Synonym of scathing

Alternative for scathing

Synonym: blistering, scalding, vituperative,

scathes, scathed, scathing

Synonym: damage, harm, hurt,


Harshly or bitterly critical
bitter blistering critical hostile vitriolic acrimonious brutal cutting derisive devastating disparaging fierce harsh savage searing severe unsparing virulent withering barbed belittling biting contemptuous cynical ferocious nasty scorching sharp stinging acerbic acidic burning corrosive coruscating snarling wounding acid cruel hurtful jeering mordacious sarcastic scalding sulphurous sulfurous extremely critical caustic mordant sardonic trenchant satirical acrid acidulous tart pungent acerb snarky satiric incisive venomous smart-mouthed smart-alecky smart-aleck astringent scornful vicious spiteful malicious keen piercing mocking catty mean unkind pointed penetrating sarky sneering waspish poisonous scoffing razor-edged offensive rancorous taunting ironical hateful brusque rude disrespectful vindictive disdainful snide abrasive arrogant ironic derisory dry salty irascible contumelious unfriendly polemic slashing antagonistic aggressive malign violent rapier-like stringent carping abusive insulting ridiculing acute pernicious ill-natured malignant maleficent scurrilous hard poignant wry truculent backhanded splenetic austere callous derogatory chaffing slighting denigratory evil ornery curt malevolent jibing uncomplimentary dismissive malefic angry contentious telling bilious envenomed stern saucy needling detracting evil-intentioned twitting captious disillusioned squint-eyed cussed weisenheiming churlish heartless strong polemical degrading pejorative double-edged grim teasing pillorying ungracious vitriolous blunt bad-tempered short forceful rough rigorous vituperative ill-tempered crisp lampooning pugnacious insolent pithy wise discourteous snappy witty peppery ridiculous argumentative smart defiant surly destructive irreverent crabbed belligerent snidey emphatic testy cross choleric disputatious unpleasant crushing hate-filled terse laconic drilling clear-cut vehement controversial unblunted corroding merciless resentful sound impertinent unrelenting piquant edged distressing strict exacting pitiless vengeful baleful sadistic harmful grievous rigid despiteful ruthless wanton snappish snippy acetose disapproving overwhelming overpowering demeaning derogative depreciative detractive decrying depreciatory deprecatory denigrative cold-blooded sour bad vigorous sharp-worded thoughtless inconsiderate provocative salt exciting stimulating racy stabbing injurious damaging acetic tonic wrathful ireful driving forthright clear obloquious foul powerful effective explicit distinct humiliating cantankerous censorious edgy potent unequivocal highly effective tongue-in-cheek berating reproachful obnoxious reviling defamatory unmannerly supercilious superior mortifying blasting dripping with malice cranky indignant irate crabby peevish uncivil vituperatory calumniating vulgar impolite snubbing blighting abrupt gruff razor-sharp full of contempt contradictory backbiting alert burlesque atypical spicy clever implausible exaggerated twisted curious quick-witted bad-mannered ill-mannered absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous offhand combative accurate venomed out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy bellicose pertinent meaty meaningful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant insightful pessimistic quarrelsome confrontational scrappy sceptical sullen obstreperous laid on the line right to it in a nutshell on the nose boiled down calling a spade a spade on the button feisty for the birds cold unbelieving distrustful uncooperative brawly assaultive warlike chippy gladiatorial stroppy agonistic discordant militant itching arsey aggers bolshie suspicious doubtful disbelieving spoiling for a fight ready for a fight deadly vituperous terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising frightening browbeating terrorizing bullying fractious misanthropic doubting negative incredulous disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled black misanthropical bleak mistrustful skeptical nonbelieving tangy zesty vinegary aromatic zingy hot pert unsympathetic savoury spiced savory fiery zestful inhospitable irritating smarting acidulated acetous humorous pervasive highly seasoned comfortless suffocating stifling unsweetened viperous sly nauseating sickly nauseous lively cloying fetid subtle nippy colourful mephitic tough droll tasty seasoned foetid deprecating sourish tartish stinking rich flavoursome appetizing insensitive spirited briny flavorsome flavorful painful inimical unwelcoming sparkling appetising punchy adverse uncongenial alien adversary adversarial sharp-tasting unsociable unpropitious contrary antipathetic unreceptive sharp-tongued colorful dour excruciating uncomfortable discomforting with a kick forbidding prejudicial shrewish absinthian amaroidal absinthal wicked mischievous acidy cynic upsetting stiff hypercritical censuring condemning cursing soured green industrial-strength menacing grudging effluvial grating odoriferous nosey whiffy effluvious unfeeling annoying galling highly flavoured rotten distasteful tactless inappropriate dirty viperish toxicant vinegarish heady highly-seasoned flavourful spiky unpalatable unsavory flavorous sapid parodying paradoxical spoof bantering spoofing dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose depreciating unsavoury yukky yucky well-flavored deadpan fragrant flowery slanderous discrediting affronting libellous libelous blasphemous hard to take Hudibrastic Rabelaisian rubbing the wrong way sharp-flavoured repulsive waggish apathetic difficult sweet zippy trying disagreeable matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced dissolvent erosive oxidizing anti-alkaline disintegrative bleaching rusting eroding sombre dire somber intemperate heavy inclement oppressive awful harrowing straitened wretched agonizing tortuous spartan scabrous agonising disastrous sober unendurable calamitous inexorable solemn grave burdensome hardhanded inhuman rugged wild oxidising eating away


Inclined to express negative or disapproving comments
critical censorious condemnatory condemning castigatory reproving denunciatory deprecatory disparaging disapproving criticising criticizing fault-finding judgemental negative unfavourable unsympathetic hypercritical overcritical pedantic pettifogging cavilling carping quibbling niggling nitpicking pernickety picky belittling calumniatory cavillous censuring cutting cynical griping hairsplitting unfavorable bellyaching captious caviling faultfinding judgmental rejective whingeing derogatory reprobatory reprobative nit-picking nit-picky pass-remarkable ultra-critical reproachful contemptuous derisive disdainful slighting insulting scornful contumelious pejorative withering uncomplimentary sneering opprobrious vituperative damning abusive derisory dismissive snide degrading denigratory denouncing insolent harsh offensive defamatory sniffy slanderous libellous libelous upbraiding demeaning derogative decrying depreciative depreciatory detractive denigrative damnatory mocking scoffing jeering sardonic sarcastic complaining snotty dissatisfied accusatory unflattering slating hostile knocking full of contempt stern scurrilous rude vitriolic scolding invective full of reproof castigating reviling maligning scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile disrespectful supercilious vilifying calumniating traducing arrogant obloquious malicious haughty abhorrent snooty sharp-tongued accusing proscriptive admonishing frowning discouraging virulent grousing grouchy moaning grumbling boot-faced disapprobatory whining grouching nagging malign bleating displeased ranting hair-splitting kvetching mithering hard to please chuntering severe unforgiving perfunctory difficult to please discontented culpatory reprehending reproaching chiding severely critical impossible to please unenthusiastic dimissory blunt condescending cavalier taunting honest candid attacking defiant vain imperious proud superior biting stark straightforward realistic snippy high hat dog it hard-nosed bold on your high horse hard audacious high and mighty cheeky temperamental snobbish uppity cool upstage cold-shoulder overbearing egotistic outspoken despicable unappealing straight from the shoulder warts and all affronting uncharitable vulgar blasphemous deprecating epithetical detractory violent berating injurious rough foul obnoxious unmannerly damaging minimizing catty minimising finicky overnice antagonistic unfriendly adverse hurtful fussy contrary nasty deprecative poor bad spiteful punctilious inimical calumnious low over-exacting satirical detracting overscrupulous demanding denigrating admonitory accusive mean adversarial nice incriminatory adversary sophistical accusatorial nitpicky personal disavowing opposing perfectionist vicious discrediting judgy over-rigorous over-strict meticulous fastidious antipathetic jaundiced inhospitable prejudicial exacting exceptive persnickety dishonouring scandalous over-censorious over-particular mud-slinging naysaying counter defaming dishonoring despiteful malevolent humiliating ill-disposed on someone's back debasing brusque cruel blameful disappointed pharisaic self-righteous shrewish cursing fine accusative querulous familiar intrusive impertinent ambiguous equivocal evasive subtle overexact overprecise imputative recriminatory overexacting overrefined jesuitical reprehensive unpleasant maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting contemptible diminishing deflating precisionist exact precise scrupulous maledictive slurring overparticular finical literalist dogmatic literalistic purist formalist humbling diagnostic discerning discriminating analytical lowering critic trenchant sharp penetrating particular choleric discreditable venomous hateful irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading ironical casuistic scholastic casuistical sophistic aspersive aspersing untoward libeling injuring excoriating hurting offending abasing libelling vile shaming malignant disgracing unhelpful irritable crabby trivial testy perverse thorny unfair unjust touchy cantankerous peevish petty acrimonious petulant cross tricky undermining disobliging invalidating obstructive very critical vexatious corrosive caustic abrasive destructive troublesome


(somewhat rare) Bringing harm or injury to
annoying harming injuring crippling damaging hurting bruising impairing maiming mangling molesting traumatizing wrecking abusing blemishing crushing marring mutilating spoiling tarnishing vandalizing vitiating wounding breaking defacing deforming disfiguring ruining wrenching traumatising vandalising smashing shattering endamaging flawing compromising crabbing bloodying weakening incapacitating totaling totalling crossing up burning battering devastating disabling defiling blighting demolishing trashing desecrating gutting undoing annihilating ravaging staining sabotaging destroying disrupting tainting smirching blotting disfeaturing razing sullying undermining banging up stabbing lacerating splitting polluting scratching cracking infecting dismantling corrupting dirtying causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of maltreating playing merry hell with tearing disintegrating smashing up gnawing bleaching contaminating tampering with knocking discoloring playing havoc with wreaking havoc on fading discolouring corroding rusting rotting wronging scorching wearing away denting doing damage to knackering scarring fouling contorting tormenting distorting shaking up doing in grieving distressing paining cutting prejudicing stinging hacking up torturing waxing piquing drawing blood fouling up doing mischief to aggrieving cutting up messing up despoiling poisoning pillaging wasting sacking plundering debasing desolating ransacking spoliating scuppering looting depredating raiding perverting subverting scotching laying waste lousing up torpedoing rifling robbing putting the kibosh on marauding reaving queering deteriorating thwarting dashing profaning raping depraving decimating soiling warping stripping diminishing adulterating screwing up making a mess of devouring hindering impeding touching ravishing enfeebling nixing blasting blowing debauching sapping befouling reducing blowing a hole in upsetting lessening frustrating devaluing foiling sinking debilitating pulverizing creaming banjaxing prostituting dishing stymieing consuming nuking demoralizing cruelling putting paid to tearing down degrading pulverising bringing to naught demoralising twisting afflicting darkening besmirching violating levelling leveling extinguishing dishonouring botching vaporizing wracking overwhelming euchring eroding dishonoring pulling down throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of vaporising putting a damper on threatening hamstringing quashing cheapening eating away cankering blunting enervating foraging putting an end to scourging decaying invalidating stealing from alloying bastardizing brutalizing marking brutalising putting out of action doing for taking out wiping out bringing down putting the lid on bastardising rubbing out mucking up crumbling demeaning blackening abasing depressing laming jeopardizing hacking abrading hampering disgracing worsening quelling eating dissolving charring fleecing destabilizing uglifying weathering mauling paralysing bending defeating interfering with misshaping prostrating nibbling fretting impoverishing ruinating paralyzing dilapidating disqualifying wearing down outraging unfitting making a hash of breaking up shooting down watering down littering attenuating roughing up laying waste to wasting away putting a stop to bringing to an end leaving in ruins running through jeopardising spiking destabilising bringing to ruin biting tearing apart biting at exhausting causing detriment to leaving desolate scattering deflating misusing strewing burgling buckling butchering squinching shaming affecting screwing cluttering disarranging disordering misapplying malforming obstructing ending misemploying cramping overcoming harrying smearing gnarling preventing holding up emasculating depreciating stewing stifling overcooking squashing overturning obliterating deranging dismembering stopping radioactivating pirating diluting immobilizing shaking throwing into disorder overrunning denuding reiving putting at risk knotting coloring subduing seducing flattening skewing restricting scuttling inactivating making impure bodging bestializing busting shocking havocking decomposing tweaking dinging knocking down spreading to wincing overthrowing spreading among chipping away at handicapping knocking out gnawing away doctoring colouring burning through hocking taking apart overdoing muzzling knocking off burning into taking advantage of razing to the ground raining on someone's parade dropping litter laying in ruins appropriating immobilising biting into hogtying hogtieing scouring gnawing away at wearing making unattractive throwing monkey wrench in pinioning making useless wreaking havoc sticking up slashing animalizing kiboshing rendering incapable making ugly detracting unbracing detracting from eating away at unstrengthening using up plaguing shivering devitalizing indisposing bringing about the downfall of oxidizing depopulating clobbering tagging torpefying spray painting withering inconveniencing messing whittling busting up bowing branding blaspheming mullering wiping off map stamping out muddying speckling blotching disfashioning rendering powerless making unfit making powerless putting out of commission throwing a monkey wrench into doing harm to castrating gimping truncating massacring hog-tying disserving marauding over nicking disturbing disorganizing dampening nipping in the bud cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to rubble depleting reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon endangering making misshapen bending out of shape distorting the shape of assaulting fragmenting perishing tarring slowing retarding delaying unsettling convulsing dumping on handling roughly committing sacrilege mongrelizing dragging down imperilling imperiling liquefying dissipating worn through melting smothering restraining curbing inhibiting turning upside-down slowing down rending forcing treating sacrilegiously insulting souring oxidating beating scoring dispossessing scraping pinching costing causing the loss of resulting in damage to leading to the end of resulting in harm to causing the sacrifice of throwing into confusion causing turmoil in causing confusion in throwing into disarray toxifying making filthy infesting blaspheming against committing sacrilege against treating with disrespect making lose face rustling depriving humbling humiliating doing burglarizing expurgating bowdlerizing censoring streaking flaking oxidising troubling freebooting cutting to pieces amputating bowdlerising tearing limb from limb hashing up impacting striking toppling discrediting steaming mugging stiffing becoming rusty influencing perturbing bedding confiscating trespassing embezzling invading arrogating neutralizing squelching moving enthusing diseasing overbaking chopping crumpling mortifying bankrupting eradicating harshing misrepresenting misinterpreting falsifying deflowering sexually assaulting lowering chastening reducing in value reducing in quality decreasing prevailing occurring canceling out cancelling out ageing aging limiting rendering ineffective spotting garbling mishandling exploiting burning to a cinder turning over burning to a frazzle burning to a crisp breaking into dehumanizing desensitizing indecently assaulting forcing oneself on sexually abusing forcing yourself on halting impinging carving slaying separating slicing chopping up hashing flaying mashing cutting about slitting seasoning whittling away disempowering cutting down disparaging running down bemeaning derogating panning taking down dehumanising desensitising slamming cutting down to size taking down a peg casting down lowering the status of belittling putting down decrying bringing shame to misconstruing diverting manipulating skinning working against crazing outmaneuvering outfoxing crimping abolishing ballsing up outmanoeuvring having abating outsmarting overreaching neutralising unbuilding offsetting making waves jamming impacting on prevailing over impinging upon making dirty tingeing tinging casting a gloom upon digging out softening knocking the bottom out of tunnelling sandbagging challenging dragging through the mud queering the pitch of tunneling hollowing out overshadowing casting gloom over bringing a note of sadness to poking full of holes digging mining clipping one's wings knocking over relieving lofting foraying liberating kipping lifting prowling requisitioning preying ripping off grabbing moonlight requisitioning striking at striking down misrelating cooking fudging misstating deflecting slanting deactivating freezing disenabling felling ill-using conditioning having an effect on exerting influence on taking hold of attacking having an impact on crashing dynamiting clamping washing out bestrewing nullifying devaluating taking bombing exploding smiting preventing from moving making inoperative rendering inactive tying bringing to a standstill preventing from working rendering inoperative actioning bringing to a halt disarming arresting mellowing glitching up disappointing salting changing altering faking veering doctoring up mistreating brainwashing steering watering disarraying mussing blowing to bits blowing up blowing to pieces blowing sky-high breaking down losing strength grimacing showering chipping scraping away exterminating spreading grinding down eating into simulating age in trampling cluttering up making a shambles of making untidy


Present participle for to injure
injuring abusing assailing attacking bashing belabouring belaboring blasting castigating excoriating lambasting potshotting savaging slamming trashing vituperating blistering drubbing flaying lashing panning scarifying scorching scoring scourging slapping slashing vilifying jumping on lighting to sailing into tying into beating up on lashing into ripping into shooting down burning someone's ears crawling all over pinning someone's ears back raking over the coals putting someone on the griddle reading the riot act putting someone on the hot seat criticizing slating criticising censuring knocking dissing condemning hammering flaming slagging off having a go at tearing into disparaging maligning laying into chastising roasting berating rubbishing denigrating crucifying putting down reprimanding reproving pillorying finding fault with rebuking bad-mouthing skewering reprehending upbraiding objurgating pummelling pummeling chiding reviling deprecating carpeting pulling apart lacing to scolding bagging fulminating against chewing out inveighing against railing against dressing down picking holes in slurring rating bawling out denouncing reproaching taking to task running down casting aspersions on giving a bad press to besmirching derogating sledging admonishing hauling over the coals cutting up pouring scorn on finding fault throwing brickbats at vituperating against nitpicking about cutting down pulling to pieces haranguing caning reprobating ripping aspersing slagging mauling railing at telling off pitching into insulting giving someone a dressing-down picking to pieces coming down on impugning arraigning whipping ranting at beating faulting rapping blaming ticking off cavilling at disapproving of carping at giving flak to hitting out at animadverting on bagging on giving some stick to nit-picking giving a rocket taking to pieces tearing a strip off tearing off a strip giving someone a roasting giving someone a bad press giving someone hell picking at taking down raving at slandering bollocking cursing smearing calumniating traducing railing flogging thrashing denunciating decrying slanging disciplining calling over the coals clobbering fustigating trimming punishing zapping slugging carping nitpicking judging remonstrating with wading into reaming out penalizing lamming into penalising taking apart doing a number on tongue-lashing throwing shade getting at hitting nitpicking over jumping down one's throat going for the jugular lashing out at letting someone have it scoffing at finding lacking letting fly at giving someone a bollocking criticizing severely rapping over the knuckles tearing to shreds giving someone a rollicking nagging at doing down harshing refuting shellacking taking rollicking scratching incising lacerating lancing cutting passing judgment jumping down someone's throat assaulting verbally arguing with setting upon destroying disagreeing with dispraising piling in fluffing skinning slogging rapping knuckles starting on starting in giving someone bondi weighing into tearing apart doing a hatchet job on giving something a bad press tearing to pieces giving something a battering taking on giving the business complaining about skinning alive cutting to bits passing strictures upon giving bad press jumping on one's case biting someone's head off snapping someone's head off belittling taunting slighting offending nagging libeling discounting defaming libelling minimizing oppressing persecuting zinging miscalling backbiting minimising riding hosing swearing at calling names cutting to the quick shouting at blowing off cussing out dumping on lecturing giving a black eye trash-talking ragging keelhauling basting jawing wigging rowing chastening correcting reaming pulling up leathering whaling horsewhipping calling down giving someone a wigging flailing giving a talking-to dragging over the coals belting putting on the mat sending someone away with a flea in their ear giving someone a mouthful giving someone a telling-off giving someone some stick giving someone a rating leaning on giving someone a caning giving someone what for blowing up at giving someone a row slapping down laying out giving someone an earful rapping someone the knuckles flagellating birching switching strapping lathering hiding bullwhipping rawhiding wallopping walloping cowhiding trouncing tanning striping quirting giving someone a hiding beating the living daylights out of terrorizing harassing taking a strap to terrorising tanning someone's hide vilipending contemning accusing riling growling barking at yelling at crying down discrediting deriding ridiculing scorning depreciating detracting dragging through the mud mocking diminishing dismissing underrating deploring stigmatizing speaking ill of execrating detracting from sneering at playing down tearing down pooh-poohing stigmatising undervaluing anathematizing underestimating talking down disgracing disdaining debasing degrading sneering dishonoring lowering trivializing dishonouring laughing at kissing off speaking evil of downgrading deflating jeering misprizing treating lightly throwing mud at giving a bad name trivialising jeering at making light of holding cheap casting a slur on taking down a peg blackening affronting minifying objecting to smirching lampooning humiliating gibing scoffing flouting twitting rallying despising look down one's nose at cutting down to size marginalizing shaming speaking badly of proscribing tarnishing demeaning humbling bringing into disrepute blackening the name of mortifying abasing cheapening damaging scandalizing marginalising downplaying animadverting disapproving satirizing laughing off devaluing discountenancing girding taking exception to scandalising abhorring satirising detesting dragging through the mire holding up to ridicule flinging mud at slinging mud at looking down on branding spreading lies about sullying sullying the reputation of blackening the reputation of provoking tainting griping about blotting teasing conducting a smear campaign against frowning on imprecating badmouthing blaspheming caviling cavilling cussing laughing defiling tormenting looking askance at grousing about moaning about quibbling about carping about grouching about whining about outraging disrespecting muckraking chaffing beefing about whingeing about bellyaching about confounding squashing ostracising ostracizing sounding off about burlesquing travestying leering swiping caricaturing fleering cracking dumping grinning jesting reducing ribbing selling short sniggering lessening sinking fouling spoiling digging belying scouting remonstrating louting quizzing ragging on bemeaning taking a swipe at poking fun at making fun of gibing at spreading scandal about making sport of running smear campaign bringing down sneezing at telling lies about casting down sniffing at ranking out taking the piss out of showing up slinging mud running a smear campaign against turning up one's nose quipping at treating with contempt giving Bronx cheer holding in contempt getting angry with criticizing harshly animadverting upon bringing under fire finding unacceptable heaping giving a tongue-lashing understating squelching loathing rejecting annoying hating mistreating demonizing voodooing jinxing hurting aggravating reviewing unfavorably criticizing strongly spurning abominating wounding exprobating incriminating rebuffing showing someone up compromising devaluating demonising complaining sniping at protesting against dooming sentencing upsetting declaiming prosecuting putting hooks in holding forth against laying down the law swearing clamoring against picking apart looking askance getting after reading out indicting impeaching shooting full of holes ripping up framing naming adjudging pronouncing marking down taking away knocking off writing down taking a dim view of staining jiving putting a whammy on throwing stones at taking swipe at lying about exposing to ridicule casting slur on holding up to shame villainizing putting zingers on blackening the character of darning banishing convicting dratting banning expelling needling heckling turning up your nose saying contemptuously curling one's lip at making cutting remarks about turning your nose up at rapping someone's knuckles putting away sending up befouling soiling running something down declaiming against charging with hassling goading arguing against taking issue with blowing whistle on hanging something on pointing finger at pinning it on besmearing disobliging irritating laying at one's door sending up the river casting out thundering against complaining of inveigling against guying baiting hazing spotting taking a dig at ruining blackguarding blotching breathing on bringing discredit to reflecting badly on tantalising twittering bothering jabbing tantalizing swipeing at questioning treating disrespectfully cutting dead hurting someone's feelings stepping on one's toes causing offence to giving offence to dragging someone's name through the mud ripping up and down tarring and feathering dragging through mud bringing shame upon bringing shame on accursing thinking wrong not supporting regarding with disgust feeling disgust for feeling revulsion to feeling aversion to snickering smiling talking something down prostituting corrupting raising an discommending negating expressing a poor opinion of disfavouring opposing disesteeming passing on objecting disfavoring expostulating remonstrating against holding responsible holding someone to blame holding accountable complaining to calling to account perverting depraving cankering vitiating deteriorating bastardizing demoralizing poisoning marring debauching warping profaning subverting harming embarrassing subduing crushing discomfiting undermining weakening desensitizing brutalizing dehumanizing jibing at jibing abashing dehumanising brutalising desensitising lowering the status of bastardising demoralising bringing shame to chagrining razzing kidding bantering jollying quashing heaping scorn on snubbing withering breaking owning flouting at poking mullock at taking the mickey out of vanquishing confusing causing to feel small making someone eat humble pie making ashamed settling someone's hash bringing low taking the wind out of someone's sails making someone eat crow taking down a peg or two putting to shame putting out of countenance making a fool of causing to lose face curling one's lip misrepresenting plastering strumpeting blackening someone's name blackening name

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