Synonym of scintillating

Alternative for scintillating

Synonym: aglitter(p), bubbling, coruscant, effervescent, fulgid, glinting, glistering, glittering, glittery, scintillant, sparkly,

scintillates, scintillated, scintillating

Synonym: coruscate, sparkle, twinkle, winkle,


Sparkling or shining brightly
bright brilliant coruscating flashing gleaming glittering shining sparkling twinkling scintillant shimmering shimmery lustrous luminous effulgent glowing dazzling glistening shiny fulgent radiant incandescent refulgent lambent beaming candescent lucent lucid splendid bedazzling intense sheeny glossy irradiant resplendent vivid clear phosphorescent glimmering glaring glistering luminescent blazing flickering glinting burnished ablaze illuminated polished light iridescent aglow fulgurating lighted fluorescent glittery clinquant flashy sleek glazed relucent luculent scintillescent fulgurant fulgurous lit starry glassy opalescent sunny warm illumined golden argent sunlit moonlit beamy auroral fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike burning alight winking nitid aglitter chatoyant illuminative brightening radiating satiny cheery luminiferous satin rubbed buffed translucent crystal beamful stunning blinding silver beautiful glacé glorious waxy fierce overpowering splendorous splendent noticeable rutilant conspicuous agleam reflecting light extremely bright coruscant dancing slick silky silken reflecting smooth limpid spangled mantling sparkly impassioned gaseous dynamic vigorous entertaining spirited colourful colorful lurid vibrant gaudy rich striking strong splashy flamboyant psychedelic flaming bold deep garish full of life kaleidoscopic showy jazzy gay loud deep-coloured bright-coloured highly-coloured eye-catching highly colored varnished lacquered velvety waxed shellacked japanned soft glowy lit up gilded slippery patinated level sanded reflective fervid cottony velvetlike silklike downy ardent fervent Day-Glo brightened lightsome silky-smooth convey transcendent sericeous satinlike Bobkat's tail well-groomed red-hot shinning healthy planed gleamy irradiating white-hot spruce hot white full dark well brushed visual dramatic glossed fiery aflame enamelled furbished ground metallized smouldering well-lit suffused smoldering pearlescent saturated on fire intensely hot enameled finished brightly illuminated flaring well-lighted well lit well-illuminated exaggerated gold gold-plated painted lustrious astral star stellar well illuminated metallic alloyed tinsel tinseled plated overlaid full of light well lighted milky floodlit undimmed off-white frosted ivory specious meretricious unobscured sunshiny cloudless pearl nacreous mother-of-pearl fair gilt opaline margaritic margaric creamy bespangled radiated celestial sidereal stellary stelliform fine pearly plush silk delicate tender luxurious like silk


Brilliantly and excitingly clever or skilful
brilliant exciting stimulating bright dazzling lively sparkling animated ebullient exhilarating witty clever coruscating effervescent envigorating invigorating vibrant vivacious glittering amusing entertaining fascinating glimmering glinting smart sprightly spirited energetic perky bouncy gay airy peppy zippy breezy frolicsome zingy high-spirited full of life peart merry buoyant bubbling bubbly happy cheerful dynamic full of beans enthusiastic jaunty carefree cheery vital zestful sunny chirpy upbeat exuberant happy-go-lucky frolic gamesome crank vigorous racy chipper sparky bright and breezy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour jolly irrepressible excited joyful vivid lusty light-hearted active full of fun frisky brash zesty brisk pizazzy pizzazzy playful animate springy snappy spanking kinetic jazzy bouncing mettlesome pert sportive full of the joys of spring keen swinging jumping radiant elated exhilarated hilarious mirthful gleeful joyous alive and kicking in high spirits agile spry nimble zappy sparkly wick light full of energy as merry as a grig fairylike hyper as lively as a grig dashing grooving blithe interesting provocative intriguing salty colourful arresting spicy juicy colorful piquant lighthearted rocking jovial blithesome glad gladsome jocund genial festive fun-loving alert lightsome untroubled optimistic laughing boisterous strong in good spirits jocular jubilant winsome convivial forceful fiery jocose funny fresh smiley positive full of pep debonair ludic quick eupeptic of good cheer canty flamboyant euphoric powerful buzzing insouciant go-go wild fun busy spunky bustling rollicking pleasant feisty grinning smiling alive tireless passionate bold without a care in the world good-humoured rousing exultant good-humored confident humorous forcible contented hearty flourishing enjoyable hopeful humming indefatigable thriving abuzz hardy unworried stirring happening larking cock-a-hoop striking energized uproarious content easy-going eager friendly perk devil-may-care potent ball of fire gingery full of get-up-and-go effective energised barnstorming skittish strenuous sturdy astir untiring industrious enterprising red-blooded abubble daring aboil social impish ardent activated festal sporty rejoicing beaming flippant robust relaxed easy frivolous slaphappy cordial aggressive unconcerned showy hopping facetious resilient coltish ecstatic jokey on the go driving free and easy sanguine supple expansive unflagging on top of the world high stalwart kittenish volatile elastic rosy raring to go larkish high-powered gregarious feeling one's oats casual dramatic clubby sociable welcoming hectic sexy diverting sassy eventful theatrical nonchalant triumphant wonderful chucklesome mischievous persuasive venturesome rakish invigorated pleasurable moving healthy frenetic gallant outgoing storming comic devilish peppery swashbuckling swift graceful impassioned zealous tough laid-back vitalized sharp rapid flush roguish in fine fettle delightful frantic mobile intense blissful punchy dapper easygoing virile go-getting waggish beatific affable rhapsodical puckish unthinking fit hale and hearty naughty pushy dizzy boon pleased riotous sound cheering rugged unconstrained over the moon saturnalian athletic electrifying buzzy gutsy Pickwickian joshing comical dexterous daffy frolicky in good condition efficient prankish hard-hitting up elvish responsive rip-roaring excitable full of zip dextrous as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy good-natured lots of laughs enlivening cheerly full of hope full of joie de vivre neat spritely droll saucy conversible companionable hospitable party aware effusive salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy wacky noisy rowdy amused expressive frothy agitated gushing fervent laughable informal tumultuous gladdened turnt partyish breathless pertinent dull relevant tight indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless bullish gritty romping chaotic pleasure-seeking excellent fast magnificent new outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable exceptional mad heated warm demoniac motive dynamical locomotive kinematic motile valiant holiday laughter-filled heady insubstantial unserious willful unruly youthful avid amiable benign self-assertive forward presuming occupied wanton fun-filled good burning hot coquettish enlivened agreeable loony chaffing bantering jollying nutty jumpy wicked bucked rich poignant tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy fanciful whimsical laid back deedful ventilated mellow easy-breezy low-pressure coy sunbeamy bonny full of vim and vigor frenzied ostentatious flirtatious trim natty roseate glass half full sunny side up stylish extroverted on the move flip joking spruce proud zoolike furious offhand exulting vehement off-the-wall crowing bubbling over full of the joy of living awake extravagant full of activity noteworthy determined intensive glorying incisive cute prideful to the point vibrating resounding ballsy sensitive emphatic adventurous muscular impressive camp fancy-pants refreshed fay sportful tricksy antic elfish larky rascally shallow arch teasing superficial cheeky trivial telling eloquent convincing influential compelling cogent bombastic personable revitalized reinvigorated espiègle romantic attractive raffish plucky full-blooded high-octane all-out silly flirty empty-headed demure giddy scatterbrained feather-brained full of spirit have-a-go functional irresistible graphic great effectual authoritative full likable heartwarming fantastic welcome pleasing delighted revivified rejuvenated rested restored renewed still going strong going strong full of vitality full of ginger audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy emboldened adventuresome intrepid nerved overjoyed talkative congenial extraverted in-your-face peaceful stoked wrapped rapt thrilled glowing satisfied rapturous enraptured chuffed childish strapping fine charged revived revitalised reenergized urbane able-bodied blooming action-packed rhapsodic well paradisal paradisaic orgasmic fulfilled enchanted paradisiacal thankful paradisaical entranced paradisiac over the top over the top OTT likeable unreserved operating functioning in good health succinct lithe terse pithy feelgood gratified captivated comfortable entertained intoxicated blessed blest tickled magical hale in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox in tip-top condition in good shape flexible fearless exclusive swank inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up contemporary sophisticated modern hip handy occupational working diligent operational serviceable operative Panglossian fabulous gassy in a good mood adjustable adaptable variable limber light-footed utilitarian practicable well-oiled utile take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving on a high in seventh heaven unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened in the pink full of vim deft accommodating beside oneself with joy blissed out at ease floating on air acrobatic willowy up-to-date trendy as pleased as Punch flying high as happy as Larry on cloud nine jumping for joy feel-good tickled to death starry-eyed tickled pink can't complain looking good walking on air rose-colored like a dog with two tails fleet nippy quick-moving fleet-footed malleable lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed twinkle-toed fit as a fiddle fluid compliant quick-thinking twinkle toes clear-headed quick on the trigger spright winged prompt mercurial quick on the draw easy-moving ready pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding versatile complaisant tolerant conformable recuperative mutable soaring


Marked by humor or something that motivates laughter
funny amusing humorous comic comical droll laughable chucklesome hilarious hysterical riotous uproarious witty waggish facetious jolly jocular entertaining diverting sparkling silly absurd ridiculous ludicrous risible farcical preposterous slapstick rib-tickling wacky comedic humoristic hysteric sidesplitting zany daft mirthful killing gelastic jocose rich priceless a scream good-humored good-humoured laugh-a-minute light-hearted off the wall quick-witted side-splitting clever whimsical sharp-witted quick sharp original lively ingenious piquant epigrammatic gay brilliant fanciful smart joshing penetrating screaming keen campy crazy piercing bright intelligent snappy nimble-witted flippant quick on the draw glib smart-alecky tactful smart-aleck teasing profound quick on the uptake ironic highbrowed racy spirited playful tongue-in-cheek mischievous snazzy cutting antic merry jokey lighthearted joking jesting sportive jovial hysterically funny cheerful camp blithe odd frolicsome frivolous goofy eccentric flip bizarre gleeful jocund foolish killingly funny a hoot fantastic inane high-spirited nutty blithesome stupid pleasant daffy festive derisory nonsensical roguish too funny for words sunny clownish very funny quirky wisecracking happy unusual rollicking outlandish screamingly funny wry joyous insane laughing strange mad screwy loony dippy riot dotty fun outrageous derisive a laugh asinine extremely amusing weird peculiar cheery scream impish madcap ludic quaint puckish oddball enjoyable bantering flaky unconventional slaphappy irreverent quizzical queer light off-the-wall derisible boffo flakey kooky cockamamie crackpot cuckoo kinky satirical pathetic cockamamy batty grotesque freaky lunatic kookie for grins screwball looney balmy unserious incongruous vivacious tongue in cheek in jest animated hare-brained prankish cheeky pert noisy curious arch sarcastic saucy offhand sassy impertinent engaging offbeat cocky delightful freakish fun-loving carefree nuts jerky fool disrespectful cranky pleasurable impudent rude off-centre idiosyncratic cute wacko pleasing fun-filled senseless cracked exhilarated joyful dismissive convivial beguiling wise simpleminded fatuous gagged up irrational smarty-pants wild fantastical brainless witless harebrained cockeyed unwise whacky lippy unreasonable idiotic out there featherheaded lunkheaded bubbleheaded har-har mocking gut-busting dry flighty in fun weak-minded half-witted half-baked barmy way out off the air a barrel of laughs not serious pulling one's leg putting one on nonserious boisterous rowdy comedical lightweight casual inappropriate custard-pie childish ludicrous. laughable fresh sardonic outrageously funny unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive recreative exhilarating ribald hearty burlesque precious cutesy interesting knee-slapper too much trivial trifling pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish for a laugh stimulating joculous glad rip-roaring convulsive breezy mincingly clever very amusing recreational novel cheering charming gratifying gladdening singular amused clowning bubbly gamesome kittenish jaunty raucous incredible agreeable enchanting capricious illogical unbelievable chipper ribbing chaffing razzing kidding rallying fooling funning laffer crack-up implausible meaningless pointless gladsome crotchety chimerical imbecilic unlikely irritating buoyant laughter-filled euphoric highly amusing a laugh a minute unthinkable unreal cut up dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative arbitrary monstrous astonishing shocking inconsistent goofus fool-headed gump dizzy elated annoying a card a caution perky in high spirits larking sprightly capering fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse a joke a bit much OTT a bit thick over the top avant-garde way-out surreal superficial far-out erratic bonkers shallow irresponsible inept tomfool sappy loopy unpredictable thoughtless overfamiliar insouciant unorthodox Bohemian far out potty dilly insolent brassy brainsick unhinged deranged crackers demented outré crazed loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge mental bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity rum unbalanced remarkable haywire bats funky gaga spaced-out queerish moonstruck off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way whacko psycho meshuga bizarro certifiable dumb gonzo looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis in left field acting crazy


Producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind
vivid clear graphic realistic detailed dramatic affecting arresting evocative lifelike picturesque powerful stirring lively lucid moving stimulating authentic faithful haunting memorable rich striking strong telling unforgettable visual impressive sharp colorful colourful delineated distinct emotive pictorial eloquent expressive fascinating graphical interesting active definite fresh theatrical crystal clear highly coloured true to life true-to-life sharply-etched animated unusual characterful distinctive photographic natural naturalistic convincing forceful effective precise filmic representational near living photo-realistic three-dimensional exact descriptive symbolic pictographic cinematic incisive cogent concrete compelling naturalist forcible punchy true credible believable real accurate minute bold imaginal chocolate-box artistic pleasant painterly imagistic bright exciting retentive imaginative invigorating racy photogenic intense acute camera-friendly envigorating refreshing truthful explicit illustrated enthusiastic vivacious dynamic zestful vigorous verisimilar veristic scenic illustrative uninhibited startling shocking lurid influential persuasive passionate factualistic sketched engraved portrayed etched pictoric painted seen illustrational pictured marked-out outlined blocked-out diagrammatic traced depicted iconographic well-drawn real-life true-life kitchen-sink warts and all potent effectual aggressive great authoritative irresistible unequivocal well drawn well defined perspicuous full well delineated well expressed comprehensible intelligible figurative zappy in-your-face undistorted succinct terse pithy leaving nothing to the imagination hard-hitting speaking representative factual original


(of an emotion or quality) Emanating powerfully from someone or something
radiant magnificent splendid beautiful brilliant coruscating dazzling gorgeous intense resplendent transcendent vivid breathtaking glorious great impressive majestic ravishing spectacular striking stunning superb fine magnolious splendacious splendiferous sumptuous grand noble marvelous excellent marvellous famous sublime wonderful divine heavenly remarkable memorable proud august elevated exalted heroic outstanding awesome delightful superior celebrated illustrious distinguished renowned famed eminent noted bright triumphant immortal shining effulgent notable preeminent gratifying venerable esteemed well-known honored time-honored superlative fabulous exquisite terrific fantastic stellar fab arresting honoured super unforgettable smashing first-class mean delectable first-rate neat imposing keen swell stately topping wizard dynamite dandy sterling unsurpassed regal groovy hot bonny peachy choice fantabulous sensational royal prime quality frontline righteous classic down immense prizewinning slick top cool radical banner dope nifty phat cracking gangbusters crackerjack topflight primo corking gangbuster supernal monumental grandiose top-notch epic supercalifragilisticexpialidocious top-shelf high-class top-of-the-line imperial out-of-sight tip-top gilt-edge gilt-edged jim-dandy A-OK bang-up massive gallant baronial heroical peachy keen par excellence magnific Homeric perfect acclaimed splendrous pleasurable enjoyable supreme dreamy beaut pleasing adored splendorous rich lavish princely elegant luxurious palatial opulent kingly commanding plush posh pompous glittering ritzy swanky towering awe-inspiring lovely amazing enchanting bewitching captivating charming entrancing unique exceptional skillful formidable masterful virtuoso masterly skilful stupendous tremendous scrumptious ace capital bad amazeballs unreal brill magic wicked ripping bodacious prize brag bully first-string gone blue-chip four-star bonzer hype brave bonnie spiffing blue-ribbon champion boss five-star top-hole bumper boffo moving eloquent mind-blowing surprising incredible agitating number one most numero uno unbelievable extraordinary out of this world zero cool dignified lofty lordly vast prodigious colossal large giant huge high gigantic big enormous honourable honorable mammoth important titanic mountainous cosmic monstrous statuesque whopping solemn mega Brobdingnagian aristocratic mighty gargantuan elephantine jumbo humongous extravagant monster oversized astronomic humungous leviathan astronomical whacking oceanic gigantesque supersized herculean hulking vasty walloping supersize king-size king-sized pharaonic planetary cosmical cyclopean galactic ambitious super-duper Himalayan king size high-ranking queenly excessive portly powerful tall ginormous ostentatious showy considerable imperious courtly handsome dramatic prominent prestigious staid leading deluxe bulky substantial Herculean elaborate thumping sovereign influential worthy soaring ceremonious magisterial staggering thumping great whopping great whacking great respected eye-catching sky-high hefty immodest overwhelming sky-scraping significant exaggerated altitudinous oversize highest fit for a king costly skyscraping extensive something else expensive stirring ominous very large splashy formal large-scale high-minded highest-ranking fancy baroque immoderate highly regarded admirable haughty exorbitant extreme historic inflated sizable sizeable highfalutin' outsized voluminous weighty outsize heavy intellectual multistorey insane raised gracious pretentious authoritative proper inordinate astral first immeasurable almighty high-rise serious expansive eventful airy spiring aerial towery behemothic top-ranking distingué overblown jumbo-sized very big good palatine larger-than-life celestial uplifting sightly wondrous luxuriant high-born lasting enduring legendary mythological classical ornate colorful fit for a prince leonine fit for a queen fit for a princess picturesque conspicuous no-expense-spared classy tall in the saddle gaudy colourful epoch-making ample swish plushy swank flash flashy abiding permanent maestoso palatian splendent resounding sonorous Olympian unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying magnifico flamboyant mortal high-flown portentous long solid gold hallowed extended very good irresistible dynamic audacious bold arduous slap-up effective Junoesque well-proportioned penetrating absorbing glamorous marathon forcible number ideal high-ceilinged lifted skyward revered self-important top-drawer gross decorous of repute of distinction exciting glitzy ascending rising trim poised shapely graceful higher steep very long very great well thought of of high standing infinite wide broad boundless limitless outrageous disproportionate high-reaching reserved something to write home about one for the book grandiloquent sedate upright solid generous ponderous ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable higher up tinselled big-time high up wild highbrow composed behemoth heavyweight blimp cumbersome landmark momentous fateful consequential paramount unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue overweening stiff intolerable plethoric surpassing unmerciful devilish overgrown mahoosive mondo megalithic cumbrous major titan high rise upraised uplifted alpine couth sombre respectable refined starchy somber grave tinsel tall and dignified giant-sized good-size good-sized super colossal full-size giant-size a whale of a extremely large extremely big extra-large barn door Cyclopean super-colossal meaningful cheering material groundbreaking pivotal satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding noteworthy far-reaching fulfilling unmatchable ultimate unmeasurable just so self-respecting prevailing top-level well-connected dominant premier predominant head pre-eminent notorious prized controlling valued star-studded recognized of influence high profile senior high-up distinctive integral incomparable historical signal alpha oratorical trusted all-important chief foremost high-powered upper reputable fabled high-level puissant cogent successful potent seminal phenomenal of note deciding upper-class VIP resonant recognised iconic largish goodly biggish boxcar husky tidy


Passionate or violent
flaming intense vehement angry frenzied impassioned passionate raging ardent furious violent aroused blazing burning charged demonstrative emotional fervent fervid feverish fiery glowing hot hot-blooded incandescent passional perfervid red-hot religious superheated torrid vivid warm warm-blooded incensed fierce heated stormy white-hot very angry zealous eager enthusiastic earnest excited keen spirited fanatical strong profound wild animated consuming vigorous heartfelt powerful acute deep inflamed deep-seated tempestuous wholehearted forceful urgent ferocious extreme impetuous explosive lively frantic excitable committed energetic uncontrollable heightened sincere tumultuous avid rabid excessive volcanic dedicated on fire turbulent forcible thrilling delirious unrestrained hellacious severe heavy blistering ungovernable temperamental frenetic rash convulsive all-consuming uncontrolled impulsive potent deeply felt sentimental paroxysmal melodramatic concentrated hopped up dithyrambic assiduous fevered messianic feeling ghastly almighty enraged rough raw emphatic hectic hard exquisite great dreadful sharp terrible fearful boisterous expressive fearsome serious stirring vicious hearty mad keen frightful excruciating deep-rooted full-hearted moving cyclonic intensive enthused inordinate ecstatic immoderate intemperate desperate tender responsive volatile heavy-duty hyper steamed up amorous blustery true blue emotive overemotional intensified hysterical unbridled gung ho knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang hammer and tongs ablaze mercurial fired up hot-tempered fuming arousing sexy titillating wrathful mighty tremendous seething desirous red-blooded aflutter devout vivacious sultry inspired effusive irascible marked bubbling over steadfast allegiant rousing penetrating unqualified piercing overzealous card-carrying mushy romantic touching agitable neurotic clamorous outspoken vocal loud noisy vociferous susceptible nutty gung-ho relentless short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung worked up starry-eyed from the heart forthright insistent strident pious unfeigned warmhearted sensitive savage resounding compelling full-throated pronounced opinionated rampaging rampant riotous devastating roaring foul mad gusting gusty squally windy agitated howling stirred exciting overcharged loving roused heartwarming major storming uncurbed biting unchecked unmanageable overwhelming harsh unfettered gotta have dying to keen as mustard hot for dirty nasty filthy agonizing painful ruinous strenuous peppery sentient verklempt touchy-feely drastic agonising dynamic outrageous coercive blustering rampageous inspiring eloquent poignant high-pressure hotblooded stimulated precipitate affecting headlong quickened high-powered out of control full of force gale force significant extraordinary on the make exceptional febrile critical pyretic cut-throat flushed sweating cataclysmal cataclysmic shivering aguey burning up with a temperature with a high temperature above normal running a temperature devoted impatient hungry athirst intent voracious resolute solicitous crazy antsy determined raring willing agog ambitious pumped thirsty yearning longing raucous anxious active interested stoked appetent ready ready and willing ebullient exhilarated aggressive motivated exuberant craving uproarious nuts zestful high-spirited juiced greedy geeked genuine uninhibited blunt restless hopped-up champing at the bit hepped up mettlesome conscientious raring to go demanding obstreperous direct driven warmblooded faithful staunch desiring loyal itching firm true rowdy diligent titillated punchy hankering pining hard-hitting obsessed touchy hasty self-starting hot to trot frank afire restive keyed up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed chomping at the bit plain-spoken candid open quick-tempered vociferant industrious shouting tough sprightly importunate overwrought thrilled unwavering pleased wishing animate hopeful voluble blatant sworn stanch hotheaded deafening blaring hyperactive adherent clangorous effective stentorian assertive dramatic revering wishful in-your-face venerating dying breathless rarin' to go covetous cogent nervous persuasive articulate weighty convincing dutiful militant aflame raving intent on telling pulling no punches true-blue efficient influential plausible possessed ripe adoring credible unanswerable spasmodic very excited big in a frenzy easily provoked puissant on a short fuse full of beans short-fused bursting overpowering plucky contentious acquisitive spunky bitter gingery all out towering thirsting aching free-spoken inspirited galvanized energized overactive moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted hoping diehard fond doting supportive potty daft untrammeled untrammelled unconcealed primal visceral undisguised galvanised energised off the air on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied indignant irate acrimonious ireful jumping up and down stirred up fast good down-the-line constant steady pledged habitual rackety set on on the edge of one's seat gagging bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath hankering after self-driven deep-dyed dinkum single-minded purposeful pushy facile plainspoken smooth-spoken glib fluent free venting round fundamentalist orthodox clamant heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic zealotic fired go-ahead fanatic wild-eyed obsessive itchy fireball shrieking clattering clattery screaming traditional conservative reverent loudmouthed pure prayerful amenable inclined engaged hung up disposed happy unreluctant game glad goody two-shoes coming on strong yawping yauping ranting vociferating caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling squawking clamorsome honest resolved adamant deliberate definite full-blooded arduous muscular taxing crazed berserk distracting shrill all-out rigorous exhausting brisk distraught unrestrainable distracted lustful manic unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac maniacal distrait unruly headstrong sonorous ringing thunderous thundering booming earsplitting in earnest set meaning what one says meaning business decided hell-bent serious-minded swivel-eyed berko edgy skittish valid impressive irrepressible in a state carried away maddened driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric jumpy tense plangent slam-bang blasting strict unstable brittle uptight chippy moody twitchy unsettled jittery hyperexcitable skittery fluttery snappy spooky hot and heavy hyperkinetic adrenalized flighty testy stressy wired uneasy reverberating armed efficacious easily frightened easily upset inflammable fiddle-footed intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic easily agitated peevish quick alarmable fidgety on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned capable grand material striking pertinent charming histrionical trenchant able sufficient well-founded definitive relevant well reasoned imposing irresistible satisfying coherent reasonable authoritative successful theatric sound graceful important well founded performant clear powerhouse fulminating cacophonous crashing resonant rich forte pealing ear-splitting conclusive lusty ear-piercing full wakes the dead high-sounding rotund rambunctious turned up full-mouthed compulsory loud-voiced fascinated rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on

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