bravado bombast convenience gin false show idle boast dirty tricks palace intrigue pitfall opportunity service temptation hook dragnet inveiglement enticement allurement seducement snag snow boast braggadocio jiving crafty designs road map grand design benefit provision come-on mere show utility false front false colors process instrumentality routine facility potential attack form framework regularity formula regimen fashion theory modus operandi proceeding set of procedures logical order how logical process frame of reference set of principles custom systematic process orderly process set of guidelines red tape modus set of channels fixed order


Know or understand
grasp understand apprehend comprehend get know perceive see twig appreciate assimilate behold catch cognize compass conceive decipher decode dig discern grok intuit make realise realize recognise recognize register seize sense suss make out take in tumble to catch on catch on to cotton on latch on catch the drift get a fix on get the gist cotton on to cotton to fathom follow get the picture figure out learn get the message suss out read absorb work out latch on to pick up make sense of digest deduce get the drift of get the hang of make head or tail of be aware of take on board divine get to the bottom of interpret gather ascertain identify puzzle out notice see the light get the drift get it have an aha moment determine get to know accept discover penetrate distinguish unravel fathom out be conscious of master pick up on be cognizant of soak up become aware of become cognizant of envisage find out piece together get the idea latch onto detect note imbibe find think come to know become conscious of get the point of keep up with get one's head around conceive of observe feel process establish tell ferret out integrate believe acquire imagine crack get wise to have infer have knowledge of familiarize oneself with drink in get into see daylight absorb mentally acknowledge take conclude track untangle disentangle be wise to hear feature dig up dig out pin down suspect construe apperceive translate make certain of get wise guess tumble be aware deem envision consider pierce get the point reckon fancy wise up hit on get the message about size up make of get the picture about see what's what take up get on to get one's head round soak in get the idea of be with it remember receive concede admit become aware grant disclose expose lay bare reveal unearth allow confess incorporate sort out own ingest break unmask bring to light see the point of get one's mind around respect figure something out rumble get someone's drift tap into see through search out are aware of take account image vision visualise visualize ken pick up what someone is putting down make sense see the light about wrap one's mind around see into get your head round get a grip be familiar with be au fait with take meaning take on be alert to flash copy pin become conscious of the fact that become aware of the fact that get through one's head become conscious be aware of the fact that be conscious of the fact that scent pinpoint measure gage gauge find something out taste smell have information be informed hold credit anticipate be sensitive to be alive to catch the drift of think through get to the bottom have a handle on click with wrap one's mind round sympathize with just know have knowledge be conscious feel in one's bones get vibrations have a hunch get the impression of get vibes have a funny feeling have experience of get the impression feel in bones feel in your bones feel in gut have a feeling be schooled feel certain be read be learned be versed get clued up about have down pat estimate surmise philosophise opine venture weigh up presuppose esteem speculate sum up view suppose assume hypothesize figure appraise theorize conjecture adjudge evaluate philosophize suggest postulate expect assess regard hypothesise presume ween theorise fix confirm settle verify diagnose decide check descry peg look-see get down pat run down double-check check up on root out rout out make sure scare up hunt up turn up make certain hunt down check out scout up dredge up nose out hit upon track down get down cold judge be of the opinion predict daresay have a sneaking suspicion reason foresee foretell maintain glean trust hazard a guess spot forecast calculate be inclined to think think it likely suspicion sniff out prophesy prognosticate posit espy sniff foreknow take it dare say take for granted be afraid see coming have sneaking suspicion come to the conclusion have a sensation of have a suspicion be of the view have a sneaking feeling bet be under the impression have as one's opinion pick out have a foreboding contemplate be convinced foreshadow count rate call soothsay get wind of pre-empt pretend guesstimate uncover bank on count upon count on bargain for bargain on be hopeful of theorize that contemplate the possibility of draw the inference plan on wait for be prepared for see in the cards look for dope out think it likely that set store by watch for postulate that have a hunch of be afraid of hope for be abreast of be acquainted with be informed about be up-to-date with be sensible of slang have an awareness of await predetermine take notice of repute take it as read plan for remark derive extrapolate hold that mark risk assuming take a stab have in prospect take a shot venture a guess look ahead to look forward to come upon add up contrive decry be of the opinion that have an idea that fear clock be given to understand come to the conclusion that be led to believe think it probable disbelieve accuse wonder feel deeply have a sensation account brainstorm spark dream predicate dare-say be suspicious point the finger at harbor suspicion be wary smell a rat think probable have doubt have doubts nose catch sight of take as read go out on a limb cook up whiff regard as snuff swear view as take for estimate as class as see as rule take as gospel truth take the view bet bottom dollar lay money on set down cross one's heart take stock in swear up and down buy lap up subscribe to the opinion entertain the idea aver swear by hold to be look on as take to be interpret as conceive to be believe to be feel to be calculate to be imagine to be achieve attain gain obtain be on the track locate be on the trail of be on the track of unlock get wind of the fact get wise to the fact debunk elicit light upon think of explore look up glimpse wise up to encounter have the impression project have funny feeling have vibes augur portend forewarn forebode entertain vaticinate presage prevision premise plan say auspicate previse adumbrate foretaste preknow spae forefeel think likely figure on crystal ball regard as likely see it coming psych out allow for call it take it as given reckon on count chickens prepare for


To discover (something) by guesswork or intuition
divine guess suppose suspect conjecture deduce infer discern intuit perceive postulate surmise apprehend gather hazard hypothesise hypothesize presume speculate theorise theorize approximate assume estimate figure glean premise understand anticipate ascertain cognize esteem fancy fathom gauge grasp imagine opine predict presuppose recognise recognize venture appreciate calculate call comprehend conceive daresay deem foresee get imply judge predicate prevision realise realize reckon see tumble to conclude determine discover figure out forefeel foreknow suggest suss twig evaluate gage guesstimate pick place visualise visualize work out catch on to dare say dare-say cotton on to latch on to size up get the picture be of the opinion dream up hazard a guess take a stab make a guess at pick out take a shot take a shot at take a stab at be given to understand go out on a limb make an estimate of take for granted think likely cook up form an opinion of jump to a conclusion have a sneaking suspicion of think believe consider expect sense reason make out know construe trust make feel assimilate suspicion decipher dig decode take it suss out posit interpret catch regard identify register compass read take in derive get the message take as read come to the conclusion be afraid follow hold absorb unravel appraise crack find distinguish seize make sense of pretend puzzle out take learn note behold draw the inference grok get the drift of have a hunch make head or tail of have a sneaking suspicion get to the bottom of cotton to get the idea pick up penetrate measure analyze educe draw deduct cogitate extract allow analyse rate accept say grant assess count adjudge piece together take on board pierce digest view get a fix on envisage find out ween be inclined to think be aware of get the hang of get one's head around get the drift have knowledge of detect take it as given conceive of cotton on have sneaking suspicion keep up with catch on get to know get it look upon evolve evoke develop establish take it as read hypothecate count upon fall for depend rely brainstorm spark admit dream philosophise weigh up sum up observe notice philosophize risk assuming confirm check tell forecast venture a guess count on bank on jump the gun track verify quantify get the message about become aware of become conscious of become cognizant of get the picture about hit on come to know have an aha moment get the point acquire ken pick up what someone is putting down see daylight make sense see the light about tap into latch on wrap one's mind around see into get your head round get a grip be aware be familiar with be au fait with take meaning translate master be with it take on compute think it likely account regard as likely calibrate check up on envision decide regard as extrapolate class as view as take for see as credit estimate as have a handle on click with see the light get the point of wrap one's mind round get the idea of collect hold to be look on as take to be interpret as ratiocinate set store by conceive to be believe to be feel to be calculate to be imagine to be take to mean add up come to understand untangle fathom out disentangle read into boil down draw a conclusion search out ferret out pinpoint have catch the drift of think through get to the bottom see what's what

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