Synonym of set in stone

Alternative for set in stone


no longer changeable


Consisting of matter all through
solid firm hard rigid stiff robust stout sturdy adamantine hardened tough impermeable massed unmalleable unyielding fixed husky solidified steely taut blocked immutable inflexible sealed concentrated resolute rugged strong unrelenting compact consolidated dimensional rigorous unchangeable close compacted impliable rocklike unwavering concrete congealed impervious thick dense frozen stiffened impenetrable jellied set uncompromising brick wall non-flexible rock-hard rock-solid like a rock really hard very hard indurate monolithic petrified precast calcified poured caked dried cemented steeled compressed conglomerated hard-bitten inelastic shrewd stony vigorous heavy hard-boiled unsentimental unbreakable condensed close-grained astute adamant hard-nosed cynical rocky case-hardened sharp-witted sharp jelled substantial nonporous iron indurated unpliable hearty hard-edged forceful renitent lusty smart resistant experienced inured stubborn realistic practical toughened hardy cast-iron down-to-earth matter-of-fact hard-headed sensible hard as nails rational cool businesslike callous level-headed no-nonsense refractory fine-grained gelled walkable unbending jellified obdurate tight immalleable unmoving durable granite incompressible rock-like flinty indestructible as hard as stone as hard as iron emphatic steadfast staunch determined steel tenacious assertive aggressive unfaltering purposeful rock hard savvy knowing canny clear-sighted clear-eyed heady zealous bold on the ball quick-witted steady pragmatic accustomed habituated street smart street-smart hardheaded stand pat locked in sober intractable logical tough nut hang tough cool-headed clear-thinking desensitized deadened seasoned world-weary hard-handed packed coarsened used acclimatized with both feet on the ground lacking sentiment streetwise as hard as nails as tough as old boots toughened by experience desensitised unfeeling heartless uncaring irreverent benumbed inaccessible hardhearted prepared coldhearted contemptuous cruel acclimatised hard-as-nails unrepenting disdainful impious unsubmissive unashamed obtuse uncompassionate unemotional


Incapable of being changed or of changing
unchangeable fixed immutable invariable unalterable changeless constant invariant irreversible permanent cast-iron decided deep-rooted established incommutable set abiding enduring eternal firm hard-and-fast immovable inalterable indestructible ineradicable inevitable inflexible lasting perpetual stable steadfast strong unfading unvarying consistent continuing lifelong perdurable resolute unchanged unmodifiable unmovable hard and fast rigid strict hard stiff ironclad unchanging stringent rigorous unbending unyielding settled determinate entrenched ingrained concrete stubborn hardened durable hardheaded obstinate rooted deep-seated solid definite flat final frozen hard-line undeviating inexpugnable certain uncompromising locked in well-set solid as a rock biased preconceived unadaptable steady adamantine sure unwavering unfluctuating stationary level everlasting unswerving even uniform persistent equable unfaltering perennial exacting unending long-standing well grounded staying put calm long-lived stabile undying endless indefinite forever imperishable indelible irreparable standing indissoluble brassbound immortal ceaseless dateless deathless hidebound jelled pigheaded inveterate bound unflappable locked perduring tight continual stiff-necked unmoving forever and a day never-ending for keeps fast in for the long haul dyed-in-the-wool hard-nosed unbreakable set in concrete iron-fisted regular uninterrupted continuous unbroken static determined reliable unvaried long-lasting surviving prevailing staunch predictable ageless incessant same unremitting ongoing habitual relentless remaining resolved persisting specified timeless dependable monotonous unceasing long-term stalwart nonstop true intent long-established rhythmic unfailing homogeneous agreed smooth sustained arranged unflinching unrelieved defined tenacious predetermined interminable straight absolute on an even keel non-stop single-minded decisive explicit obdurate steady-going unqualified never-failing faithful time-honoured long-running orderly unabating prescribed express prearranged metrical never-changing precise homogenous conclusive traditional devout implacable positive definitive unshakeable planned preset undiversified unshakable matching committed confirmed sempiternal normal unrelenting adamant stipulated repeated true-blue persevering round-the-clock ended mature unaltered flowing unmodified unbothered unmoved unaffected untouched fluent living pegged fluid frictionless time-hallowed resilient nonnegotiable unaltering not changing moderate temperate tranquil expected balanced alike ancient age-old well established time-honored scheduled appointed loyal fair non-extreme usual frequent standard customary dedicated periodical periodic unhesitating stout nonrandom true to type devoted secure all-year-round continued assigned routine recommended similar irremovable well-established sacrosanct running allotted equivalent identical regularized standardised standardized regularised prolonged consecutive decreed inexpungible old inexhaustible longstanding equal written binding dictated mandatory irrevocable compulsory exact good pious down-the-line trusty stanch solid as rock unblinking incorrigible fateful well-proportioned ordered ossified fated compatible plumb symmetrical systematic consonant methodical monolithic well-balanced still stated like the Rock of Gibralter till the cows come home always-on no end to without respite with no let-up without a break no end of for ever and ever day and night without end without surcease on a treadmill unabated writ in stone in the bag not subject to change fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians ardent tried-and-true allegiant liege immobile inexorable trustworthy intense unquestioning wholehearted insistent whole-hearted assertive emphatic of a piece intransigent carved in stone in earnest dominant unmalleable purposeful unshaken seasoned domineering quantified going bent known limited stand pat hell-bent on strong-willed do-or-die hell-bent upon bent on bent upon hang tough through-and-through dead set on ultimate distinct unbendable brittle unflexible categorical determining inductile inextensible nonstretchable inelastic non-stretchable


Always steady and on course
unwavering steady resolute steadfast undeviating unfaltering unflagging unswerving untiring decided resolved unfluctuating unhesitating consistent dedicated determined even firm fixed immovable indefatigable invariant persistent relentless single-minded staunch tireless unchanging uniform unrelenting unremitting unshakable unshaken unvacillating unvarying unyielding abiding brick-wall constant dogged enduring inexorable intense never-failing pat regular set solid sure sustained unflappable unqualified unshakeable dead set on unquestioning certain true persevering stubborn bound wholehearted unbending stable intent unfailing unflinching unchangeable positive faithful devoted loyal inflexible settled tenacious changeless stalwart definite committed dependable reliable unalterable devout hard adamant determinate obdurate inexpugnable explicit fast bent on established pious stanch true-blue down-the-line hard-and-fast rigid ardent unmovable allegiant durable supportive mulish pigheaded stiff-necked strict meaning business insistent whole-hearted assertive emphatic intransigent obstinate in earnest hard-line implacable decisive dominant unmalleable purposeful bound and determined prevailing hardened seasoned domineering going bent strong-willed going all the way do-or-die bent upon through-and-through hell-bent on dyed-in-the-wool telling indisputable doubtless uncompromising convinced free from doubt convincing satisfied unequivocal unquestionable confident incontestable valid indubitable for a fact undeniable incontrovertible real genuine clear persuaded assured stand pat hell-bent upon hang tough undoubting good trusty tried-and-true liege immobile trustworthy agreed arranged preset predetermined allotted confirmed specified prearranged defined decreed precise prescribed frozen incommutable express immutable final exact planned flat inalterable invariable unblinking irreversible still stated unmodifiable definitive stipulated inveterate cast-iron writ in stone in the bag hard and fast not subject to change


Having been decided
decided determined decreed established settled chosen concluded designated destined ordained prescribed resolved set agreed allotted clinched fated fixed concrete worked out nailed prearranged predetermined sewn up wrapped up specified firm arranged definite stable certain hard-and-fast final defined stipulated invariable unalterable irreversible confirmed definitive hard determinate inexpugnable unchangeable assigned appointed conclusive hard and fast immutable precise decisive frozen explicit given flat scheduled stated preset steady quantified regular named planned inflexible permanent identified incommutable express constant absolute commissioned specific changeless cast-iron inalterable unvarying enduring abiding nominated determining unmovable unmodifiable known lasting ultimate consistent exact finished determinative cut-and-dried writ in stone solid ended mature particular organized prepared ready delineated indicated declared selected listed unchanging unfluctuating delegated elected installed preordained authorized clear-cut clear positive contracted granted approved guaranteed straight uniform limited authorised assumed nonnegotiable noted distinct detailed categorical organised irrevocable invariant decided upon intent familiar written plotted trite developmental foundational influential formative constructive seminal creative deep-rooted irrefutable voted spelled out qualified laid down postulated indisputable binding incontrovertible laid out perpetual inevitable strong indestructible unfading steadfast ineradicable eternal immovable unappealable determinant unchallengeable lifelong perdurable continuing resolute unchanged unanswerable peremptory irremediable emphatic unreversible unrectifiable indelible unrepealable crucial sorted out done and dusted old hat in the cards usual standard customary predictable routine habitual recommended normal unwavering rigid undeviating unblinking unbending sure still unqualified inveterate never-failing not subject to change in the bag conventional traditional accepted accustomed wonted ritual orthodox ritualistic common expected time-honoured official typical long-established time-honored ordinary classic methodical proven systematic general stock formal historic classical stereotyped orderly ceremonial old recognized popular recognised sanctioned mechanical rooted widespread acceptable widely used proper entrenched prevailing everyday tried and true tried and tested chronic dyed-in-the-wool seasoned folk ancestral old-world long-lived age-old long-standing old-time ceremonious systematized ingrained repeated periodical periodic regulated universal traditionary staid acknowledged prescriptive systematised cyclic immemorial ceremonialistic formalistic doctrinal obvious respected required comfortable favorite favourite default gut ancient venerable immortal ageless appropriate correct obligatory mandatory compulsory fitting timeless punctilious decorous procedural bureaucratic undying memorable unforgettable deathless establishment undistinguished strict businesslike perennial unadventurous conformist hardened regimented legal authoritative valid documented regulation coherent structured societal run-of-the-mill certified lawful taken for granted institutional natural legitimate proved characteristic frequent bona fide even inured habituated irradicable val hard-shell ongoing addicting repetitious practised practiced iterative disciplined reiterative perfunctory iterated automatic long-term rhythmic deep-seated symmetrical recurring firmly established patterned standardized measured dependable balanced congruous standardised alternating punctual reliable harmonious consonant successive accordant serial in order well-established mainstream old-fashioned traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized true secure unshakable vested


Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
obdurate obstinate stubborn implacable inflexible adamant unbending unrelenting unyielding firm immovable intransigent mulish relentless stiff-necked wilful determined dogged fixed headstrong inexorable intractable iron hard persistent uncompromising unshakeable bull-headed tenacious indurate pertinacious steadfast strong-minded unmalleable unpersuadable adamantine bloody-minded bullheaded contumacious hardened hardheaded hard-nosed inconvincible iron-willed opinionated ossified pat perverse pigheaded refractory self-opinionated self-willed stony willful unimpressible bullhead hardhearted harsh impertinent mean recalcitrant rigid tough uncompassionate uncooperative unemotional unrepentant unshakable cold fish hanging tough proof against persuasion tough nut to crack unwavering resolute unswerving locked in single-minded severe set strict unchangeable dead set hard-line strong-willed steely rock-ribbed rigorous stringent pitiless immutable exacting unalterable stern bound unswayable dead set on dug in incompliant standing pat resolved stiff insistent unbendable resistant set-on one-sided narrow-minded unfailing impassive constant cruel stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken unappeasable unfaltering solid quiescent permanent unmodifiable steady merciless remorseless hardline unsparing inescapable unforgiving unmollifiable iron-handed unpacifiable unplacatable ruthless draconian stand pat tough nut dogmatic crisp unflexible doctrinaire ineluctable austere set in concrete stick to guns exact authoritarian irreversible undeviating concrete brassbound do or die hold the line hard as nails hold the fort standing one's ground hold one's ground sticking to one's guns necessary immobile unmovable ironclad compulsory unchanging unpermissive unvarying static invariable unadaptable ramrod unmoving definite changeless mean business cast-iron writ in stone strait-laced hard-and-fast heavy-handed cut-and-dried decided upon hard and fast no going back hell bent on bound and determined like death and taxes persevering contrary unflinching balky froward unmanageable staunch difficult indefatigable unreasonable purposeful stalwart cussed indomitable insubordinate defiant bolshie wayward disobedient unflagging rebellious cantankerous obstreperous intent ungovernable unaccommodating committed tireless strong restive stroppy untoward unruly dedicated awkward earnest decided cross-grained grim uncompliant assiduous rebel stubborn as a mule uncontrollable recusant untiring troublesome importunate spirited forceful renitent contrarious fractious decisive set in one's ways tiresome unhesitating undisciplined deaf to reason ornery true pervicacious annoying thrawn undaunted obstructive disobliging vigorous sedulous full of determination diehard wild driven stout unhelpful bold die-hard mettlesome stable pig-headed gritty perseverant diligent vexatious serious emphatic wrong-headed mutinous noncompliant deliberate ardent plucky assertive bent upon gutsy pushy spunky demanding rugged patient bent faithful sure four-square hard-core loyal devoted purposive dyed-in-the-wool do-or-die manful zealous fanatical bent on bulldog hell-bent on hell-bent upon brave devout courageous indocile focused aggressive strenuous enduring settled avid valiant keen critical unpredictable oppressive dour incorrigible imperious trying stout-hearted incontrollable undisciplinable true-blue domineering persisting energetic unswervable out iron-fisted fierce focussed meaning business feisty tyrannical dependable go-getting blinkered self-assertive arbitrary capricious haughty exigent mule reliable clamorous ambitious unremitting pressing picky nagging locked unwilling trustworthy disciplinary trusty fast motivated insuppressible unrestrainable insurgent uptight obstinately disobedient good obsessed enterprising unbreakable hungry dire unflappable allegiant ill-natured crabby disorderly fussy enthusiastic obsessive monomaniacal industrious non-compliant eager thirsty desirous active inspired overbearing unamenable compulsive positive not giving an inch established perfectionist delinquent high-pressure brick-wall disputatious aspiring no-nonsense dictatorial possessive militant wholehearted opinionative hardy assured argumentative querulous hang tough hard to please unabated unqualified hypercritical as stubborn as a mule prickly cynical sturdy negative irritable touchy self-starting hard-driving chippy goal-oriented never-failing intense stop at nothing over-particular self-driven hard to handle hell-bent formidable hard to satisfy self-confident irrational biased illogical inveterate unbudgeable incurable contentious unconverted unreformed prejudiced intolerant mullish estranged seditious disaffected factious irreconcilable alienated firmly-based unsubduable unvacillating frozen petrified stiffened forbidding illiberal insoluble thorny unpliable problematic knotty hidebound intrepid unstoppable game durable immalleable unresponsive fossilized bony indurated rigidified unreceptive boneheaded peevish morose truculent unmoved heady never-tiring cocksure great puritanical aloof proud convinced uncontainable irrepressible hellbent cohesive sticky pounding mortal hard-headed shrewish inalterable fossilised categorical stuffy coherent rocklike belligerent down-the-line pious stanch insubmissive radical opposing resisting withstanding unregenerate exasperating unforgetful with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way hard-shell locked-in iron-jawed intent on thick-skinned toughened in for long haul like bad penny set on clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in dissident hostile contrariant nonconforming discordant arsey nonconformist paradoxical adverse disagreeing antagonistic abiding liege unquestioning tried-and-true set in your ways wrongheaded antipathetic inimical converse dissentient judgmental disapproving untameable consumed compelled pesky vexing rocky resilient turbulent violent striving possessed competitive whole-hearted overexacting cavilling disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book absolute astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating extreme rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave confident dynamic galvanized impelled out of control determinate dominant certain in earnest difficult to handle cramped complex bulky discommodious incommodious disagreeable nonmoving cutthroat sustained ferocious robust prevailing inexpugnable seasoned induced fixated obsessional quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous unbudging progressive bloodthirsty pioneering freaked like a loose cannon excited overwhelming beside oneself badly-behaved abandoned lawless overpowering explicit consistent going patriotic nonmotile warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised dutiful demeaning carping censorious clamant urgent erratic fickle immotile impervious self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving gung ho high-reaching self-possessed powerful fit fervent trusted over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious high-maintenance fastidious boorish finicky through-and-through doughty urged on irremovable genuine oafish bearish irascible discontented dissatisfied tough as old boots red-blooded two-fisted high-powered as tough as old boots hard-bitten impassioned supportive close instant imperative burning crying emergent acute compelling entreating necessitous vexed testy choosy captious snappy temperamental quarrelsome disputative huffy delicate overcritical particular ungracious grumbly finical invidious fiendish sensitive crotchety uppity sour rude irritating impolite impossible unbearable undependable intolerable perfervid fervid naughty errant immoral aberrant secure passionate disturbing solicitous suppliant overeager harassing anchored rooted true-hearted nailed quiet hitched hooked situated attached stationary still located tight tried and true true to life tried and tested badly behaved made fast self-indulgent overly solicitous


Relating to things that can be perceived by the senses, as opposed to abstractions
concrete real true genuine certain definite actual precise factual explicit positive effective conclusive existent unequivocal accurate very substantial unambiguous firm tangible objective fixed definitive decided material sensible corporeal detailed clear-cut bona fide de facto sure-enough authentic clear absolute unquestionable unmistakable exact indubitable undeniable confirmed indisputable specific categorical veritable express distinct hard certified verifiable realistic honest literal established palpable verified sure faithful manifest obvious truthful particular irrefutable certifiable incontrovertible set incontestable veridical undoubted outright legitimate right assured correct solid proper strict defined proven direct dinkum valid well defined convinced attested veracious substantive close decisive unerring regular substantiated sharp patent determined evident plain scientific matter-of-fact legit black-and-white cut-and-dried authoritative kosher clearly defined honest-to-goodness confident good significant doubtless careful essential resolute implicit punctilious scrupulous existing severe rigorous just meticulous guaranteed skillful rigid on the nose ultraprecise discriminating judicious punctual deft systematic discriminative methodical skilful on the button demonstrable unarguable inarguable determinate perceptible thorough echt recognized univocal pukka final pucka especial lifelike recognised emphatic narrow limited convincing fair straightforward pure unqualified well-grounded veristic verisimilar physical sure-fire beyond doubt crystal clear authenticated non-fictional telling it like it is fact-based real-life inescapable demonstrated as it really happened tacit implied virtual special peculiar conscientious intrinsic sheer painstaking unacknowledged unimaginary unfailing infallible faultless nice real-world believable validated on the money inevitable word-perfect on the beam true to life spot-on on the nail on the mark bang on spot on singular foolproof irrevocable circumscribed finite bounded restricted measured specified surefire confirmable for real honest to God sure enough real live secure natural undebatable irrefragable empirical everyday practical corporal transparent inerrant questionless safe failsafe characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous archetypical representative assigned prescribed watertight unchallengeable accomplished compelling unanswerable open-and-shut undoubtable artless unaffected simple single discernible corroborated discrete apparent open nailed-on apodictic unpretending dead-on appropriate average standard normal unpretentious undesigning fitting documented appreciable unfaltering considerable fail-safe dinky-di in the bag real McCoy can't-miss as sure as eggs is eggs beyond question beyond dispute satisfied unwavering persuaded not in doubt beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question striking observable intelligible measurable distinctive quantifiable detectable perceivable fundamental unadorned predetermined credible verbatim circumstantial nonfictional unadulterated documentary unvarnished reserved identifiable given sole straight-out identified specialised specialized selective self-conceited self-confident unhesitating self-assured unquestioning historical unexaggerated settled unbiased unprejudiced rank cold free from doubt affirmative perfect true-to-life word for word true-life card-carrying straight from horse's mouth on the level out-and-out consummate downright forceful cocksure thoroughgoing complete forcible well documented crisp silhouetted ringing forthright graphic well-defined pronounced bold full vivid well-marked undubitable stated clean-cut known distinguishable incisive noteworthy audible visible minute black and white hard and fast not vague cut and dried as plain as daylight as plain as the nose on your face reliable pinpoint unembellished diligent elaborate fussy errorless fastidious undistorted attentive on-target delicate mathematical laborious dependable fine on target finicky unassailable sound error-free exhaustive studious trustworthy so assiduous religious exacting ultra-careful flawless refined persnickety heedful hairline industrious blow-by-blow pedantic impeccable unimpeachable formal particularized sedulous inch-perfect demanding perfectionist accepted dead on searching persevering hard-working unembroidered particularised conscionable self-evident right on deadly dead right open and shut undeviating itemized unelaborated comprehensive conventional pernickety official nitpicking orderly finical loving itemised exactly right picky uncontroversial well-founded unalloyed beyond a shadow of a doubt undisputed naturalistic rich surgical creditable similar extensive unflagging unfaked unabridged overnice acceptable unmistaken elaborated word-for-word dedicated dead seriatim without error all right strenuous observant constant steady letter-for-letter fit ultimate hair-splitting bare critical in-depth cautious demonstrative in depth thoughtful marked acknowledged clinching double-checked airtight undisputable to the letter on the dot superior florid bull's-eye by the book as plain as a pikestaff nailed down just right by the numbers as true as I'm sitting here staring one in the face no mistake as true as I'm standing here lethal true story calculated case just so earnest historically veracious resembling stringent vérité topical unswerving fussbudget stickler utter reputable unrefuted unshakable uncanny historically faithful total individual what really happened what actually happened unmitigated satisfactory preferable inerrable invariable gospel stark uncontestable unequivocable stilted decorous stiff stiff-necked ceremonious starchy well grounded well-proven in accordance with the facts uncompromising microscopic on the ball admissible arrant impregnable invincible irresistible letter for letter in accordance with reality ideal hunky-dory overt real life immaculate amen solemn sure thing no two ways about it learned plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample identical tough upright blunt duteous stickling pat flat all-inclusive civil seemly formalistic overconscientious overscrupulous polite courteous scholarly based on facts ordinary written usual verbal liberal sufficient telling irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic ordered controlled crossing the t's white-glove dotting the i's nit-picky walking on eggs minding p's and q's hanging in heart and soul into hanging tough playing safe in every respect perspicuous lucid line-for-line all-embracing just what the doctor ordered just what we need rational down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy understandable easily understandable clearly expressed righteous respected supported circumstantiated establishable on the right track free of error subtle developed encyclopedic cinematic filmic nof ifs ands or buts historically accurate can bet on it persistent good eye not figurative apt satisfying literatim encyclopaedic enumerated analytical organized honest-to-God straight sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff on the up-and-up really-truly swotty suitable ultra-fine dainty exquisite fine-drawn finicking hairsplitting incorrupted finespun winning nuanced nifty pictorial in detail broad-ranging point-by-point deliberate regulated orthodox prompt timely clocklike provident original tied-up active hopping unwearied untiring engaged employed busy working occupied indefatigable bustling at length circumspect intensive true-blue undeceptive due visual retentive unfabled on the numbers regardful concerned prim from the horse's mouth zealous plugging tireless grinding whiz logical organised deductive well organized experimental tested efficacious unfeigned applicable selfdisciplined discreet chary no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact lawful photographic intense camera-friendly photogenic picturesque acute sovereign proved legal high-principled uncounterfeited bonafide meet qualified felicitous pretty desired becoming suited prudent befitting immediate seasonable on time early speedy eager beaver going to great lengths tried and true insured concluded stipulated tried and tested warranted ensured on the line on the up and up like it is de règle expeditious recurrent in good time periodic cyclic quick ready fair dinkum to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed spot on time under the wire bang on time

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