Synonym of sensitized

Alternative for sensitized


having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)



make sensitive or awarecause to sense; make sensitivemake sensitive to a drug or allergenmake (a material) sensitive to light, often of a particular colour, by coating it with a photographic emulsion


Past tense for stimulate


Past tense for to cause inflammation to (one's skin)


Fingertip or accurate


Having or displaying an appreciation of the feelings of others
sensitive perceptive sympathetic thoughtful feeling understanding receptive tactful comforting commiserating commiserative compassionate condoling considerate consoling empathetic empathic supportive sympathising sympathizing tender tenderhearted tender-hearted warm attentive aware careful intuitive caring cognizant concerned conscious diplomatic discerning kind patient impressionable reactive responsive sensitised emotionable impressible insightful kindly knowing perceiving unselfish finely tuned supersensitive touchy feely tuned in turned on to benevolent humane gentle softhearted soft affectionate warmhearted kindhearted charitable pitying beneficent warm-hearted benignant loving kind-hearted good-hearted merciful soft-hearted generous helpful indulgent solicitous good-natured altruistic big-hearted all heart mild gracious tolerant lenient doting sweet encouraging sentimental maternal benign forgiving philanthropic goodhearted large-hearted soothing reassuring bleeding-heart giving selfless motherly fatherly fatherlike humanitarian friendly great-hearted open-hearted forbearing genial clement moved emotional obliging magnanimous human approachable bighearted consolatory uplifting inspiring nurturing inspiriting sorry philanthropical piteous protective fond vicarious appreciative boosting gratifying stimulating touchy-feely cheering cheerful fulfilling mushy nice amiable amicable having heart in right place bleeding heart comprehending open-minded well-disposed accommodating full of pity condolatory accepting interested fiery irritable sensorial vulnerable high-strung nervous sensible demonstrative fragile passionate sensory appreciating affirmative good paternal enthusiastic civilized approving positive gladdening heartening calming heartwarming decent accessible righteous liberal neighborly neighbourly pleasing broad-minded civilised ruthful sparing touched adopted imagined assumed welcome old softie well disposed do-good well meaning loving and giving well-intentioned stirred hospitable agreeable pleasant lovable personable impressed congenial affable lovely cordial likeable mellow melted stimulated affected influenced conciliatory easygoing prepossessing winsome delightful unpresumptuous charming unassuming engaging simpatico reasonable sweet-natured companionable barley-sugar as nice as pie likable sociable winning appealing taking mild-mannered enchanting good-tempered captivating good-humoured sweet-tempered good-humored even-tempered harmless deeply moved munificent greathearted angelic benefic well intentioned heart in right place well-mannered umbrageous hung up sentient easily affected sensile unstable wired ticklish delicate oversensitive susceptible seeing precise touchy precarious fine keen tense acute hypersensitive psychic sensatory tricky hearty easy-going permissive open pardoning pitiful condoning susceptive courteous wholesome eleemosynary unstinting soft touch cooperative polite chivalrous brotherly calm propitious unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish princely big bounteous public-spirited regardful bountiful respectful gallant openhanded openhearted noble freehanded deferential

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Synonym of sensational Synonym of sense Synonym of sensitive Synonym of senseless Synonym of senselessness Synonym of sensible Synonym of sensation Synonym of sensitivity Synonym of sensibility Synonym of sensual Synonym of sensuous Synonym of sensory Synonym of desensitized Synonym of sensitiveness Synonym of sensuality Synonym of sensitize Synonym of sensationalism Synonym of sensibleness Synonym of sensorial Synonym of sensualist Synonym of sensitization Synonym of desensitize Synonym of sensationalist Synonym of sensualistic Synonym of sensor Synonym of sensationalistic Synonym of sensuousness Synonym of sensualism Synonym of sensical Synonym of sensibilities Synonym of sensibly Synonym of sensitively Synonym of sensed Synonym of senses Synonym of sensing Synonym of senselessly Synonym of sensationless Synonym of sensationally Synonym of sensualness Synonym of desensitization Synonym of desensitise Synonym of sensationalize Synonym of desensitisation Synonym of sensate Synonym of sensitise Synonym of desensitised Synonym of sensations Synonym of sensitivenesses Synonym of sensorily Synonym of sensuousnesses Synonym of sensorially Synonym of sensately Synonym of sensationalized Synonym of sensationalised Synonym of sensationalise Synonym of sensationalizing Synonym of senselessnesses Synonym of sensually Synonym of sensitised Synonym of sensitizing Synonym of sensitizes Synonym of desensitizes Synonym of desensitizations Synonym of sensuously Synonym of sensors Synonym of sensationalistically Synonym of sensualists Synonym of sensings Synonym of sensationalizes Synonym of sensationalisms Synonym of sensationalises Synonym of sensitising Synonym of desensitizing Synonym of sensitivities Synonym of desensitising Synonym of sensationalising Synonym of desensitises Synonym of sensualistically Synonym of sensualities Synonym of sensitises Synonym of sensualisms Synonym of sensitisation Synonym of sensitizations Synonym of sensualize Synonym of sensically Synonym of sensualizing Synonym of sensualized Synonym of sensualizes
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