Synonym of schlock

Alternative for schlock


merchandise that is shoddy or inferior


Cheap or inferior goods or material


Of low or mediocre quality
inferior bad poor shoddy mediocre terrible lousy cheap miserable trashy rotten execrable rubbishy wretched junky common bum coarse sleazy gimcrack cheapjack trumpery cheesy second-rate low-grade low-rent bargain-basement cut-rate el cheapo schlocky substandard unsatisfactory rubbish duff atrocious awful tawdry dreadful worthless abysmal inadequate crummy shabby pants appalling third-rate useless dire ropy pathetic pitiful poxy paltry a load of pants grotty dismal deficient deplorable crude unacceptable low-quality imperfect lamentable diabolical sorry dissatisfactory two-bit frightful tatty base second-class suboptimal subpar sad middling below standard dime-a-dozen not up to snuff junk ordinary direful tacky below par wanting hack lame faulty hopeless unsound average poor-quality lemon poorer bodger dodgy sub-par below average defective jerry-built déclassé under par good-for-nothing tinny valueless laughable disagreeable chronic contemptible indifferent downmarket pitiable bush-league not up to scratch flawed unexceptional subnormal pedestrian the pits leaving much to be desired low-end not up to much abject gaudy brummagem horrible punk abominable cruddy sucky crumby tinhorn piss-poor mean very bad tasteless vulgar disappointing careless flimsy nasty makeshift insufficient unspeakable slipshod woeful wrong bush dilapidated low twopenny-halfpenny tenth-rate incompetent off grim not up to par God-awful wack weak egregious seedy cheap-jack poor quality not much cop strictly for the birds of a sort garbagy corny unpleasant cheeseball amateurish negligent meretricious showy disgraceful inept insubstantial rickety Brummagem trifling garish ramshackle regrettable throwaway pits unfortunate twopenny badly built kitschy naff thrown together impaired amiss commonplace end-of-the-pier slovenly half-pie cheapo second-best cheapie yucky beastly cheap and nasty no great shakes desperate plastic dingy scruffy pretentious run-down broken-down inglorious low-down disastrous horrendous dirty shlocky calamitous hideous ghastly ratty shlock unsightly grubby scabby scummy scurvy repulsive gross gruesome sordid godforsaken second class sour tinpot reject run down down at heel stupid outrageous for the birds unwelcome harmful no good worse poopy a dime a dozen not good enough feeble craptacular lacking less-than-stellar weak sauce not up to standard ill offensive vile shameful loathsome shocking ineffectual ineffective odious detestable despicable distressing distasteful horrid foul godawful revolting unworthy objectionable disgusting abhorrent repugnant displeasing hellacious hostile meagre ignoble sickening meager inefficient dishonourable stinking rough piddling dishonorable unsuitable critical repellent unfit nauseous obnoxious disreputable petty from hunger scandalous ugly insignificant adverse negligible grievous discreditable unfriendly nauseating inexpert repellant unfavorable trivial noisome intolerable incapable improper undesirable ignominious unfavourable counterproductive reprehensible negative impotent grave untoward antagonistic inimical measly awkward horrifying inappropriate garbage evil obscene rancid damnable crass damaged insufferable icky grody inapt degenerate unsavoury unseemly second rate bungling disapproving snide currish unsympathetic poorly disconcerting unimportant unsavory inefficacious powerless harsh disquieting low-minded sick hateful forbidding a dead loss knocked together slapdash troublesome uncomfortable disturbing clumsy unimpressive alarming inconsiderable hairy fulsome noxious unsatisfying inhospitable unhappy damaging sneaking inconsequential inexpedient contrary unskilful monstrous excruciating heartbreaking jerrybuilt infelicitous corrupt unbearable tragic immoral unproficient pointless futile raffish wicked unavailing meaningless heinous kitsch indefensible limited unproductive nugatory unsuited rinky-dink servile unusable inutile failing bogus nothing sterile unprofitable profitless barren unessential waste abandoned two a penny restricted adversarial troubling uncultured crook unstable off-colour discomforting horrific worrisome irksome adversary off colour lowbrow unsophisticated little unsuccessful untimely severe agonizing stressful daunting unsettling traumatic perturbing unpalatable torturous out of sorts thin inauspicious hamstrung feckless disadvantageous injurious opposing disavowing discouraging unflattering uncomplimentary unrefined serious dangerous unlucky wanky distressful agitating difficult doleful bitter unpropitious perilous catastrophic inopportune minimal tormenting grisly fraught macabre troublous frightening nightmarish no-account impermissible inadmissible antipathetic prejudicial jaundiced senseless tremendous parlous broken squalid painful sinful tragical cruel bleak gloomy iniquitous threatening ominous unqualified degraded insupportable unpromising worrying afflictive indelicate harrowing downer bummer naysaying counter low quality derisory undistinguished uncouth rude hurtful galling agonising vicious empty unfitted impolite debased dishonest mournful opprobrious dud unprincipled depressing blameworthy infamous uninspired ridiculous unappealing uninviting inconvenient from hell disgustful loathly unladylike malapropos ungentlemanly ill-advised graceless silly no-good very poor grungy unseasonable affecting uncool scroungy minor-league minor league ill-disposed pinchbeck tattered brassy scurrilous stinky irremediable menial raunchy small potatoes god-awful inproficient entry-level bottom-rung beyond the pale drossy unable to do something for toffee under the weather of low quality out of order of poor quality dime-store not satisfying beyond contempt fumbling ne'er-do-well reduced piteous not so good lesser puny sparing inappreciable dicey tricky ropey well below par wet melancholy inexcusable unscrupulous risky precarious acute hazardous unforgivable backwards dissatisfying hellish rebarbative sickly invalid weakly unequal under-strength depraved preposterous niggling picayune chicken minute footling piffling peanut nominal piddly slight pimping hard impoverished stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed brutal merciless low-class unfashionable insalubrious cataclysmic underwhelming reprobate dissolute minor destructive unpardonable unconscionable foolish overwhelming dolorous exceptionable tinselly not cutting it maladroit humble slavish poverty-stricken off-color dubious unreasonable questionable unable to do something to save one's life anticlimactic blah condemnable out flashy rueful absurd ludicrous foolish-looking unjustifiable despisable disdainable less than ideal sparse slender unfulfilling inacceptable cowardly plebeian lowly not good erroneous diddly criminal not much chop disparaging ailing bathetic uninteresting brash craven villainous hateworthy irredeemable irretrievable not cricket won't do half-baked not on over the fence not quite the done thing not the best bad news fallacious de minimis Mickey Mouse tardy late unadvantageous discommodious opposed inadvisable swinish off-form beggarly not oneself outcast disillusioning unwell unchivalrous shameless flash tinsel glittering loud found wanting not acceptable bereft too little not okay scant uncharitable dastardly debauched in poor condition botched fumbled falling short queasy decadent impure seamy not all it's cracked up to be lewd modest simple peasant reproachful plain flamboyant flaring glaring jazzy screaming blatant obtrusive sporty glitzy flaunting chintzy brazen nauseated leaving a lot to be desired louche sleazoid avaricious skanky self-seeking mercenary calculated venal covetous catchpenny sombre unnerving discomposing solemn somber humourless annoying humorless sober irritating mortifying upsetting dumbed down low cost uncultivated ill-mannered vexatious lurid sedate unendurable small-time unskillful unable cack-handed ham-fisted lacking ability unskilled fruitless no use saddening afflicting yukky unbecoming indecorous hollow boorish uncivilized anguished heartrending unlovely unpleasing concerning sorrowful uncongenial not know one's arse from one's elbow vulnerable losing not equal to ineligible naive not up to something unequal to the task frail butterfingers out of one's depth inexperienced disqualified unequipped not up to it not up to dependent not equal to something chaffy vain null banal nickel-and-dime of no benefit bootless unfructuous to no avail menacing undignified unbefitting roughneck unmannered clodhopping incult oafish unpolished cloddish churlish lowbred illiberal uncivilised rough-hewn brutish slobbish mannerless fair unmannerly ill-bred nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending gut-wrenching off-putting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking foreboding out of place unfitting indiscreet passable moderate so-so festy malfunctioning perverse incongruous incorrect inapposite unapt yucko gnarly medium not worth a hill of beans incomplete non-functioning inoperative run-of-the-mill tolerable middle-of-the-road ill-constructed rowdy out of keeping inelegant malodorous indecent in poor taste ruffian ungodly scratched buckled torn not working cracked warped deformed workaday everyday adequate very unpleasant ill-suited sick-making unremarkable prosaic lackluster lacklustre unexciting buggy not functioning knackered run-of-the-mine OK forgettable run-of-mine immaterial bog-standard vanilla amateur fair-to-middling injured unhealthy on the bum abnormal blemished gone wrong unfinished in disrepair seconds on the blink unreliable ill-fated out of the way in bad taste not so hot of no consequence nothing to write home about plain vanilla not very good

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